The Wembley story began in 1910 with the arrival in Cape Town of Mohammed Eshack Gangraker, who left his rural village of Morba, India, searching for a better life. Wembley is a famous restaurant in South Africa because of its great taste and quality food. Every customer loves the relaxed ambiance.

The staff is friendly, well-mannered, and always ready to serve you. The quick service and food quality make this restaurant distinct from others and a go-to destination in South Africa. Wembley Roadhouse offers a wide range of menu items at affordable prices.

All the items are prepared from fresh ingredients. The menu includes burgers, pasta, grills, desserts, and many more delicious items. Overall, no one should miss this restaurant while in South Africa.

Wembley Burgers Menu

BurgerPrice (R)
The Wembley Whopper (Plain/Masala)R69.90
The Beefeater (Plain/Masala with Egg and Cheese)R79.90
Tandoori Chicken BurgerR59.90
Portuguese Chicken BurgerR59.90
Single Hot DogR44.90
Double Hot DogR52.90
Beef Sausage RollR52.90
Double Beef Sausage RollR62.90
Chip RollR37.90
Chilli Cheese Hotdog (Single)R54.90
Chilli Cheese Hotdog (Double)R64.90
Beef Patty BurgerR64.90
Mighty Beef Patty BurgerR74.90
Chicken Mayo BurgerR59.90

Wembley Salomis

SalomisPrice (R)
Lamb Salomi (Deboned Lamb)R139.90
Mince SalomiR109.90
Chicken SalomiR109.90
Butter Chicken SalomiR109.90
Prawn SalomiR139.90
Vegetable SalomiR79.90
Cube Steak SalomiR109.90
Lamb BiryaniR149.90
Chicken BiryaniR139.90

Wembley Economy Packs

ItemPrice (R)
Double Viennas with French FriesR59.90
Double Beef Sausage with French FriesR69.90

Wembley Salads Menu

SaladPrice (R)
Chicken SaladR99.90
Greek Salad (Medium)R69.90
Coleslaw (Medium)R49.90

Wembley Sandwich Selection

SandwichPrice (R)
Steak (Plain/Masala)R69.90
Beefeater (Plain/Masala with Egg and Cheese)R79.90
Chicken MayoR59.90
Tandoori Chicken SandwichR59.90
Cheese and TomatoR37.90
Fried EggR37.90

Wembley Tandoori Chicken

– Served with basmati rice, roast potatoes & tomato salsa

Tandoori ChickenPrice (R)

Wembley Portuguese Chicken

– Served with chips and mixed salad

Portuguese ChickenPrice (R)

Portuguese Chicken Burger

ItemPrice (R)
Portuguese Chicken BurgerR59.90

Portuguese Chicken Strips

ItemPrice (R)
Strips – – with Savoury Rice or ChipsR59.90

Wembley Curries Menu

CurryPrice (R)
Lamb CurryR149.90
Lamb Dhall GoshtR149.90
Mince CurryR129.90
Chicken CurryR129.90
Butter ChickenR129.90
Prawn CurryR139.90
Crayfish CurryR159.90
Vegetable CurryR89.90
Tomato BredieR149.90
Cube Steak CurryR129.90
Kebab CurryR129.90

Wembley Pasta Menu

PastaPrice (R)
Mince LasagneR99.90
Ribbon Noodles with Chicken and Mushroom SauceR119.90
Chicken LasagneR99.90

Wembley Combo Meals

ComboItems IncludedPrice (R)
Combo 1Whopper + Chips + Soft Drink CanR114.90
Combo 2Beefeater + Chips + Soft Drink CanR119.90
Combo 3Portuguese Burger + Chips + Soft Drink CanR104.90
Combo 4Steak Sandwich + Chips + Soft Drink CanR114.90
Combo 5Beefeater Sandwich + Chips + Soft Drink CanR119.90

Wembley Upsize

ItemPrice (R)
Soft Drink to Milkshake (Medium)R19.90
Soft Drink to Milkshake (Large)R28.90

Wembley Menu Extras

ItemPrice (R)
Sliced CheeseR8.00
Fresh ChilliR8.00
Mushroom SauceR8.90
Chilli Cheese SauceR8.90

Wembley Desserts Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Vermicelli and Ice-CreamR49.90
Chocolate Brownie served with Ice CreamR49.90
Vanilla Ice-Cream with Chocolate SauceR39.90
Oreo SundaeR44.90
Nut SundaeR44.90
Peppermint Crisp DessertR44.90

Wembley Beverages

BeveragePrice (R)
Drink CansR18.90
Bottled WaterR17.90
Hot ChocolateR24.90
Appletiser, GrapetiserR23.90
Milkshake (Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla)R39.90 (Medium), R46.90 (Large)
Double Thick MilkshakeR49.90 (Medium), R59.90 (Large)
Decadent Milkshakes (Nutella, Bar-one, Peppermint, Toffee)R49.90 (Medium), R59.90 (Large)
Oreo Milkshake (Vanilla, Chocolate)R44.90 (Medium), R49.90 (Large)
Avocado Shake (Seasonal)R44.90 (Medium), R49.90 (Large)
FaloodaR39.90 (Medium), R46.90 (Large)
Wembley CrushR39.90 (Medium), R46.90 (Large)
Fruit JuicesR29.90 (Medium), R34.90 (Large)
Wembley Fruit PunchR29.90 (Medium), R34.90 (Large)
Lassi (Mango)R39.90 (Medium)
Frutina SlushR22.90 (Medium)

Wembley Miscellaneous Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Samoosas (Mince, Chicken, Vegetable, Potato and Pea)R7.50
Chilli BiteR5.90
Potato WarasR5.90
Potato BitesR5.90
Veg BiteR5.90
Onion BhajasR5.90
Chicken RollR12.90
Chicken PieR32.90
Steak PieR32.90
Rice (Small)R18.90
Rice (Large)R29.90
Chips (French Fries) (Small)R32.90
Chips (French Fries) (Medium)R45.90
Chips (French Fries) (Large)R64.90
Homemade Veg Soup (Medium)R24.90
Homemade Veg Soup (Large)R36.90

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