Cowfish is a famous restaurant chain in South Africa. They’ve crafted their dining environment with as much care and attention as they’ve given to their food and service because atmosphere is as important as flavor. Inspired by the Art Deco movement, their decor is stylish, but relaxed, allowing you to unwind in a setting that’s as rewarding as their menu.

Their restaurants provide a memorable dining experience by combining a comprehensive menu filled with fabulous flavors in a contemporary Art Deco setting that’s casual yet stylish. So when you get the opportunity to dine out, you can rest assured that everyone’s tastes will be catered to and expanded!

Enjoy a sumptuous American-style hamburger and gourmet milkshake, indulge in authentic Japanese Sushi, feast on flame-grilled meats, and unwind over much-loved signature cocktails and other exotic drinks.

Cowfish Starters Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Fried Halloumi StarterServed with Thai sweet chili sauce.R102
6 Chicken Wings StarterWinglets, choose your flavor.R107
Spring Rolls StarterHong Kong Pears Fried potato dumplings filled with curried chicken & prawn.R102
Hong Kong PearsFried potato dumplings filled with curried chicken & prawn.R102
Salmon Tartare StarterWith spring onion, avo, baby watercress & secret dressing.R203
Salmon Carpaccio Starter120g Salmon with pistachio, fennel, radish, apple, capers & a soya lime dressing containing pistachio nuts.R203
Tuna Carpaccio Starter120g Seared tuna with chilies, avo, chives & sesame dressed with a soy lime.R203
Chicken Livers StarterDone in creamy peri peri sauce and served with pita bread.R90
Fried Calamari StarterFried Calamari StarterR114
Seared Beef TatakiSliced beef fillet served medium rare dressed with chili teriyaki & sesame, topped with crispy garlic flakes and shallots.R174

Cowfish Dim Sum Menu

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Prawn & Cream Cheese Dim Sum (4pc)R95
Pork & Shrimp Dim Sum (4pc)R95
Beef & Cream Cheese Dim Sum (4pc)R95
Chicken, Coriander & Cashew Nuts Dim Sum (4pc)R95
Spinach, Cream Cheese & Spring Onion Dim Sum (4pc)R95
Gyoza Dim Sum – Japanese pot stickers steamed, then lightly chargrilled & served with chili teriyaki sauce.R95
Platter Dim Sum 12pcsR215

Cowfish Sides Menu

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Cheese FriesR71
Sweet Potato FriesR54
Potato ChipsR51
Bacon Cheese FriesR78
Fried RiceR51
Mashed PotatoR51
Onion RingsR54

Cowfish Salads Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Seared Tuna SaladSesame-crusted seared tuna, avocado, lettuce, radish, onion, edamame beans, cucumber, and baby spinach.R174
Village Greek Table SaladCrisp lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber, olives & feta.R102
Salted Prawns & Squid SaladTossed in delicately cut Julienne vegetables tossed in an Asian dressing with peanuts.R174

Cowfish Handmade Burgers

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Full House Burger160g Beef, CowFish mayo, tomato, red onion, fried egg, three rashers bacon, aged gouda, BBQ sauce, mustard & lettuce.R159
The Roadhouse Burger160g Beef, CowFish mayo, tomato, red onion, mustard & tomato sauce.R131
Kaizer Cheese Burger160g Beef, CowFish mayo, pickles, aged gouda, tomato & red onion.R143
Ravenous Pig Burger160g Beef, CowFish mayo, bacon, aged gouda, BBQ sauce, mustard, tomato & red onion.R155
Mantears Burger160g Beef, jalapeno mayo, house chili, aged gouda, chili teriyaki sauce, tomato, red onion & slaw.R155
Navy-Marine Burger160g Beef, CowFish mayo, three grilled Sriracha prawns, Emmenthal cheese, spicy mayo & lettuce.R179
The Sheriff Burger160g Wagyu beef, peppadew mayo, Camembert cheese, butter lettuce & red onion.R167
Belfast Boy Burger160g Beef, CowFish mayo, fried onion rings, tomato, BBQ, cheese sauce with blue cheese crumble, whiskey glaze & red onion.R162
The Boss Burger160g Beef, CowFish mayo, avocado, grilled bacon, teriyaki sauce, aged gouda, tomato & red onion.R167
Texan Cowboy BurgerDouble 160g beef, double cheese, BBQ, CowFish mayo, tomato, onion, and pickles.R203
Billy Chilly Burger160g Beef, Cowfish mayo, aged gouda, tomato, chili sauce, grilled onions, and BBQ sauce.R150
The General BurgerDeep-fried chicken breast with chili slaw, CowFish mayo, teriyaki sauce, pickles, aged gouda, and a slice of tomato.R143
Buffalo Chicken BurgerGrilled chicken breast, CowFish mayo, Sriracha sauce, Emmenthal cheese, tomato, red onion, pickles & slaw.R143
Savage Garden BurgerVeg patty (chickpea falafel style), grilled mushrooms, red onion, CowFish mayo & tomato.R143

Cowfish Grills Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
BBQ Loin Lamb Chops4 x 100g loin chops basted in BBQ sauce, served with fries.R318
Ribs 500g500g Wok-grilled pork ribs served in a chili soya BBQ basting and served with fries.R294
Fillet Mignon 250g250g Beef fillet basted with our Asian BBQ sauce, served with fries or mash.R294
Rump 300g300g Rump steak grilled in Asian BBQ sauce. Served with crispy potato chips.R224
Rib Eye 300g300g Rib eye grilled in Asian BBQ sauce. Served with crispy potato chips.R287
Chilli Cheese Teriyaki Melt Rump 300g300g Rump steak with melted cheddar and chili teriyaki sauce, served with chips.R251
New York Cut Sirloin 300g300g Sirloin basted with our Asian BBQ sauce and served with a choice of sides.R224
Chilli Teriyaki Beef Fillet 250gTender fillet slices seared medium rare, topped with teriyaki chili sauce. Served with crispy potato chips.R306
Wok Charred Beef Fillet 250gTender fillet cubes glazed in a piping hot wok with smokey soya sauce, cream shiitake mushroom sauce, bok choy, and wasabi mash.R306
Beef Tomahawk 600gRibeye on the bone.R359
Spatchcock ChickenCooked with creamy peri-peri sauce or Korean BBQ sauce and served with fried rice or fries (approx 25min to prepare).R234
Panko Chicken Schnitzel2 Chicken breasts crumbed with Japanese panko crumbs and deep-fried, served with cheese or mushroom sauce.R210
Chicken NoodlesThai egg noodles with cashew nuts & lightly spiced with chicken. *Contains cashew nuts.R167
Beef NoodlesThai egg noodles with cashew nuts & lightly spiced with beef. *Contains cashew nuts.R179
Prawn & Calamari NoodlesThai egg noodles with cashew nuts & lightly spiced with seafood. *Contains cashew nuts.R210

Cowfish Seafood Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
8 Queen PrawnsGrilled to perfection. Served with chips, lemon butter & our secret CowFish dip!R336
CalamariGrilled or fried. Served with lemon butter and a choice of crispy potato chips or fried rice.R227
Grilled Kingklip280g Kingklip fillet grilled in our CowFish secret spice. Served with lemon butter and a choice of crispy potato chips or fried rice.R299
Prawn Thai Red CurryHot & fragrant Thai red curry with six medium prawns.R299
Prawn & Calamari Combo4 Grilled queen prawns & 140g calamari (grilled or fried) served with fries or rice.R294
Spicy Wok Prawns8 Queen prawns with our secret spicy sauce done in a wok, served with fried rice or fries.R336
Kingklip & Calamari Combo200g Grilled kingklip and 140g calamari (grilled or fried), served with a choice of rice fries or mash.R347
Battered HakeServed with peas and mash.R186
Teriyaki Salmon SteakGrilled salmon with teriyaki glaze served with rice or mash and veg.R323
Seafood Platter6 Queen prawns, six king prawns, grilled calamari, fish, chips & rice.R791

Cowfish Sushi Menu

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Fashion Sandwiches 8pcsR140
California Rolls – With cucumber & avoR59
Nigiri 4pcsR119
Hand RollsR102

Cowfish Sushi Platters

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Vegetarian Platter (8pcs)2 Pcs Avo & Chive Nigiri, 2 pcs Tokyo Roll, 2 pcs Kimono Roll & 2 pcs Forest RollR155
7 Salmon Combo Platter (14pcs)2 Pcs Teriyaki, 2 pcs Sesame Crusted Sashimi, 2 pcs Sriracha, 2 pcs Reloaded, 2 pcs Sailboats, 2 pcs Salmon Roses & 2 pcs NigiriR419
Most Wanted Platter (16pcs)2 Pcs Spicy Tuna Maguro, 4 pcs Salmon Roses, 3 pcs Salmon Grenades, 4 pcs 4X4 Salmon Salmon Sashimi Prawn California Rolls & 3 SliverR479
Salmon Combo Platter (7pcs)2 Pcs Sashimi, 2 pc Rainbow Roll, 1 pc Salmon Handroll 2 pcs Salmon NigiriR291
Silver Platter (12pcs)2 Pcs Tuna Roll, 2 pcs Taco Prawn, 2 pcs 4X4, 2 pcs Double Crunch Prawn, 2 pcs Salmon Grenade, 2 pcs Tuna MaguroR384
War Of The Roses (12pcs)3pcs Salmon Roses , 3pcs Salmon Grenades, 3pcs Rock Shrimp Roses, 3pcs Candy RosesR396

Cowfish Dream Sushi

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Salmon RosesSalmon roses (dream sushi)R114
Salmon GrenadesSalmon grenades (great taste)R126
Rock Shrimp RosesRock shrimp roses (finger licking)R138
Tropical RosesSalmon, cream cheese & passion fruit.R114
Pink CadillacSpicy salmon California roll with avo and topped with crab in paprika mayo and made with green rice.R138
Green DragonSpicy salmon California roll with avo and topped with crab in paprika mayo. Made with green rice.R125
4×4California rolls topped with prawn tempura & chili mayo.R138
AdidasSalmon, strawberry & cream cheese.R125
ReloadRainbow roll drizzled with teriyaki sauce, mayo, tobiko & sesame seeds.R125
Double CrunchPrawn tempura roll drizzled with tempura flakes, teriyaki sauce & sweet chili spicy mayo.R125
Tuna RollSeared tuna wrapped over rice with a hint of chili.R125
Wagu NigiriSeared beef & wasabi mayo.R119
Rainbow RollSalmon, avo & tuna.R119
VenusPrawn wrapped in cucumber topped with prawn tempura & condensed milk.R138
Kenjo TunaSweet chili & avo with fried rice paper.R119
Candy RosesSalmon roses topped with caramelized cotton candy.R114
Tacos PrawnTacos filled with chopped spicy prawn & mayo.R131
Tacos SalmonTacos filled with chopped seared salmon & mayo.R131
Volcano PrawnSweet chili & wasabi mayo.R126

Cowfish Desserts Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Vanilla Ice CreamServed with hot chocolate sauce.R82
Apple PieSpring rolls filled with poached apple, cinnamon, and ginger. Served with vanilla ice cream.R90
Kawasura RollsSpring rolls filled with strawberries, hazelnuts, dark and white chocolate. Served with vanilla ice cream.R90
Amakuta RollsSpring rolls filled with custard and drizzled with Bar One chocolate sauce.R90
Chocolate MeltdownChocolate meltdown dessertR90
Kataifi CheesecakeBaked cheesecake with kataifi pastry, roasted nuts, cinnamon, and honey.R90

Cowfish Beverages Menu

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Soft Drink CansR34
Ice TeasR42
Red BullR56

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