Atasca is a famous restaurant in South Africa offering Portuguese cuisine. The dining area is unique, and the atmosphere is calm and cozy. The restaurant is suitable for family and friend gatherings. The staff is friendly, well-mannered, and always ready to serve you.

Atasca offers a wide range of delicious menu items at affordable prices. The menu items are prepared from fresh ingredients. The menu includes Portuguese, Continental, European, Mediterranean, Dessert, Kids, Calamari, Light Meals, Chicken, Seafood, Cafe, and Spicy Items. Beyond these, the restaurant offers many wines, cocktails, and beverages.

The starters include Jalapeno poppers, Giblets, Halloumi, Calamari, Prawns, etc. The light meals include Chicken Prego Roll, Crispy Chicken Burger, Quarter Chicken, Battered Fish, Spicy Wings, etc.

The fish consists of Grilled Hake, calamari, Kingklip, Prawn National, Prawn Curry, Grilled Prawns, etc. The Beverages include Cocktails, Mocktails, White and Red Wines, Bubbles, and Spirits. Overall, it is a go-to destination in South Africa.

Atasca Starters

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Jalapeño Poppers StarterDeep fried jalapeño poppers, served with sweet chili sauce.R75
Giblets StarterSimmered in our tomato, onion, and red wine sauce.R88
Fishcakes StarterHomemade fishcakes rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried. Served with garlic aioliR96
Crispy Squid Heads StarterDeep fried. Served with lemon and garlic or peri-peri.R101
Peri Chicken Livers StarterChicken livers sautéed in wine, garlic, herb, and mild peri sauce.R96
Creamy Mussels StarterMussels steamed and served in a white wine and cream broth.R101
Spicy Chicken Wings StarterSix chicken wings served crispy with tascanaise.R108
Sautéed Chorizo StarterTraditional sausage, sliced and sautéed in garlic, wine, herb and mild peri-periR87
Calamari StarterGrilled or deep fried served with lemon garlic or peri-peri.R121
Fillet Trinchado StarterBeef fillet cube sautéed in traditional mild peri peri sauce.R121

Atasca Salads

SaladDescriptionPrice (R)
PortuguesaFresh greens topped with rosa tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, olives & our famous dressingR85
GorgonzolaMixed greens topped with rosa tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, red onion & grated gorgonzolaR98
GreekMixed greens topped with rosa tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, red onion, feta & olivesR98
ChickenMixed greens topped with peri-peri chicken strips, avo & fetaR120

Atasca Vegetarian Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Fettucine PrimaveraFettucine tossed with fresh carrots, olives, spinach, mushrooms & chili, prepared in creamy NapoletanaR98
Mushroom PanzerottiServed in a creamy white wine and truffle sauce, topped with rocket and parmesan shavingsR98
Vegetarian PlatterRoasted Mediterranean vegetables, Napoletana & chili mushrooms, grilled halloumi, creamed spinach, baby potatoes & crispy onion ringsR125
Vegetarian Lasagne4 Layers of roasted veg, Napoletana, and lasagne baked with mozzarellaR125
Vegetable CurryRoasted veg and crispy halloumi, served in a mild Mozambican curry sauce with basmati rice and sambals.R129

Atasca Light Meals

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken Prego RollGrilled chicken fillet, basted in our secret Prego sauce. Served with home-cut chips.R108
Crispy Chicken BurgerPanko crumbed chicken fillet served on a Portuguese roll with tascanaise and wedges.R114
Quarter ChickenFlame-grilled quarter chicken in either lemon & garlic or peri-peri sauce. Served with chips.R114
Spicy Wings12 wings served on potato thins and tascanaiseR165
Battered FishServed with chips and tartare sauce.R114
Beef Prego Roll150g beef fillet medallions grilled in our prego sauce, served on a Portuguese roll with wedgesR152

Atasca Fish Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Grilled HakeGrilled hake served with lemon and garlic or peri-periR160
Calamari MainGrilled or deep-fried calamari tubes with lemon and garlic or peri-periR249
Portuguese SardinesGrilled Portuguese sardines topped with roasted peppers and served with boiled baby potato and salad.R190
Seafood PastaPrawns and calamari tossed in a creamy white wine and peri-peri sauce.R237
Prawns NationalPlump prawns panfried in herbs, garlic, paprika, beer, and cream. Served with savory riceR300
Prawn CurryMozambican-style curry with coconut milk served with basmati rice and sambalsR293
Medium Grilled PrawnsTen medium prawns grilled and topped with lemon and garlic or peri-periR250
6 Queen PrawnsSix grilled queen prawns topped with lemon and garlic or peri-periR305

Atasca Chicken Menu

DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Half ChickenHalf chicken flame-grilled with your choice of lemon and garlic, mild peri-peri, or hot peri-peri sauceR135
Full ChickenFlame-grilled chicken prepared in our secret marinade & finished off with lemon & garlic, mild peri-peri, or hot peri-peri sauce.R210
Spicy Chicken PastaHalf chicken flame-grilled with your Choice of lemon and garlic, mild peri-peri, or hot peri-peri sauceR135
Mozambican Chicken CurryChicken fillets are prepared in a mild Mozambican curry sauce and served with basmati rice and sambals.R139

Atasca Combos

ComboDescriptionPrice (R)
Hake & CalamariGrilled hake and calamari tubes, grilled or deep-fried with your choice of lemon & garlic or peri-periR189
Prawn & CalamariGrilled hake and calamari tubes, grilled or deep-fried with your Choice of lemon & garlic or peri-periR198
Algarve PlatterGrilled hake and calamari tubes, grilled or deep-fried with your Choice of lemon & garlic or peri-periR255
Chicken & CalamariPrawn & calamari tubes, grilled or deep-fried with your Choice of lemon & garlic or peri-periR209
Chicken & PrawnGrilled half chicken and queen prawns prepared in lemon & garlic or peri-peri sauceR259
Lisbon Platter (for two)Grilled half chicken, eight medium prawns & calamari prepared in lemon & garlic or peri-peri sauce.R379

Atasca Meat on the Grill

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Fillet 200gFlame-grilled 200g fillet steakR242
Filete MadeiraFillet medallions served on fettuccine topped with Thermidor sauce and served with a side saladR254
Ponta Doura Fillet200g fillet steak filled with cheddar cheese and chili, grilled and topped with a mushroom, wine, and mild peri sauceR268
Rump 200gFlame-grilled 200g rump steakR190
Rump 300gFlame-grilled 300g rump steakR242
Bife a Portuguesa200g rump steak topped with a fried egg and a mushroom, wine, and mild peri sauceR224
Lamb Loin Chops3x100g lamb chops flame grilled and topped with peri periR313
Chicken Espetada330g chicken thighs stuffed with pepperdews, brushed with a sweet chili marinade and grilled. Finished garlic or peri-periR224
Pork Belly EspetadaSkewer of 250g marinated pork belly, flame-grilled and finished with garlic or peri-periR203
Beef Espetada330g rump skewered, rubbed with coarse salt and bay leaves, and grilled. Served with garlic or peri-periR275

Atasca Espetada

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken Espetada330g Chicken thighs stuffed with peppadews, brushed with a sweet chili marinade & grilled to perfection, finished with your choice of garlic or peri-peri sauce.R175
Pork Belly EspetadaSkewer of 250g marinated pork belly, flame-grilled and finished with a garlic or peri-peri sauce.R159
Beef EspetadaSkewer of 330g rump, rubbed with coarse salt and bay leaves, flame-grilled, and finished with a garlic or peri-peri sauce.R215

Atasca Side Dishes

Side DishPrice (R)
Homemade WedgesR25
Garlic Baby PotatoesR25
Creamy MashR25
Portuguese RiceR23
Peri-Swimming RiceR38
Side Salad | Creamy Spinach and ButternutR25
Roast VegetablesR28

Atasca Kids Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Nuggets served with Cheese Sauce & ChipsR60
Macaroni CheeseR60
Chicken Schnitzel served with ChipsR60
Fillet Medallions & ChipsR60
Fish & ChipsR60

Atasca Desserts

DessertPrice (R)
Vanilla Ice CreamR50
Creme BruleeR65
Chocolate BrownieR65
Orange and Almond PancakesR69
Baked CheesecakeR85

Atasca Daily Specials

DaySpecialPrice (R)Description
MONDAY1/2 Chicken SpecialR99+ side of choice
TUESDAYChicken & PrawnsR135+ side of Choice
WEDNESDAYPorto PlatterR165+ side of Choice
THURSDAYPortuguese RumpR149Quarter chicken + prawn combo + side of Choice
SATURDAY1/2kg PrawnR185Combo of grilled hake, mussels, and prawns + side of Choice

Atasca Cocktails

CocktailDescriptionPrice (R)
CaipirinhaCane spirit muddled with fresh lime quarters and pure cane sugar and served short, churned with crushed ice.R60
Passionfruit CaipiroskaThe original Aperol spritz is a traditional Italian cocktail made with a combination of Aperol, bubbly, and fresh citrus.R70
CosmopolitanSKYY vodka shaken with lime, triple sec curacao, and cranberry juice.R65
Pimms CocktailPimms, lemonade, and fresh fruitR68
MojitoCuban light rum is muddled with fresh lime, mint leaves, and pure cane sugar. Churned with crushed ice.R70
MargaritaDouble tequila with squeezed lime juice and served straight up, frozen, or on the rocks.R78
Long Island Iced TeaVodka, London dry gin, silver tequila, and Cuban white rum shaken with citrus juices and topped up with Coca-Cola.R85
Strawberry DaiquiriThe original Aperol spritz is a traditional Italian cocktail made with Aperol, bubbly, and fresh citrus.R80
Aperol SpritzThe original Aperol spritz is is a traditional Italian cocktail made with Aperol, bubbly, and fresh citrus.R85
Gin & TonicsA twist on the classic gin and tonic, enhanced with fresh citrus and botanicals:
– Passion fruit and orange
– Strawberry and mint
– Elderflower and cucumber

Atasca Mocktails

MocktailDescriptionPrice (R)
Porto SantoA refreshing combination of passion fruit blended with cranberry juice and pomegranate.R48
Virgin Strawberry DaiquiriStrawberry juice and citrus blended until smooth.R48
Virgin MojitoFresh lime muddled with mint leaves and pure cane sugar and churned with crushed ice.R48

Atasca Bubbles

BubblesPrice (R)
Robertson Winery Non-AlcoholicR160
Cinzano Pro Spritz SpumanteR250
Durbanville Hills Demi-secR240
Cinzano ProseccoR380

Atasca White Wines

CategoryItemDescriptionPrice (R)
SAUVIGNON BLANCAlvi’s DriftThe wine is light and fruity, with aromas of granadilla and asparagus. Well-balanced palate, with a whole body and zingy finishR60 – R170
SAUVIGNON BLANCDurbanville HillsA delightful combination of citrus, passion fruit, gooseberries, and guavaR70 – R200
SAUVIGNON BLANCDe GrendelA fresh, vibrant wine with vivid nectarine and grapefruit flavorsR175 – R235
CHARDONNAYProteaIt is packed with delicious, sweet berry flavorsR175
CHENIN BLANCKen Forrester PetitFrom the SA King of Chenins. Grapes have been hand-harvested and cold-fermented to preserve the flavors.R55 – R163
WHITE BLENDSBuitenverwachting Buiten BlancFull-bodied sauvignon blanc blendR175 – R180
WHITE BLENDSPierre Jourdan TranquilleFragrant bouquet, introducing fine fruit flavors and a dry finishR175
WHITE BLENDSZonnebloem Blanc de BlancA blend of chenin and sauvignon blancR50 – R145
SEMI-SWEETDe Krans MoscatoFresh, tropical fruit flavors of litchi and apricot, with fine, fizzy bubblesR60 – R175
ROSE/BLANC DE NOIRBoschendal Blanc de NoirThis famous farm offers a great value light wine with subtle tones and an elegant finish.R175
ROSE/BLANC DE NOIRSunkissed Rosé Perle SprizzoThis sensational sweet rosé with a cheeky sparkle is perfect for summer and compliments our slightly hotter dishes well.R150
ROSE/BLANC DE NOIRRobertson Natural Sweet RoséPacked with delicious, sweet berry flavorsR42 – R135
ROSE/BLANC DE NOIRKen Forrester PetitAromas of strawberries, rose petals, and cherry flavors.R163
ROSE/BLANC DE NOIRMateus RoséImported Portuguese rosé that is light, fresh, young, and slightly sparklingR230

Atasca Red Wines

CategoryItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CABERNET SAUVIGNONKen Forrester PetitSoft, rich, fruit-driven wine showing mulberry, plums, and spice on the palateR55 – R163
CABERNET SAUVIGNONKleine Zalze Cellar SelectionThis cabernet shows lots of red fruit and crushed herbs on the bouquet. Ripe cranberries on the palate with just enough tannin to give the typical cabernet ‘backbone’R220
SHIRAZBruce JackWe love the raspberry, spicy, and ripe plum aromas. The palate contains rich dark chocolate, black forest fruit, and smooth, sexy tannins.R170
MERLOTBon Courage The Mulberry BushIt has hints of plums and soft tones of blackberries with a smooth and well-rounded mouth-feel, finishing with a complex velvet texture and soft tannins.R60 – R180
MERLOTDurbanville HillsA medium-bodied wine with ripe berry characterR200
PINOTAGEBruce Jack Daily BrewIt has hints of plums and soft tones of blackberries with a smooth and well-rounded mouthfeel, finishing with a complex velvet texture and soft tannins.R170
RED BLENDSDarling Cab/MerlotA good combination of dark fruit from the cabernet and redberry fruit from the merlotR45 – R130
RED BLENDSNederburg BaronneSmooth, sophisticated, and self-assured. Baronne is one of South Africa’s most iconic, long-standing, and top-selling blends.R65 – R195
RED BLENDSBeyerskloof Cabernet/MerlotMedium-bodied wine with hints of spice and juicy plumR235

Atasca After Dinner Drinks

ItemPrice (R)
Monis Full Cream SherryR23
Monis Medium Cream SherryR23
Messias Ruby & Tawny PortR37

Atasca Portuguese Liqueurs and Brandy

ItemPrice (R)
1920 BrandyR33
Richelieu 10 Year OldR30
KWV 10 Year OldR35
Hennessy VSR60
Bisquit & Dubouché VSR45
Bisquit & Dubouché VSOPR70

Atasca Spirits

CategoryItemPrice (R)
WHISKIESFamous GrouseR25
WHISKIESJohnnie Walker RedR28
PREMIUM WHISKYJameson Select ReserveR55
PREMIUM WHISKYJohnnie Walker BlackR45
PREMIUM WHISKYJohnnie Walker BlueR265
PREMIUM WHISKYBain’s Cape Mountain WhiskyR30
PREMIUM WHISKYScottish Leader 12-Year-OldR35
PREMIUM WHISKYGlenlivet 12 Year OldR60
PREMIUM WHISKYGlenlivet 15 Year OldR100
BOURBONSJack DanielsR32
BOURBONSSouthern ComfortR20
RUMCaptain MorganR21
RUMSpiced GoldR19
VODKACruz Vintage BlackR28
SHOOTERSDirty RascalR21
SHOOTERSChocolate CakeR26
SHOOTERSSowetan ToiletR24
SHOOTERSBushman’s BallsR24
SHOOTERSJägerbomb (For 4)R145

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