Fat Cactus is a well-known restaurant chain in South Africa known for its excellent Mexican food and relaxed setting. With locations in several South African towns, such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, Fat Cactus has become a popular destination for residents and tourists.

The restaurant has a lively, friendly atmosphere for dining with loved ones. There are plenty of delectable items on the menu. Fat Cactus offers an excellent eating experience at reasonable costs with pleasant service for those seeking a taste of Mexico in South Africa.

With your pals, you can enjoy some well-cooked chicken wings, soft tacos, and nacho chips here. Many come to place excellent waffle orders. This spot is well-known for its tasty craft beer, strawberry margaritas, and tequila. Go to Fat Cactus to sample delicious juices, milkshakes, and tonics.

The staff is excellent, friendly, well-mannered, and always ready to serve you. Fat Cactus provides takeout and delivery services. You can order your favorite Tex-Mex dishes for pickup or have them delivered to your doorstep. This place is suitable for guests who have dinner in a hurry as they can order food as takeout.

Fat Cactus Fajitas

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Fresh Grilled Veg MexicanaR129
Grilled ChickenR155
Barbecue SteakR199
Barbecue Pulled PorkR165
Greek LambR210

Fat Cactus Quesadillas

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Annie OakleyR111
Chi Chi ChiR135
Pistol PeteR145
Happy HogR141

Fat Cactus Texan Burgers

Menu ItemPrice (R)
The AmericanR139
The DukeR139
Rock HudsonR145
Chicky ChickyR125
Hot ChickyR125
Fat BoyR125
Three AmigosR135
Hip VeggieR125
Park RoadR155
Pulled PorkR135

Fat Cactus Fat Sanctus

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Rib BasketR120
Friday FrittersR85
Wing BasketR95
Chick N WaffleR90
Corn DawgsR85
Chilli PoppersR90
Calamari FritosR110
Shanghai NoonR92
Bangoino CauliflowerR82
Cheezy NachosR85

Food Truck Tacos and Salads

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Country Fried ChickenR135
Barbecue Pulled PorkR145
Greek LambR185
Chipotle SteakR155
Golden FishR135
The VeganR125
Grilled ChickenR135

South of the Border

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Refried BeansR128
Sloppy Joe BeefR145
Grilled Veg MexicanaR125
Mexican ChickenR130

Cowboy Nachos

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Beeg CheezyR135
Lime and CorianderR145
Chorizo, Jalapeno, and FetaR145
Bacon, Blue Cheese, and FetaR145

Fat Cactus Margaritas

Happy Hours (HH): 12-6 daily

MargaritaRegular Price (R)Happy Hour Price (R)
Top Shelf Shaken HHR105R95
Frozen Lime HHR50R43
Frozen Moggy Rita HHR57R50
Frozen Strawberry HHR57R50
Frozen Margarita HHR57R50

Fat Cactus Frozen Jugs

Frozen JugsRegular Price (R)Happy Hour Price (R)
Lime HHR250R215
Moggy Rita HHR285R250
Mangorita HHR285R250
Strawberry HHR285R250

Fat Cactus Tequila

TequilaRegular Price (R)Happy Hour Price (R)
Homebrew Gingerdead® HHR45R40
Cactus Milky Bar HHR45R40
El Jimador Reposado HHR44R39
El Jimador Blanco HHR44R39
Espolon Reposado HHR62R57
Espolon Blanco HHR62R57
Patron Silver HHR75R70
Patron Reposado HHR96R91
Patron Anejo HHR116R111
Jose Cuervo Gold HHR46R41
Jose Cuervo Silver HHR46R41
Jose Cuervo Traditional HHR52R47
Don Julio Reposado HHR110R105
Clase Azul HHR330R300
Gusano Rojo Mini MezcalR135N/A

Fat Cactus White Wines

Diemersdal Unwooded ChardonnayR240R65
Diemersdal Sauv BlancR240R65
Buitenverwachting Sauv BlancR312R83
Protea Chenin BlancR210R57
Sophie Sauvignon BlancR270R72

Fat Cactus Red Wines

Diemersdal RoseR240R65
Diemersdal Cab Sauv MerlotR240R65
Protea MerlotR210R57
Kanonkop Cape BlendR315R83

Fat Cactus Bubbles

BubblesPrice (R)
L’Ormarins Brut ClassiqueR380
Martini ProseccoR555

Fat Cactus Beers & Ciders

BeverageSizePrice (R)
Castle Lite Draught 500ml500mlR57
Black Label Draught 500ml500mlR57
Fokof Lager Draught 500ml500mlR65
Heineken Draught 500ml500mlR58
Windhoek Draught 500ml500mlR58
Corona Cerveza (Bucket of 6)Per BucketR48
Sol Cerveza330mlR45
Castle Lite / Castle Dbl Malt330mlR42
Stella Artois330mlR43
Amstel Lager330mlR42
Stellenbrau Craven Craft330mlR55
Strongbow Red Berries / Strongbow Gold330mlR45
Sav Dry / H-Dry330mlR49
Flying Fish / Brutal Fruit330mlR42
Heineken 0.0330mlR45
Devils Peak non-alcoholic330mlR42
Duchess Non-Alcoholic G&T275mlR44

Fat Cactus Milkshakes

Milkshake FlavorPrice (R)

Fat Cactus Sweets

SweetPrice (R)
Churros w/ Dulce de LecheR92
Deep-fried Bar-One & Ice CreamR81
Fresh Waffles & Ice-creamR85
Toasted Choc Nut SundaeR81

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