Nestled in the heart of Maponya Mall, Brown Sugar restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in South Africa. Its dining area is unique, calm, and cozy. It offers DJ’s songs and other music all day long. The servers are friendly, active, well-dressed, well-mannered, and always ready to serve you with their great menu dishes.

Brown Sugar restaurants have become popular because of the taste of their menu items. It offers a wide range of menu items prepared from fresh ingredients. The menu includes bread, oysters, parathas, ribs, platters, sides, and drinks.

The prices of menu items are affordable. With the quality of its food and service and the unique dining area, Brown Sugar restaurant has become a go-to restaurant in South Africa.

Brown Sugar Breads Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Cheesy garlic sourdough with parmesan and mozzarellaR14.9
Mediterranean sourdough with garlic, cheese, sundried tomato, and olivesR10.9
Garlic and herb sourdoughR9.9
Mediterranean sourdough with garlic, cheese, sundried tomato, and olivesR12.9

Brown Sugar Oysters Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Natural w lemonR21.5 / R40
Kilpatrick with bacon and BBQ brandy sauceR24.5 / R45
Ceviche with pineapple, ginger, coconut, coriander and garlic chili dressingR24.5 / R45
Casino with roasted peppers, garlic, shallot, tabasco, lemon butter and cheeseR24.5 / R45

Brown Sugar Entree’s Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Vietnamese-style pork belly bites with roti parathaR23.9
King Prawns in prosecco with garlic, chili lemon oil, and crostiniR25.9
Balinese Octopus with a green bean, toasted flaked coconut, and rocket salad.R23.9
Prawn, crab, and chorizo cakes with corn, avocado, tomato, pepper salsa, and ranch dipping sauceR25.9
Mediterranean chickpea cauliflower falafels with harissa hummus and avocado mayonnaiseR20.9
Goats curd and spinach Gundi (Italian dumpling) with roasted peppers, bechamel, pecorino and gem salad capreseR21.9
Sate chicken skewers with vermicelli noodle salad and spicy sweet sauceR23.9

Brown Sugar Menu Mains

ItemPrice (R)
Lamb rump with gratin potato, green beans, and toum hummusR47
Surf & Turf – bacon-wrapped beef fillet with truffle mash, sautéed spinach, prawns, and cafe de Paris bearnaise sauceR53
Bacon-wrapped beef fillet with truffle mash, sautéed spinach, and marsala jus.R49
Pork tenderloin fillet in maple bourbon glaze with sweet potato mash, green beans, and honey-roasted tomato chili coriander pestoR45
Chicken breast stuffed with Brie and pistachio wrapped in prosciutto with gratin potato, green beans, and peach salsa.R45
Crispy confit duck with gratin potato, green beans, and sweet cherry coulisR45
Seafood linguini with crab, prawns, calamari, fish, mussels and saffron, chili Neapolitan sauceR49
Fish of the day – please ask your attendant for today’s creationR43
Pork and Veal summer truffle lasagna with gem saladR39
Goats curd and spinach Gnudi (Italian dumpling) with roasted peppers, bechamel sauce and pecorinoR37
Portobello mushroom Wellington with sweet potato mash and spinachR42
Brown sugar seafood tasting plate Fresh blue swimmer crab, bug, prawns, natural and Kilpatrick oysters, smoked salmon, grilled fish, scallops, salt & pepper squid, chips, and seasonal fruitsR55

Brown Sugar Platters for 2 to share

PlatterPrice (R)
Brown sugar hot and cold seafood platter for twoR180
Brown sugar surf and turf platter for twoR190

Brown Sugar Sides Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Steamed greens tossed with toasted almonds, garlic & olive oilR10.9
Sweet potato fries w chipotle aioliR9.9
Baby gem salad with candied pecans, pear, tomato, Spanish onion, and yogurt dressingR13.9

Brown Sugar Dessert Menu

DessertPrice (R)
Frangelico chocolate mousse with chocolate brownie with blood orange gelatoR17.5
Tiramisu pavlova with coffee liquor mascarpone and summer berriesR17.5
Rum and vanilla creme Brulee with rum and raisin ice cream and macaronR17.5
Trio gelato with summer berriesR17.5
Classic affogato: w double shot of espresso, ice cream, and your choice of liqueurR17.5
Dutch pancakes with salted caramel banana and coconut ice creamR17.5
Apple pistachio and orange creme strudel with creme anglaise and pistachio ice creamR17.5

Brown Sugar Hot Drinks Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Liqueur coffeeR14.5
Espresso/macchiato/piccolo/long blackR4
Flat white/latté/cappuccinoCup R5.5 / Mug R5.9
Chai/lemongrass & gingerR5.1
Pot of teaR5.9
English breakfast/earl grey/green/peppermint/chamomile/chai lattéR5.9
Hot chocolateR5.9
Shot/vanilla/caramel/hazelnut syrupR5.9

Brown Sugar Dessert Cocktails

ItemPrice (R)
Espresso martiniR20

Brown Sugar Fortified Wines and Digestif’s

ItemPrice (R)
Galway Pipe 12y.o Grand TawnyR10
Meukow VS CognacR12.5
Tamburlaine Liqueur MuscatR10
Tamburlaine ‘Reserve’ Noble RieslingVE
Amaro MontenegroR8.5
Tamburlaine ‘Reserve’ Noble RieslingR8.5
Frangelico Hazelnut LiqueurR8.5
Kahlúa Coffee LiqueurR8.5
Wild Turkey American HoneyR8.5

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