Welcome to Cape to Cuba, Kalk Bay, where the lively atmosphere of South Africa blends with the contagious rhythm of Havana salsa. Imagine this: the Van Vuuren family had a brilliant idea in 1999, just before the year 2000 began, and they thought, why not add a little bit of Cuba to Kalk Bay, South Africa? And thus was born Cape to Cuba, a place so cool you could turn a mojito into a popsicle.

As soon as you walk in, you’re thrust into a colorful, Cuban-inspired fantasy world filled with odd souvenirs, antique posters, and Cuban memorabilia. You’ve entered a time machine and arrived at a funfair in Havana. Before you can say “mojito,” you’ll swing your hips to the Afro-Cuban tunes and sand floors.

Cape to Cuba is a distinctive eatery in Cape Town that provides an authentic Cuban dining experience. The cocktails are excellent, and the service is warm and inviting. The cuisine is a fusion of Cape and Cuban flavors, including well-grilled calamari tapas, ribs, and paella.

The mango and chili mojito are pleasant and flavorful, and the Portuguese bread is a must-try. The breathtaking views of the harbor and the restaurant’s distinctive location—with feet in the sand and passing trains—set it apart. They are strongly suggested for a fantastic evening!

Cape to Cuba Tapas Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
STICKY CHICKEN WINGSSix wings served with a sticky glazeR65.00
CHILLI POPPERSThree poppers filled with spicy ingredients served with a dipping sauceR60.00
CUBAN BREADHomemade bread served with salsa and lime mayoR40.00
STICKY PORK RIBSPork ribs glazed with a sticky sauceR65.00
SOUL IN A BOWLPeri-peri chicken livers served with Cuban breadR60.00
MUSSELSMussels in a creamy white wine, garlic, and dill sauce, served with Cuban bread.R60.00
CAPE CALAMARIDusted calamari strips, deep-fried and served with tartare sauceR60.00
GRILLED SARDINESSardines grilled and served with salsa verdeR65.00
COCONUT CRUSTED HAKE STRIPSHake strips crusted with coconutR45.00
POTATO SKINSPotato skins filled with cream cheese and served with sweet chili dipR48.00

Cape to Cuba Sopa (Soups) Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CHICKEN & LIME SOUPSpecialty soup topped with avocado pulp served with Cuban breadR65.00

Cape to Cuba Ensalads

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CHICKPEA & SPINACH SALADWith toasted almond flakes, coconut, coriander, feta & cranberries, apple cider dressingR78.00
CAPRESE SALADBella rosa tomatoes, mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, olive oil, balsamic reduction, topped with basil pestoR78.00
CHICKEN LIVER PERI-PERI SALADPeri-peri chicken livers on salad leaves, red onion, boiled egg, bella rosa tomatoesR110.00
BUTTERNUT & CRISPY BACON SALADWith crispy bacon, roasted peppers, bella rosa tomatoes, feta cheese, roasted seeds, rocket, balsamic glazeR85.00
FOR THE GREEKSTraditional with feta, bella rosa tomatoes, olives, onions, capersR75.00

Cape to Cuba Menu Extras

ItemPrice (R)

Cape to Cuba Ninos (Kids) Menu

ItemPrice (R)

Cape to Cuba Pasta

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
SEAFOOD PASTAMussels, calamari, line fish, prawns in a creamy chardonnay sauce, linguiniR165.00
LINGUINI BOLOGNAISEServed with parmesan shavingsR105.00

Cape to Cuba Carnivore Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
PUNTAS DE FILLETTender strips of the fillet (medium done only) are basted in chocolate chili sauce and served with rice or chips and vegetables.R175.00
CUBAN PERI-PERI CHICKENThigh and drumstick flame-grilled, basted with peri-peri sauce, served with yellow rice or potato chipsR155.00
MOJITO CHICKENChicken breast marinated in mint, rum, lime, and a hint of garlic, served with yellow rice or potato chips.R148.00
SPICY LAMB GAMBOU CURRYLamb neck (bone-in) and potato in a medium spicy Caribbean curry with maraviroc, served with yellow rice.R165.00
TORTILLA CUBANOMince or spinach and feta tortilla topped with yogurt, onion rings, chili sauce, served with a side salad.R145.00
BAY OF PIGSHoisin, honey & ginger basted grilled pork ribs, served with potato chipsR140.00 (Half Portion) / R185.00 (Full Portion)

Cape to Cuba Diablo Rum Burger

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
DIABLO RUM BURGERMade with two pure sirloin patties, jalapeno, bacon, dill cucumber, mozzarella, tomato, lettuce, and sriracha. Served on a deep-fried Cuban roll with a rum sauce on the sideR145.00

Cape to Cuba Seafood Platters

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
HEMINGWAY PLATTER FOR TWOGrilled crayfish, eight prawns, mussels, baby calamari tubes, catch of the day. Served with paella
Without crayfish

SEAFOOD PLATTER FOR ONEPrawns, mussels, calamari strips, catch of the day. Served with paellaR375.00
PAN-FRIED BABY CALAMARI TUBESWith smoked paprika, capers, olives, and red peppers. Served with Caribbean riceR145.00
PAELLA IN A PANFish, calamari, mussels, prawns, chorizo sausage, chicken, peas tossed in spiced riceR145.00 (For One) / R225.00 (For Two)
PESCADO DE HABANALine fish served with chips or Caribbean rice and vegetablesR175.00
MEJILLONES CUBANOSFresh mussels in creamy white wine, garlic, and dill sauce. Served with Caribbean riceR145.00
12 GRILLED PRAWNSWith Caribbean rice or potato chips or side salad. Served with lemon, garlic, or chili butterR250.00
CAPE CALAMARIFlour & paprika dusted calamari strips, deep-fried. Served with rice, potato chips, or salad, and tartare sauceR145.00
GRILLED CRAYFISHTasty grilled crayfishSQ
PRAWNSPrawns R 24.00 EACH

Cape to Cuba Postres (Desserts) Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
TRES LECHESMoist traditional Cuban three milk and rum cake. Served with cream or ice creamR65.00
CASTRO’S GOVERNMENT TORREJASPiping hot bread and butter pudding. Served with cream or ice creamR60.00
SANTA CLARA PUDDINGA delicious sweet and creamy dessert served with a fruity pulp toppingR60.00
COHIBA FOR 2Chocolate cigar ashtray with chocolate-coated cigars, ice cream, and two shots of Jagermeister, Amarula, or 7-year RumR145.00

Cape to Cuba Cold Beverages

BeveragePrice (R)
Coke No SugarR26
Dry LemonR26
Ginger AleR26
Pink TonicR26
Tonic WaterR26
Sprite ZeroR29
Tomato CocktailR65
Still / Sparkling Water 750mlR38
Red GrapetizerR38
Red BullR48
Red Bull WatermelonR48
Juice OrangeR35
Juice PineappleR35
Juice CranberryR35
Rock ShandyR38
Steel WorksR38
Lipton Lemon Ice TeaR38

Cape to Cuba Cocktails

CocktailPrice (R)
Classic MojitoR88
Mango & Chilli MojitoR89
Hibiscus & Cranberry MojitoR89
Watermelon MojitoR89
Mango & Chilli MargaritaR145
Frozen Watermelon MargaritaR145
Cherry MargaritaR178
Cadillac MargaritaR185
Sapphire MartiniR92
Mother Goose MartiniR118
Fiero MartiniR118
Raspberry & Limoncello MartiniR130
Espresso MartiniR155
Jou Ma Se MartiniR125
Cherry on TopR85
Hemingway ScrewdriverR85
Frozen Strawberry DaiquiriR98
Bata CubanaR165
Pineapple HighballR110
Peach on the BeachR169
Midnight at CopacabanaR189
Aperol SpritzR180
Pink FlamingoR88
Cuba LibreR95
Cuba Libre ZeroR125
Mai TaiR105
Cape to CubaR92
Cuban SunriseR92
Long Island Iced TeaR105
Long Island ZeroR125
Long Island CranberryR105
Cuban SlingR125
Rum & RaspberryR118
Gin & Basil GimletR125
Vodka & Basil GimletR125
Hail MaryR138
Sapphire Watermelon BullR95
White RussianR92
Bulleit Old FashionedR135
Woodford Rye SourR125
Pina ColadaR115
Banana ColadaR125

Cape to Cuba White Wines

WinePrice (R)
Steenberg Sauvignon BlancR335
Franschhoek Cellars Sauvignon BlancR225
Durbanville Hills ChardonnayR275
Boschendal 1685 ChardonnayR305
Haute Cabriere Unwooded ChardonnayR195
Franschhoek Cellars Chenin BlancR225
Spier Signature Chenin BlancR195
Spier Good Natured Organic Sauvignon BlancR275

Cape to Cuba Red Wines

WinePrice (R)
Franschhoek Cellars MerlotR245
Steenberg MerlotR485
David Finlayson Berry Box MerlotR265
Zandvliet ShirazR305
Spier Signature Cabernet SauvignonR268
Brampton Cabernet SauvignonR205
Steenberg Five Lives Red BlendR465
Spier Good Natured Organic Cabernet/ShirazR425
Gorgeous Chardonnay/Pinot NoirR235

Cape to Cuba Blush Wines

WinePrice (R)
Baglietti no7 Organic Prosecco RoseR375
Steenberg Sparkling Sauvignon BlancR395
Boschendal Brut NVR365
Steenberg 1682 Chardonnay MCC 1500mlR890
Moet & ChandonR550

Cape to Cuba Rum

RumPrice (R)
Bacardi Carta BlancaR28
Bacardi Carta NegraR28
Bacardi 4 YearR40
Bacardi 8 YearR54
Bacardi 10 YearR75
Bacardi SpicedR22
Don PapaR50
Germana CachacaR45
Stroh RumR45
Lyre’s White Cane (non Alc)R50

Cape to Cuba Whiskey

WhiskeyPrice (R)
Johnnie Walker Black LabelR45
Johnnie Walker Green LabelR115
Johnnie Walker Gold LabelR85
Johnnie Walker Blue LabelR345
Johnnie Walker 18 YearR165
Bulleit BourbonR62
Dewars 15 YearR69
Jack DanielsR38
Woodford Reserve Bourbon / RyeR55
Southern Comfort BlackR25

Cape to Cuba Designated Drivers

Designated DriversPrice (R)
Virgin MojitoR78
Virgin Mango Chilli MojitoR79
Hibiscus & Berry CoolerR79
Virgin MaryR78
Virgin Pina ColadaR115
Virgin Strawberry DaiquiriR98
Virgin CamokiwiR105
Virgin Mango DaiquiriR89
Virgin Watermelon DaiquiriR89
Cucumber CoolerR85

Cape to Cuba Tequila

Tequila SelectionPrice (R)
Cazadores SilverR44
Cazadores ReposadoR52
Cazadores AnejoR65
Patron SilverR90
Patron ReposadoR110
Patron AnejoR115
Don Julio BlancoR65
Don Julio ReposadoR105
Don Julio AnejoR160
Don Julio 1942R465
Casamigos BlancoR295
Casamigos MezcalR305

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