Pizza Perfect was founded in Cape Town nearly 20 years ago. This popular takeaway chain takes pride in using its pizzas’ freshest and highest-quality ingredients. With a commitment to crafting the perfect pizza experience, their diverse menu, featuring an array of toppings and crust options, promises to satisfy every palate.

From classic favorites to innovative creations, each bite is a celebration of flavor. Pizza Perfect has been delivering delicious pizzas, salads, and sides to South Africans. At Pizza Perfect, the staff is friendly, and well-mannered, offering a quick service.

Their menu offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a classic Margherita or a more adventurous option like their Spicy Chicken pizza. And with affordable prices starting at just R29.95 for a small pizza, it’s easy to see why they’re the country’s favorite pizza chain!

Favorite Pizza Perfect Menu

PizzaPrice (R)
Cheesy Nachos (23cm)R69
Cheesy Nachos (30cm)R99
Veg Exotico (23cm)R68
Veg Exotico (30cm)R97
Pepperoni (23cm)R63
Pepperoni (30cm)R90
La Med (23cm)R68
La Med (30cm)R97
Four Seasons (23cm)R69
Four Seasons (30cm)R99
Las Vegas (23cm)R65
Las Vegas (30cm)R95
Vegetarian (23cm)R59
Vegetarian (30cm)R85
Sicliana (23cm)R64
Sicliana (30cm)R92
Bacon (23cm)R68
Bacon (30cm)R97
Spicy Chourizo (23cm)R72
Spicy Chourizo (30cm)R105
Geroni (23cm)R58
Geroni (30cm)R83
Tiri (23cm)R62
Tiri (30cm)R92
Mafiosa (23cm)R56
Mafiosa (30cm)R80
Regina (23cm)R64
Regina (30cm)R92
Margherita (23cm)R53
Margherita (30cm)R75
Hawaiian (23cm)R64
Hawaiian (30cm)R92
Bacon and Banana (23cm)R62
Bacon and Banana (30cm)R89
Chicken Livers (23cm)R62
Chicken Livers (30cm)R89

Perfect Original Pizza

PizzaPrice (R)
California (23cm)R76
California (30cm)R109
BBQ Chicken (23cm)R72
BBQ Chicken (30cm)R105
La Nonna (23cm)R76
La Nonna (30cm)R109
Europa (23cm)R71
Europa (30cm)R104
Chicken Mayo (23cm)R72
Chicken Mayo (30cm)R105
Mexicana (23cm)R76
Mexicana (30cm)R109
Bolognaise (23cm)R72
Bolognaise (30cm)R105
El Greco (23cm)R70
El Greco (30cm)R100
Spicy Chicken (23cm)R76
Spicy Chicken (30cm)R109
Steak (23cm)R76
Steak (30cm)R109
Miami (23cm)R75
Miami (30cm)R107
Tikka Chicken (23cm)R79
Tikka Chicken 30cmR112
Spare Rib (23cm)R76
Spare Rib (30cm)R109
Chicken Bacon (23cm)R79
Chicken Bacon (30cm)R112

Perfect Deluxe Pizza

PizzaPrice (R)
Perfect Signature PizzaR110
Sweet & Sour ChickenR110
The GodfatherR135
Chicken NachosR125

Perfect Pizza Bread

Pizza BreadPrice (R)
Garlic Pizza Bread (23cm)R28
Garlic Pizza Bread (30cm)R39
Garlic Pizza Bread Supreme (23cm)R37
Garlic Pizza Bread Supreme (30cm)R53

Perfect Chicken Burgers

BurgerPrice (R)
Perfect Chicken BurgerR65
Chicken BurgerR40
Chicken Cheese BurgerR45
Hawaiian Chicken BurgerR50
Hawaiian Cheese Chicken BurgerR55

Perfect Chicken

ChickenPrice (R)
6 Chicken WingsR39
10 Chicken WingsR61
20 Chicken Wings, Large Chips & DipsR147
5 Chicken StripsR32
10 Chicken StripsR50
Chicken WrapR43

Perfect Subs

SubsPrices (R)
Vegetarian Sub (20cm)R44
Vegetarian Sub (40cm)R85
Mexicana Sub (20cm)R47
Mexicana Sub (40cm)R87
Spicy Chicken Sub (20cm)R47
Spicy Chicken Sub (40cm)R87
La Nonna Sub (20cm)R49
La Nonna Sub (40cm)R89
Steak Sub (20cm)R49
Steak Sub (40cm)R89
Hawaiian Sub (20cm)R44
Hawaiian Sub (40cm)R85
Perfect Sub (20cm)R59
Perfect Sub (40cm)R95
Miami Sub (20cm)R50
Miami Sub (40cm)R90

Perfect Pasta

PastaPrice (R)
Lasagne CremeR98
Original LasagneR89
Chicken LasagneR89
Fettuccine AlfredoR85
Spaghetti BolognaiseR89

Perfect Salads

SaladPrice (R)
Chicken SaladR44
Greek SaladR38
Italian SaladR38

Perfect Kids Meals

ItemPrice (R)
Kids Chicken Nuggets MealR50
Kids Pizza MealR50

Perfect Sides

ItemPrice (R)
Chips (large)R22
Chips (regular)R27
Extra Dips (small)R5
Extra Dips (regular)R9

Pizza Perfect Specials

MenuPrice (R)
Everyday Madness – 2 Regular Chicken & Cheese BurgersR68
Anytime Special – Margherita Pizza, 1 Meat, 1 Veg, & Buddy SodaR70

Perfect Dessert Pizza

PizzaPrice (R)
Rocky Road Dessert PizzaR61
Candyland Dessert PizzaR61
Peppermint Dessert PizzaR61

Pizza Perfect Cold Drinks Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Mineral Water 500ml StillR13
Character JuiceR15
Liqui FruitR22
Liptons Ice Tea RangeR22
A.B.I 2LR35

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