2 Brothers Pizza is a famous pizza chain in South Africa, created by two brothers in King Williams Town, South Africa. Their mission was to offer pizzas at the lowest possible prices while keeping the highest possible standards.

This led to their success in business. Later on, they opened their branches in Greenfields and Cambridge. You can visit your nearest store to enjoy fresh and hot pizzas, burgers, and subs. Moreover, there is also a delivery service by Mr. D Delivery to assist you enjoy your pizzas at home or office.

2 Brothers Pizza offers a range of pizzas, starting from R34.90. Besides pizzas, they also serve tasty chicken, beef, and cheeseburgers, subs, milkshakes, and beverages.

The specials at 2 Brothers Pizza include 2 Chicken or Beef Cheese Burgers at R75.00, and 2 Chicken or Beef Burgers at R60.00. The deals include Any 2 Large Classic Pizzas at R198.90.

The pizza flavors include Classic Cheese Pizza, Margherita Pizza, Classic Bacon (BBQ Sauce) Pizza, Classic Bacon (Tomato Base) Pizza, Classic BBQ Chicken Pizza, Classic Pepperoni Pizza, Classic Mushroom Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Regina Pizza, and a variety of other pizzas.

The burgers include Creamy Jalapeno Beef Burger, Creamy Peppadew Beef Burger, Hawaiian Beef Burger, Bacon & Cheese Beef Burger, Triple Stack Beef Burger, and various others.


SpecialsDescriptionPrice (R)
Cheese Burgers2 Chicken or Beef Cheese BurgersR75.00
Burgers2 Chicken or Beef BurgersR60.00


DealsPrice (R)
Any 2 Large Classic PizzasR198.90


PizzasPrice (R)
Classic Cheese PizzaR34.90
Margherita PizzaR35.90
Classic Bacon (BBQ Sauce) PizzaR37.90
Classic Bacon (Tomato Base) PizzaR37.90
Classic BBQ Chicken PizzaR37.90
Classic Ham PizzaR37.90
Classic Pepperoni PizzaR37.90
Classic Mushroom PizzaR37.90
Hawaiian PizzaR46.90
Tropics PizzaR49.90
Vegetarian PizzaR46.90
3 Cheese PizzaR48.90
Regina PizzaR46.90
BBQ Beef PizzaR46.90
Sicilian PizzaR48.90
Pepperoni Supreme PizzaR46.90
Bacon & Banana PizzaR48.90
Greek PizzaR49.90
Zorba’s PizzaR49.90
Tantalizing Russian PizzaR49.90
Bacon Deluxe PizzaR49.90
Chilli Beef PizzaR48.90
Beef Bolognaise PizzaR49.90
Chicken Perinaise PizzaR49.90
3 Meats Treat (BBQ sauce) PizzaR49.90
3 Meats Treat (Tomato Base) PizzaR49.90
Fetoni PizzaR51.90
Mixed Deluxe PizzaR53.90
BBQ Chicken & Pine PizzaR49.90
BBQ Chicken & Mushrooms PizzaR49.90
BBQ Chicken Deluxe PizzaR49.90
Chicken Prego PizzaR49.90
4 Meats Treat (BBQ Sauce) PizzaR55.90
4 Meats Treat (Tomato Base) PizzaR55.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken PizzaR59.90
Club PizzaR59.90
Seafood Supreme PizzaR59.90
Chicken Mayo & Bacon PizzaR59.90
Chicken Mayo & Feta PizzaR59.90
BFA (Bacon, Feta & Avo) PizzaR54.90
4 Seasons PizzaR59.90
BBQ Spare Rib & Mushrooms PizzaR51.90
BBQ Spare Rib & Pineapple PizzaR51.90
Chicken Perinaise & Pepperoni PizzaR59.90
5 Meats Treat (BBQ Sauce) PizzaR59.90
5 Meats Treat (Tomato Base) PizzaR59.90

Pizza Gatsby

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Meaty Pizza GatsbyR117.50
Tangy Russian GatsbyR117.50
Sweet Chilli Chicken GatsbyR117.50
Perinaise Club GatsbyR117.50


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Veggie SubR69.90
Sweet & Tangy Russian SubR69.90
Club SubR69.90
BBQ Chicken & Pineapple SubR69.90
BBQ Chicken & Mushroom SubR69.90
BBQ Spare Rib & Pineapple SubR69.90
BBQ Spare Rib & Mushroom SubR69.90
BBQ Meat Deluxe SubR69.90
Meat Deluxe Sub (Tomato Base)R69.90


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Greek SaladR79.90
2 Brothers Chef SaladR79.90
Chicken Salad (Feta)R79.90
Chicken Salad (Pineapple)R79.90

Pizza Fold Overs

Menu ItemPrice (R)
BBQ Chicken Fold OverR32.90
Chicken Perinaise fold-overR33.90
Chicken Perinaise Fold OverR33.90
BBQ Rib Fold OverR33.90
Pepperoni Fold OverR33.90
Bolognaise Fold OverR33.90
Ham Fold OverR33.90
Beef Fold OverR33.90
Mushroom & Garlic Fold OverR32.90
3 Cheese Fold OverR33.90
Feta & Olives Fold OverR33.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken Fold OverR37.90
Chicken Prego (Spicy) Fold OverR33.90
BBQ Chicken & Pine Fold OverR35.90
BBQ Chicken & Mushroom Fold OverR35.90

New Burgers

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Creamy Jalapeno Beef BurgerR89.90
Creamy Jalapeno Chicken BurgerR89.90
Creamy Peppadew Beef BurgerR89.90
Creamy Peppadew Chicken BurgerR89.90
Dagwood BurgerR99.90
Chickenwood BurgerR99.90

Awesome 4 Family Burger Combo

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Awesome 4 Family Burger ComboR259.90

Tasty Two’s Beef Burgers

Menu ItemPrice (R)
2 X Beef BurgersR79.90

Tasty Two’s Chicken Burgers

Menu ItemPrice (R)
2 X Chicken BurgersR79.90

Tasty Two’s Beef Cheese Burgers

Menu ItemPrice (R)
2 X Beef Cheese BurgersR89.90

Tasty Two’s Chicken Cheese Burgers

Menu ItemPrice (R)
2 X Chicken Cheese BurgersR89.90

Any 2 Large Classic Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Any 2 Large Classic PizzasR198.801

Beef Burgers

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Creamy Jalapeno Beef BurgerR89.90
Creamy Peppadew Beef BurgerR89.90
Dagwood BurgerR99.90
Beef BurgerR62.90
Beef Cheese BurgerR68.90
Hawaiian Beef BurgerR74.90
Bacon & Cheese Beef BurgerR83.90
Double Stack Beef BurgerR87.90
Double Stack Cheese Beef BurgerR93.90
Triple Stack Beef BurgerR112.90
Triple Stack Cheese Beef BurgerR118.90
Big Brother Beef BurgerR112.90
Bad Brother Beef BurgerR137.90
Bacon Beef BurgerR81.90

Chicken Burgers

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Creamy Jalapeno Chicken BurgerR89.90
Creamy Peppadew Chicken BurgerR89.90
Chickenwood BurgerR99.90
Chicken BurgerR56.90
Chicken Cheese BurgerR62.90
Hawaiian Chicken BurgerR68.90
Bacon & Cheese Chicken BurgerR83.90
Double Stack Chicken BurgerR87.90
Double Stack Chicken & Cheese BurgerR93.90
Big Brother Chicken BurgerR112.90
Chicken & Beef Cheese BurgerR93.90

Ribs & Chips

Menu ItemPrice (R)
550g Ribs & ChipsR199.90


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Doritos Mince Nachos (Single Snack Portion)R52.90
Potato ChipsR29.90
Chicken ChipsR29.90

Double Thick Milkshakes

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Regular MilkshakesR37.90
Large MilkshakesR42.90


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Buddy Soft Drink 440mlR20.90
Soft Drink 1.5LR30.90
Liqui Fruit Juice 330mlR19.90
Still Water 500mlR17.90

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