Tasty Gallos is a famous restaurant in South Africa. Are you craving something salty and savory? Looking for something spicy and delicious? Tasty Gallos is your go-to solution for delicious fast food whenever you feel the urge.

They offer Burgers, Chicken, Healthy, Salad, Burrito, Spicy, Light Meals, Pita, Fast Food, Dinner, Fried, and Halaal Items. The staff is friendly and well-mannered. The menu prices are affordable.

They are striking, with the perfect flavor balanced with zest and heat. Their food technologists found the exclusive spice blend to take their fast food to a new level of deliciousness. Originating in South Africa, their recipes exemplify the best Spanish flavors with a unique twist.

Try it yourself and taste the quality – you will keep returning for more. To accommodate all customers, Tasty Gallos is Sanha Certified. This Halaal-friendly credential lets you know that all the fast food you get here is delicious and amenable to your needs. Devor the cheesy, meaty, and crunchy goodness with a unique twist. Their Spicy Gallo Tornado will get you whirling ecstatically.

Tasty Gallos Combos

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
1/4 Gallo, Pap & Sauce1/4 scrumptious chicken with signature pap and Gallo mayoR47.90
Gallo-Burger-ComboChicken burger combo with chips/wedges, Gallo mayo, lettuce, tomato, and drinkR60.00
8 BBQ-Winglets-MedChips8 BBQ winglets with medium chipsR85.90
Crumbed-Gallo-B.ComboBreaded chicken burger with Gallo mayo, fresh chips, and drinkR65.00
Beef-Burger-ComboClassic beef burger with BBQ sauce, chips/wedges, and drinkR74.90
StripsSix chicken strips with dip, chips/wedgesR55.00
1/4-Gallo-Combo1/4 chicken combo with Tasty Gallo spices, Gallo mayo, chips, and drinkR62.90
Gallo-Burrito-ComboChicken burrito combo with Gallo mayo, fresh chips, and drinkR47.00
Gallo Shawarma ComboChicken shawarma with Gallo mayo, tomato, cucumber, chips/wedges, and drinkR75.00
1/2-Gallo-Combo1/2 chicken combo with Gallo mayo, chips/wedges, and drinkR90.00

Tasty Gallos Chicken Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Gallo 2 + Mini ChipsDeep-fried crumbed chicken (Gallo 2) with mini chips, available in spice of choiceR30.00
1/2 Gallo & Dip1/2 chicken meal with flavorful meat paired with Gallo mayo sauceR70.00
Gallo 12 (12 Pieces)12 pieces of deep-fried crumbed chicken, available in spice of choiceR169.00
1/4 Gallo & Dip1/4 chicken dish with exclusive spice blend, served with Gallo mayo dipR35.00
Gallo 3 (3 Pieces)Three pieces of deep-fried crumbed chicken, available in spice of choiceR45.00
Full Gallo & DipFull chicken with Gallo mayo dip featuring the exclusive spice blendR129.00

Tasty Gallos Light Meals

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
6 Crunchy WingsScrumptious deep-fried winglets in a spice of your choiceR49.00
12 Crunchy WingsIncredibly yummy crunchy winglets – 12 deep-fried winglets in the spice of choiceR85.00
Toasted Gallo MayoToasted chicken dish with Gallo mayo, balancing crunchy outside with flavorful insideR25.00
6 BBQ Winglets6 BBQ wings, sauce-covered and cooked to perfection, satisfying salty and sweet cravingsR45.00

Tasty Gallos Burgers

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Gallo BurgerFried chicken burger with lettuce, tomato, and Gallo mayoR29.90
Double Gallo BurgerDouble Gallo mayo, double fried chicken fillet, lettuce, tomato, soft bread bunR45.00
Beef Burger (add cheese)Classic beef burger with lettuce, tomato, and BBQ sauce (cheese add-on available for R5.90)R55.00
Crumbed Gallo BurgerCrumb-coated burger with tomato, lettuce, and Gallo mayoR35.00
Gallo Cheese Jalapeno BurgerCheesy fried chicken fillet burger with jalapeno, lettuce, and tomatoR47.00
Double Gallo Cheese Jalapeno BurgerDouble-decker cheesy Gallo burger with spicy chicken, lettuce, and tomatoR65.00

Tasty Gallos Subs

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Gallo BBQ SubDelicious Gallo BBQ Sub with 100g pulled-off cuts, BBQ sauce, diced red onions, lettuce, and mayoR35.00
Crumbed Gallo Sub (Spicy)Crispy 100g fillet crumbed with a spicy kick, five tangy pickles, torn lettuce, and a double layer of mayo.R42.00
Tasty Beef SubJuicy 150g beef patty in BBQ sauce, spiced to your liking, with fresh tomato, crispy lettuce, and mayo on both sides.R55.00
Gallo SubBursting with flavors, 100g chicken fillet in Tasty Sauce, spiced to your choice, with red onion rings, torn lettuce, and mayo on both sides.R37.00
Crumbed Gallo Sub (Original)Crispy 100g crumbed fillet spiced to your liking, five tangy pickles, torn lettuce, layered with mayo.R42.00

Tasty Gallos Salads

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Garden SaladFresh garden salad with leafy greens and healthy, colorful veggiesR27.00
Large Gallo SaladFull-sized Gallo salad with double the chicken for a flavorful delightR60.90
Small Gallo SaladGallo salad with a full chicken fillet for a crunchy delight with tasty veggiesR35.90

Tasty Gallos Family Meals

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Gallo Family 42 Gallo Burgers, Half Gallo, Medium ChipsR139.00
Gallo Family 62 Gallo Burgers, 1 Full Gallo, Large Chips, Garden SaladR229.00
The Gallo Deal4 Buns, Full Gallo & Large ChipsR149.90

Tasty Gallos Burrito

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Gallo BurritoSoft tortilla with favorite fillings, including onions, cheese, peppers, Gallo’s unique spice blend, and special mayoR47.00

Tasty Gallos Kiddies Meals

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Kiddies Gallo MealMini Gallo burger, Mini chips, Kiddies juice, and a toyR42.50
Kiddies Beef MealMini beef burger, Mini chips, Kiddies juice, and a toyR47.50

Tasty Gallos Shawarmas

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Gallo ShawarmaChicken shawarma pita with tomatoes, cucumbers, and Gallo mayo, exploring the balance of salty and tangy tastesR47.90

Tasty Gallos Pap

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Pap & SauceA classic dish with tomato and onion salsa sauce, crafted to perfectionR19.90

Tasty Gallos Cold Drinks

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Water SparklingSparkling waterR12.90
Coke CanRegular Coca-Cola canR15.90
Coke Light CanDiet Coca-Cola canR15.90
Fanta Orange CanFanta orange-flavored canR15.90
Fanta Pineapple CanFanta pineapple-flavored canR15.90
1,5L1.5L bottleR20.90
Water StillStill waterR12.90
Kiddies Cappy JuiceKiddies Cappy JuiceR10.00
Coke Zero CanCoke Zero flavored canR15.90
Sprite CanSprite flavored canR15.90
Cappy JuiceRegular Cappy JuiceR16.90

Tasty Gallos Sides Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Cheesy Chips & JalR26.90
Medium ChipsR32.00
Small ChipsR22.00
Large ChipsR42.00

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