Honchos is a famous restaurant chain that has branches all over South Africa. If you are looking for a delicious and satisfying meal, Honchos is the best place. Their menu is filled with delicious options. Honchos has something for everyone. Honchos has become famous because of the quality and taste of the food it provides.

It always uses fresh ingredients for the preparation of menu items. With friendly staff and a relaxing atmosphere, Honchos’ branches are spread in cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, so you can easily find Honchos near you. Honchos branches in different cities of South Africa are perfect for people who want to enjoy a relaxing and satisfying experience with family and friends.

The Honchos menu includes shawarma, brave burgers, cheeky bowls, chips, just chicken, wings, strips, breakfast, cold drinks, wraps, kiddies items, family meals, specials, brekkie, sides items, and chicken combos. The prices of menu items are pocket-friendly.

Picked for You

MenuPrices (R)
Special OneR 38
Full ChickenR 80
The Mucho Family MealR 100
Chicken SchwarmaR 24
One Cheeky BowlR 27

Takex2 Meals

MenuPrices (R)
Get X2 Chicken and Pepper BurgerR 35
Get X2 Chicken and Pepper BurgerR 35
Get X2 Chicken, Cheese, and Pepper BurgerR 38
Get X2 Regular Beef and Cheese BurgerR 28
Get X2 Jumbo Beef and Cheese BurgerR 33
Get X2 SchwarmasR 33

Honchos Shawarmas

MenuPrices (R)
Chicken CheeseR 20
Chicken ShawarmaR 24

Honchos Chips

MenuPrices (R)
Cheesy ChipsR 18
On the Chip Side of LifeR 10

Honchos Brave Burgers

MenuPrices (R)
Double Brave BurgerR 55
Regular Brave BurgerR 25

Honchos Cheeky Bowls

MenuPrices (R)
One Cheeky BowlR 27
We are Cheeky EverydayR 45

Honchos Just Chicken Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Quarter ChickenR 22
Half ChickenR 43.5
Full ChickenR 80

Honchos Wings and Strips

MenuPrices (R)
6 Spicy WingsR 55
4 Spicy WingsR 40
Polo StripsR 30
Polo Strips and ChipsR 26

Honchos Breakfast

MenuPrices (R)
The BeffaritoR 23
The ChickaritoR 23
The EggaritoR 20

Honchos Burgers

MenuPrices (R)
The Brekkie BurgerR 22
The Legend BurgerR 29
2x The Legend BurgerR 50
Chicken Cheese BurgerR 24
Chicken Cheese & Green PepperR 26
Chicken Cheese JalapenoR 30
Double Chicken CheeseR 33
Jumbo Chicken CheeseR 34
Regular Beef & CheeseR 22
Jalapeno Jumbo Beef & CheeseR 30
Jumbo Beef & CheeseR 25
Jumbo Double Beef & CheeseR 34

Honchos Cold Drinks

MenuPrices (R)
300ML BuddyR 11
440ML BuddyR 17
1.5LT CokeR 21
Powerade Energy DrinkR 16
750ML Pump WaterR 16
300ml CooeeR 9
1.25LT CooeeR 15
2LT CooeeR 21
Reboost OriginalR 15
Honchos WaterR 8
Bashews CanR 9
Capri SunR 9
2LT CokeR 26
300ML CansR 14
500ML Valpre WaterR 14

Honchos Wraps Menu

Wraps1 WrapTake 2
Chicken & CheeseR24R45
Chicken JalapenoR30R56
Cheesy RussianR24R45
The HawaiianR36R49

Honchos Kiddies Meal

MenuPrice (R)
Chicken or Beef Cheese Burger, Chips, Drink (Juice or Water) & FREE TOYR49

Honchos Family Meals (Specials)

ItemsPrices (R)
Full Chicken & 4 RollsR119
Full Chicken & Large SideR129
Family Meal – Full Chicken, Large Side & 4 RollsR139
Family Matters – Full Chicken, Large Side, 4 Rolls & 1.5L CokeR165
Deluxe Family Meal – Full Chicken, 1 Large Side, Coleslaw, 4 Rolls & 1.5L Coke (NEW)R179
The Team Meal – 1X Full Chicken, 2 Regular Burgers, Large Side & 1.5L CokeR199
Honchos Feast – Full Chicken, 4 Wings, Large Side, 4 Rolls & 1.5L Coke (NEW)R209
Mega Family Meal – 2X Full Chicken, 2 Large Side, 8 Rolls & 1X 1.5L Coke (NEW)R299

Honchos Brekkie’s Menu

FREE Coffee is Included on All Brekkie Meals.

ItemPrice (R)
The Brekkie Burger – Beef or Chicken, Cheese & EggR32.90
The Brekkie Wrap – Chicken Russian or Chicken Strips, Cheese & EggR35.00
The Brekkie Toastie – Patty, Cheese & Egg SandwichR32.90
The Egg Toastie – Toasted Egg & Cheese SandwichR29.00

The Side Show

Spicy RiceR10R19R26
Pap (NEW)R10R19R26
RollR5 (Single)R17 (4’s)

Honchos Chicken Combos Menu

CombosPrices (R)
1/4 Chicken & RollR34
1/4 Chicken, Chips & RollR40
1/4 Chicken & SideR37
4 Wings, Chips & RollR60
The Special One MealR49
1/2 Chicken & SideR74
1/2 Chicken Meal – Half Chicken, Medium Chips, 2 Buns &1L PepsiR99
Double The Hunger – 2 Burgers, 2 Wraps & Medium ChipsR99

Honchos Polokwane Menu

Address: Honchos Polokwane, 96-86 Dahl St, Polokwane Central, Polokwane, 0700, South Africa

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