Subway is doing business as Subway (stylized in all caps), an American multinational fast-food restaurant franchise specializing in submarine sandwiches (subs), wraps, salads, and drinks. Subway was founded by Fred DeLuca and financed by Peter Buck in 1965 as Pete’s Super Submarines in Bridgeport, Connecticut. After several name changes in the beginning years, it was finally renamed Subway in 1972, and a franchise operation began in 1974 with a second restaurant in Wallingford, Connecticut. 

Since then, it has expanded to become a global franchise. Subway first arrived in South Africa in 1995, and since then, it has increased. The company has opened over 200 locations nationwide, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. Subway’s success in South Africa can be attributed to its fresh ingredients, customizable options, and quick service.

Subway’s menu in South Africa is similar to that in other countries, with various sandwiches, salads, and sides. However, Subway’s menu in South Africa has unique offerings, such as the Chakalaka Chicken and the Boerewors Sub. The Chakalaka Chicken sandwich features tender chicken breast marinated in a spicy Chakalaka sauce, topped with fresh veggies and your choice of sauces.

The Boerewors Sub is a famous sandwich with traditional South African sausage topped with fresh veggies and sauces. In addition to these unique offerings, Subway in South Africa caters to specific dietary needs. The company offers gluten-free bread and has various vegetarian and vegan options, such as the Veggie Patty and the Beyond Meatball Marinara.

Subway has become a popular sandwich chain in South Africa, with many people opting for Subway as a healthier fast-food option. The customizable options allow customers to choose exactly what they want on their sandwiches, making it popular for those with specific dietary needs or preferences. Subway’s popularity can also be attributed to its affordability.

The company offers a range of sandwiches at different prices, making it an accessible option for many South Africans. Subway also has a loyalty program called the Subcard, which allows customers to earn points and redeem them for free food and drinks.

Subway has established a positive reputation in South Africa, with many customers praising the quality of the ingredients and the quick service. The company has also been recognized for its sustainability efforts, focusing on reducing waste and increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

In addition to its positive reputation, Subway has faced some challenges in South Africa. In 2017, the company was accused of serving meat that was not 100% halal, leading to protests and calls for a boycott of Subway in the country. Subway responded by rebranding itself as a “Halal Friendly” brand and ensuring all its meat was certified halal.

Picked for You

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken MayoR51,75
Sweet Chilli ChickenR48,30
Peri Peri ChickenR92,00
Roast Chicken BreastR69,00
Chicken CaesarR86,25

Subway 12 Inch – Subs

ItemPrice (R)
Veggie DelightR63,25
Roast Chicken Breast (12 Inch)R88,25
Peri Peri Chicken (12 Inch)R92,00
Sweet Chilli Chicken (12 Inch)R85,10
Chicken Mayo (12 Inch)R87,40

Subway 6 Inch – Subs

ItemPrice (R)
Veggie Delight (6 Inch)R37,95
Roast Chicken Breast (6 Inch)R51,75
Peri Peri Chicken (6 Inch)R55,20
Sweet Chilli Chicken (6 Inch)R48,30
Chicken Mayo (6 Inch)R51,75

Footlong Sub of the Day

ItemPrice (R)
Roast Chicken Breast (Footlong Sub of the Day)R69,00

Subway Salads

ItemPrice (R)
Veggie Delight (Salads)R50,60
Roast Chicken Breast (Salads)R64,40
Peri Peri Chicken (Salads)R67,85
Sweet Chilli Chicken (Salads)R60,95
Chicken Mayo (Salads)R64,40

Subway Toasties

ItemPrice (R)

Subway Drinks

ItemPrice (R)
Powerade 500mlR19,55
Valpre Water 500mlR13,80
PET 440mlR20,70
Appetizer 330mlR20,70
Cappy Juice 330mlR19,55

Subway Panini

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken PestoR74,75

Subway Wraps

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Caesar (Wraps)R86,25

Subway Cookies

ItemPrice (R)
1 CookieR13,80
2 CookieR24,15
3 CookieR33,35

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