Hello Food Lovers! If you are looking for the current Oriental Durban North menu, then you are at the right place. We have compiled the whole menu of Oriental Durban North with updated prices.

Oriental is a famous restaurant in Durban North, South Africa. The restaurant offers a wide range of menu items including sparks, bunny chows, authentic curries, family meals, roti rolls with fillings, masala biryanis, sides, and cold beverages.

All the menu items are prepared from fresh and high-quality ingredients, sourced locally. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating. Within the restaurant, light music plays all day long.

At Oriental, the atmosphere is calm and cozy. The staff is friendly and well-mannered. The service is quick. The prices are affordable. The restaurant also offers delivery services through Mr. D delivery.

The meal is incomplete without beverages. So, Oriental also offers a range of cold beverages including Coke, Coke Light, Fanta Grape, Fanta Orange, Appetizers, Ceres Fruit Juices, and others, ranging in price from R15 to R25.

On Sparks

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Samoosa’s Fried (6 Piece)R50
Samoosa’s Fried (12 Piece)R80
Samoosa’s Unfried (12 Piece)R70

Bunny Chows

Menu ItemPrice (R)
¼ Mutton Bunny ChowR109
¼ Beef Bunny ChowR90
¼ Chicken Bunny ChowR95
¼ Mince Bunny ChowR90
¼ Kebab Bunny ChowR90
¼ Beans Bunny ChowR60
¼ Vegetable Bunny ChowR60
¼ Prawn Bunny ChowR125

Authentic Curries

Menu ItemPrice (from R)
Mutton CurryR110
Chicken CurryR90
Beef CurryR90
Mince CurryR110
Kebab CurryR90
Board Beans CurryR70
Mixed Veg CurryR60
Prawn CurryR90

Family Meals (Curry: Serves 6-7)

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Mutton Curry – Family Meal (Serves 6-7)R600
Chicken Curry – Family Meal (Serves 6-7)R450
Beef Curry – Family Meal (Serves 6-7)R485
Mince Curry – Family Meal (Serves 6-7)R450
Broad Beans Curry – Family Meal (Serves 6-7)R350
Mixed Veg Curry – Family Meal (Serves 6-7)R350
Prawn Curry – Family Meal (Serves 6-7)R750

Roti Rolls With Filling

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Mutton Roti Roll (Deboned)R75
Chicken Roti Roll (Deboned)R50
Beef Roti Roll (Deboned)R50
Mince Roti Roll (Peas & Potato)R50
Kebab Roti Roll (Chutney)R70
Prawn Roti Roll (Curry)R90
Beans Roti Roll (Broad Beans)R60
Mix Veg Roti Roll (Fresh Cut Veg)R60

Masala Biryanis

Menu ItemPrice (from R)
Mutton BiryaniR90
Chicken BiryaniR75
Veg BiryaniR55
Prawn BiryaniR95

Family Meals (Biryani: Serves 6-7)

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Mutton Biryani – Family Meal (Serves 6-7)R600
Chicken Biryani – Family Meal (Serves 6-7)R450
Prawn Biryani – Family Meal (Serves 6-7)R750
Veg Biryani – Family Meal (Serves 6-7)R350


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Rice PortionR20
Portion DhallR20
Portion SaladR10
Fresh RotiR10
Puri PathaR12
Greek SaladR30
Savoury RiceR30

Cold Beverages

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Coke 440ml BuddyR21
Coke Light 500ml BuddyR21
Fanta Grape 440ml BuddyR21
Fanta Orange 440ml BuddyR21
Roses Passion Fruit 330ml CanR25
Appetizer 330ml CanR25
Grapetizer 330ml CanR25
Valpre Still Water 500mlR18
Ceres Fruit Juice 200mlR15

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