The meaning of Tortellino d’Oro: Golden pasta shaped like a belly button. Tortellini D’Oro serves a delicious selection of pre-prepared pasta sauces, homemade pasta, breads, and desserts. There are also frozen pre-made meals in this deli that you just need to thaw at home.

For lunch and dinner gatherings, Tortellino D’Oro will even prepare specially ordered meals. Such delicacies render kitchens obsolete. Whether you’re craving panzarotti, fettucine, trenette, or classic lasagne, our prepared dishes are all freshly created and of the finest TORTELLINO D’ORO home-cooked quality.

Snacking on Parma ham, mortadella, and salami, or restocking on extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, you can select from a range of quick recipes. Tortellini d’Oro in Johannesburg is great for a night out with friends or a romantic meal, the atmosphere is cozy and friendly.

Diners are transported to Italy by the sophisticated, beautiful interior design, which features traditional Italian accents. Although the costs are somewhat higher, the food is well worth every Rand. For those who prefer to eat outside, Tortellino d’Oro has ideal outdoor seating.

While some patrons have voiced dissatisfaction over the expensive prices and lack of tap water, most concur that Tortellino d’Oro is a hidden gem in Johannesburg. Excellent service is provided by waiters like Alec and Dumi, who are kind and attentive. All things considered, Tortellino d’Oro is a must-go-to restaurant for Italian food enthusiasts in Johannesburg.

D’ORO Breakfast/Brunch

CategoryMenu ItemPrice (R)
Pizza al TaglioSelection of Pizza Slices from DeliR46
OmeletteMozzarella/Mushroom/Tomato/Cooked Ham/PancettaR96
Full BreakfastEggs served with Mozzarella, Tomato, Mushrooms, Grilled Vegetables & ToastR32
Full BreakfastEggs served with Lamb Sausage, Pancetta, Grilled Vegetables & ToastR52
Eggs OnlyFried, Scrambled, or Poached with Chilean Smoked SalmonR74
EggsMozzarella, Tomato, Grilled Baby Marrow, Brinjals & Pesto SauceR79
CrostiniFrench Loaf with Sliced Mozzarella & Tomato with Anchovy or Olive Pâté Sauce Oven BakedR90
Fruit SaladSeasonal Fresh Fruit with Muesli & YoghurtR120
Extra AdditionsTomato, Paté, Gherkins, Mozzarella, RoquetteR70
Extra AdditionsAvocadoS.Q
Extra AdditionsFeta, Gruyere, Parmesan, Gorgonzola, EmmenthalS.Q
Extra AdditionsMarinated MushroomsS.Q
Extra AdditionsRoasted VegetableS.Q
Extra AdditionsGrilled Chicken BreastS.Q
Extra AdditionsSmoked Salmon 50gS.Q
Assorted Biscuits & PastriesSelection from DeliR28
CroissantPlain, Sugar or Chocolate CoatedR46
CroissantMozzarella and TomatoR32
CroissantMozzarella and Cooked HamR24
Basket of Toasted breadsToast with Jam and ButterR49
Basket of Toasted breadsToast with Assorted Patés (Artichoke, Olive)R32
Basket of Toasted breadsAvocado, Tomato, Roquette on ToastR79
Basket of Toasted breadsAnchovy ToastS.Q
Basket of Toasted breadsItalian Tuna, Tomato, Herbs on ToastR28
PaninoToasted Tuna, Tomato, Tomato Sauce & RoquetteR79
PaninoRare Roast, Mustard, Tomato & Grilled VegetablesR89
PaninoTuna, Lettuce, Tomato & Grilled VegetablesR79
PaninoSalame, Tomato & Grilled VegetablesR79
PaninoChicken or Veal Schnitzel & Grilled VegetablesR98
PaninoSmoked Salmon & Cream Cheese BagelR98
Italian Style ToastToasted Mozzarella & Cooked HamR64
Italian Style ToastToasted Mozzarella, Tomato & VegetablesR55
Italian Style ToastToasted Emmenthal, Parma Ham & RoquetteR86
Italian Style ToastToasted Tuna, Tomato, Tonnato Sauce & RoquetteR64
Piadina Romagnola (Wrap)Mozzarella, Tomato & RoquetteR72
Piadina Romagnola (Wrap)Parma Ham, Mozzarella & RoquetteR69


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Tea/Herbal TeaR21
Filter Coffee/EspressoR27
Decaf Filter Coffee / EspressoR21
Cappuccino / CaffelatteR24
Decaf Cappuccino / CaffelatteR24
Double EspressoR22
Imported Italian Hot ChocolateR29
Irish CoffeeR222
Don PedroR24
Milk Shake
With Homemade Ice Cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Hazelnut, Pistacchio)R59
Appletizer / GrapetizerR24
Lemon Soda / Orange SodaR36
Peach Iced tea / Lemon Iced teaR59
Red BullR59
Mineral Water (Sparkling or Still)
1 LitreR36
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
Italian Fruit Juice
Pear, Peach, Apple, ApricotR217
Small 125mlR21
Large 700mlR23


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Italian Ice CreamR62
Or SorbetR62
Chocolate Mousse CakeR65
Served with BerriesR60
Cannoli SicilianiS.Q.
Ricotta Cheese Tart with Vanilla Ice CreamS.Q.
Vanilla Ice-cream with Hot EspressoS.Q.
Selection of Cheeses With GrapesR58
Custard Apple TartS.Q.
Assorted PatisserieR55
Assorted BiscottiR58
To Serve With Vin Santo or RosolioR69
Cream CaramelS.Q.
Meringue, Whipped Cream & BerriesR58

Insalata & Antipasto

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Insalata Italian SaladR98
Buffalo CapreseR150
Herb Salad & ParmesanR98
Warm Bean & Tuna SaladR130
Feta SaladR98
Chicken SaladR105
Balsamic Glazed Fillet SaladR125
Insalata Pere e FormaggioR115
Parma Ham & MelonR110
Beef CarpaccioR110
Veal TonnéR110
Salmon CarpaccioR115
Bruschetta al PomodoroR89


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Home-made Plain PastaR220
Home-made Filled PastaR260
Panzerotti (Spinach)R88
Ravioli (Beef)R120
Chicken TortelliR99
Penne PeperoniR115
Spaghetti with Tuna & Rosa TomatoesR99
Tortellini In BrodoR120
Lasagne BolognesiR130
Spinach MalfattiR115
Melanzane ParmigianaR115
Orecchiette BroccoliR115
Capellini al SalmoneR115
Summer PastaR115
Fusilli Pesto RossoR115


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken PaillardR115
Veal PaillardR175
Chicken PiccataR155
Veal PiccataR175
Filetto alla GrigliaR185

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