The ROOFTOP is a breath of fresh air. Overlooking the Johannesburg skyline, the Rooftop offers an exceptional experience for the discerning patron and is renowned for blending exquisite cuisine with a captivating ambiance. From its elevated vantage point, diners are in for a culinary extravaganza, with the sparkling city lights and panoramic ocean views providing a mesmerizing background for each meal.

The restaurant’s meticulously designed menu, which boasts a wide selection of dishes that highlight regional flavors and global influences, reflects its dedication to culinary quality. A fusion of fine dining and traditional foods, made from only the freshest local and organic ingredients, ensures a unique experience in our beautiful restaurant.

Pop in upstairs for a gourmet breakfast or relaxing lunch in their rooftop garden, or enjoy a decadent high tea indulging in gorgeous desserts, freshly baked bread, pastries, macaroons, cakes, and delicious homemade ice creams. The Rooftop Umhlanga provides a memorable experience, whether one is looking for a raucous get-together with friends or a romantic meal beneath the stars.

Rooftop Breakfast Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Salmon ScrambleSmoked Salmon & scrambled eggs. Build your own with three eggs, mushrooms, chili, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, baby spinach, seasonal avocado, cheese, and macon.R89.00
English BEggs, spicy baked beans, grilled tomato, roast potato, macon, and two beef sausages with toasted bread.R45.00
BenedictEnglish muffin with a choice of beef sausage or grilled chicken, topped with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.R8.00
Benedict (Smoked Salmon)English muffin with smoked salmon topped with poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce.R50.00
Turkish EggsCilbir poached eggs nestled on a garlic-flavored Greek yogurt and finished with spiced butter sauce served with Ciabata.R12.00
ShakshukaPoached or fried eggs in a tomato, chili pepper, onion, and cumin sauce.R16.00
French ToastFrench Toast with creamy mushroom and Parmesan cheese.R95.00
French Toast (Cornflakes and Oats)Cornflakes and Oats crumbed French Toast topped with grilled banana syrup and seasonal fruits served with a scoop of Mascarpone or Cream Cheese.R85.00
Crumpet StackStack of crumpets with seasonal berries, honey/maple syrup, or chocolate sauce served with cream or ice cream.R99.00
Yogurt Breakfast Bowls (Pina Colada)Vanilla Greek Yogurt & fresh pineapple, toasted coconut & hazelnuts.R70.00
Yogurt Breakfast Bowls (Berry Super Power)Vanilla Greek Yogurt, Berries, Granola, and Honey.R65.00
Fruit Salad BowlAdd YogurtR72.00
Fruit Salad BowlAdd MuesliR76.00
Avocado ToastRye bread toast with avocado slices, cream cheese, and chili flakes.R60.00
Banana, Peanut Butter & Avocado ToastRye bread toast with banana, peanut butter, cream cheese, and chili flakes.R65.00

Rooftop Toasted Sandwiches Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Toasted CheeseR42.00
Toasted Cheese & TomatoR45.00
Toasted Fried Egg and Macon
Add Avocado for R12
Toasted Chicken MayoR48.00
Toasted SteakR70.00
Toasted Aloo SandwichR65.00

Rooftop Salads Menu

SaladDescriptionPrice (R)
Small PerfectionPoached pear stuffed with a Danish combo cheese, caramelized nuts, dates, and fig (seasonal) on a bed of lettuce, drizzled with honey.R95.00
Small Greek SaladMixed greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, olives, and feta with Greek dressing.R85.00
Large Greek SaladServes two people. Mixed greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, olives, and feta with Greek dressing.R165.00
Rooftop Caesar SaladChicken strips, boiled egg, macon, mixed greens, sesame seeds, avocado, croutons, and parmesan dressing.R95.00
Poke Bowl – ChickenChicken Fillet, spring onion, cucumber, red cabbage, egg, and sesame seeds, served with rice or couscous.R75.00
Poke Bowl – ShrimpShrimp, red peppers, carrots, olive oil, spring onion, red cabbage, avo, preserved ginger, finished with sriracha, served with rice or couscous.R110.00
Poke Bowl – MediterraneanCouscous, coriander, cucumber, onion, tomato, olives, chickpeas, and hummus served with tzatziki and ezme.R60.00
Bickers Board – SmallSausage bites, wings, boneless chicken thighs, meatballs, halloumi strips, corn, wedges, salad, tzatziki, ezme. Serves 1-2.R175.00
Bickers Board – LargeSausage bites, wings, boneless chicken thighs, meatballs, halloumi strips, corn, wedges, salad, tzatziki, ezme. Serves 3-4.R339.00
Meze Platter – MediumBeef Kebab / Shish Tawook. Dips and salad – Baba ganoush, tzatziki, spicy harissa, hummus, ezme, red onion, tomatoes, cucumber, and olives. Bread: Lavash / Zaatar. Serves 2-3.R275.00
Meze Platter – LargeBeef Kebab / Shish Tawook. Dips and salad – Baba ganoush, tzatziki, spicy harissa, hummus, ezme, red onion, tomatoes, cucumber, and olives. Bread: Lavash / Zaatar. Serves 5-6.R549.00

Rooftop Starters Menu

StarterDescriptionPrice (R)
Soup of the DagAsk for today’s soupR75.00
MatchesCherry tomatoes and rocket, layered with guacamole, sour cream, salsa, jalapenos, chili flakes, and nachos.R85.00
Jalapeno PoppersJalapeno peppers stuffed with cheddar, mozzarella, and cream cheese mixture, battered in a panko coating and deep-fried, served with tzatziki or baba ganoush.R65.00
Fish CakesHomemade fish pattie crumbed, fried, and served with tartar sauce.R70.00
CalamariCalamari tubes grilled in peri-peri or lemon butter sauce.R90.00
Chicken StripsCrispy fried chicken strips served with a sweet chili sauce.R65.00
Sticky BBQ WingsSticky BBQ wings in a fusion of secret spices served with our house or dipping sauce.R72.00
Haloumi NestsDeep-fried halloumi wrapped in kataifi pastry served with sweet chili.R75.00
Beef KebabsSpicy beef kebabs served with mint, Turkish salad, tzatziki, or hummus.R85.00
Prawn KataifiPrawns (small) wrapped in a kataifi pastry served on a bed of guacamole salsa.R120.00
Golden Fried PrawnsGolden fried prawns coated in creamy, spicy, and tangy sriracha sauce.R95.00
Prawn SkewersSpicy sweet-sour grilled prawns served with pineapple salsa and fried noodles.R135.00

Rooftop Light Meals Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
FajitasGrilled peppers, red onion, avocado, and cheddar cheese (V). Add Chicken R15.00, Add Beef R25.00.R75.00
Boerewors RollOpen flame-grilled wors on a bed of caramelized onion and shredded gherkins served on a roll.R59.00
Prego RollSucculent steak in our homemade prego sauce served on a Portuguese roll.R55.00
Vegetarian BurgerPlant-based burger layered with gherkins, lettuce, and tomatoes.R75.00
Chicken Burger Served with ChipsBaby chicken fillet or golden strips layered with crisp lettuce, gherkins, red onion, tomato & cheese.R95.00
Classic Beef Burger Served with ChipsChar-grilled prime beef fillet steak layered with gherkins, red onion, tomato, and cheese.R72.00
Nacho Beef BurgerNacho crisps, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, and chili flakes.R89.00
Sticky BBQ WingsSticky BBQ wings in a fusion of secret spices served with our house dipping sauce.R159.00
Half ChickenFlame-grilled peri-peri Portuguese free-range chicken served with chips or potato wedges.R125.00
Beef RibsPremium beef ribs basted with our sticky house sauce served with chips and onion rings.R55.00
Fish & ChipsFresh, crisp battered hake served with chips and tartar sauce.R59.00
Petite Rainbow Salad BowlMix greens, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, red and green peppers sprinkled with olive oil.R60.00

Rooftop Kiddies Meals

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Strips with ChipsR55.00
Kiddies Chicken BurgerR59.00
Kiddies Chicken FustaR60.00

Rooftop Menu Mains – Meat & Poultry

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Rooftop Fillet300g Beef fillet prepared in our signature basting sauce served on a bed of creamed peas and fluffy mashed potatoes.R245.00
Fillet Mignon300g Fillet Mignon is nestled on a creamy mushroom and potato fondant bed.R245.00
Surf & Turf300g Succulent beef fillet with a spicy grilled prawn shield, served with steamed vegetables and potato fondant.R265.00
Lamb ChopsServed with fries and steamed mixed vegetables.R220.00
Beef RibsPremium beef ribs basted with our sticky house sauce served with chips & onion rings. Peri-peri, lemon & herb or Cajun, served with sautéed vegetables, hassle-back potatoes & spicy pineapple puree.R320.00
Butter ChickenCubed tender chicken fillet cooked in creamy butter and garlic paste with exotic Indian spices, Served with naan.R155.00
Chicken Tandoori300g chicken fillet marinated in a spicy homemade tandoori paste, flame-grilled & served with French fries.R165.00
Rooftop Peri-peri ChickenFlame-grilled Peri-Peri Portuguese chicken served with chips or potato wedges.R155.00
Rooftop Meat Eater (serves 3 to 5)6 x Lamb cutlets, 300g beef fillet, 200g Chicken breast, 1 x 200g beef skewer, 200g Chicken skewer. Served with vegetables and a choice of starch.R165.00
Rooftop Meat Fusion (serves 4 to 5)4 x Lamb cutlets, 300g Beef fillet, Peri-Peri baby chicken, ribs, and wors, served with corn and a choice of starch, pap, or chips.R165.00

Rooftop Seafood Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Grilled CalamariGrilled lemon butter / peri-peri calamari tubes served with seasonal vegetables & rice.R175.00
Kingklip with Pilaf RiceKingklip with Pilaf rice served with steamed vegetables and creamy lemon butter sauce.R195.00
Sea BassSea Bass with Pilaf rice served with steamed vegetables and creamy lemon butter sauce.R190.00
Salmon FilletSalmon fillet served with rice and seasonal vegetables.R235.00
Prawn CurryPrawns in a rich, creamy, classic Indian spice-infused gravy served with sambals, poppadum & basmati rice.R265.00
Grilled Prawns6 Grilled Queen Prawns in Garlic peri-peri.R265.00
Rooftop Seafood Platter (serves 3 to 4)Lobster tail, 12 Queen Prawns, 200g Fish. 8 Mussels, and 110g Calamari.R339.00
Seafood Platter for One6 Queen Prawns, 100g Fish, and three mussels with 110g Calamari.R85.00
Seafood Platter for Two12 Queen Prawns, 200g Fish, 200g Calamari and 6 Mussels. Served with sautéed vegetables & fries.R90.00

Rooftop Pasta Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
FustaPenne pasta with a classic Italian Napolitana sauce.R105.00
Penne Pasta (Chillies and Cream)Penne Pasta with a classic Italian Napolitana sauce, chilies, and cream.R125.00
Vegetable PastaGrilled peppers, zucchini, mushroom and olives.R135.00
Mushroom PastaPenne Pasta with creamy mushrooms, garlic, spring onion, and a hint of chili.R85.00
Rooftop Chicken PastaPan-fried chicken strips, garlic, sun-dried tomato, onion & jalapeno cooked in a Napolitana sauce with a touch of fresh cream.R90.00

Rooftop Desserts Menu

DessertDescriptionPrice (R)
PavlovaCrisp, delicate meringue served with berry coulis, mixed seasonal berries & cream.R85.00
Chocolate BrownieChocolate brownie coated in a nutty chocolate glaze with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.R95.00
Banana TartCrunch biscuit crust layered with homemade banana pudding, topped with fresh cream and berry coulis.R85.00
Chocolate FondantChocolate cake with a melting molten center served with ice cream.R95.00
Chai Tea SemifreddoLight-textured semi-frozen chai tea cream with a dulce sauce.R85.00
Malva PuddingDrizzled with caramel sauce, served with fruit salsa and ice cream.R85.00
Crème BruleeThe vanilla-flavored duo of crème brulee is served with a side of fruit salsa.R85.00
TiramisuFrozen, fridge-baked Coffee Viennese biscuit, crunchy dulcet, coffee-infused sponge served with mascarpone or cream.R85.00
Peppermint Crisp TartCrunchy decadent biscuit, caramel mousse delicately layered with smooth peppermint chocolate.R85.00

Rooftop Sides Menu

SidePrice (R)
Fries – SmallR40.00
Fries – LargeR60.00
Butter NaanR30.00
Onion RingsR35.00

Rooftop Drinks Menu

Drinks Category and NamesPrice (R)
Soft Drinks
Iced TeaR30.00
Energy DrinkR44.00
Masala TeaR30.00
Vanilla / Chocolate / Strawberry / Bubble-gum / LimeR39.00
Freshly Squeezed Juices
Fruit CocktailR30.00
Carrot / Apple / GingerR55.00
Apple / Pear / GingerR55.00
Virgin Cocktails
Strawberry DaiquiriR60.00
Pina ColadaR60.00
Lemon / Mint CrushR60.00
Mint / Ginger / HoneyR60.00
Hot Beverages
Ceylon TeaR21.00
Rooibos TeaR21.00
Iced TeaR24.00
Green TeaR26.00
Turkish TeaR28.00
Masala TeaR30.00
Camomile TeaR26.00
Earl Grey TeaR26.00
English Breakfast TeaR26.00
Espresso – SingleR18.00
Espresso – DoubleR28.00
Cappuccino / DecafR32.00
Hot ChocolateR34.00
White Hot ChocolateR42.00
Golden LatteR42.00
Iced MochaR38.00
Iced CoffeeR38.00
Iced ChocolateR38.00
Still 500mlR28.00
Sparkling 500mlR28.00
Still 750mlR59.00
Sparkling 750mlR59.00

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