The Wing Republic (TWR) is one of Gauteng’s premium chill spots. Established by Tlhompho Mokoena as a pop-up restaurant in 2014, the booming business became fully operational in a brick-and-mortar location in November 2017. The Wing Republic is a restaurant specializing in buffalo-style chicken wings.

It aims to provide a friendly and pleasant atmosphere for customers in a well-designed and productive environment in which people can work happily while providing superior service and quality food at various food markets and events. They are sensitive to the look and taste of good chicken wings as well as to high-quality ingredients.

They look to provide the best possible value to their customers who desire great-tasting chicken wings and to provide customers with the satisfaction of receiving great value tangibly and intangible. The menu includes burgers, ribs, wings, salads, sandwiches, platters, and drinks. All the menu items are prepared from fresh ingredients, and the prices are affordable.

Picked for You

ItemPrice (R)
The RepublicanR80.00
Sweet ChilliR70.00
The HangoverR75.00
Pork RibsR125.00
Classic BarbequeR70.00

The Wing Republic Burgers

Burger TypeIngredientsPrice (R)
Beef BurgerHomemade beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onionR90
Chicken BurgerGrilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, onionR85
Classic Cheddar150g patty (beef/chicken/veggie), cheddar, gherkins, tomato, onion, #TWR mayoR90
Classic Mushroom150g patty (beef/chicken/veggie), cheddar, salted mushroom, #TWR mayoR85
The Hangover150g patty (beef/chicken/veggie), bacon, cheddar, fresh chili, TWR prego sauceR90
The Republican150g patty (beef/chicken/veggie), bacon, cheddar, egg, tomato, onion, #TWR mayoR105
#TWR Burger150g patty (beef/chicken/veggie), tomato, onion, #TWR mayoR75
Vegetarian BurgerHomemade vegetarian patty, lettuce, tomato, onionR85

The Wing Republic Platters and Ribs

ItemComponentsPrice (R)
THE SINGLETON3 Buffalo Wings & 250g Pork RibsR175
GRAND PLATTER (BEEF)1-kilo beef ribs, 5 x grilled wings, six buffalo wings with friesR675
GRAND PLATTER (PORK)1 kilo pork ribs, 5 x grilled wings, six buffalo wings with friesR600
YOUNG PLATTER (PORK)500g Pork Ribs + 6 buffalo wings with friesR380
YOUNG PLATTER (BEEF)500g Beef Ribs + 6 buffalo wings with friesR335
TWR BEEF RIBS (1kg)1 kg beef ribsR590
TWR BEEF RIBS (500g)500g beef ribsR300
TWR PORK RIBS (1kg)1 kg pork ribsR500
TWR PORK RIBS (500g)500g pork ribsR255

The Wing Republic Buffalo and Grilled Wings

WingPrice (R)
Chili TomatoR70.00
Classic Barbeque (Buffalo)R70.00
Sweet Chilli (Buffalo)R70.00
Dry RubR70.00
Peri PeriR70.00
Lemon PepperR70.00
Peri SacanaR70.00
Honey MustardR70.00
Lemon GarlicR70.00
Hot GarlicR70.00
Smoked BarbequeR70.00
Miso and GingerR70.00
Honey SrirachaR70.00
Soy HoneyR70.00
Rosemary LemonR70.00
Classic Barbeque (Grilled)R70.00
Sweet Chilli (Grilled)R70.00
Peri Peri (Grilled)R70.00
Peri Sacana (Grilled)R70.00
BUFFALO WINGS (6 pcs)R80.00
BUFFALO WINGS (12 pcs)R155.00
BUFFALO WINGS (18 pcs)R230.00
DIP (Blue Cheese)R15.00
GRILLED WINGS (5 pcs)R80.00
GRILLED WINGS (10 pcs)R155.00

The Wing Republic Pasta & Salad

ItemPrice (R)
TWR PASTA (Chicken Mushroom)R80
TWR PASTA (Creamy Pesto)R85
SALAD (Greek Salad)R74
SALAD (Green Salad)R65
SALAD (Add Avo or Bacon)R20

TWR Sandwiches

SandwichPrice (R)
Cheese and TomatoR35.00
Bacon and EggR40.00
Ham, Cheese and TomatoR45.00
Tuna MayoR50.00
Chicken MayoR60.00

The Wing Republic Non-Alcoholic Drinks

BeveragePrice (R)
Cola Tonic & LemonadeR40.00
Valpre Water (Sparkling/Still)R20.00
Ice TeaR25.00
Passion Fruit & LemonadeR40.00
Red BullR35.00
Soft Drinks (Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Creme Soda)R20.00
Milkshakes (Chocolate, Lime, Oreo, or Strawberry)R40.00

The Wing Republic Hot Beverages

BeveragePrice (R)
Chai LatteR40.00
Hot ChocolateR40.00
Tea (Five Roses/Rooibos/Green)R30.00

The Wing Republic Beers & Ciders

Beer & CiderPrice (R)
Belgravia Pre MixR30.00
Bernini (Classic, Blush, Amber)R30.00
Black LabelR30.00
Black CrownR30.00
Brutal FruitR30.00
Castle LiteR30.00
Draught on TapR50.00
Flying FishR30.00
Strongbow GoldR30.00
Strongbow Mix BerriesR30.00
Stella ArtoisR35.00
Windhoek DraughtR35.00
Windhoek LagerR30.00

The Wing Republic Gin, Tequila & Vodka Shots

ItemPrice (R)
Beefeater OriginalR30.00
Beefeater Blood OrangeR30.00
Beefeater PinkR30.00
Belgravia GinR25.00
Gordon’s Dry GinR25.00
Malfy ItalianR40.00
Olmeca Blanco, RepassadoR30.00
Tanqueray 10R40.00
Tanqueray LDR30.00
Tanqueray RoyaleR30.00
Tanqueray SevillaR30.00
Absolut VodkaR30.00
Absolut FlavoursR30.00
Cruz VodkaR30.00

The Wing Republic Whiskey Shots

WhiskeyPrice (R)
Balletines FinestR25.00
Ballantine’s 7YOR30.00
Three ShipsR20.00
Jameson Irish WhiskeyR35.00
Jameson Select ReserveR40.00
Jameson Stout EditionR30.00
Johnnie Walker BlackR35.00
Johnnie Walker BlueR45.00
Johnnie Walker GoldR40.00
Johnnie Walker GreenR45.00
Johnnie Walker RedR25.00

The Wing Republic Liquer

LiquerPrice (R)
Caramel VodkaR35.00
Olmeca TequilaR35.00
Vodka – CruzR30.00

The Wing Republic Cognac & Brandy

BrandyPrice (R)
Hennessy VSR50.00
Hennessy VSOPR65.00
Martell VSSDR40.00

The Wing Republic Shooters

Cocktail/ShooterPrice (R)
Bob MarleyR35.00
Jack Daniel’s FireR25.00
Kick AssR35.00
Liquid CocaineR35.00
Mint JobR35.00
Roses Are PinkR35.00
Soweto ToiletR35.00

The Wing Republic Wines Glasses

Wine TypePrice (R)
Dry Red WineR65.00
Dry White WineR60.00

The Wing Republic Drink Bottles

CategoryItemsPrice (R)
GinBeefeater (Original, Pink, Blood Orange)R700
Belgravia GinR450
Bulldog GinR800
Gordon’s (Dry Gin, Flavours)R500
Tanqueray (LD, Royale, Sevilla)R700
Tanqueray 10R1100
CognacHennessy VSR1000
Hennessy VSOPR1900
Martell VSSDR900
Absolut VodkaR550
WinesDry Red WineR175
Dry WhiteR165
BubblyKrone Night NectarR300

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