Masala is a famous Indian Restaurant in South Africa. Masala means spices. The Masala is a prevalent ingredient in Indian foods. This Indian Restaurant is renowned for spicy foods. The food ingredients are fresh and fine.

Masala Restaurant offers a wide range of menus, including Favorites, Soups, Samoosas, Starters, Tandoori Starters, Tandoori Main, Platters, Chicken, Lamb, Vegetarian, Seafood, Biryani, Masala South Indian Special, Rice, Naan & Roti, Bunny Chow/Roti Rolls, Accompaniments, Desserts, and Beverages.

At Masala, the atmosphere is cool and relaxing. The staff is friendly and well-mannered. As you enter the restaurant, they warmly welcome you and guide you about their specialties. At Masala, you feel like at home.

Masala is more than a restaurant. It’s an experience that takes you on an extraordinary and unique Indian gastronomic journey while living in South Africa. At Masala, the service is quick. The foodstuff is excellent. The prices are affordable.

The favorites at Masala include Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, Chicken Korma, Chicken Badami, Lamb Vindaloo, and Lamb Rogan Josh, ranging in price from R135 to R160. One must try these if he/she visits Masala Indian Restaurant.


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Tikka MasalaR135
Butter ChickenR135
Chicken KormaR135
Chicken BadamiR135
Lamb VindalooR155
Lamb Rogan JoshR160


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Rasam SoupR50
Manchow SoupR50
Sweetcorn SoupR50


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Samoosa (4Pcs)R55
Lamb Mince Samoosa (4Pcs)R55
Veg Samoosa (4Pcs)R55


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Prawn Chilli StarterR110
Chilli Chicken StarterR100
Paneer Chilli StarterR100
Mushroom Chilli SauceR100
Chicken 65R85
Pakoda StarterR60
Masala Fish Pakoda StarterR120
Chicken Lollypop StarterR92
Crumbed Prawn StarterR110
Onion Bhajiya StarterR60

Tandoori Starters

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Tikka Tandoori Starters (5pcs)R110
Malai Chicken Tikka Tandoori Starters (5pcs)R110
Chicken Reshmi Kebab Tandoori Starters (5pcs)R110
Pahadi Tikka Tandoori Starter (5pcs)R110
Paneer Tikka Tandoori Starter (5pcs)R110
Lamb Shekh Kebab Tandoori Starter (5pcs)R110

Tandoori Main

Menu ItemPrice (R)
1/2 Tandoori Chicken MainR110
Tandoori Chicken FullR210
Tandoori Lamb Chops (4pcs)R195


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Mixed Starter PlatterChoose any five different startersR299
Tandoori Mix Platter for 33 pc chicken tikka, 3 pc malai chicken tikka, 3 pc chicken reshmi, 3 pc pahadi tikka, 3 pc lamb shekh kebabR235
Tandoori Mix Platter for 66 pc chicken tikka, 6 pc malai chicken tikka, 6 pc chicken reshmi, 6 pc pahadi tikka, 6 pc lamb shekh kebabR395


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken CurryR135
Chicken VindalooR150
Chicken PalakR150
Chicken JalfreziR150
Butter ChickenR150
Chicken Tikka MasalaR150
Chicken KormaR150
Chicken DhalR150
Chicken KadaiR150
Chicken BadamiR150
Chicken Rogan JoshR150
Chicken MadrasR150
Chicken BhunaR135


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Lamb CurryR170
Lamb VindalooR170
Lamb PalakR180
Lamb JalfreziR185
Lamb KormaR185
Lamb Rogan JoshR170
Lamb Keema MasalaR175
Lamb Bhuna GostR175
Lamb BadamiR170
Lamb Dhal GostR185
Madras LambR185
Lamb Chops MasalaR250


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chana MasalaR125
Daal FryR125
Daal MakhnieR135
Aloo Gobi MatarR125
Aloo PalakR125
Bombay PotatoR120
Veg JalfreziR125
Paneer Tikka MasalaR135
Paneer KormaR135
Paneer PalakR135
Matar PaneerR135
Paneer MakhnieR135
Navarattan KormaR135
Matar MushroomR135
Mushroom Tikka MasalaR135
Mix VegR95


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Fish MasalaR210
Prawn MasalaR240
Prawn KormaR240
Butter PrawnsR240
Madras Prawn CurryR240
Prawn & Chicken MasalaR210


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Lamb BiryaniR175
Chicken BiryaniR165
Fish BiryaniR210
Prawn BiryaniR240
Vegetable BiryaniR150

Masala South Indian Special

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Plain DosaR82
Masala DosaR95
Chicken DosaR110
Lamb DosaR130


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Plain Basmati RiceR35
Vegetable PulaoR72
Kashmiri PulaoR72
Chicken Fried RiceR85
Veg Fried RiceR72

Naan & Roti

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Plain NaanR28
Garlic NaanR34
Butter NaanR30
Garlic & Chilli NaanR35
Roghni NaanR35
Cheese NaanR60
Cheese & Garlic NaanR65
Kashmiri NaanR60
Romali RotiR32
Tandoor RotiR25
Aloo ParathaR55
Keema ParathaR65
Latcha ParathaR39
Kerala ParathaR39

Bunny Chow/Roti Rolls

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Lamb (Boneless)R130
Chicken (Boneless)R110


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Cucumber RaitaR45
Kachumber SaladR42


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Gulab JamunR50
Rice KheerR50


Menu ItemPrice (R)
300ml SodaR25
Water 500mlR28
Soda Water 200mlR20
Lipton Ice TeaR28

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