Bossa is a fast-casual eat-in restaurant brand. It is a franchise concept that has 20 successful restaurants. The brand is largely based in the Western Cape of South Africa but has four successful restaurants in Gauteng, 1 in the Free State, and 2 in Mpumalanga, all of which portend positive opportunities for further national growth.

Bossa is known for its cool and ambient environment. The staff is well-mannered and always ready to serve you. Bossa is very famous in South Africa for the high quality of its menu. All the menu items are prepared from fresh ingredients.

The Bossa menu is pocket-friendly and offers a wide range of delicious items, including Breakfast, Lunch, starters, poppers, nachos, salads, wraps, seafood, combos, Pork, Steaks, Milkshakes, Coffee/Tea, Specials, Kids Items, Burgers, Pizza, Homemade, Italian, Fast Food, Spicy, European, Chicken, and Vegan menu.

Bossa Breakfast Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Omelette3 Egg Plain Omelette Served With 2 Slices of Toast, Butter & JamR49
Eggs BenedictToasted English Muffin Topped With 2 Rashers Crispy Bacon OR Ham, 2 Poached Eggs & Finished With Hollandaise SauceR99
Eggs FlorentineToasted English muffin topped with wilted spinach, two poached eggs & finished with hollandaise sauce. Served with hand-cut chipsR99
Eggs RoyaleToasted English Muffin Topped With Smoked Salmon, 2 Poached Eggs & Finished With Hollandaise SauceR129
Waffle StackBelgian waffle with egg, bacon, toasted onion, wild rocket & maple syrupR79
No Bread KetoAvo, 3 Eggs & 4 Rashers Crispy BaconR89
Full English2 Fried Eggs, 3 Rashers Crispy Bacon, 100g Steak, Sausage of Choice*, Grilled Mushrooms, Grilled Tomato, Baked Beans, Hashbrowns, Hand-Cut Chips & Served With ToastR165
Farmhouse2 Fried eggs, 2 rashers crispy bacon, sausage of choice*, grilled mushrooms, baked beans, & hand-cut chips. Served with toast *Pork Sausage OR Boerewors Pinwheel OR Cheese GrillerR115
Breakfast WrapWholewheat wrap filled with crispy bacon, roasted baby tomato, grilled mushrooms, scrambled egg & avo served with hand-cut chipsR95
Gym BuddyToasted sourdough topped with smashed avo & 2 poached eggs
Add 2 Rashers Crispy Bacon
Good Times2 Fried eggs, two rashers, crispy bacon, and hand-cut chips. Served with one slice of toastR59
Daybreaker2 Pork sausages, two poached eggs, roasted baby tomatoes &wild rocket served on toasted sourdoughR65
Top Ups
1 Fried Egg | Baked Beans
1 Fried Egg | Baked Beans
2 Slices Toast, Butter & Jam | Half Avo2 Slices Toast, Butter & Jam | Half AvoR20
Grated Cheddar Cheese | 1 Pork SausageGrated Cheddar Cheese | 1 Pork SausageR15
2 Rashers Crispy Bacon2 Rashers Crispy BaconR18
2 Hashbrowns2 HashbrownsR25
1 Cheese Griller1 Cheese GrillerR22
Boerewors Pinwheel (100g)Boerewors Pinwheel (100g)R29
Hot Beverages
Flat White
Flat White
2-Cup ceylon / Rooibos tea
2-Cup ceylon / Rooibos tea
Milo / Hot Chocolate/ ChococinoMilo / Hot Chocolate/ ChococinoR34
Fresh JuiceOrange / Cranberry / Pineapple / MangoR29
Mimosa250ml Durbanville Hills Sparkling & Orange JuiceR28

Let’s Do Lunch – Bossa Lunch Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Baby Bacon & Cheese Burger100g Bacon and cheeseburger served with chips and onion ringsR95
Working Class Diet200g Rump, topped with a cheddar slice and two fried eggs. Served with chips and onion rings.
Served on a freshly baked artisan roll – extra

Beef Burger & Nachos Pan100g Baby bacon and cheese burger with a quarter portion of standard nachosR115
Prego Steak Roll2 x Freshly baked artisan rolls, each topped with 100g marinated prego sirloin. Served with chips and onion ringsR160
Pub-Style Hake200g Tempura battered hake served with chipsR95
Burger & PoppersNacho-crumbed chicken strips, lettuce, and tomato on a toasted bun with melted cheddar and Bossa mayo. Served with 2 x cream cheese poppersR110
Chicken SchnitzelHalf-portion panko crumbed chicken fillet with any cafe sauce of your choice. Served with chips and seasonal saladR105
Lunch PizzaMargherita + 3 Toppings Of Your ChoiceR105
Loaded Fries
Spicy chicken, peppadews, melted cheese and peri mayoAvailable All DayR75
Bacon, jalapenos, and melted mozzarellaAvailable All DayR85
BBQ pulled pork, melted cheese, sriracha mayo, and sour creamAvailable All DayR95
Steak, Feta, Jalapeno & CheeseAvailable All DayR110

Bossa Starters Menu

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Buffalo Wings & Chips8 Piece grilled or deep-fried wings with a choice of BBQ | Portuguese Peri-Peri | House-Mad Hot Sauce | GrabAWing SauceR93
Sharing Pizza BreadsGarlic, Feta & Tzatziki (V)
Mozzarella, Feta, Cheddar & Garlic (V)
Mediterranean Beef (Medium Hot)Spicy marinated steak strips pan-fried with bacon, red onions, black olives, and a dash of fresh cream in our homemade prego with baked feta. Served with a freshly baked artisan rollR105
Calamari Pan & ChipsDeep-fried or lightly seasoned pan-grilled Patagonia tubes and tentacles with tartare sauceR99
Garlic Butter SnailsGarlic Butter Snails
Add Mozzarella – Extra
Chicken & Avo Hashbrowns2 x Hashbrowns topped with grilled chicken, melted cheddar, avo and pecorino shavingsR99
Crumbed Mushrooms (V)Served With Tartar SauceR89
Spring RollsJalapeno & Three Cheese (V)
Steak & Dual Cheese
Chicken Liver Pan (Hot)Infused with Spanish chorizo, bacon, cherry tomatoes, and onions in a Portuguese peri-peri sauce. Served with a freshly baked artisan rollR89

Bossa Poppers Menu

Deep-fried until Golden Brown. Served With Sweet Chilli Sauce.

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Cream Cheese (V)Panko crumbed jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese2 Piece: R59
4 Piece: R109
Cheese GrillerPanko crumbed jalapenos stuffed with cheese grillers and cream cheese2 Piece: R69
4 Piece: R129
Sweet ChilliTempura battered jalapenos stuffed with a mixture of pecorino, bacon,
mozzarella and sweet chilli sauce
2 Piece: R69
4 Piece: R129

Bossa Nachos Menu

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Standard (V)Tortilla chips with melted cheese, salsa and guacamoleHalf: R79
Full: R129
BeefStandard nachos topped with bolognaise steak minceHalf: R89
Full: R149
ChickenStandard nachos topped with spicy chickenHalf: R89
Full: R149
ExtraAdd extra Bacon
Add extra Jalapenos

Bossa Salads Menu

SaladDescriptionPrice (R)
Earthchild Salad (VG)Mixed greens, porta bellini mushrooms, roasted carrot ribbons, green beans, edamame beans, radish, avo, and roasted cashew nuts tossed with house vinaigrette and served with vegan mayo on the side.
Add steak strips or grilled chicken – extra

Pulled ChickenPulled chicken, baby cos lettuce, croutons, slow-roasted tomatoes, house-made authentic Caesar dressing, mozzarella cubes, and pecorino shavingsR99
Rump & RocketChargrilled rump slices, mixed greens, rosa tomatoes, deep-fried feta, and roasted red onion tossed in garlic and feta dressing
Add avo – extra

Grilled ChickenGrilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, rosa tomatoes, roasted carrot ribbons, brie slices, and mixed greens tossed in a mild mustard dressing
Add avo – extra

Smoked Chicken & AvoSmoked chicken breast, crispy bacon, rosa tomatoes, roasted cashew nuts, feta, and avo with mixed greens tossed in a honey mustard dressingR145

Bossa Wholewheat Wraps Menu

Served with a seasonal salad or chips.

WrapsDescriptionPrices (R)
Grilled ChickenGrilled chicken, bacon, feta, baby spinach, avo and Bossa mayoR110
Steak & TzatzikiGrilled steak strips, wild rocket, avo and tzatzikiR119
Vegetarian (V)Red cabbage, broccoli, carrots, edamame beans, toasted peanuts, sesame seeds, baby spinach and cream cheeseR99
Pulled PorkBbq smoked pulled pork, Asian coleslaw, toasted peanuts, and ginger coriander pesto.R100

Bossa Seafood Menu

Served With Fresh Lemon & Tartar Sauce

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
CalamariDeep-fried or lightly seasoned pan-grilled Patagonia tubes and tentacles.
Served with tartare sauce and chips or seasonal salad
Pub-Style HakeTempura battered. Served with chips200g: R99
400g : R159
Grilled HakePan-grilled hake served with seasonal salad200g: R99
400g: R159
Hake & Calamari PanTempura battered hake and deep-fried Patagonia tubes and tentacles.
Served with chips or seasonal salad (200g)

Bossa Poultry Menu

Served with a side of your choice.

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Buffalo Wings & Chips16 Piece grilled or deep-fried wings with a choice of BBQ | Portuguese Peri-Peri | House-Mad Hot Sauce | GrabAWing SauceR185
Chicken & BrieGrilled chicken fillets topped with cranberry sauce, melted mozzarella, bacon, brie cheese slices and wild rocketR165
Chicken StackGrilled chicken fillets layered with ham and melted cheddar, topped with a creamy mushroom sauceR160
Saucy Chicken SchnitzelPanko crumbed chicken fillets, served with any cafe sauce of your choice
Add 2 cheddar slices
Chicken Strips & Chips*Panko Crumbed Chicken Strips With Sweet Chilli & Cheese Sauce
*Served without a side of your choice.

Bossa Combos Menu

Served with chips or seasonal salad

CombosDescriptionPrice (R)
Ribs & Wings400g Pork ribs and 8 piece buffalo wingsR245
Sirloin & Calamari200g Sirloin and Patagonia tubes and tentaclesR235
Chicken Strips & Calamari150g Panko crumbed chicken strips and Patagonia tubes and tentaclesR180
Ribs & Calamari400g Pork ribs and Patagonia tubes and tentaclesR250

Bossa Famous Steaks Menu

35 Days Matured AAA-Grade Beef

SteaksDescriptionPrice (R)
Laid Back Cheesy MushroomTopped with melted cheddar and mushroom
200g Sirloin: R170
300g Rump: R210

Topped with 3 garlic and parsley butter snails200g Sirloin: R185
300g Rump: R225
Longhorn MushroomServed under the creamy mushroom sauce, topped
with lots of pan-fried garlic porta bellini
200g Sirloin: R170
300g Sirloin: R220
200g Fillet: R245
Johnny BlueServed under melted mozzarella, topped with
grilled bacon and mushrooms, covered with a
creamy blue cheese sauce
200g Fillet: R245
300g Sirloin: R235
300g Rump: R235
Pepper JackCovered in a creamy brandy and Madagascan
green peppercorn sauce, topped with pecorino
shavings and rocket
200g Fillet: R240
300g Sirloin: R225
300g Rump: R225
Prime Cuts
T-BoneSirloin and fillet joined together by The
Famous T (600g)
Rib EyeThe best cut from The Forequarter (350g)R249
Most tender cut of all200g (Fillet): R195
300g: R260
Most flavourful – SA’s favorite200g(Rump): R140
300g: R180
Prime loin of beef at its best200g(Sirloin): R140
300g: R180
Cafe Sauces & Butters
Sauces not served separately.Mushroom
Monkey Gland
Madagascan Green Pepper
Cheesy Mushroom
Chilli Butter
Garlic & Herb Butter
R29 Each
Choose any one complimentary side with the main mealsChips OR Onion Rings
Sweet Potato Fries
Zucchini Fries
Grilled Veg
Creamy Mash
Seasonal Salad
R 20.00
R 25.00
R 25.00
R 35.00
R 25.00
R 25.00

Bossa Pork menu

Succulent Down to the Bone

PorkDescriptionPrice (R)
EisbeinPickled crisp pork knuckle with sauerkraut and sweet, mild mustard.
Served with a side of your choice
800g: R195
BBQ Pork RibsThe nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat400g: R170
600g: R237
800g: R300

Bossa 200g Burgers Menu

BurgersDescriptionPrice (R)
Good Times BurgersMelted cheddar, toasted onions, mushrooms, and monkey gland sauce
Plain SaucyWith a choice of mushroom, cheese, Madagascan pepper, OR Monkey gland sauceR125
Cheesy RockstarDouble melted cheddar, double the flavorR125
Bad Ass BaconDouble bacon, double melted cheddar
Boom Boom PowMelted cheddar, toasted onions, mushrooms, and monkey gland sauce
Big ElvisBacon, hashbrown, melted cheddar and avo
Madd DoggMelted cheddar, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, toasted onions and avo
Funky MonkeyPanko crumbed chicken fillet, lettuce and tomato, grilled pineapple, melted cheddar, and peri mayo.R130
Mushroom & Lentil Burger (VG)Mushroom and lentil patties, porta bellini mushrooms, hashbrowns, vegan mayo, lettuce, and tomato
Baconator Devastator3 x 100g Beef patties, triple bacon, triple melted cheddar
*Excluded from any discounts and promotions
Big Boy Burgers200G Grilled Beef Patty or Chicken Breast Fillet
The Original BBQ Beef Burger200g BBQ basted beef patty with lettuce, tomato, and onionR120
HulkanatorBacon, melted cheddar and guacamoleR130
Irish Blue BomberBlue cheese sauce, pepper-crusted patty, grilled mushrooms, and Jameson whiskey-glazed onions.R145
Chilli Cheese BombBacon, melted cheddar, mozzarella, jalapenos, and sriracha mayoR135
Smokey & The BanditDouble crispy bacon and smokey mayoR130
Triple Cheese & ChilliStuffed with cheddar and chilies, topped with melted cheddar and cheese sauceR130
Peppered BriePepper-crusted patty, topped with charred brie slices, Madagascan pepper sauce, and wild rocketR145
Crumbed Chicken
Son of a Gun Fried ChickenNacho-crumbed chicken strips, lettuce, and tomato on a toasted bun with melted cheddar and Bossa mayo.R110
Spicy HawaiianPanko crumbed chicken fillet, lettuce and tomato, grilled pineapple, melted cheddar and peri mayo.R105

Bossa Pizzas Menu

Wood-fired at selected stores

Iconic Rectangular Thin Base With Italian Pomodoro Sauce and mozzarella, Except *

PizzaDescriptionPrice (R)
Margherita (V)Mozzarella and herbsR85
Savooter (V)Feta, sundried tomato, and baby spinachR115
Cheesy ReginaHam, mushrooms, and fetaR110
Feel GoodChicken mayo, bacon, peppadews and avoR150
Hawaii Five-OHam, pineapple, and baconR117
San FranciscoBacon, feta, and avoR140
MorituriBacon, grilled chicken, feta, peppers and avoR150
CarnivorousPepperoni, ham, bacon and chorizoR145
RumbaBacon, chicken mayo, toasted onions, pineapple and fetaR145
TavernattaBacon, chorizo, ham, toasted onions and fetaR145
Sweet ItalianAnchovies, pepperoni, feta, chili, toasted onions, roasted tomatoes, and wild rocketR125
PuttanescaGarlic, artichokes, roasted tomatoes, olives and capersR115
MexicanBolognese steak mince, chili roasted rosa tomatoes, peppers, garlic and toasted onions.R155
Nacho LibreMexican salsa, bolognese steak mince, bacon, toasted onions, nacho chips, guacamole, mozzarella and cheddarR165
Costa Da PlentyBBQ smoked pulled pork, mushrooms, peppadews, olives, and avoR160
La MedPepperoni, ham, mushrooms, olives, peppadews, toasted onions and fetaR145
Smoke Bae*BBQ base, pulled pork, mozzarella, bacon, feta, and fresh red onionR135
Custom Build Your Own Pizza
Toasted Onions, Fresh Tomato,
Pineapple, Mushrooms, Peppers,
Olives, Baby Spinach, Rocket,
Peppadews, Jalapenos, Capers, Anchovies
Ham, Bacon, Feta, Chorizo, TzatzikiR20
Chicken, Avo, Pepperoni, Bolognese Steak Mince, Cheese Griller, Mozzarella, Pulled PorkR25

Please note we do not replace toppings. Alternatively, order a margarita with your choice of toppings. Avo seasonal

Gluten Free Base @ R25 Extra
Vegan Cheese @ R20 Extra

Bossa Desserts Menu

Served With Cream or ice cream, Except *

DessertsPrices (R)
Belgian Waffles
Maple Syrup and Icing Sugar
Milky Bar Sauce & Kit Kat Crumbs
Bar One Sauce & Crushed Smarties
Honey & Toasted Almond Flakes

3 Piece Deep-Fried Milktart FingersR55
Boomin Brilliant Lindt Brownie & Ice Cream (Contains nuts)R70
Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce*R45
House-Made Fridge Cheese CakeR55

Bossa Milkshakes Menu

Double Thick, Double Delicious

MilkshakeFlavorsPrice (R)
Old Time FavouritesStrawberry / Chocolate / Bubblegum / Banana / Lime / VanillaR43
Bossa House Speciality MilkshakesOreo Vanilla / Hazelnut / Choc Chip Cookie / Popcorn / Salted Caramel / Creme Brulee / Bar-OneR50

Bossa Coffee/Tea Menu

Coffee/TeaPrice (R)
Single EspressoR25
Double EspressoR29
Flat WhiteR38
2-Cup Ceylon / Rooibos TeaR28
Rooibos CappuccinoR42
Chai Tea / LatteR43
Hot Drinks (Milo / Hot Chocolate / Chococcino)R45
Dom Pedro / Irish Coffee (Peppermint / Amarula / Kahlua Kwv 5 Year / Jameson)Single: R55
Double: R77

Bossa Seasonal Deals OR Specials

DealsDescriptionPrice (R)
Nachos & Poppers1/2 Pulled Pork Nachos With Guacamole & Sourcream & 2-piece Cream Cheese Jalapeno Poppers With Sweet Chilli SauceR135
Earthchild Salad (v)Mixed Greens, Portabellini Mushrooms, Roasted Carrot Ribbons, Green Beans, Edamame Beans, Radish, Avo, and roasted Cashew Nuts Tossed With House Vinaigrette and served With Vegan Mayo on the Side. Add Smoked Salmon Trout @ R48R130
Prego Steak PizzaPrego Marinated Steak, Feta, Olives & RocketR149
Chimichurri Steak200G (R170) or 300G (R210) Rump Topped With Chimichurri and served With a Side of Your Choice.R170+
Milk Tart FingersDeep-fried pastry Fingers Filled With Decadent Milktart, Tossed in Cinnamon Sugar and served With Cream or ice creamR55

Bossa Kids Menu

MenuItems DescriptionPrice (R)
(Served until 11 am)
French Toast with Maple Syrup
2 Scrambled Eggs, Cheese Griller, 1 Slice Toast
2 Rashers Crispy Bacon, 1 Fried Egg, 1 Slice Toast
French Toast with Bacon & Cheese
(Served with chips OR sweet potato fries)
Toasted Cheese
Toasted Ham & Cheese
Good Times Vibes
(Served with BOS iced tea or milkshake)
Chicken Nuggets & Chips
Boerewors Loaded Fries
Cheeseburger & Chips
Margherita Pizza & 2 Toppings
Tummy Rumble Stoppers
Chicken Nuggets
Cheese Griller
BBQ Riblets
Chicken Schnitzel

Mac Cheese Balls*
Loaded Meat Mac*
(All meals served with chips or sweet potato fries, except*)

Crumbed and served with cheese sauce

200g Ribs basted in our famous BBQ sauce
Served with cheese sauce

Served with a dipping cheese sauce
Cheesy macaroni pasta loaded with bolognese mince


Loaded FriesMelted Cheese & Cheese Sauce
Add crispy bacon
Boerewors Pieces, Melted Cheese, and Smokey Mayo

Hash Stash
Hawaiian Chicken
(Choice of chicken or beef on a sesame bun served with chips or
sweet potato fries)

Cheese OR Mushroom Sauce
Melted Cheddar
Crispy bacon, hashbrowns, and melted cheddar
Grilled OR crumbed chicken breast fillet, cheese slice, grilled pineapple ring and Bossa mayo

Add Your Favourite Toppings
(*More than 2 toppings excluded from any discounts)
Tomato base topped with mozzarella cheese
Ham, Mushroom, Feta, Bacon, Pineapple, Chicken
Sweet Stuff
Mini Waffle Bites
(Served with ice cream or cream)
Step 1: Choose your sauce – Maple Syrup, Bar-One, Milky Bar
Step 2: Add Any 1 Topping – Crushed Oreos, Crushed Kit-Kat, Astros, Mini Marshmallows, Crushed Smarties, Jelly Tots
Step 3: Enjoy

Extra Toppings – R8 Each
Ice Cream Treat
(Ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and smarties)
Milk Tart Finger
(1 x Deep-fried pastry finger filled with milk tart and tossed in cinnamon sugar)
Cool It
200ml Bos Low Kilojoule Ice TeaPeach, BerryR19
300ml SodasCoca-Cola, Coke Zero, Fanta Orange, Fanta Grape, Sprite, Cream Soda, SparberryR25
Kids JuiceOrange, Breakfast Blend, AppleR19
MilkshakesStrawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Lime, BubblegumR22
Good Times ShakesGalaxy (Bubblegum shake with whipped cream and Astros)
Unicorn (with toasted marshmallows and sprinkles)
Caramel Popcorn (Popcorn shake with caramel popcorn)
Berry Blaze (Strawberry shake topped with frozen berries and whipped cream)
Did You Know?Kids EAT FREE on Wednesdays all day and Sundays until 4 pm. T’s & C’s Apply. Not available at Stellenbosch, Tyger Falls & Woodbridge Island. Not available at Meerendal on Sundays.
*Kids 12 years and younger

Bossa Secunda Menu

Address: Bossa Secunda, Secunda Village Shopping Centre CNR Nelson Mandela &, Vaalrivier St, Secunda, 2302, South Africa

Bossa Bloemfontein Menu

Address: Bossa Bloemfontein, Unit 3, Recon Park, 5 Faan Ferreira Ave, Spitskop Small Holdings, Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa

Bossa Canal Walk Menu

Address: Bossa Canal Walk, Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Shop R3, Upper Level, 490 Century Blvd, Century City, Cape Town, 7446, South Africa

Bossa Burgundy Menu

Address: Bossa Burgundy, Viridian Street, Burgundy Estate, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa

Bossa Strand Pavilion Menu

Address: Bossa Strand Pavilion, Shop 10-12 Strand Pavilion Centre, Beach Rd, Strand, 7140, South Africa

Bossa Somerset West Menu

Address: Bossa Somerset West, 178 Main Rd, Somerset West, Cape Town, 7130, South Africa

Bossa Milnerton Menu

Address: Bossa Woodbridge Island Eatery, 13 Woodbridge Dr, Woodbridge Island, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa

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