King Pie was established in 1993 and has been part of consumers’ lives for over 22 years, with a strong South African heritage. King Pie products are known for their quality, taste, wholesomeness, and value pricing. King Pie is, without a doubt, the biggest and most successful pie franchise, with over 280 outlets. The King Pie Brand has come a long way over the past 22 years.

King Pie is one of the best restaurants in South Africa. Renowned for its delectable savory pies, the restaurant offers a diverse menu catering to various tastes. King Pie has become synonymous with convenient and delicious on-the-go meals, from classic meat pies to flavorful chicken and vegetarian options.

With a commitment to quality and a reputation for quick service, it has become a favored choice for those seeking a tasty and satisfying snack or meal. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, King Pie remains a reliable destination for a quick, flavorful, and filling culinary experience.

King Pie Plant-Based Pies

ItemPrice (R)
Plant Based on Three Bean PieR43.9
Plant-Based Country Veg PieR43.9
Plant-Based Garden Veg PieR43.9

King Pie Large Pies

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Large PieR43.9
Pepper Steak Large PieR43.9
Steak & Kidney Large PieR43.9
Salami & Cheese Large PieR43.9
Spinach & Feta Large PieR43.9
Cornish Large PieR43.9
Steak & Onion Large PieR43.9
Sausage RollR43.9

King Pie Double Filla Pies

ItemPrice (R)
Pepper Steak Double Filla PieR51.2
Steak & Kidney Double Filla PieR51.2
Steak & Cheese Double Filla PieR51.2
Chicken & Mushroom Double Filla PieR51.2
Chicken Mayo Double Filla PieR51.2
Butter Chicken Double Filla PieR51.2
Chicken Ala King Double Filla PieR51.2
Spicy Beef Double Filla PieR51.2

King Pie Burger Pies

ItemPrice (R)
Beef Burger PieR57.05
Chicken Burger PieR57.05
Peri-Peri Chicken Burger PieR57.05
Prego Beef Burger PieR57.05
Burger Pie + Regular Chips (Excluding Cheese Burger)R76.05
Cheese Burger PieR61.45

King Pie Footlong Rolls

ItemPrice (R)
Boerie Roll FootlongR64.35
Russian FootlongR64.35

King Pie Cocktail Pies

ItemPrice (R)
Sausage RollR6.5
Cheese & OnionR6.5
4 Cocktail PiesR24

King Pie Combo Meals

MealPrice (R)
Shesha Meal – Snack Pie, Regular Chips, BuddyR32
Super Saver Meal – Large Pie, Chips Or BuddyR36
Kings Meal – Large Pie, Chips, BuddyR49.5
Royal Meal – Double Filla Pie, Chips, BuddyR53
Burger Meal – Burger Pie, Chips, BuddyR56.5
Footlong Meal – Footlong Roll, Chips, BuddyR59
Family Meal – 4x Large Pies, 4x Regular Chips, 1.5l CokeR150
Value Meal – Large Pies, Regular ChipsR34

King Pie Chips

ChipsPrice (R)
2x RegularR30
2x LargeR35

King Pie Snack Pies

ItemPrice (R)
Sticky RibR12
Mac & Cheese With SalamiR12
Creamy VegR12
Hot DogR12

King Pie Junior Meal

MealPrice (R)
X2 Cocktail Pies + Regular ChipsR25

King Pie Extras

ItemPrice (R)
Cheese & Onion Cocktail PiesR32.2
Sausage Roll Cocktail PiesR32.2
Chicken Cocktail PiesR32.2
Cocktails PiesR11.7 (each)

King Pie Beverages

ItemPrice (R)
Soft Drink BuddyR24
Soft Drink 1.5lR32

King Pie Top Selling Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Value Meal (Large Pie & Regular Chips)R62.9
Kings Meal (Large Pie + Regular Chips + Buddy)
Served with a Buddy drink
Super Saver Meal (Large Pie + Buddy)
Served with a Buddy drink
Royal Meal (Double Filla Pie + Regular Chips + Buddy)
Served with a Buddy drink
Pepper Steak Large PieR43.9
Steak & Kidney Large PieR43.9

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