Kota King is a famous restaurant in South Africa. The restaurant specializes in Kota (a traditional South African dish made with bread, meat, and various toppings). The restaurant is uniquely decorated from the interior.

The atmosphere is relaxed and cozy, with the aromas of bread and meat spreading everywhere. Kota King offers a range of dishes, including kotas, chicken and chips, dagwood, wings, and chips.

All the items are prepared from fresh ingredients. The meat is sourced from the local butchery shop. Unique sauces are added to the kotas to enhance the flavor. Kota King is more than just a restaurant. It’s an experience. Every visit makes you revisit for tasty kotas.

As the name indicates, this restaurant is the king of the taste of Kotas. The staff is friendly and well-mannered. They warmly welcome and guide you about their special menu as you enter the restaurant. Overall, with a great taste of kotas, it is a must-visit restaurant in South Africa.

Kota King Kotas

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
King Tasty Bite KotaChips, cheese, egg, beef patty, Russian, lettuce, pickles, signature sauces.R90
King Licious KotaChips, cheese, egg, Russian, signature sauces.R61
King Feast Bite KotaChips, cheese, egg, beef patty, rump steak, Russian, lettuce, pickles, signature sauces.R120
King Double KotaChips, double cheese, egg, double beef patty, lettuce, pickles, signature sauces.R100
Chicken O’nice KotaChips, cheese, egg, chicken fillet, lettuce, pickles, signature sauces.R80
King Silas KotaChips, cheese, egg, rump steak Russian, lettuce, pickles, signature sauces.R92
After School Bite Kota For KidsChips, cheese, Vienna, signature sauces.R51
King Single KotaChips, cheese, egg, beef patty, signature sauces.R69
King Single With GarnishChips, cheese, egg, beef patty, lettuce, pickles, signature sauces.R73
Loaf Bite KotaDouble chips, double cheese, double egg, double beef patty, double rump steak, double Russian, Double lettuce, double pickles & double signature sauces.R190

Kota King Wings

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Wings & ChipsGrilled wings and deep-fried chips with our signature sauces.from R92
Full WingsGrilled wings in our signature sauces.from R65

Kota King Chicken & Chips

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Full Chicken & ChipsR180

Kota King Platters

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Duchess Platter For 2Chips, wings & 500g ribsR250
Prince Platter For 4Chips, 4 x wings, 500g ribs & 500g worsR350
King Platter For 6Chips, wings, 500g ribs, 500g wors, 500g steak & saladR500

Kota King Dagwood

ItemPrice (R)
Rump Steak Dagwood & ChipsR80
Chicken Dagwood & ChipsR75
Russian Dagwood with ChipsR60
Beef Patty Dagwood with ChipsR70

Kota King Chips

ItemPrice (R)
Loaded Chips Beef (Large)R80

Kota King Alcohol Beverages

BeveragePrice (R)
Glenmorangie 10 Year OldR1020
Hennessy VS 750mlR1220
Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7R750
Jameson Irish Whiskey 750mlR850
Jameson Select ReserveR1100
Glenfiddich 12-Year-Old Single Malt WhiskeyR1200
Grandeur Gin 750mlR600
Gordon’s London Dry Gin 750mlR300
Tanqueray Gin 750mlR600
Jägermeister 750mlR700
Corona 330 ml BottleR45
Savanna Dry Premium Cider 330 ml BottleR45
Savanna Dry Premium Cider 660 ml BottleR60
Benini Blush 275ml BottleR45
Benini Amber 330ml BottleR45
Brutal Fruit Ruby Apple 330mlR45
Heineken 330ml BottleR45
Heineken 600ml BottleR60
Ice Tropez 275ml BottleR130
Windhoek Draft Beer 440mlR50
Chateau Sweet Red 250ml CanR40
Black Label Beer 500ml CanR45
Castle Double Malt 330mlR45
Stella Artois 400mlR45

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