Guardian Peak is a famous winery and grill in South Africa. It was named so because of its location at the towering peak of Stellenbosch Mountain. Jean Engelbrecht founded it in 1998.

Guardian Peak offers a range of menus including starters, salads, grills, mains, sides, desserts, beverages, and hot beverages. The mains include Guardian Peak Burger, Grilled Chicken Thighs, Exotic Mushroom Risotto(V), Smoked Salmon Rigatoni, Pork Loin Chop, and others, ranging from R165 to R235.

Besides these foods and drinks, Guardian Peak also offers unique branded wines, with brand names including Guardian Peak, Afrikaans, Cirrus, Donkiesbaai, and Stellenbosch. The prices range from minimum (R35) to maximum (R140) for small glasses.

At Guardian Peak, the atmosphere is cool and calm. Heart-touching air blows all day long. The mountain view is very beautiful. Fresh air is loved by every patron.

The service at Guardian Peak is very quick. The staff is friendly and well-mannered. As you go there, you feel at home. They take great care of their customers.

With its unique and loving atmosphere, tasty food, quick service, good staff, the Guardian Peak has become a go-to destination in South Africa and must be visited at least once.


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Soup of the Day (V)R90
Salt & Pepper SquidR105
Bobotie Spring RollsR105
Creamy Cape Malay Seafood CurryR110
Venison TartareR120
Karoo Lamb RibsR125


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Large Green Salad (V)R100
Caesar SaladR120
Add Grilled ChickenR60
Grilled Chicken SaladR145
Steak & Roast Butternut SaladR155

From the Grill

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Beef Sirloin
– 200gR185
– 300gR230
– 500gR330
Beef Rump
– 200gR185
– 300gR230
– 500gR330
Beef Fillet
– 200gR245
– 300gR335
– 200gR205
– 300gR250
Lamb Chops
– 3 x 100gR225


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Guardian Peak BurgerR165
Grilled Chicken ThighsR195
Exotic Mushroom Risotto (V)R205
Smoked Salmon RigatoniR225
Pork Loin ChopR235
Fresh Fish Of The DaySQ
Grilled VenisonR235


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Garlic & Herb Potatoes, Roasted Vegetables, Blanched Green Vegetables, Onion Rings, Tomato, Cucumber, Feta & OlivesR45
Sautéed MushroomsR70


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Vanilla Ice Cream ConeR70
Crème BrûléeR80
Dark Chocolate FondantR90
Pecan Nut & Caramel CheesecakeR90
Coconut Panna CottaR90
Dessert Cheese PlateR90


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Coke ZeroR35
Peach Ice TeaR40
Still WaterR30
Sparkling WaterR30
Rust en Vrede BrandyR180
MCC BrutR350
MCC Brut RoséR350

Hot Beverages

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Single EspressoR25
Double EspressoR30

Guardian Peak

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Guardian Peak Sauvignon Blanc 2023R35
Guardian Peak Chenin Blanc 2023R35
Guardian Peak Merlot 2022R50
Guardian Peak Shiraz 2022R60
Guardian Peak Cabernet Sauvignon 2022R120
Guardian Peak SMG 2021R35


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Afrikaans Vol. VI 2023 (Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay)R60
Afrikaans Vol. VI 2022 (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault)R90


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Cirrus Pinot Noir 2021R120


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Donkiesbaai Steen 2023R110
Donkiesbaai Grenache Blanc 2023SOLD
Donkiesbaai Cinsault 2021R110
Donkiesbaai Grenache Noir 2022R110
Donkiesbaai Suiderkruis 2020R110
Donkiesbaai Hooiwijn 2023R140


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Stellenbosch Reserve Hangbrug Chenin Blanc 2023R50
Stellenbosch Reserve Moederkerk Chardonnay 2023R50
Stellenbosch Reserve Stadsaal Cinsault 2022R60
Stellenbosch Reserve Kweekskool Merlot 2022R60
Stellenbosch Reserve Kruithuis Syrah 2021R60
Stellenbosch Reserve Ou Hoofgebou Cab/Sauv 2022R60
Stellenbosch Reserve Vanderstel 2022R75

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