It all began with hunger on a beach in Madagascar. A man on an old bicycle answered our craving for great bread; his bike was stacked high with fresh baguettes. From stone-ground flour to Karoo olives, award-winning boerenkaas, free-range eggs, and farm-fresh produce, Vovo Telo uses some of the best ingredients. Pick fresh breads and pastries from the oven, or linger and enjoy a meal.

From their creamy scrambled egg on toasted ciabatta to their freshly baked scones with jam and mascarpone cream, their breakfasts will liven up any morning…oh, and don’t forget a shot of espresso for that morning kick.

Their lunch menu has plenty to choose from, like their popular pissaladière (thin crust pizzas) with many delicious toppings or their deeply filled sandwiches and healthy salads to make your lunch break feel like a break. So they will ensure you are never disappointed, whether after a quick bite or a lazy day with a newspaper, a pastry, and a cappuccino.

Their pies are produced with authentic ingredients because, in keeping with true Vovo Telo tradition, they feel that every ingredient must be outstanding. Nothing beats sipping a flat white in the morning or any time of day and biting into a buttery croissant. The ideal treat is created by layering pastry on top of a layer of pastry; they make berry pinwheels, pain au chocolat, and pain au raisins.

Vovo Telo Breakfast

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Poached Egg with Chicken LiversA toasted split croissant or toast with mildly spiced creamy chicken livers and two poached eggsR114
Avo, Halloumi, and HummusToast of choice served with homemade hummus, grilled halloumi, rocket, roasted rosa tomatoes, and avoR120
Creamy Scrambled Eggs on ToastCreamy Scrambled Eggs on ToastR66
Smashed Avo on ToastSmashed Avo on ToastR78
Breakfast WaffleTwo poached eggs, crispy bacon, caramelized onion, roasted rosa tomatoes, and basil pestoR108
Eggs BeneteloWith eggs and hollandaise sauce. fromR106
Three Egg OmeletteThree Egg OmeletteR60
Mexican EggEggs baked in a spicy tomato chutney with savory mince and avo and served with Mexican cornbread.R150
The BanterTwo poached eggs, bacon, roasted rosa tomatoes, half an avo, and Danish feta with fresh rocketR144
The Big EnglishYour eggs are served with bacon, boerewors, roasted rosa tomatoes, mushrooms, and chips. Served with your choice of toastR150
Brioche French ToastBrioche French ToastR78
Homemade MuesliServed with Bulgarian yogurt and fresh fruitR96
Brioche Breakfast BunCreamy scrambled egg with bacon and spicy tomato chutney on a freshly baked brioche bunR77
All Day BreakfastTwo eggs, bacon, grilled tomato & choice of toast/breadR78

Vovo Telo Smoothies

ItemPrice (R)
Mixed Berry, Yoghurt, and Chia SeedsR78
Fresh Fruit Yoghurt SmoothieR78
Peanut Butter, Banana, Yoghurt, Honey & Chia SeedsR78

Vovo Telo Lighter Side

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Prego RollServed on our homemade Portuguese bun with a delicious prego sauce. If you’re hungry, add a side!from R106
Roasted Veg, Pesto & RocketRoast veg, basil pesto & balsamic reductionR119

Vovo Telo Sarmies

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Pastrami Sarmie on Rye SarmiePastrami, mustard, caramelised onions, gherkins, boerenkaas cheese on rye.R90
Honey Mustard Chicken SarmieWith avo, rocket, and tomato.R119
Chicken Mayo SarmieGrilled chicken, diced red onion, avo, chives, lemon zest, and lettuce with homemade mayo.R114
Avo, Halloumi & Rocket SarmieHalloumi, homemade mayo, roasted rosa tomato, rocket, and avo.R126
The Cuban SandwichBBQ pulled pork, grilled ham, Boerenkaas, pickles, and mustard. Best served on a paniniR144
Smoked Trout & Cream Cheese SarmieSmoked trout and cream cheese, served with a lemon wedgeR174
Fillet Steak Sarmie150g fillet steak, grilled tomatoes, red onions, capers, radish, rocket & spicy mayo.R216
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato SarmieBacon, lettuce, tomato, and homemade mayo.R90
Ciabatta Club SandwichThree slices of toast filled with chicken mayo, bacon, tomato, Hickory ham & a cheese slice drizzled with sweet chili sauce.R159

Vovo Telo Burgers

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Mushroom Falafel BurgerRocket, hummus, homemade mushroom, and falafel patty topped with avo on a Portuguese bun with spicy tomato chutney on the sideR144
Chicken Cheese BurgerRocket, hummus, homemade mushroom, and falafel patty topped with avo on a Portuguese bun with spicy tomato chutney on the sideR138
Beef Cheese BurgerHandmade beef burger basted in Asian BBQ sauce with melted Boerenkaas & caramelized onions on a brioche bun. Served with your choice of sideR150

Vovo Telo Salads

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Roast Vegetable SaladMixed leaves, butternut, aubergine, mixed peppers, red onion, toasted seeds, cashew nuts, Danish feta, and a balsamic reductionR174
Honey Mustard Chicken SaladHoney mustard chicken, Danish feta, roast mushrooms, and avo on mixed leaves, toasted seeds, and rosa tomatoes. Served with homemade vinaigretteR138
Mushroom Falafel Salad (v)Mushroom falafel balls served with tabbouleh, tzatziki, hummus, and garlic and rosemary flatbreadR126
Honey Soya Chicken SaladChicken strips marinated in soy sauce on a bed of Vovo Telo slaw, topped with mixed seeds and served with a chili honey soya sauce.R168
Grilled Halloumi BowlGrilled halloumi, fresh rocket, spring onion, olives, cucumber, toasted sesame seeds & balsamic dressingR119
Sweet Chili Chicken & Halloumi SaladSweet chili & sesame-coated chicken strips, halloumi, avocado, grilled PEPPADEW® Piquanté Peppers, mixed lettuce, rocket & roasted cherry tomatoes. Served with a balsamic vinaigretteR186

Vovo Telo Pizza

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Vovorita PizzaRoasted rosa tomatoes with basil pesto, mozzarella, and fresh basil, drizzled with balsamic reductionR126
Margherita PizzaRoasted rosa tomatoes with tomato concasse, mozzarella, and fresh basilR114
Bacon & Chilli Honey PizzaCrispy bacon strips with mozzarella and chilli-infused honey, drizzled with balsamic reductionR138
Classic PizzaGypsy ham, Danish feta, avo, rocket, and drizzled with balsamic reductionR150
Roast Veg & Avo PizzaWith red onion, fresh rocket, and a drizzle of balsamic reductionR150
Butter Chicken Pasanda PizzaLightly curried butter chicken drizzled with yogurt and topped with fresh coriander.R138
Chorizo, Feta & MushroomMozzarella, tomato concasse, chorizo, feta, olives & mushrooms drizzled with balsamic reductionR156

Vovo Telo Pasta

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Butter Chicken PastaHandcrafted tagliatelle drizzled with yogurt and topped with fresh coriander.R162
Creamy Chicken Mushroom PastaHandcrafted tagliatelle with creamy chicken, mushroom, and coriander served with parmesan & chili oil.R162
Creamy Chicken Liver PastaLivened up with caramelized onions and a mild peri-peri sauceR150
BBQ Pulled Pork AlfredoHandcrafted tagliatelle in a creamy garlic alfredo sauceR210
Basil Pesto PastaHandcrafted tagliatelle with basil pesto, served with parmesan and chili olive oil.R119
Chorizo & Chicken PastaHandcrafted tagliatelle with fried chorizo & chicken strips tossed in a red pepper, feta & cream sauceR174

Vovo Telo Sides

ItemPrice (R)
Sweet Potato ChipsR36
Vovo Telo SlawR24
Side SaladR42

Vovo Telo Cold Beverages

ItemPrice (R)
Craft SodaR52
Frozen LemonadeR54
Soft DrinksR29
Still Mineral WaterR25
Freshly Squeezed JuiceR58
Iced TeaR34
Frozen Ice TeaR37

Vovo Telo Shakes

ItemPrice (R)
Strawberry ShakeR58
Chocolate ShakeR58
Butter Toffee Mocha Brownie ShakeR58

Vovo Telo Waffles

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Butter Toffee WaffleServed with vanilla ice cream and a salted caramel sauceR72
Very Berry WaffleServed with vanilla ice cream topped with a warm berry compote and honey mascarpone creamR84
Choc Brownie WaffleServed with vanilla ice cream, decadent chocolate sauce, and homemade chocolate brownies with pecan nutsR84
Kiddies Funfetti WaffleVanilla ice cream topped with mini marshmallowsR60

Vovo Telo Kiddies Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Kiddies BreakfastR54
Kiddies Grilled Cheese – Slice of toast with melted cheeseR36
Kiddies Margherita PizzaR60
Kiddies Ham and Pineapple PizzaR66
Chicken Strips With ChipsR66
French Toast FingersR48
Kiddies Chicken Burger & ChipsR72
Kiddies Beef Burger & ChipsR72
Funfetti WaffleR60

Vovo Telo Freshly Baked Bread

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CiabattaVersatile Italian white loaf with a creamy, firm textureR47
RyeOriginating in Ancient Egyptian times, it is known for its hard crust and characteristic tangy taste.R50
RusticThe artisanal loaf is baked with stone-ground white, wholewheat, and rye flour. Crisp and chewy crust, tender insideR45
SourdoughOriginated in Ancient Egyptian times, it is known for its hard crust and characteristic tangy taste.R47
Brioche LoafFrench-origin enriched bread with egg and butter, rich and tender crumb, delicate texture, light and puffy.R66
Plain CroissantPlain croissantR35

Vovo Telo Bakes

ItemPrice (R)
Pretzel BunR20
Cheese CroissantR36
Pain au RaisinR36
Pasteis de NataR27
Choc BrowniesR27
Lemon Meringue TartletR34
Chocolate CroissantR46
Lemon Meringue Tartlet (again)R60
Chocolate Croissant (again)R42
Strawberry TartletsR36
Filled CronutsR56
Ham and Cheese PastryR56

Vovo Telo Retail Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Vovo Telo Coffee BeansR115
Muesli 500gR78

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