Seattle Coffee Company was first started in London by a husband-and-wife team – Alley and Scott Svenson – who were inspired by their experience with specialty coffee brands in their hometown of Seattle. Seattle Coffee Company was brought to South Africa by best friends Pete and Barry, two South African locals.

Their first local store opened in Cavendish Square, Cape Town, in November 1997 and has since become a popular destination for coffee enthusiasts. Seattle Coffee Company is known for its commitment to quality coffee and offers a variety of coffee blends, espresso-based drinks, and other beverages.

To pair with their coffee, they have put together a food offering in stores that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with their coffee – hand-made and artisanal snacks for which you will repeatedly come back, The Way You Like It.

The chain has numerous locations across South Africa, often in shopping malls and other high-traffic areas. The ambiance in Seattle Coffee Company shops is typically relaxed, making it a favored spot for coffee on the go and casual meetings.

Seattle Espresso-Based Beverages

Signature | Decaf | Full Cream | Skinny | Soy

CAFFE LATTEEspresso with steamed milk & a thin layer of foamR28.50R33.50R37.50
CAPPUCCINOEspresso with steamed milk & a thick layer of foamR28.50R33.50R37.50
DOUBLE SHOT LATTEDouble espresso with steamed milk & a thin layer of foam, Seattle’s version of a classic flat whiteR30.50N/AN/A
SINGLE TALLSingle shot version of a classic latte or cappuccinoR30.50N/AN/A
BUTTERSCOTCH LATTEEspresso with steamed milk & handcrafted butterscotchR30.50R34.00R39.00
CAFFE MOCHAEspresso with steamed milk & handcrafted chocolate syrupR35.00R41.00R46.00
CAFFE AMERICANOEspresso poured over hot waterR25.00R30.00R33.00
CAFFE BREVEHalf americano, half steamed milk & pouring creamR30.00R35.00R39.00

Seattle Espresso Coffee

Signature | Decaf

MACCHIATO | CON PANNAEspresso topped with foam | Espresso topped with whipped creamR24.00R27.00

Seattle Coffee Extras

Signature | Decaf

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
ESPRESSO SHOTEspresso shotR6.50
FRESH CREAMPouring | whipped creamR7.00
SEATTLE SYRUPFlavored syrups (Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, etc.)R7.00
MILK ALTERNATIVESAlmond, Macadamia, OatR7.00

Seattle Coffee Hot Alternatives

Full Cream | Skinny | Soy

HOT CHOCOLATESteamed milk with handcrafted chocolate syrupR33.00R38.00R42.00
WHITE HOT CHOCOLATESteamed milk with white chocolate syrupR33.00R38.00R42.00
RED STEAMERRed espresso Rooibos with steamed milkR31.00R35.00R40.00
BUTTERSCOTCH STEAMERSteamed milk with handcrafted butterscotchR30.00R35.00R39.00
SPICED CHAI STEAMERSteamed milk with authentic spiced chaiR30.00R35.00R39.00
MALTED CAROB STEAMERSteamed milk with sucrose-free malted carobR27.00R32.00R37.00
SEATTLE STEAMERSteamed milk with a Seattle syrup of your choiceR27.00R31.00R33.00
LOOSE-LEAF TEAA range of full-leaf specialty teasR21.00R26.00R31.00
BABY FOAMYA demi cup filled with foam & a splash of chocolateR6.00N/AN/A

Seattle Coffee Classic Freezes

Signature | Decaf | Full Cream | Skinny | Soy

CLASSIC SEATTLE FREEZEVanilla Caffe Latte blended with iceR38.00R43.00
CLASSIC MOCHA FREEZECaffe Mocha blended with iceR41.00R46.00
SUGAR-FREE* SEATTLE FREEZEVanilla Caffe Latte blended with ice (*Refined Sugar-Free)R43.00R49.00
SUGAR-FREE* MOCHA FREEZECaffe Mocha blended with ice (*Refined Sugar-Free)R46.00R52.00
CLASSIC BUTTERSCOTCH FREEZEButterscotch Latte blended with iceR41.00R46.00

Seattle Coffee Freeze Alternatives

Full Cream | Skinny | Soy

CHAI FREEZEChai Steamer blended with iceR41.00R46.00
LEMON & GINGER ROOIBOS FREEZELemon, honey, grated ginger & Rooibos blended with iceR41.00R46.00
LEMON & GINGER FREEZELemon, honey & grated ginger blended with iceR39.00R44.00
BERRY FREEZEMixed berries blended with iceR39.00R44.00
VANILLA | CHOCOLATE | STRAWBERRY | FUDGE FREEZESeattle’s version of a classic milkshakeR38.00R43.00
MINT FUDGE | CHOC MINT FREEZEMint fudge or chocolate mint freezeR41.00R46.00
ICED TEARed espresso Rooibos tea with pressed apple juiceR38.00R43.00

Seattle Coffee Deals

DaySpecial OfferPrice (R)
Monday2 Snack Burgers & Regular ChipsR44.99
TuesdayWrap & Regular Chips
Party Mix (4 Thighs, 4 Snack Burgers & Large Chips)
Wednesday2 Classic Fillet BurgersR49.99
Thursday3 Strips & Regular ChipsR34.99
FridayMonster Meal (1 Thigh, 1 Snack Burger, 3 Strips & Regular Chips)R69.99

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