Fego is a famous caffe in South Africa. The caffe is known for its delicious coffees. Besides coffee, it also offers a range of other menus, including breakfast, toasted, freshly baked, tramezzinis, wraps, caffe meals, burgers, salads, kids meals, side items, coffees, hot drinks, red cappuccino, cold drinks, fruit crush, and smoothies.

At Fego, the atmosphere is warm and cozy. The dining area is uniquely decorated. The staff is friendly and well-mannered. As you enter the caffe, the trained staff welcomes and guides you about their specialties.

Fego is highly concerned about the quality of its menu. The chefs always use fresh ingredients to prepare the items. The chefs are highly trained. They use special Fego sauces for cooking.

All the menu items at Fego have prices in the normal range, easily affordable by anyone. This makes Fego unique and busy all day long. The breakfast includes omelets, avocado, eggs benedict, medio, rapido, and other items, ranging in price from R 54,00 to R 103,00.

With its unique decor, warm and cozy atmosphere, fast service, well-mannered staff, and the great taste of its foods, Fego has become a go-to destination in South Africa.

Our Breakfast

Menu ItemPrice (R)
OmeletsR 87,00
FegoR 103,00
Avocado And Poached Egg on ToastR 53,00
Eggs Benedict with MaconR 92,00
Eggs Benedict with SpinachR 92,00
MedioR 77,00
RapidoR 54,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Mayo ToastieR 69,00
Cheese and Tomato ToastieR 54,00
Macon, Cheese and Tomato ToastieR 65,00
Macon, Avo & Mozzarella ToastieR 84,00
Macon and Egg ToastieR 65,00

Freshly Baked

Menu ItemPrice (R)
MuffinR 42,00
Plain CroissantR 42,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Cajun Chicken TramezziniR 108,00
Cheeze Steak TramezziniR 112,00
Sweet Chilli Chicken TramezziniR 104,00
Chicken Mayo TramezziniR 98,00
Macon, Avo & Feta TramezziniR 109,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Snitchel with Cheese Sauce & Side SaladR 108,00
Cajun ChickenR 105,00
Crumbed Chicken and PineappleR 92,00
Roasted Mushroom and PepperR 79,00

Caffe Meals

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken BasketR 109,00
Vegetarian PastaR 85,00
Steak, Egg And ChipsR 134,00
Beef Pepperoni & Chicken PastaR 123,00
Lemon Chicken BreastsR 119,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Fego BurgerR 98,00
Macon And Cheese BurgerR 117,00
Crispy Chicken And Cheese BurgerR 104,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Sweet Chili Chicken And HalloumiR 106,00
Greek SaladR 81,00
Seared Beef Strips SaladR 108,00

Kids Meals

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Kids ChipsR 25,00
Toasted CheeseR 42,00
Macon, Egg And ToastR 44,00

On the Side

Menu ItemPrice (R)
French FriesR 35,00
Fego Side SaladR 35,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Fegoccino Iced CoffeeR 53,00
CappuccinoR 35,00
Caffe LatteR 40,00
EspressoR 25,00
Bar-One FreezoR 53,00
AmericanoR 35,00
Fego CoffeeR 28,00
White Chai Symphony FreezoR 48,00
Flat WhiteR 33,00

Hot Drinks

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Hot ChocolateR 42,00
Chai Tea LatteR 42,00
TeaR 25,00

Red Cappuccino

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Red CappuccinoR 42,00

Cold Drinks

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Classic MilkshakesR 42,00
Soda CanR 25,00
Mineral WaterR 22,00
Coffee ShakeR 44,00
Soda No Sugar CanR 25,00
Fruit JuiceR 31,00
Iced TeaR 31,00
Tizers 330mlR 33,00

Fruit Crush & Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Mango Yogi CrushR 53,00
Berry CrushR 48,00
Berry Blaze SmoothieR 53,00
Mango CrushR 48,00

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