Dipndip was created by two friends who love chocolate and have one goal… to make people smile! They wanted everyone to fall in love with chocolate as much as they did, so they took the overwhelming success of a tiny kiosk and transformed it into a global brand that continues to accelerate its growth trajectory.

The first dipndip chocolate cafe was founded in 2009. Since then, they’ve spread their deliciousness to 18 countries worldwide and 146 locations! Treat yourself to high-quality European chocolate at dipndip. They offer a full range of deliciously decadent chocolate cakes, brownies, waffles, crepes, and signature desserts you will only find at dipndip.

They use only the finest Belgian chocolates for their sweet treats. Their collection of amazing desserts will satisfy your craving for something sweet. They also offer a wide selection of hand-crafted drinks ranging from high-quality creative coffee to virgin mojitos.

Their Vision is To Make People Smile. Their mission is To Become The Number One Chocolate Cafe In The World. When you visit a dipndip store, it’s an authentic theatrical experience. They want you to smile at every touch point, from the taste, smell, touch, and sight of their decadent desserts.

That is why they open their kitchen for you to watch their master chefs’ skills as they whip up chocolatey creations for you; they even have a signature way to pour their chocolate! Drizzling it from a high height over their desserts to create drama and anticipation before you dip.

Dipndip is all about sharing memorable experiences with friends and family. They’re excited to share their latest creation, the dip-n-share box of tasty desserts using premium Belgian chocolate.

This box will make any occasion more memorable with eight delectable desserts and three Kinds of Belgian chocolates and speculoos spread. You can order their famous dip-n-share box to enjoy with your loved ones at home or send it as a sweet gift to someone special.

Dipndip Special

ItemPrice (R)
Large Dip N Share BoxR299.00

Dipndip Breakfast Buttermilk Pancakes

ItemPrice (R)
Sweet and Simple PancakesR105.00
Strawberry Banana Delight PancakesR127.00
Double Blueberry PancakesR127.00
Toasted Butter Pecan PancakesR121.00
Speculoos PancakesR182.00
Chocolate PancakesR105.00
Dipndip PancakesR132.00
Oreo PancakesR182.00
Crunchy Chocolate PancakesR131.00
Pancake Brownie ClubR160.00

Dipndip Crepes

ItemPrice (R)
Fettuccine CrepeR160.00
Triple Chocolate CrepeR98.00
Crunchy Speculoos CrepeR142.00
Mighty CrepeR182.00
Crunchy Triple Chocolate CrepeR138.00
Cinnamon Pouch CrepeR105.00
Dipndip CrepeR138.00
Brownies CrepeR127.00
Mighty Oreo CrepeR182.00
Mighty Speculoos CrepeR182.00
Mighty Crunchy CrepeR182.00
Mighty Speculoos Plus CrepeR182.00
Crunchy Speculoos Fettucini CrepeR164.00
Crunchy Oreo Fettucini CrepeR164.00

Dipndip Indulgence

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Cream Puff PyramidSkewers with four pieces of your favorite itemR127.00
Chocolate FondantWarm and decadent chocolate fondantR127.00
Speculoos n Cookies in a PanBrownies, speculoos, and chocolate baked in a panR127.00
Brownies n Cookies in a PanBaked cookie sandwich with chocolate browniesR121.00
Brownies n Mousse VerrineVerrine with chocolate brownies, white whipped ganache, dark chocolate mousseR105.00
Chocolate and Fruit SkewersChoose six items to dip: banana, strawberry, pineapple, kiwi, cream puffs, brownie squares, and marshmallows.R50.00
Fondue IndulgenceCream puffs stuffed with chocolate caramel cream served with Oreo biscuit crunch.R165.00
Dipndip Chocolate BrowniesDecadent chocolate brownie served warm with ice creamR109.00
Crunchy Oreo PyramidCream puffs stuffed with speculoos pastry cream served with speculoos biscuit crunch.R142.00
Lotus Speculoos Cream Puff PyramidCream puffs stuffed with speculoos pastry cream served with speculoos biscuit crunchR142.00

Dipndip Waffles

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Triple Chocolate WaffleWaffle topped with our three signature chocolate flavorsR94.00
Dipndip WaffleWaffle is decorated with chocolate caramel cream, toasted meringue, and hazelnut chocolate chunks. Served with your choice of ice cream and chocolateR138.00
Crunchy Speculoos WaffleThe waffle is decorated with chocolate caramel cream, toasted meringue, and hazelnut chocolate chunks. Served with your choice of ice cream and chocolateR138.00
Alaskan WaffleWaffle topped with speculoos spread and white chocolate, decorated with caramelized biscuit crunch. Served wThe waffleur choice of ice creamR154.00
Waffle StickWaffle served on a stick, decorated with your choice of chocolateR77.00
Crunchy Oreo WaffleWaffle topped with milk & white chocolate and our homemade Oreo biscuit crunch. Served with your choice of ice creamR142.00

Dipndip Ice Cream

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Crispy Chocolate Ice CreamA scoop of ice cream of your choice, covered with crispy rice cereal and served with your choice of chocolate topping.R80.00
Ice Cream Brownie SundaeBrownies, with your choice of ice cream topped with whipped cream, salted caramel, candied pistachios, and a strawberry on topR90.00
Ice Cream ScoopA scoop of ice cream of your choiceR40.00

Dipndip Sides Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
White Chocolate ShotOne shot of our signature chocolate flavourR33.00
Dark Chocolate ShotOne shot of our signature chocolate flavourR33.00
Milk Chocolate ShotOne shot of our signature chocolate flavourR33.00
Seasonal Fruit CupAssorted fresh seasonal fruits served with your choice of chocolateR72.00
Chocolate Fondue SetFilled with your choice of chocolateR72.00

Dipndip Mighty Milkshakes

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Strawberry Mighty MilkshakeA burst of fresh strawberries and colorful sprinkles.R99.00
Speculoos Mighty MilkshakeDelectable salted caramel and caramelized biscuits.R99.00
S’mores Mighty MilkshakeToasted marshmallows with our signature vanilla and chocolate biscuit crunch.R99.00
Cookies & Cream Mighty MilkshakeDelicious chocolate cream frosting and our signature dark and white chocolate.R99.00
Brownies Mighty MilkshakeDecadent brownies, salted caramel, and our luscious dark chocolate.R99.00

Dipndip Coffee on the Rocks

ItemPrice (R)
Iced Caramel Macchiato LatteR46.00
Iced Double Coffee Vanilla LatteR46.00
Iced Spanish LatteR46.00
Iced Rose LatteR46.00
Iced CappuccinoR43.00

Dipndip Beverages

ItemPrice (R)
Soft Drinks 330mlR25.00
Sparkling WaterR20.00
Still WaterR20.00
Fresh JuiceR32.00

Dipndip Lattes

ItemPrice (R)
Popcorn LatteR39.00
Crème Brulee LatteR39.00
Speculoos LatteR50.00
Cafe LatteR33.00

Dipndip Hot Drinks

ItemPrice (R)
Café MochaR43.00
Flat WhiteR31.00
Red CappuccinoR37.00
Tea LatteR29.00
Chai LatteR37.00
DnD Old Fashioned Hot ChocolateR61.00

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