Hello Food Enthusiasts! If you are looking for a current Tribeca menu with updated prices in Rands, then you are at the right place. We have compiled the current menu of Tribeca in detail with updated prices.

Tribeca is a famous cafe in South Africa that serves a variety of dishes including breakfast, salads, pasta, burgers, sandwiches, light meals, toasts, wraps, toasted sandwiches, tramezzini, hot chocolates, espresso-based beverages, iced beverages, extras, milkshakes, and smoothies.

At Tribeca, the secret of great taste lies in using fresh and high-quality ingredients for preparing the foods. The staff is friendly and well-mannered. As you enter the restaurant, you are warmly welcomed by the trained staff.

At Tribeca, the service is quick. The taste is great. The interior is uniquely decorated. The prices are affordable. Friend and family gatherings are entertained. Light music plays all day long. reservations are required as the cafe often remains quite busy.

The breakfast includes Tribeca Slammer, Tribeca Florentine, California Breakfast Wrap, Breakfast Stack, Sloppy Joe, and others ranging in price from R38 to R76.


BreakfastPrice (R)
Tribeca SlammerR72
Tribeca FlorentineR72
French ToastR48
California Breakfast WrapR62
Breakfast StackR76
Sloppy JoeR58
Health BreakfastR52
Egg and Cheddar ScrambleR38
Salmon on RyeR75


SaladPrice (R)
TriBeCa Chicken Caesar SaladR72
Grilled Haloumi and Avo SaladR72
House Green SaladR20
House Green Salad (with bacon)R38
House Green Salad (with chicken)R36
House Green Salad (with tuna)R38
House Green Salad (with smoked salmon)R45
Crispy Fried Chicken SaladR58
Smoked Chicken SaladR76


Pasta DishPrice (R)
TriBeCa Chicken AlfredoR72
Original Town AlfredoR78
New Orleans PastaR72
Veggie ArabiataR72
Penne AmatricianaR72


SandwichPrice (R)
Triple Layered Rye SandwichR82
TriBeCa Steak RollR78
Hot Dog UnoR62
Hot Dog DuoR69
Country Vegetable SandwichR38


BurgerPrice (R)
Cheese, chili & guacamoleR82
Chicken CaesarR68
Crispy Cajun ChickenR78

Light Meals

Light MealPrice (R)
Chicken Fillet without the breadR64
TriBeCa WokR48
TriBeCa Wok (with chicken)R54
TriBeCa Wok (substitute egg noodles)R64
BBQ Beef KebabsR88
Chicken & Pineapple KebabsR70

Cafe Wraps

Café WrapPrice (R)
BBQ Beef WrapR78
Chicken Caesar WrapR68
Spicy Cajun Chicken WrapR62
TriBeCa Tuna WrapR72
Country Vegetable & Haloumi WrapR64
Mexican WrapR72

Toasted Sandwiches

Toasted SandwichPrice (R)
Chicken MayoR46
Ham & CheddarR40
Cheese & TomatoR35
Ham, Cheese & TomatoR44
Bacon & EggR46
Bacon, Egg & CheeseR50
Tuna Mayo & MozzarellaR48

Cafe Toast

Cafe ToastPrice (R)
Avocado & Fresh LemonR38
Cheddar CheeseR28


TramezziniPrice (R)
Beef, Mushroom, MozzarellaR65
Chicken Mayo & PeppadewR54
BAF (Bacon, Avocado & Feta)R62
Bacon, Egg & MozzarellaR56
Cheddar, Mozzarella & TomatoR42

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate VariationShort (R)Tall (R)Grande (R)
Dark Hot ChocolateR24R28R32
White Hot ChocolateR24R28R32
Chocolate TruffleR27R32R38

Espresso Based Beverages

BeverageShort (R)Tall (R)Grande (R)
Cafe LatteR21R26R31
Cafe MochaR26R31R34
Cafe AmericanoR20R24R26
Honey & Nut LatteR26R32R34
Ginger Bread LatteR26R31R34
SA CappuccinoR24R28R33
Chai LatteR24R28R34
Short Flat WhiteR24N/AN/A
Espresso MacchiatoR20R24N/A
Espresso Con PannaR20R24N/A

Iced Beverages

Iced BeveragePrice (R)
Iced LatteR20
Frozen LatteR34
Iced MochaR24
Frozen MochaR36


ExtraPrice (R)
Additional espresso shotR8
Whipped creamR7

Seasonal Juices

Seasonal JuicesPrice (R)
Please enquire with your serverR30


MilkshakePrice (R)
Espresso & CookieR32
Chocolate GanacheR34


SmoothiePrice (R)
Mango Citrus ChaiR28
Strawberry CheesecakeR34
Marmalade MangoR28
Citrus Strawberry BoldR30
Berry & YogurtR32
Wonka Blueberry & White ChocR34
Peanut Butter Blitz (with REFLEX protein powder)R42
Add REFLEX protein powderR18

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