Cubaña is South Africa’s only authentic Latino Social Caffé and eatery, showcasing stores strategically situated around South Africa. Established in 2001, the Cubaña brand has gained momentum over the years to be at the forefront of its industry, with no signs of slowing down.

Cubaña Latino Caffe started as a single-cell business, with its first store opening in Cape Town, and within just over a year, this innovative business launched its second establishment. The tagline “Come See And Be Seen” has stood the test of time and has been embraced by customers locally and internationally. 

Cubaña is a social cafe that offers breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and a buzzing nightlife. From high-profile events, where stores are hosting only the best of South Africa’s DJs and media personalities, to brand activations and national consumer campaigns, a premium offering is constantly available to Cubaña customers nationwide.

Cubana Breakfast Menu

Served until 2 pm.

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Rise & ShineEgg, bacon, grilled tomato, chips & toastR39
SantiagoTwo eggs, bacon, beef sausage or pork cheese griller, grilled tomato & toastR54
CubanaTwo eggs, bacon, beef sausage or pork cheese griller, 100g sirloin steak, mushroom, chips & toastR105
Dino BurritoEggs, bacon & mushrooms rolled in a tortilla, oven-baked & topped with Cubana salsa and cheddar cheese. Served with chips.R85
Dos CubanosClassic cabana Tostado, grilled & sliced smoked pork steak, white cheddar, pickles & a fried eggR99
OmeletteLight & fluffy 3 egg omelet, cheddar cheese and your choice of fillings (halloumi, pepper, feta, pineapple, bacon, cheddar, olives, mushrooms, tomato, etc)R56 + R20

Cubana Casual Latino

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Cuban Sandwiches
Dos CubanosClassic cabana Tostado, grilled and sliced smoked pork steak, white cheddar, pickles and a fried eggR99
Cuban ChickenLayered with bacon, mojo mayo, white cheddar cheese and gherkinR99
Chilli Con CarneWith sour cream and pico ensaladaR79
Chicken MayonnaiseWith mozzarella, pineapple or gherkinsR75
Roasted PeppersWith creamed spinach, feta and pickled onionR75
Salads & Burritos
Pollo SesameChicken strips coated with honey-soy sauce, sesame seeds, feta and baconR99
Pollo PinaGrilled chicken strips with crumbed pineapple on avocado, white cheddar, and greens, drizzled with our Mojo mayo dressing infused with hints of garlic and chiliR99
West Coast SaladFlash-fried fish goujons topped with chips and served with tartare sauceR95

Cubana Gaucho Latino

Served with your choice of chips, mashed or baby potatoes, herbed green rice, pap, chef salad, or veggies

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Solomillo Sirloin 300g300g solomillo sirloinR145
Solomillo Sirloin 500g500g solomillo sirloinR240
T-bone 500g500g T-boneR209
Fillet 300g3oog of filletR215
Lamb Chops400g Flame-grilled BBQ basted lamb loin chops.R230
The Boss300g Sirloin steak, 400g grilled lamb loin chops, 500g Flame-grilled pork ribs, and half a chicken.R580
Espetada 500g
EscobarBBQ-basted and grilled cubes of sirloin, mushrooms, peppers, and onions. Finished off with garlic butter.R230
CruzGrilled half chicken, finished with garlic butter and your choice of basting: Cubana Hot sauce, Chimichurri, BBQ.R95
Chimichurri, Cubana hot sauce, mushroom, cheese, creamy pepper, creamy garlic, pico mayo & Fuego salsaR20 each

Cubana Hamburgers Menu

HamburgerDescriptionPrice (R)
200g Pure Beef BurgerServed with chips or chef saladR89
Chicken Fillet BurgerServed with chips or chef saladR72
Combo BurgerBeef burger & chicken fillet served on an open burger rollR120
Crunchy TangoSucculent patty layered with nacho crumbs, sliced jalapenos, a trio
of cheeses, pickled onions, and tomato chili chutney
Beef: R129
Chicken: R119
Queso PinaA sweet & juicy pineapple, crumbed, flash fried, and then smothered
with cheese sauce
Beef: R119
Chicken: R110
ChimichurriCrispy bacon, cheddar cheese, avocado and fried onion rings drizzled
with chimichurri
Beef: R135
Chicken: R125

Cubana Baskettas Menu

All baskets are served with chips

BasketsDescriptionPrices (R)
Bandana300g Sirloin sliced and drizzled with chimichurri sauce and topped with battered onion ringsR150
Pescada MarambonDelicious grilled prawns with fish goujons and calamari tubes, Served with tartare sauce & cubana hot sauceR155
Muelle PolloChicken wings grilled in your choice of sweet chili or BBQ bastingR110
Pollo MasaMouth-watering chicken strips crumbed or battered. Served with sweet chili and a cheese sauceR90
Mucho PolloCrumbed chicken strips, jalapeno poppers & chicken wings. Served with fuego salsa & mushroom sauceR120
Rib Basket500g pork belly ribs, slow cooked & marinated in Cubana’s succulent home-made bastingR165
Chimichangas3 styles of mini burritos filled with pork neck, chili con carne & chicken, flash-fried until golden brownR140
Hombre CalienteJalapeno poppers, cheese grillers, spring rolls, and skewers stacked with chicken, grilled pineapple, and fried mozzarella.R125
Queso VerduraGolden fried mozzarella & halloumi, crumbed mushrooms, jalapeno poppers & slammers with sweet chili and honey-soy sauceR130
Jalapeno PoppersMild jalapeno peppers filled with cream cheese, battered & flash-dried, served with honey-soy & BBQ mayo sauce.R130

Cubana Notorious Platters

PlatterPrice (R)
Platter for 2R260
Platter for 4R490
Platter for 6R730

Cubana on the Main Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Santa ClaraGrilled chicken fillets topped with butternut, rocket, feta & drizzled with creamy lemon sauce. Recommended with chef saladR95
Fish & ChipsBattered fish fillets served with secretly spiced chips and creamed coleslawR95
Queens Platter12 grilled prawns, calamari, fried fish goujons, chips, creamed coleslaw and herbed green riceR430
Mega MigaBeef schnitzel topped with cheddar & bacon, smothered in cheese & mushroom sauce.
Chicken Schnitzel Option
Bermuda TriangleChicken fillets topped with halloumi and avo, served with butternut, creamed spinach, drizzled with a creamy lemon sauce, and served on a bed of mash.R99
Pollo GambasPrawns & chicken strips sauteed in a chili & garlic infused cream served on a bed of herbed green rice and finished with avo.R179
Crumbed CalamariTender calamari rings, crumbed & flash-fried, served with creamed coleslaw & Cubana tartare sauceR125

Cubana Dessert Cocktails

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Lady DiAmarula, vodka & caramel are elegantly shaken with choc-mint cream & hint of rose. Royalty!R52
Mallow TreatMarshmallow pop, Soco, banana liqueur, creamy blend & ice creamR52
Patron CabronPatron XO layered with whiskey, amarula, creamy blend & ice creamR79
Choc Chip CookiePeppermint, Amarula, white cacao, Kahlua, choc chips, Frangelico & ice creamR72
Perfectly Pink ComfortThe perfect strawberry blend of soco, amarula, Chambord, strawberry pulp & ice creamR85
Hazel DreamOlmeca edition black tequila, Amarula, Frangelico, and hazelnuts, blended with banana & ice creamR79

Cubana Drink Specialities

Drink NamePrice (R)
El Draco
Vanilla Sky
R69 Each
Usain BoltR119
Marching RebelR95
Bebida Del SurR95

Cubana Shots Menu

ShotsPrices (R)
Mallow Magma
Senorita Lubricanto
Muff Dive
Slippery Nipple
R22 Each
Chocolate CakeR32
G SpotR28
Jelly BabyR25
Hard LickingR28
Latino NutsR26
Olmeca RitualR38
Muerto ReposadoR45

Cubana Southgate Menu

Address: Cubaña Southgate, Shop 1, Corner Rifle Range Road &, Columbine Ave, Mondeor, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa

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