The Capital 15 On Orange is a famous hotel and spa in South Africa. This hotel offers food for those living in the hotel as well as for the external patrons.

The hotel offers a range of delicious menu items. The menu is broadly classified as A La Carte Menu and All Day Dining Menu. The A La Carte Menu includes starters, mains, from the broiler, side dishes, sauces, and desserts.

All-day Dining Menu includes sandwiches & light meals, bowl food, platters, sweet selection, smoothies, fresh juices, tea, and coffee. The hotel also offers home or office delivery services through Mr. D delivery. You can order from anywhere, any time.

The hotel has various branches across South Africa. You can find your nearest one easily and enjoy food or living there. The room fares are affordable. The menu prices are also pocket-friendly.

The hotel staff is very kind, friendly, and well-mannered. As you enter the hotel, you are warmly welcomed by the trained staff. You feel like you are at home. Overall, it is a must-visit hotel.

A La Carte Menu

CategoryMenu ItemPrice (R)
StartersBeef Tartare With Crisp BreadR 120.00
Chilli Ginger Wanton Soup (V)R 90.00
Salt & Pepper Fried Calamari (F)R 105.00
Honey Chili Glazed Prawns (F)R 125.00
Sautéed Duck LiversR 110.00
Beetroot & Goat Chevin Salad (V) (N)R 95.00
MainsGrilled Line Fish Of The Day (F)R 220.00
Teriyaki Norwegian Salmon (F)R 260.00
Red Wine Braised Lamb Shank (350g)R 285.00
Potato Gnocchi Gorgonzola (V) (N)R 145.00
Butter Chicken CurryR 170.00
Biltong Spiced SpringbokR 250.00
BBQ Roast Pork Belly (P)R 245.00
From The BroilerSirloin Steak (250g)R 225.00
Beef Fillet (250g)R 315.00
Rib Eye (250g)R 320.00
Side DishesParmesan Truffle FriesR 50.00
Mashed PotatoR 50.00
Steamed Basmati RiceR 50.00
Side SaladR 50.00
Vegetable MedleyR 50.00
Sauces (V)Green Peppercorn (V)R 38.00
Béarnaise (V)R 38.00
Lemon-Garlic ButterR 38.00
Forest Mushroom RagoutR 38.00
Roast Garlic AioliR 38.00
DessertsBlack & White SouffléR 90.00
Vanilla Panna Cotta (N)R 90.00
Crème Catalan Bowl (N)R 95.00
Milk Chocolate & Banana Mousse (N)R 95.00
Baked Vanilla CheesecakeR 95.00
Orange & Passionfruit Curt Tartlet (N)R 90.00

All Day Dining

CategoryMenu ItemPrice (R)
Sandwiches & Light MealsClub Sandwich (P)R 130.00
The Caprese (V) (N)R 125.00
Smoked Salmon Trout Baguette (F)R 140.00
Classic Reuben (P)R 135.00
Gourmet Beef BurgerR 150.00
Penne Carbonara (P)R 145.00
Beer Battered Fish & Chips (F)R 185.00
Bowl FoodMixed Berry Smoothie Bowl (N)R 85.00
Green Thai Chicken & Prawn Curry Bowl (F)R 145.00
Teriyaki Salmon Poke Bowl (F)R 155.00
Middle Eastern Lamb Bowl (N)R 150.00
Chicken Caesar Bowl (P) (F)R 135.00
PlattersCharcuterie Platter (P)R 180.00
Cheese Platter (V)R 180.00
Sweet SelectionCrème Catalan Bowl (N)R 95.00
Raw Chocolate Mousse Bowl (N)R 98.00
SmoothiesPeanut Butter & Jelly (N)R 68.00
Berries & Cream (N)R 62.00
Raw Chocolate (N)R 68.00
Almond Matcha (N)R 70.00
Yellow Healer (N)R 65.00
Fresh JuicesGinger, Beetroot, Carrot & AppleR 58.00
Orange, Pineapple & CarrotR 58.00
Spinach, Green Apple, Lime, Cucumber, Mint & CeleryR 60.00
Ginger, Carrot, Turmeric & GrapefruitR 58.00
Strawberry, Pineapple & AppleR 58.00
TeaRooibos & CeylonR 26.00
Specialty TeasR 30.00
CoffeeFilter CoffeeR 32.00
Decaf CoffeeR 36.00
Espresso SingleR 32.00
Espresso DoubleR 34.00
CappuccinoR 38.00
Red CappuccinoR 42.00
MacchiatoR 32.00
AmericanoR 36.00
Caffé LattéR 42.00
Chai LatteR 42.00
Iced Café MochaR 45.00
Hot ChocolateR 45.00

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