The Blockman is a famous restaurant in South Africa. The Blockman looks to the future while embracing the essence of the past. Their laser-focused service approach provides a distinctive steak experience for meat enthusiasts.

The Blockman name refers to both a concept and a real place. It all comes down to how you want to feel when you leave and when you’re there—the sensation of being welcomed and warmed.

Their preferred cattle are young, well-fed, graded, and have a lot of white fat dots going through the flesh. Here at the Blockman, they are focused on the top grade. Their Blockman searches for the best vegetables, both imported and local. They age all of their produce in-house, doing away with the intermediaries.

The Blockman is a venue for people to celebrate their lives. The staff members there are acquainted with you by name. It serves as a venue for gatherings and dining with loved ones. Vassilios Holiasmenos, the owner and head chef, has adopted a novel strategy for the Blockman.

They have a menu that honors every facet of the creatures they use. Eliminating intermediaries, they concentrate on aging and decomposing their meat, using the entire animal to celebrate its flavors and textures.

The Blockman Starters

StarterDescriptionPrice (R)
Giant Saldanha Bay OystersPlain or dressedSQ
Caesar SaladRomaine lettuce, pancetta, Dijon mustard, egg, anchovy, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, parmesan, and croutonsR90
Beef CarpaccioDone the chef’s wayR120
Charcoal Grilled Lamb TailsDone the chef’s wayR125
Beef TongueMustard and honey dressing, pickled onion, turmeric aioli, Brussels sprouts, pickled mustard seeds, and turmeric sauceR115
BurrataBurrata, cherry tomatoes, croutons, saffron oil, black olives, smoked tomato gazpacho.R150
Avocado RitzGrilled prawn, avocado, baby cos lettuce, mary rose sauce, and chivesR135
Beef TartareCognac, egg, anchovy, chives, red onion, capers, and grilled ciabattaR130
MusselsGrilled leeks, garlic, white wine butter emulsion, and ciabattaR95
Chicken LiversPeri-peri chicken livers, onion, garlic, white wine, house peri-peri, roasted onion, and ciabattaR90
Duck Liver ParfaitDuck liver, orange, roasted beets, raspberry gel, beet powder, and ciabattaR125
SnailsGarlic, Roquefort cream, caramelized onion, and ciabattaR95
Deep Fried CalamariRomanesco sauce, lemon preserve, caper, and black olive salsaR95
Blockman Bone MarrowParmesan, herb salsa, and toasted ciabattaR105

The Blockman Mains

MainsDescriptionPrice (R)
Blockman bangers and mashHouse-made pork sausage, parmesan mash, roasted onion, and red wine jusR185
Beef liversRed wine jus, roasted onion purée, pickled red onion, lamb kidneys, and parmesan mashR210
Deboned spatchcock chickenPeri peri or lemon and herb, house salad, and truffle chipsR210
Lamb rumpRosemary, garlic olive oil, oregano, pea purée, peas, lamb jus, and deep-fried potato fondantR340
Slow-cooked lamb shoulderSlow-roasted lamb shoulder, lamb jus, mashed potato, roasted onion, grilled butternut, carrot purée, and king crumble.R340
Miso and honey glazed pork bellyRoasted pork belly, aubergine salsa, black olives, capers, onion, grilled aubergine, tahini and miso paste puree, pak choi and sesame seedsR240
RisottoDone the chef’s waySQ
Braised beef shin 400gBeef shin slow-cooked in red wine, beef jus, saffron risotto, and seasonal vegetables.R310

The Blockman Seafood

SeafoodDescriptionPrice (R)
Whole line fishServed with chips and saladSQ
Signature fish of the dayDone the chef’s waySQ
Grilled prawnsLemon butter, house salad, lemon aioli, and truffle chipsSQ
Whole crayfishLemon butter, house salad, lemon aioli, and truffle chipsSQ

The Blockman Burgers

BurgersPrice (R)
Bacon and Blue CheeseSQ
Cranberry and Deep Fried CamembertSQ
Bacon, Avocado, Egg, and CheddarSQ
Burger and LobsterR185

The Blockman Signature Cuts

Signature CutsDescriptionPrice (R)
Ribeye, 300gMushroom cream, wild mushrooms, bone marrow, and potato dauphinoiseR310
Rump, 300gMadagascan pepper sauce, parmesan mash, orange zest, slow roasted onion, black garlic, and spring onionsR310
Fillet, 300gBordelaise sauce, carrot purée, grilled onion, bone marrow, deep-fried potato dauphinoise, and biltong crumble.R315

Blockman Cuts

Blockman CutsWeightPrice (R)
Rump no fat300gR215
Lamb chops360gR315

Blockman Cuts on the Bone

Blockman Cuts on the BoneWeightPrice (R)
Côte de Boeuf650gR520
Prime Rib650gR350

The Blockman Ribs

RibsWeightPrice (R)
Pork Ribs650g/1KgR260/380
Lamb Ribs650gR380
Beef Ribs500g/800gR250/345

The Blockman Premium Cuts

Premium CutsDescriptionPrice (R)
Guldenvrug, Black AngusT-Bone 550gSQ
Guldenvrug, Black AngusFillet on the bone 400gSQ
Guldenvrug, Black AngusPrime Rib 650gSQ
Guldenvrug, Black AngusRibeye on the bone 650gSQ
Silent Valley WagyuSirloin 300gSQ
Silent Valley WagyuT-Bone 500gSQ
Silent Valley WagyuSirloin on the bone 500gSQ
Migo’s JerseyPrime Rib 300gSQ

The Blockman Salads

SaladsDescriptionPrice (R)
Caesar saladRomaine lettuce, pancetta, Dijon mustard, egg, anchovy, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, parmesan and croutonsR115
Roasted butternut saladRoasted butternut, feta, carrot jam, baby spinach, avocado, wild rocket, pumpkin seeds, chili, and honey mustard dressingR125
Blue cheese and biltong saladBlue cheese, biltong, baby lettuce, avocado, sundried tomatoes, red pepper, cherry tomatoes, croutons, red onion, chives, and blue cheese dressingR145
Greek saladBaby cos lettuce, red onion, black olives, peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, oregano, feta cheese and olive oilR115

The Blockman Sides, Sauces & Butters

ItemPrice (R)
Blockman chipsR40
Blockman truffle chipsR98
Blockman side saladR65
Exotic mushroomR45
Madagascan popperR55
God’s gift butterR55
Braai broodtjieR50
Parmesan mashR50
Honey and miso glazed vegR55
Blockman onion ringsR40
Creamed spinachR55
Vodka and blue cheeseR40
Truffle butterR45
Blockman butterR55

The Blockman Desserts

DessertPrice (R)
Coffee crème bruleeR95
Malva puddingR85
Sticky toffee puddingR80
Raspberry CheesecakeR85
Blockman cheeseboardSQ
Cake of the dayR85

The Blockman Ice Cream

Ice Cream FlavorPrice (R)
Salted CaramelR38

The Blockman Coffees & Teas

BeveragePrice (R)
Single EspressoR23
Double EspressoR27
Hot ChocolateR35
Red CappuccinoR35
Chai LatteR45
Earl GreyR25
Five RosesR25
Green TeaR25
Lemon TeaR25

The Blockman Set Menu 1 – R550 P/P

CategoryMenu Item
StartersBeef Carpaccio
StartersBeef Tartare
StartersChicken Livers
MainsSirloin 400g
MainsRump 300g
MainsT-Bone 500g
MainsFish of the Day
DessertsCoffee & Bone Marrow Crème Brulee
DessertsCoffee and Bone Marrow Crème Brulee with Chocolate Ganache
DessertsMalva Pudding

The Blockman Set Menu 2 (Sharing Menu) – R850 P/P

CategoryMenu Item
StartersBeef Carpaccio: done the chef’s way
StartersBurrata grilled stone fruit, mint, passion fruit dressing, lemon verbena and basil oil.
StartersBeef Tartare cognac, egg, anchovy, chives, red onion, roasted onion mousse, veg crisps and pesto aioli
StartersChicken Livers: chicken hearts, fried potato dauphinoise, port and chicken jus
StartersAvo Ritz grilled prawns, avocado, chives, baby lettuce, and Maryrose sauce.
MainsSirloin béarnaise sauce, fried lemon verbena and pink peppercorns
MainsT-Bone 750g wild mushroom, mushroom cream, and potato dauphinoise
MainsPork Ribs 1.2kg served with chips and salad
MainsRump onion roasted mash, grilled leeks, grilled onion and peppercorn sauce
MainsPrime Rib served with chips and salads
DessertsCoffee & Bone Marrow Crème Brulee
DessertsCoffee and Bone Marrow Crème Brulee with Chocolate Ganache
DessertsMalva Pudding
DessertsPassion Fruit Custard, Banana, Passion Fruit Salsa and Vanilla Ice
DessertsMillionaire Shortbread Caramel Ganache and Honeycomb

The Blockman Set Menu 3 – R1250 P/P

CategoryMenu Item
StartersOysters freshly shucked on arrival
StartersBeef Carpaccio done the chef’s way
StartersBurrata grilled stone fruit, mint, passion fruit dressing, lemon verbena, and basil oil.
StartersBeef Tartare cognac, egg, anchovy, chives, red onion, roasted onion mousse, veg crisps and pesto aioli
StartersMussels, cream leeks, white wine, spring onions, and ciabatta
MainsBlack Angus Ribeye on the Bone 650g potato dauphinoise, wild mushroom, mushroom cream, and truffle zest
MainsWagyu Sirloin 300g grilled baby because lettuce, coffee chocolate jus, and grilled spring onion
MainsPrime Rib 650g mushroom cream, wild mushrooms, bone marrow, and potato dauphinoise
MainsT-Bone 750g Madagascan pepper sauce, roast onion mash, orange zest, slow roast onion, black garlic, and spring onion
MainsBeef Carpaccio done the chef’s way
DessertsCoffee & Bone Marrow Crème Brulee
DessertsCoffee and Bone Marrow Crème Brulee with Chocolate Ganache
DessertsMalva Pudding: Passion fruit custard, banana, passion fruit salsa, and vanilla ice
DessertsMillionaire Shortbread: Caramel ganache and honeycomb

The Blockman Bar Signatures

Cocktail NamePrice (R)
Your Morning CoffeeR90
Flowers and TonicR140
Smoke and a BoneR125
Summer In a GlassR95
The Butchers TeaR140
Just Like Grandma Used to MakeR115

The Blockman Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Cocktail NamePrice (R)
Seedlip Spiced Clover ClubR90
Elderflower SpritzerR90
Seedlip Flowers and TonicR95
Just Short PalomaR90

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