Crawdaddy’s, established in 1995 has become a landmark in Pretoria for its Seafood and Meat Dishes and has created a huge loyal family of patrons that keep the restaurant buzzing the year in and out. This restaurant has become famous because of its unique dining area, decorated with wonderful colors.

Their friendly and accommodating staff will go out of their way to make sure you have a great dining experience. Guests can enjoy a peaceful and quiet atmosphere and be assured that their needs will be taken care of.

Crawdaddy offers a wide range of menu items at affordable prices. All the items are prepared from fresh ingredients, and that’s the secret of its tasty menu items. The menu items include Seafood, Grill, European, Fish, Curry, Ribs, Fried, Traditional, Kids, Calamari, and Burgers. Overall, Crawdaddy is a go-to restaurant in South Africa.

Crawdaddy’s Starters & Appetisers Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Fresh OystersServed with fresh lemon wedges, tabasco, and black pepperR 28.50
Oyster Bucket(12 Oysters)R 320.00
Crawdaddy’s New
Orleans Oysters
Fresh oysters topped with smoked salmon, sour cream, fresh salsa, and
chopped chives
R 34.00
Springbok CarpaccioLightly smoked Springbok Carpaccio with shaved parmesan, chopped
basil, olives, and capers served with a balsamic onion pickle & ciabatta
R 112.00
Nachos Grande (V)Freshly deep-fried corn tortillas. Stone-ground spicy corn chips
smothered with melted mozzarella, cheddar cheese & peppadews with salsa
and avo dips on the side (Avo dip seasonal)
R 95.00
Craw ChowsRoasted spud skins, bacon pieces smothered with mozzarella & cheddar
cheese with salsa, avo dips, and jalapeño
R 92.00
Rissoles PrawnHomemade with prawn meatR 85.00
Jalapeño Poppers (V)Cajun style on a stick. Jalapeño’s stuffed with cheddar and cream cheese,
served with Crawdaddy’s mayo
R 78.00
Buffalo WingsDeep-fried drummets. Crispy, lightly battered chicken wing drummettes
tossed and coated in a sriracha lemon peri sauce, a lemon feta & butter sauce, or sticky BBQ
R 85.00
Onion Rings(Battered)R 50.00
Calamari (Grilled)Grilled with lemon & herbs, served with riceR 90.00
Calamari (Crumbed
& Deep Fried)
Crumbed & deep-fried, served with riceR 92.00
Squid Heads
(Flash Fried)
Deep-fried or grilled, served with lemon butter or tartare sauceR 79.00
Crumbed Mushrooms
Crumbed half-button mushrooms in a small potjie served with tartareR 90.00
Chicken Livers (Spicy)Panfried – served in a small potjie. Portuguese peri-peri with tomato served hot or mildR 75.00
Giblets Peri-Peri (Spicy)Chicken giblets in a Portuguese peri-peri tomato base with fresh chili, bay leaves,
and white wine
R 72.00
Moroccan Beef Strips
Served in a small potjie. Panfried, marinated beef strips grilled in a traditional
Moroccan sauce recipe (plenty of garlic, peri-peri, chili, wine, and olives) served with
sliced brown bread
R 105.00
MusselsServed in a small potjie. Half-shell or full-shell mussels (subject to availability)
poached in a creamy garlic white wine sauce
R 115.00
Halloumi Cheese (V)A grilled Cypriot-type cheese served with lemon wedgesR 80.00
Halloumi Cubes (V)Deep-fried halloumi cubes sprinkled with garlic lemon zest, butterR 80.00
Garlic & Cheese Rolls
(Classic) (V)
A roll stuffed with garlic butter, topped with a duo of melted cheeseR 55.00
Bone Marrow and CiabattaBone Marrow and CiabattaR 85.00

Crawdaddy’s Snails Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Snails (Traditional)Crawdaddy’s original creamy garlic and wine sauce. Topped with melted
cheese (6 snails)
R 98.00
Snail Potjie PotSnails in a potjie with creamy garlic and wine sauce topped with melted
cheese. Ideal for feasting or sharing (12 snails)
R 135.00
Springbok Snails (The
fastest snails in Africa)
Snails wrapped in springbok carpaccio with a creamy garlic white wine
sauce, topped with gratinéed parmesan and freshly squeezed lemon (6 snails)
R 125.00

Crawdaddy’s Bruschettas Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Smoked Salmon (5pc)Toasted ciabatta with herb pesto, smoked salmon, capers, sour cream,
fresh salsa and dill

R 125.00
R 86.00
Magic Mushroom (V) (5pc)Toasted ciabatta topped with brown and portobello mushrooms sautéed
in garlic butter and wine, bound with cream, and topped with mozzarella

R 95.00
R 64.00
Italian Bruschetta (V) (5pc)Toasted ciabatta topped with a balsamic reduction of olive oil, tomato,
garlic, marinated red onion, and basil

R 66.00
R 48.00
Italian Bruschetta with
Springbok Carpaccio
A springbok carpaccio starter complimented with Italian bruschetta
topped with marinated tomato, onion, garlic, and oregano. (A large feast to share)
R 145.00

Crawdaddy’s Salads Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Greek (V)A basic green salad prepared the traditional way with onions, Danish feta, calamata
olives, and tomatoes. Add avo for an additional charge.
R 96.00
Roquefort (V)
Green salad with cherry tomatoes, shaved carrot, celery, apple, and a chunky Roquefort
dressing with fresh basil and caramelized roast peanuts. Served with toasted ciabatta.
(Dressing served separately)
R 115.00
Springbok Carpaccio
Springbok carpaccio on lettuce topped with marinated tomatoes, rocket, shaved
cucumber, avo, crumbled feta, and spring onion.
R 128.00
Deep Fried Calamari
& Parmesan
Deep-fried Falkland calamari on a light salad of mixed lettuce and greens drizzled
with Crawdaddy’s mayo and freshly grated parmesan.
R 125.00
Smoked Salmon
Slices of smoked salmon and avo on lettuce with cream cheese, capers, cucumber
fingers, and cherry tomatoes. Served with garlic ciabatta.
R 138.00
Sweet Crispy Chilli
Chicken Salad
Crispy deep-fried chicken strips tossed in a sweet chili mayo dressing with roasted
caramelized peanuts, roasted peppers, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes, Spanish
onions, and Danish feta on a green salad. Served with toasted ciabatta.
R 128.00

Crawdaddy’s Home Ground ½ Pound Burgers & Prego’s Menu

All burgers are served with French fries.

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Prego Roll (Spicy)A tender 250g sirloin with traditional hot peri-peri white wine prego sauce and caramelized grilled onions.R155.00
Chicken Prego (Spicy)Chicken breast fillet grilled with a slice of cheese and hot prego sauce or lemon butter.R125.00
Pure Beef Burger / Chicken BurgerCrawdaddy’s original plain basted with all the trimmings.R105.00
Cheese BurgerA ½ pound burger topped with a slice of melted cheese, creamy three-cheese sauce, and trimmings.R124.00
Bacon & Egg Burger (Traditional)A ½ pound burger topped with a fried egg, crispy bacon, and trimmings.R130.00
Sauce BurgerA ½ pound burger with any of the following sauces – cheese, mushroom, pepper, monkey gland, or creamy garlic and trimmings.R120.00

Crawdaddy’s Black Rock Gourmet Burgers Menu

All burgers are served with French fries.

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Jalapeño Bacon & Cheese BurgerSliced jalapeño in a cheese sauce topped with a three-cheese crust and honey-glazed bacon bits and trimmings.R145.00
Blue Cheese BurgerBlue cheese nuggets in a creamy sauce and trimmings.R130.00
Magic Mushroom BurgerMushrooms grilled in garlic and wine topped with a mushroom sauce and melted mozzarella and trimmings.R138.00
Roast Pepper & Feta BurgerRoasted peppers and onion topped with grilled feta and trimmings.R138.00
Camembert & Cranberry BurgerHalf a deep-fried camembert wheel and a caramelized balsamic onion reduction with trimmings. Garnished with basil.R155.00
Chicken Schnitzel BurgerA full chicken schnitzel topped with feta, sweet chili, and cheese sauce with fresh basil.R135.00
Sloppy JoeAvocado, feta, bacon, and sour cream drizzled with sweet sticky chili sauce.R138.00
Philly Peppa BurgerPepper-crusted beef patty, cream cheese, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes, and sweet chili sauce.R125.00
Who’s Your Daddy Burger (Spicy)Flame-grilled caramelized pineapple, double cheese, bacon, jalapeño, pickles, crumbed feta, and Craw mayo.R145.00
Brooklyn Chop House BurgerBurger with a touch of Craw mayo, topped with Swiss cheese, bacon, grilled mushrooms, and fried onions.R125.00

Crawdaddy’s Meat & Grills – Beef

Crawdaddy recommends steaks medium, medium rare, and rare as South African beef is naturally leaner in fat than European and American beef. Steaks cooked passed medium tend to be less juicy. Served with a choice of chips, rice, mash, baked potato, and side salad.

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Rump – Specials Board1kg – Be prepared to roll up your sleeves – this made us famous!
500g – A well-matured Crawdaddy’s classic
300g – For the less ravished appetite
A classic cut 28 days matured.
Steak and Greek SaladA 250g sirloin served with a Greek saladR160.00
Fillet – Specials Board
Tender and succulent.
T-Bone – Specials Board300g Rump basted with garlic butter, topped with oven-roasted shallots and garlic cloves, and capers with creamy garlic and parsley sauce. SQ
Saigon Beef StirfryTender beef strips seared in Cajun spice, sesame oil, chopped garlic, ginger, red onion, and mixed peppers with shaved cabbage and vegetables over a teriyaki Thai sauce. Served with Thai rice.R145.00
Beef Red Onion and grilled Cheese Schnitzel (A Classic)A sirloin schnitzel topped with fresh red onion, grilled cheese, and oregano.R150.00
Beef Cordon Bleu (With smoked mussels)A beef schnitzel rolled with asparagus, smoked mussels, cheddar cheese, crumbed and deep fried, served with a mushroom sauce.R168.00
Jalapeño Cheese Steak (Spicy)250g Sirloin topped with jalapeños in a cheese sauce, three cheese crusts, dusted with glazed bacon bits.R175.00
Transylvania SpecialCaramelised Balsamic Onion & Camembert
Sweet, sticky caramelized onions
in a balsamic glaze over a generous slice of camembert cheese garnished with basil.
Black Rock Mountain Steaks
Prime-selected steaks seasoned
only with Himalayan Salt. Grilled to perfection (no basting) and served with a roulade of garlic paprika butter
300g Fillet
350g Rump
Magic Mushroom Steak300g Rump topped with brown and portobello mushrooms sautéed in garlic butter and wine, smothered with a creamy mushroom sauce, topped with melted mozzarella cheese.R195.00
Caramelised Balsamic Onion & Camembert
Sweet, sticky caramelised onions
in a balsamic glaze over a generous slice of camembert cheese garnished with basil.
250g Fillet
250g Sirloin
Hot Buttered Feta SirloinA lemon butter-basted prime sirloin topped with freshly chopped red/green chilies, Danish feta, and a hint of lemon, garlic, and basil.R188.00
Snailoin (Crawdaddy’s Original House Special)250g Sirloin with six succulent snails, covered in creamy garlic sauce and grilled cheese crust.R198.00
The Tomahawk & Bone MarrowSQ A ribeye beef steak served with bone marrow roasted with salt and pepper.
The Tomahawk SteakSQ A ribeye beef cut with 5 inches of rib bone left intact. The extra-long, French-trimmed bone utilizes the same culinary technique that shapes the rack of lamb with a hint of garlic.
Cheeloin250g Sirloin with melted cheddar, topped with half mushroom and half cheese sauce, garnished with parmesan shavings and fresh basil.R188.00
Pepper Steak & Three Peppers
A tender and succulent steak rolled in a crust of black pepper, topped with a pepper sauce and grilled peppers and onion
250g Fillet
300g Rump
Black Rock DeconstructedA prime middle section grain-fed 750g T-bone, flame-grilled, perfectly carved, and filleted (sliced) from the bone, basted with garlic, lemon, rosemary oil, chili, and rock-salted butter.R310.00

Crawdaddy’s Meat & Grills – Pork

Served with a choice of chips, rice, mash, baked potato, and side salad.

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Pork Loin Chops2 Marinated pork chops with crispy crackling, layered with caramelized roast apple and sweet chili wine sauce.R170.00
Sticky BBQ RibsIndividual long belly riblets, grilled, basted, and slow-roasted with an extra caramelized sweet chili, ginger, coriander, and sesame seeds.

Spare Ribs – Specials BoardCrawdaddy’s special long belly rib.


Crawdaddy’s Meat & Grills – Lamb

Served with a choice of chips, rice, mash, baked potato, side salad
*Also see other lamb dishes under curries, chowders, and combo’s

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Lamb Loin ChopsThree flame-grilled lamb chops basted with olive butter, origanum, and lemon.R250.00

Crawdaddy’s Sauces

Sauce NamePrice (R)
Mushroom and Wine Sauce – Creamy Garlic SauceR32.00
Three Cheese Sauce – Green Peppercorn SauceR32.00
Monkey Gland SauceR32.00
Pemba Sauce – Mozambique sweet chili, lime, and coconutR35.00

Crawdaddy’s Meat & Grills – Chicken

Also, see other Chicken dishes under curries, chowders, combo’s & prego’s.

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Whole / Half Chicken FlattyFlame-grilled flatties marinated in special spices and grilled till tender. Flavors: Portuguese peri-peri (mild or hot), lemon and herb, or Asian (garlic, chili, ginger, and coriander).
Full-Specials Board

Pemba Style Chicken (Spicy)A half or full chicken grilled and topped with chili, coconut, lime, and red pepper sauce.

Chicken SchnitzelA classic… chicken breast lightly seasoned and crumbed, deep-fried, and served with lemon butter and sour cream or a mushroom, cheese, or pepper sauce.R130.00
Chicken Cordon BleuA crumbed chicken roulade with mozzarella, cheddar, Gypsy ham, and white asparagus. Topped with mushroom and cheese sauce.R175.00
Jalapeño Cheese SchnitzelA chicken schnitzel topped with jalapeños in a cheese sauce and three cheese crusts, dusted with glazed bacon bits.R155.00
Health Breasts & Greek SaladTwo grilled tender chicken fillets served with a Greek side salad.R145.00
Vietnamese Chicken & Pineapple StirfyChicken strips, fresh pineapple, and stir-fried with seasonal veg in a teriyaki sauce with fresh coriander and sesame seeds.R135.00
Turkish ChickenGrilled chicken with a lemon, yogurt, and honey-flavored topping.


Crawdaddy’s Fresh Seafood

Served with a complimentary lemon, garlic, or tartar sauce.

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Medium PrawnsSQ
Queen PrawnsSQ
Thai Prawns (Spicy)Grilled prawns served on fragrant rice topped with a Thai coconut cream sauce, fresh coriander, and roasted cashew nuts.6 Queen R210.00
Peri-Peri Black Plate Prawns (Spicy)10 Select queen prawns grilled and basted with garlic wine, peri-peri, and lemon butter, served over a bed of fresh chips.R310.00
Calamari (Falkland Tubes)Grilled with lemon butter.
Crumbed and deep-fried with spices.
Blackpot Mussels (When available)A generous portion of select half-shell or full-shell mussels. Prepared in white wine, garlic, and parsley sauce. Served with a crispy Portuguese roll.R178.00

Crawdaddy’s Fresh Fish Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Baby KingklipGrilled whole baby kingklip on the bone. Ask your waiter for size and availability.SQ
Hake Grilled (Select Fillets)A grilled fillet of succulent hake served with lemon, garlic, or tartar sauce.R140.00
Hake Crumbed & Deep Fried(Select fillets – Grilled or crispy deep-fried). A grilled fillet of succulent hake served with lemon, garlic, or tartar sauce.R145.00
Pemba Hake (Spicy)Grilled hake fillet topped with chili, coconut, lime, and red pepper sauce.R150.00
Sole (Grilled or Crumbed and Deep Fried)Sole grilled traditionally or crumbed and deep-fried. Served one medium or two small soles in a portion (Subject to availability).SQ

Crawdaddy’s Seafood Platters

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Crawdaddy’s Seafood PlatterPrawns, hake fillet, mussel, calamari & squid heads (To feast or to share)R445.00
Mini Platter (For 1)Hake, calamari, squid heads, and prawnsR255.00

Crawdaddy’s Original Chowders

Cajun-style cream-based cooking with our specially mixed spices. These are cream-based dishes and have a mild turmeric curry undertone served with Jasmine rice.

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Lamb ChowderTender cubes of lambR210.00
Crab ChowderWhole crab sections in the shell.R225.00
Chicken ChowderTender chicken fillet strips.R155.00
Seafood ChowderPrawns, calamari, mussels, and linefish.R210.00
Creamy Cajun Chicken, Corn & Bacon ChowderChicken, corn & baconR158.00
Calamari & Prawn ChowderCalamari and prawns.R210.00
Chicken & Prawn ChowderChicken fillet strips and prawns.R195.00
Mushroom & Halloumi (V)Grilled brown mushroom, halloumi cheese, and veggies.R170.00

Crawdaddy’s Combo Meals

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Calamari & ChickenCalamari and half chicken.R185.00
Calamari & RumpCalamari and rump 250g.R195.00
Calamari & SirloinCalamari and sirloin steak 250g.R198.00
Calamari & PrawnsCalamari and five prawns.R195.00
Calamari & Squid HeadCalamari squid heads and calamari tubes.R175.00
Chicken Strips & PrawnsCrumbed chicken strips and five prawns.R185.00
Chicken Strips & RibsCrumbed chicken strips and 500g rack ribs.R185.00
Rib & Rump500g Rack ribs and 250g rump.R248.00
Buffalo Wings & RibsCrumbed chicken wing drummets and 500g rack ribs.R255.00
Sole & Prawns1 Sole and five prawns.R240.00
Calamari & RibCalamari and 500g rack ribs.R198.00
Prawns & Rib5 Prawns and 500g rack ribs.R278.00
Prawns & Chicken5 Prawns and half chicken.R205.00
Chicken & RibHalf chicken and 500g rack ribs.R230.00
Chicken & RumpHalf chicken and 250g rump.R230.00
The Surf & Turf250g Beef fillet and five prawns.R285.00
Rib & Chops500g Rack ribs and two lamb loin chops.R295.00
Fish & PrawnsHake and five prawns.R210.00
Buffalo Wings & PrawnsCrumbed chicken wing drummets and five prawns.R195.00
Fish & CalamariHake and calamari.R185.00

Crawdaddy’s Vegetarian Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Mushroom and Halloumi Stirfry (V)A medley of julienne veg with grilled brown mushrooms on halloumi cheese in a sweet teriyaki sauceR155.00

Crawdaddy’s Curries Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Crab CurryCrawdaddy’s famous whole crab sections in the shell. Whole crab sections in an Indian coconut tomato-based coriander and curry leaf sauce.R245.00
Crawdaddy’s Seafood CurryMussels, prawns, calamari, squid heads, line fishR120.00
Mike Killian’s Curried Deshelled PrawnsDeshelled Prawns in a sweet tomato curry base.R220.00
Chicken CurryChicken breast in a tomato, coconut, and almond curry with fresh coriander.R160.00
Lamb Korma CurryTender leg of lamb pieces in a yogurt and almond-based tomato curry.R210.00
Vegetarian Curry (V)Tomato & yogurt base with assorted vegetables, cabbage, chickpeas, and lentils.R138.00
Hot Thai Green Coconut & Chicken Curry (Spicy)Chicken breast pieces with mixed peppers, peas, and marrows in a spicy chili, sweet green coconut curry sauce.R170.00
Deshelled prawns with mixed peppers, peas, and marrows in spicy chili, sweet green coconut curry sauce.Deshelled prawns with mixed peppers, peas, and marrows in a spicy chili, sweet green coconut curry sauce.R198.00

Crawdaddy’s Desserts Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Ice Cream and Belgium Hot Chocolate SauceVanilla ice cream with Crawdaddy’s special hot Belgian chocolate sauceR70.00
Rocky Road Ice Cream SundaeCaramel, chocolate, marshmallows with shortbread, cherries, peanut brittle, Turkish delight, toasted coconut and other goodies.R78.00
Peppermint Crisp TartMade with double thick cream, caramel, and peppermint crisp on a crunchy base, served with ice cream (contains alcohol)R70.00
Malva PuddingMade the Voortrekker way (boerekos is koning!) and served with homemade custard or ice cream.R70.00
Créme Brûlée – House SpecialityMade with vanilla beans. A classic baked custard with a hard caramelized sugar topping.R68.00
ChocolateThe best cold chocolate dessert ever.R65.00
Ice Cream and hot Salted Caramel SauceVanilla ice cream with Crawdaddy’s special hot salted caramel sauce.R68.00

Crawdaddy’s Coffee & Hot Drinks

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Espresso SingleR22.00
Espresso DoubleR26.00
Filter CoffeeR26.00
Cappuccino MilkR32.00
Cappuccino CreamR34.00
Caffe LatteR42.00
Double Hot ChocolateR48.00

Crawdaddy’s Irish Coffee Options

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Amarula SingleR52.00
Amarula DoubleR78.00
Kahula SingleR52.00
Kahula DoubleR78.00
Cape Velvet SingleR52.00
Cape Velvet DoubleR78.00
Jameson SingleR52.00
Jameson DoubleR78.00
Craw Coffee OriginalR48.00

Crawdaddy’s Dom Pedro’s Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Dom Pedro WhiskeyWhiskey, Amarula, or Cape VelvetSingle R58.00, Double R78.00
Kahlua PedroFrangelico PedroSingle R58.00, Double R78.00
The Nut Cracker PedroAmaretto, Frangelico, Chocolate VodkaSingle R58.00, Double R78.00
Uncle JackJack DanielsSingle R58.00, Double R78.00

Crawdaddy’s Gourmet Shakes – Double Thick

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Turkish DelightR58.00
Coffee ShakeR58.00
Oreo Cookie ShakeR58.00
Lemon MeringueR58.00
Double Chocolate Shake – Made with Crawdaddy’s hot chocolate sauce, blended together with choc chips.R58.00
Salted Caramel ShakeR58.00

Crawdaddy’s Regular Milkshakes

Menu ItemPrice (R)

Crawdaddy’s Iced Coffee & Frappes

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Crawdaddy’s Iced CoffeeR48.00
Hazelnut Iced CoffeeR48.00
Mint Choc Eskimo FrappeR46.00
Milk Tart FrappeR46.00

Crawdaddy’s Brooklyn Menu

Address: Crawdaddy’s Brooklyn, 02, Brooklyn Piazza, Middle St, Brooklyn, Pretoria, 0145, South Africa

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