Mustang Sally’s Pub & Diner is a famous restaurant, located at Montana AH, Pretoria, 0186, South Africa. It is an American-style restaurant, famous for its unique and tasty meals. As you enter the restaurant, you feel like you are in America.

The restaurant offers a wide range of menus, including Pizzas, Baskets, Frenzic Shakes, Giant Burgers, Classic American, Starters, Wraps, NEW on the Menu, Kiddies Menu, Desserts, Hot Beverages, Grills, Mexican Options, Toasted Sandwiches, Salads, Cocktails, and Naughty Shakes.

The patrons in South Africa love this restaurant because it gives you American vibes. Mustang Sally’s Pub & Diner is more than just a restaurant, it’s an experience. Once you go there, you love to go there more and more.

Compared to the high standards, quality of foods, location, views, and atmosphere, the prices are very low. But the good thing is that the prices are affordable for anyone. Besides all the menu categories mentioned above, the restaurant also serves wines.

This restaurant is suitable for friend and family gatherings. The restaurant has an outdoor seating area. The restaurant also serves vegan dishes with meats and fast food. You can go there with kids as the restaurant offers a kids’ menu also.

Overall, with its tasty dishes, a wide range of menus, quick service, cool and calm atmosphere, this restaurant is a must-visit restaurant in South Africa.


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Garlic Snail PizzaR139.90
Boere ElvisR139.90
Marilyn’s FavouriteR139.90
Meat MonsterR159.90
Sexy CorvetteR159.90
Audrey Hepburn’s GardenR159.90
Hoggy DavidsonR159.90


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Variety WingsR129.90
Rib & Wing BasketR119.90
Jalapeno, Mac & Cheese BasketR109.90
Slider & Corndog BasketR109.90
Variety BasketR139.90
Corndog BasketR99.90
Meat BasketR199.90
Chicken BasketR200.90
Cheese Griller Jalapeno PoppersR134.90
Cheese GrillerR94.90

Frenzic Shakes

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Kayleigh’s SmileR89.90
Salted CaramelR84.90
Toasted MarshmallowR84.90
Strawberry CandyflossR84.90
Death by ChocolateR94.90
Peanut BrittleR79.90
Banana CrunchR74.90
Toffee DelightR79.90
Fudge ToffeeR87.90
Zoo CookieR74.90
Nutella & Peanut ButterR89.90
Creme BruleeR79.90
Peppermint AeroR94.90
Liquorice AllsortsR89.90
Cherry Berry FizzpopR89.90
Birthday CakeshR94.90
Cherry FruitR89.90
Cherry PieR94.90
Strawberry MerangueR89.90
Caramel Ginger BreadR79.90
Turkish Delight ShakeR84.90

Giant Burgers

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Classic SallyR89.90
Classic Cheese BurgerR139.90
Chicken BurgerR109.90
Classic GrillR99.90
Southern Fried Chicken BurgerR109.90
James Dean Show OffR124.90
John F. Kennedy HottieR124.90
Sexy MarilynR124.90
Audrey Hepburn’s Dreamy EyesR124.90
Mustang Sally’s Signature SurpriseR139.90
Double Hollywood ChickenR139.90
Vegetarian BurgerR129.90
Rockefeller BurgerR219.90
Dallas Cowboy BurgerR139.90
Batman BurgerR139.90

Classic American

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Mac & Cheese BallsR89.90
Chicken StripsR99.90
Monster Club SamiR139.90
Miss Piggy PorkerR149.90
Super Saucy Ribs500g R199.90
Monster Cheese Footlong1kg R289.90
Jalapeno Cheesy FootlongR109.90
Down South Chicken & WaffleR129.90
Southern Fried Chicken Footlong with Delightful Feta WhipR99.90


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Jalapeno PoppersR79.90
Cheese Griller Jalapeno PoppersR89.90
Crumbed MushroomsR59.90
Chicken WingsR74.90
Chicken LiversR64.90
Garlic SnailsR74.90
1/2 Portion Chicken StripsR59.90
Mini TacosR89.90


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken & Mango WrapR89.90
Chicken & Danish Feta WrapR89.90
Biltong, Cream Cheese & Peppadew WrapR99.90

NEW on the Menu

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Rockefeller Skewer BurgerR199.90
600g Beef EspatadaR219.90
Arizona Legend BurgerR119.90
Dallas Cowboy BurgerR119.90
Batman BurgerR119.90
Spiderman’s Web Trio SlidersR89.90
Mini TacosR89.90
Brisket FootlongR119.90

Kiddies Menu

Menu ItemPrice (R)
2x CorndogsR49.90
2x Corndogs with ChipsR59.90
Junior Burger 100g PattyR59.90
Junior Burger with ChipsR69.90
3x Sliders 50g Patties with ChipsR64.90
Kiddies Chicken Strips with ChipsR69.90
Chicken Nuggets with ChipsR49.90
Boneless Rib Burger with ChipsR49.90
Plate of ChipsR24.90
Cheesy FriesR39.90
Cheesy/Bacon FriesR49.90


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Waffle with Ice CreamR59.90
Death by Chocolate WaffleR94.90
Berry Goodness WaffleR89.90
Caramel Delight WaffleR89.90

Hot Beverages

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Irish CoffeeR44.90
Kahlua CoffeeR44.90
Hot ChocolateR19.90


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Rump Steak (300g)R133.38
1.5kg TomahawkR299.90
Garlic Snail Steak (300g)R169.90
500g T-BoneR159.90
Monstrous 1kg T-BoneR249.90
Philli SteakR169.90
Chicken Cordon BleuR119.90
Crumbed Chicken SchnitzelR99.90
Half ChickenR109.90

Mexican Option

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Vegetarian NachosR124.90
Pulled Pork NachosR159.90
Medium Portion Pulled Pork NachosR125.90
Add Jalapeno PoppersR24.90
Add Mac & Cheese BallsR14.90 each

Toasted Sandwiches

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Cheese & TomatoR44.90
Ham, Cheese & TomatoR49.90
Chicken & MayoR54.90
Double Cheese & MushroomR49.90
Bacon, Egg & CheeseR59.90
Huge DagwoodR129.90
The Elvis SnackR59.90


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Oriental Citrus & ChickenR94.90
Chicken Salad on FlatbreadR94.95
Halloumi SaladR99.95
Green Table SaladR59.95
Green Table Salad with Olives and FetaR79.95


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Turkish DelightR74.90
Blue LagoonR129.90
Strawberry DaiquiriR79.90
Long Island Ice TeaR89.90
Pina ColadaR99.90
Marilyn’s FavouriteR79.90
Bedroom EyesR129.90
Marilyn’s KissR129.90
Elvis KnockoutR139.90
Blood Orange DelightR119.90
Upside DownerR139.90
Strawberry MojitoR74.90
Sangria DelightR74.90
Strawberry R&RSmall R99.90 Large R139.99
MargaritaSmall R99.90 Large R139.99
R&R MargaritaSmall R99.90 Large R139.99
Elderflower GinR74.90
Pink Gin CocktailR74.90
Cherry Bubble GinR84.90
Green Apple Bubble GinR84.90
Pomegranate Bubble GinR84.90
Turkish Delight GinR84.90
Sparkling Watermelon DelightR99.90

Naughty Shakes

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Fudge CaramelR84.90
Toasted MarshmallowR84.90
Strawberry CandyflossR84.90
Death by ChocolateR89.90
Shake Me HomeR84.90
Decadent JackR89.90
Sally Williams NougatR89.90

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