In the heart of Sunridge Village, where the sun-drenched streets hum with laughter and the air whispers promises of woodfired magic, lies San Fernando’s Grillhouse & Woodfired Pizzeria. With the scent of sizzling char, the friendly clatter of plates, and the contagious warmth of delicious cuisine shared with loved ones, this modest hideaway is more than just a restaurant.

Enter and be engulfed in the raw beauty of exposed brick walls with dancing flames from a woodfired oven. With every breath, the tantalizing aroma of freshly cooked pizza dough combines with the sizzling steaks to create a sensory symphony that entices your appetite.

Wooden tables and cozy booths are bathed in a golden glow from warm lighting, which makes a laid-back atmosphere ideal for long talks and passionate giggles. Nothing beats the grill at San Fernando’s. Here, the skill of cooking with fire and the elegance of haute cuisine combine to create succulent, flame-kissed masterpieces out of the best cuts of meat.

The pure, unadulterated flavor is waiting to burst on your taste senses with every sizzle and snap of the flames. But the enchantment doesn’t end there. Go and allow San Fernando’s to enchant you, one delectable mouthful at a time.

Every mouthful at San Fernando’s is a tribute to their unrelenting dedication to culinary perfection, from the rustic appeal of their woodfired pizzas melting with molten cheese and bursting with fresh toppings to the delicate dance of flavors in their pasta dishes inspired by Italian cuisine.

San Fernando’s Grillhouse & Woodfired Pizzeria is the place to go if you’re yearning for a perfectly cooked, juicy steak, a pizza oozing with molten goodness, or just a warm and inviting space to spend quality time laughing and eating with loved ones. This event awakens your senses, satisfies your soul, and makes you want more—it’s more than a meal.

San Fernando’s Starters & Sides

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Nachos StarterA Chita topped with feta and zingy piquant peppersR126
Garlic PitaServed with either garlic lemon butter or chili & garlicR59
ChitaA garlic pita bread topped with mozzarella & parmesan cheeseR90
Piquante ChitaA Chita topped with feta and zingy piquant peppersR130
Side Greek SaladSide Greek SaladR57
Savoury RiceSavoury RiceR24
ChipsChipsfrom R27
Sweet Potato ChipsSweet Potato Chipsfrom R38
Roast VegetablesRoast VegetablesR53
CauliflowerWith cheese sauce.R63
Butternut & CauliflowerWith cheese sauce.R61

San Fernando’s Pizzas

PizzaDescriptionPrice (R)
Margherita PizzaTomato base with mozzarella (Vegetarian)from R56
Vegetarian Pizza (Vegetarian)Mushrooms, onions, olives & mixed peppersfrom R76
Hawaiian PizzaHam & pineapple.from R76
Caribbean PizzaBacon, banana & garlicfrom R76
Regina PizzaHam & mushroom.from R76
BBQ Roast Chicken PizzaBBQ chicken, onions, mixed peppers & BBQ saucefrom R76
Smokey Joe PizzaSmokey BBQ base, BBQ chicken OR beef mince with onion, mixed peppers & Smokey BBQ saucefrom R79
Bacon & Pineapple PizzaBacon & pineapplefrom R78
Beef & Avo PizzaBeef mince & avocado* (subject to availability)from R83
Rock n Roll PizzaBacon OR chicken, feta & avocado (*subject to availability)from R99
Salami & Rocket PizzaSalami, cherry tomatoes, feta & fresh rocketfrom R99
Salami Supreme PizzaDouble salami & extra cheesefrom R96
Bacon Supreme PizzaDouble bacon & extra cheesefrom R99
Four Cheese & Rocket Pizza (Vegetarian)Mozzarella, cheddar, feta, pecorino, caramelized onions & fresh rocketfrom R99
Deluxe Chicken & Mushroom PizzaBBQ chicken, mushrooms & a swirl of creamy saucefrom R93
Masala Steak PizzaMasala steak, onions, piquanté peppers, chili & a swirl of creamy sauce (Hot)from R99
Sweet Chilli Chicken With Feta PizzaSweet Chilli Chicken with Feta Pizzafrom R93
Chicken & Mayo PizzaMayonnaise base, chicken & mayo, topped with fetafrom R94
Chicken Hawaiian PizzaBBQ chicken, pineapple, piquanté peppers & fetafrom R94
Mexican PizzaBeef mince, Mexican sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, jalapenos & chili (Hot)from R94
Thai (Sweet & Sour) Chicken & Pine PizzaBBQ chicken & pineapple with a swirl of sweet & sour saucefrom R93
Adriatic PizzaSalami, mushrooms, onions & mixed peppersfrom R94
Pulled Pork PizzaBBQ base, mushrooms, pulled pork (shredded), feta & our famous, sweet & sticky BBQ rib saucefrom R115
Colorado PizzaCream Cheese base, beef mince, onions, cheddar & piquanté peppersfrom R96
Rib Delight PizzaRib meat topping (pork), onion & our famous, sweet & sticky BBQ rib saucefrom R101
Peri Peri Chicken Livers Pizza (Hot)Double Peri-Peri chicken livers, bacon & mushroomsfrom R96
Tikka Chicken PizzaBBQ chicken, mixed peppers, onions & hot tikka sauce (Hot)from R94
Casalinga PizzaMushrooms, asparagus, olives, mixed peppers & sun-dried tomatoes (Vegetarian)from R98
Caprese Pizza (Vegetarian)Mozzarella, roasted cherry tomatoes in olive oil, herbs & garlic with basil pestofrom R101
Kansas PizzaCream cheese, mushroom, chicken, mozzarella, cheddar, mixed peppers & creamy saucefrom R101
Magda PizzaBrie, ham, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and garlicfrom R101
Cheesy Steak Melt PizzaSteak & onion with a swirl of BBQ sauce, covered in melted cheddar cheesefrom R101
Caglio PizzaSalami, mushroom, pineapple & chorizofrom R101
Maiale PizzaSalami, bacon, ham & chorizofrom R101
Francesinha PizzaCream cheese, ham, chorizo & cheddarfrom R101
Milano PizzaChicken, bacon, ham & sweet chili mayo.from R101
Biltong E Pollo PizzaChicken, feta, biltong & sweet chili sauce.from R101
Californian PizzaChicken OR bacon, feta, avocado* (subject to availability) & garlicfrom R103
Boston PizzaBacon, spinach (contains garlic), avocado (*subject to availability) & fetafrom R111
Four Seasons PizzaSalami, avocado (*subject to availability), mushrooms, mixed peppers, olives & cherry tomatoesfrom R115
Nachos PizzaSpicy OR Plain. Salsa base, Mozzarella, Nachos Chips, Cream Cheese, Chicken OR Ground Beef Mince, and cheddar, topped with Guacamolefrom R118
Meaty Deluxe PizzaHam, salami, bacon, beef mince & BBQ sauce.from R109
Cheesy Prego Steak PizzaHot Prego steak (contains garlic) & cheddar (Hot)from R101
Biltong Fig & Brie PizzaBiltong, green figs, and brie topped with rocket.from R115
Club PizzaBacon, BBQ chicken, avocado (*subject to availability), feta & garlic with creamy saucefrom R115
Seafood PizzaCalamari, tuna, shrimp, mussels & garlic lemon butter sauce OR chili & garlic saucefrom R118
Butter Chicken Curry Pizza (Hot)BBQ chicken in a butter chicken curry sauce with cherry tomatoes & spring onionsfrom R103
San Fernando’s PizzaCream cheese, mozzarella, chicken, cheddar, bacon, piquanté peppers & sweet chili sauce.from R109

San Fernando’s Regular Pasta

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Carbonara PastaHam, bacon, salami & mushroom in a creamy white sauce.from R86
Bacon & Spring Onion PastaBacon & spring onions in a creamy white sauce.from R77
Fillet and spinach PastaFillet, spinach (contains garlic), feta, onions & garlic in a creamy white sauce (Contains Brandy).from R128
Pulled Pork PastaMushrooms, pulled pork (shredded), caramelized onions & feta in a creamy white sauce.from R86
Mushroom, Cherry Tomatoes & Pesto PastaMushrooms, cherry tomatoes & basil pesto (contains garlic) in a light creamed Napoletana sauce (Vegetarian).from R85
Francesinha PastaChouriço & ham in a creamy cheese sauce.from R85
Butter Chicken Curry PastaBBQ chicken, cherry tomatoes & spring onions in a creamy butter chicken curry sauce (Hot).from R103
Alfredo PastaMushrooms in a creamy white sauce (Vegetarian).from R65
Prego Chicken PastaBBQ chicken & cherry tomatoes in a creamy hot Prego sauce (Hot).from R85
Bolognaise PastaBeef mince in a tomato-based sauce.from R85
Chicken & Mushroom PastaChicken & mushroom in a creamy white sauce.from R86
Marinara Cream PastaCalamari, shrimp & mussels in a creamy white wine sauce.from R109

San Fernando’s Baked Pasta

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Al Forno Baked PastaPenne & beef mince in a creamy tomato-based sauce, topped with cheese.from R92
Caramelized Steak Napoletana, Baked PastaSteak, mixed peppers & caramelized onions in a tomato-based sauce, topped with cheese.from R92
Macaroni & Cheese PastaPenne & cheese sauce, topped with cheese (Vegetarian).from R70
Beef Lasagne PastaBaked layers of pasta & beef mince sauce, topped with cheese.from R96
Vegetarian Lasagne PastaFeta, spinach (contains garlic), mushrooms, cauliflower & zucchini in a creamy tomato-based sauce (Vegetarian) (contains carrots).from R96
Chicken Lasagne PastaChicken, onions, carrots, celery, mushrooms & garlic in a creamy white wine & tomato-based sauce.from R96

San Fernando’s Salads

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
French SaladCarrots, tomatoes, onions, mixed peppers & cucumber (Vegetarian).R76
Chicken, Bacon & Avo SaladHoney & Mustard chicken salad with bacon & avocado* (*subject to availability)R184
Thai Chicken SaladWarm Eastern-flavoured chicken served on a green salad with pineapple.R121
Greek SaladFeta cheese & olives on a green salad (Vegetarian).R106
Rump SaladGreen salad with warm Eastern-flavoured rump, feta & avocado* (*subject to availability)R184
Calamari SaladLettuce, red & green peppers, fried calamari, feta & calamata olives served with a lemon wedge & tarte sauce.R134

San Fernando’s Chicken Kebabs, Calamari, and curries

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken KebabsTwo skewers served with a side of your choice (choose a marinade – honey & mustard, sweet chili, Mexican chili, garlic & herb, or basting)R167
Main Calamari 300g300g, deep fried only, and served with tartare sauce. Served with a side of your choice.R176
Beef CurryServed with rice. (Hot)R172
Chicken CurryServed with rice. (Hot)R138
Chicken & Seafood CurryServed with rice. (Hot)R255

San Fernando’s Combos

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Surf & Turf Combo200g rump or Sirloin and 150g deep-fried calamari, served with tartare sauce and a choice of side.from R264
San Fernando’s Grill200g rump OR sirloin, 2 x lamb chops, 3 x grilled wings & boereworsfrom R437

San Fernando’s Flame-Grilled Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
T-Bone 500gWith a side of your choice.R312
Fillet 200gWith a side of your choice.R236
Fillet 300gWith a side of your choice.R316
Rump 200gWith a side of your choice.R184
Rump 300gWith a side of your choice.R218
Sirloin 200gWith a side of your choice.R184
Sirloin 300gWith a side of your choice.R218
RibEye 300gPlease choose a side of your choice, one of our steak sauces or one of our prawn sauces/Cajun spices.R313
Lamb Chops 400gWith a side of your choice.R326
Sticky Pork RibsWith a side of your choice.from R286
Sticky Lamb RibsWith a side of your choice.from R322
Sticky Beef RibsWith a side of your choice.from R331
Chicken BurgerGrilled OR crumbed chicken breast served with our creamy sauce.R123
Double Chicken BurgerGrilled OR crumbed chicken breast served with our creamy sauce.R157
Beef Burger 200gBeef Burger 200gR149
Double Beef Burger2 x 200g patty.R199
Spatchcock Baby ChickenChicken is done in BBQ or Portuguese Peri Peri or Lemon and herb.R299
Chicken SchnitzelPlease choose a side of your choice, one of our steak sauces or one of our prawn sauces/Cajun spices.R149

San Fernando’s Sauces for Steaks

SaucePrice (R)
Cheese SauceR29
Pepper SauceR29
Mushroom SauceR29
Mexican SauceR29
Cheese & Garlic SauceR29
Garlic SauceR29
Blue Cheese SauceR46

San Fernando’s Prawns

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
1/2 Kg PrawnsServed with a side of your choice, and choose one of the following sauces: garlic lemon butter/chili & garlic/lemon butter / Portuguese peri / Sweet chiliR397
1 Kg PrawnsServed with a side of your choice, and choose one of the following sauces: garlic lemon butter/chili & garlic/lemon butter / Portuguese peri / Sweet chiliR724

San Fernando’s Sauces for Prawns

SaucePrice (R)
Garlic Lemon Butter SauceR30
Chilli & Garlic SauceR30
Lemon Butter SauceR30
Portuguese Peri-Peri SauceR30
Sweet Chilli SauceR30
Cajun SpiceR30

San Fernando’s Desserts

DessertDescriptionPrice (R)
Peppermint CrispLayers of caramel, peppermint, crisp biscuit & cream.R80
Chocolate BrownieDelicious chocolate brownie topped with chocolate sauce.R71
Chocolate Mousse CakeServed with a choice of cream or ice creamR80
Carrot Cake (Contains Nuts)Served with a choice of cream or ice creamR80
Lemon MeringueServed with a choice of cream or ice creamR80
Strawberry CheesecakeServed with a choice of cream or ice creamR80

San Fernando’s Extra Condiments

CondimentPrice (R)
Salad DressingR18

San Fernando’s Cold Beverages

BeverageSizePrice (R)
Soft Drink 2L2LR57
Soft Drink Can 300ml300mlR30
Tiser 330ml330mlR44
Kids Juice 250ml250mlR27
Mineral Water 500ml500mlR30

San Fernando’s Take Away Specials

DealDescriptionPrice (R)
Duo DealAny 2 Large Traditional PizzasR245.90
Costela DealAny Large Traditional Pizza and a 400G Pork RibR355.90
Tentador DealAny 2 Large Traditional PizzasR215.90

San Fernando’s Restaurant Specials

DealDescriptionPrice (R)
Monday SpecialBuy any Large Pizza and get a Free Medium Traditional PizzaFree with Purchase
Duo DealBuy any Two Large Traditional Pizzas forR245.90
Costela DealBuy any Large Traditional Pizza & 400g Pork Ribs forR355.90
Wednesday Special20% Off All Regular Pasta (Excludes Baked Pasta)Discounted Price

San Fernando’s The Seniors Special

Senior SpecialsFor customers aged 55 years & older20% Off Food, Drinks & Desserts
AvailabilityMonday to Saturday (excluding Public Holidays)

San Fernando’s Sparkling Wines

WineDescriptionPrice (R)
JC Le Roux Sauvignon BlancBeautifully balanced and dry sparkling wine with upfront litchi, pineapple, and granadilla flavorsR37.90
JC Le Roux Le DomaineExpresses all the finesse and crispness of Sauvignon Blanc, intertwined with the gentle sweetness of muscadelR37.90
JC Le Roux La ChansonLively, ruby-red sparkling wine with a delightfully sweet palate of strawberries and plumsR37.90
JC Le Roux La FleurettePassion pink sparkling wine bursting with sweet, fruity flavors, hints of strawberries, plums, and tropical fruitR37.90
Perdeberg Lighthearted Sparkling RoséBrimming with fresh cherries, candy floss, berry notes, the sweet taste of watermelon, and berries on the palateR31.90
Nederburg RoséClean, fruity, and refreshing with aromas of candyfloss, cherries, strawberries, and dried herbsR43.90
Four Cousins RoséFlavors of luscious tropical fruits, peaches & raisins with a lingering, silky finishR43.90
Slanghoek Vinay Natural RoséDelicate litchi and berry flavors with a balanced sweet finishR31.90
Protea RoséBright cherry and strawberry perfume, a joyful mouthful of juicy strawberry and cherry flavorR43.90

San Fernando’s Rose Wines

WineDescriptionPrice (R)
Legacy JohannisbergerFull, gently sweet entry, lush and juicy mouthfeel, ripe fruit salad flavors, offset by tangy perky acidityR101.90
Nederburg SteinSemi-sweet with fresh fruit flavors, aromas of pineapple, apricot, and guavaR129.90
Drostdy Hof AdelprachtBursting with dried fruit flavors, rounded off with nice acidity to keep it fresh.R116.90

San Fernando’s Semi-Sweet Wines

WineDescriptionPrice (R)
Legacy JohannisbergerA full, gently sweet entry with a lush and juicy mouthfeel – ripe fruit salad flavors offset by tangy, perky acidityR101.90
Nederburg SteinSemi-sweet with fresh fruit flavors and aromas of pineapple, apricot, and guavaR129.90
Drostdy Hof AdelprachtBursting with flavors of dried fruit and rounded off with a nice acidity to keep it freshR116.90

San Fernando’s White Wines

CategoryWinePrice (R)
Sauvignon BlancLeopard’s Leap Sauvignon BlancR142.90
Sauvignon BlancDiemersdal Sauvignon BlancR199.90
Sauvignon BlancTwo Oceans Sauvignon BlancR124.90
Sauvignon BlancLa Motte Sauvignon BlancR199.90
Sauvignon BlancLeopard’s Leap Sauvignon BlancR31.10
Sauvignon BlancSlanghoek Sauvignon BlancR124.90
Sauvignon BlancDurbanville Hills Sauvignon BlancR46.90
Chenin BlancNiel Joubert Chenin BlancR165.90
Chenin BlancDouglas Green Chenin BlancR138.90
Chenin BlancKen Forrester Petit Chenin BlancR41.90
Chenin BlancO’Connell’s Sauvignon BlancR149.90
ChardonnayFat Bastard ChardonnayR224.90
ChardonnayO’Connell’s Chenin BlancR38.90
ChardonnaySlanghoek ChardonnayR142.90
White BlendGracaR124.90
White BlendZonnebloem Blanc De BlancR131.90
White BlendPierre Jourdan TranquilleR43.90

San Fernando’s Red Wines

CategoryWinePrice (R)
MerlotLeopard’s Leap Classic MerlotR159.90
MerlotProtea MerlotR176.90
MerlotSlanghoek MerlotR33.90
MerlotLeopard’s Leap Classic MerlotR129.90
Cabernet SauvignonHouse & Protea Cabernet SauvignonR43.90
Cabernet SauvignonO’Connell’s MerlotR172.90
Cabernet SauvignonNiel Joubert Cabernet SauvignonR159.10
Cabernet SauvignonProtea Cabernet SauvignonR216.90
PinotageNiel Joubert PinotageR199.90
PinotageBeyerskloof PinotageR219.90
PinotageSlanghoek PinotageR44.90
ShirazSlanghoek ShirazR176.90
ShirazProtea ShirazR176.90
ShirazDurbanville Hills ShirazR43.90
Red BlendChateau LibertasR142.90
Red BlendTwo Oceans Cabernet MerlotR124.90
Red BlendKlein Constantia Cabernet MerlotR234.90
Red BlendAlto RougeR249.90
Red BlendRupert & Rothschild ClassiqueR439.90
Red BlendPerdeberg Soft Smooth RedR36.90
Red BlendKoelenbergR129.90
Red BlendNederburg BaronneR174.90

San Fernando’s Cocktails

CocktailPrice (R)
Pina ColadaR69.90

San Fernando’s Beers

CategoryBeerPrice (R)
LocalCastle LagerR29.90
LocalCastle LiteR31.90
LocalHansa PilsenerR30.90
LocalCarling Black LabelR32.90
InternationalHeineken SilverR34.90
LocalMillers DraughtR33.90
LocalWindhoek LagerR34.90
LocalWindhoek DraughtR39.90
FlavoredFlying FishR36.90
CraftJack Black’s Brewers LagerR41.90
DraughtCarling Black Label (Draught)R46.90
DraughtCastle Lager (Draught)R39.90
DraughtCastle Lite (Draught)R44.90

San Fernando’s Brandy

BrandyPrice (R)
Richelieu KlipdriftR21.90
Richelieu 10 Year OldR37.90
KWV 3-Year-OldR26.90

San Fernando’s Rum

RumPrice (R)
Capt. Morgan BlackR22.90
Capt. Morgan Spiced GoldR22.90
Red HeartR22.90

San Fernando’s Vodka

VodkaPrice (R)
Belgravia PinkR22.90
Bombay SapphireR36.90

San Fernando’s Gin

GinPrice (R)
Cape to RioR22.90
Olmeca ReposadoR22.90
Ponchos Coffee InfusionR19.90

San Fernando’s Tequila

TequilaPrice (R)
Cape to RioR25.90
Olmeca ReposadoR32.90

San Fernando’s Mixers

MixerSizePrice (R)
Bitter Lemon200mlR21.90
Bitter Lemon300mlR25.90
Bitter Lemon330mlR25.90
Ginger Ale200mlR21.90
Ginger Ale300mlR25.90
Ginger Ale330mlR25.90
Club Soda200mlR21.90
Club Soda300mlR25.90
Club Soda330mlR25.90
Indian Tonic200mlR21.90
Indian Tonic300mlR25.90
Indian Tonic330mlR25.90
Pink Tonic200mlR21.90
Pink Tonic300mlR25.90
Pink Tonic330mlR25.90
Crème Soda200mlR21.90
Crème Soda300mlR25.90
Crème Soda330mlR25.90
Fanta Orange200mlR21.90
Fanta Orange300mlR25.90
Fanta Orange330mlR25.90
Ginger Beer200mlR21.90
Ginger Beer300mlR25.90
Ginger Beer330mlR25.90
Coke Light200mlR21.90
Coke Light300mlR25.90
Coke Light330mlR25.90
Coke Zero200mlR21.90
Coke Zero300mlR25.90
Coke Zero330mlR25.90
Sprite Zero200mlR21.90
Sprite Zero300mlR25.90
Sprite Zero330mlR25.90

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