Olive & Oil is renowned for its contemporary dining experience, dishes bursting with Mediterranean flavors, and welcoming atmosphere. This modern, elegant restaurant provides an intimate yet lively dining experience, making it the go-to spot for locals, tourists, business people, and families since 2006.

There is no better way to create lasting memories than over food that never compromises quality or flavor! At Olive & Oil, it’s all about the experience, uncompromised quality, and incredible food. The wine list includes some of South Africa’s premium wines, which will never disappoint you when paired with their famous signature dishes.

At Olive & Oil, attention to detail is critical, and their menu reflects their uncompromising approach to quality and flavor. Prepare for that famous Olive & Oil experience where you can sit back, relax, and leave your worries at the door. It is all about creating memories through family, friendship, and flavor-packed food!

Olive and Oil Bonjour Brekkie

Served from 9-11 am.

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Healthy BreakfastDouble-strained gourmet Greek yogurt, cocoa nibbles, roast almonds, coconut shavings, granola, and fresh seasonal fruit.R79.00
Apple Pie OatsGluten-free oats cooked with almond milk, peanut butter, raisins, cinnamon, and apple, topped with gluten-free oat crumble, toasted almonds, and coconut shavingsR85.00
Wakey Bakey Eggs… for our little-iesBoiled egg with dippy toast and a babycinoR29.00
Smashed Avo on ToastArtisanal toast of your choice topped with smashed avo, feta, and za’atarR55.00
BambinoArtisanal toast topped with egg, crispy bacon or cheddar cheese, and balsamic rosa tomatoesR49.00
Open Brioche Egg DropToasted brioche bun topped with scrambled eggs, cheese, crispy bacon, and caramelized onions.R58.00
Open Brioche Egg DropToasted brioche bun topped with scrambled egg, chives, smoked salmon, and avo.R89.00
The Greek GoddessArtisanal toast of your choice, topped with rocket, avo, crispy bacon, feta, balsamic rosa tomatoes, and two fried eggsR89.00
MediterraneanArtisanal toast, wilted baby spinach, avo, hummus, feta, tomato, soft-poached egg, and hollandaise sauceSingle R69.00, Double up R98.00
BaconArtisanal toast, bacon, garlic and thyme field mushrooms, wilted baby spinach, bacon, soft-poached egg, and hollandaise sauceSingle R72.00, Double up R98.00
Smoked SalmonA North African dish of eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce, chorizo sausage, smoked beans, and peppers served in a frying pan with artisanal toast.Single R85.00, Double up R149.00
Breakfast Fry UpEgg, bacon, roast balsamic tomatoes, garlic and thyme field mushrooms, sausage, and artisanal toast of choiceSingle R79.00, Double up R135.00
Spanish ShakshukaA North African dish of eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce, chorizo sausage, smoked beans, and peppers served in a frying pan with a choice of artisanal toast.R96.00
Brioche French ToastMaple candied bacon, white chocolate soil with a choice of fried banana or fresh fruit, and a drizzle of honeyR79.00
Keep it Crump-TiousCrumpet stack, fresh cream, maple syrup, and fresh fruitR58.00
Keep it Crump-TiousCrumpet stack, fresh banana slices, Bar One sauce, ice creamR58.00

Olive and Oil Open Sandwiches

On your choice of ciabatta, rye, or sourdough, Gluten free bread – add

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Hummus, Rocket, Roast Balsamic TomatoesRoast seasonal veg, thyme and garlic mushrooms, avo, crispy onions, basil pesto, and fetaR95.00
Rocket, Roast Balsamic ChickenSundried tomatoes roast red onions, feta, and avoR119.00
Smoked SalmonRocket, marinated cucumber, cream cheese, and avoR129.00
Rocket, Cajun FilletRoast peppers, feta, salsa verde, garlic aioliR135.00

Olive and Oil Salads

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Greek SaladMixed greens, cucumber, rosa tomatoes, red onion, peppers, feta, and olives.R125.00
Roast Vegetable, Feta & Avo SaladRoast seasonal veg, chickpeas, pearl couscous, olives, rocket, and avo.R140.00
Caprese SaladRocket, tomatoes, fior di latte mozzarella, balsamic reduction, and basil pesto.R160.00
Rosemary Chicken, Bacon & Avo SaladMixed lettuce, sliced rosemary chicken, bacon, soft poached egg, and avo.R166.00
Smashed Chicken and roast Butternut SaladGrilled lemon and chive chicken breasts served on mixed butter lettuce, roast rosa tomatoes, roast butternut wedges, feta, pine nuts, and a mustard and orange dressing.R172.00
Sticky Beef Fillet & Gorgonzola SaladMixed greens, grilled corn, rosa tomatoes, red onion, gorgonzola cheese crumbles, gremolata, grilled balsamic fillet served with a vinaigrette dressing.R172.00

Olive and Oil Light Meals

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Homemade Spicy Coriander Fish CakesServed with a side salad and lime mayo.R114.00
Mussel PanFull shell mussels, steamed and served in a creamy white wine bisque and crispy ciabatta.R125.00
Dargle Valley Pork Rib EyeMarinated and flame-grilled, served on smashed baby potatoes, roast veg, rocket, feta, and reduced balsamic.R125.00
Battered Fish & ChipsLemon wedges and tartar sauce.R152.00
Turkish Lamb FlatbreadCrispy focaccia topped with tzatziki, Turkish lamb mince, mint, feta, fresh rosa tomatoes, and pomegranate.R122.00
Woodfire Cajun HakeSeasonal veg and tartar.R165.00
Skinny Lamb ChopsPan-fried, mashed, seasonal veg, and basil pesto butter.R178.00
Coconut Cream CurryRoasted butternut, sweet potato, lentils, spinach, and crispy chickpeas served with basmati rice.R122.00
QuesadillasServed with sour cream.from R147.00
Brioche Bun BurgerServed with crispy onion rings and chips.from R122.00
Veg Mediterranean BowlRoasted veg, chickpeas, pearl couscous, smoked black beans, rocket, rosa tomatoes, cucumber, avo, and hummus.R110.00
Spicy Chicken Mediterranean BowlSpicy chicken, chickpeas, pearl couscous, rocket, cucumber, red onion and herb salad, dill yogurt dressing, hummus, and avo.R152.00
Cajun Fillet Mediterranean BowlCajun fillet, roast veg, rocket, cucumber, rosa tomatoes, and avo.R172.00

Olive and Oil Tapas/Starters

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Mediterranean DipsServed with warm focaccia.R96.00
Seared HalloumiHoney, lemon & pomegranate syrup.R88.00
Spicy Squid HeadsServed crispy with lime mayo.R89.00
Lamb, Feta & Pistachio MeatballsSumac yogurt and peppers.R102.00
Peri Peri Chicken LiversSautéed and served in our famous peri-peri sauce with a dash of cream and ciabatta.R99.00
SaganakiFried kefalotyri cheese, lemon wedges.R102.00
Camembert FritteDeep-fried, rocket & onion marmalade.R108.00
Crispy CalamariTruffle aioli.R115.00
Spicy Spanish FilletTruffle potato skins and garlic aioli.R114.00
Marinated Lamb RibletsGrilled to crispy mint yoghurt.R122.00
Calamari, Chorizo & OlivesGrilled cajun style.R134.00

Olive and Oil Sharing Boards

ItemPrice (R)
Garlic & Herb FocacciaR75.00
Cheese & Garlic FocacciaR88.00
Parma Ham Board – Focaccia, rocket, parma ham, basil pesto, pecorino shavings.R204.00
Salmon Board – Focaccia, rocket, smoked salmon, cream cheese.R225.00

Olive and Oil Pasta

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Mushroom & Truffle PastaWild mushrooms, cream, chives, parmesan, and truffle oil.R140.00
Gorgonzola GnocchiRoast butternut, creamy gorgonzola, rocket, and caramelized walnuts.R156.00
Spinach & Artichoke PastaGarlic, onion, white wine, baby spinach, grilled artichokes, crème, and cream cheese.R156.00
Bolognaise ArrabiataSlow-cooked bolognese, chili, and a dash of cream.R156.00
Creamy Chicken & Chive GnocchiRocket and crispy onions.R162.00
Chicken Pesto PastaChicken strips tossed with garlic, roast peppers, creamy basil pesto, and parmesan.R198.00
Moroccan Chicken PastaChicken strips, onion, peppers, and mushrooms in a creamy chili sauce.R198.00
Valencia PastaSmoked chicken and plump prawns tossed in a creamy Dijon sauce.R236.00
Gamberi PastaPrawns, fresh cream, white wine, tomato, and a hint of chili.R254.00

Olive and Oil Pizzas

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Margherita PizzaTomato, mozzarella, and fresh basil.R122.00
Casablanca PizzaTomato, mozzarella, roast butternut, feta, rocket and caramelized onion.R148.00
Vegetarian PizzaTomato, mozzarella, garlic, field mushrooms, spring onions, spinach, sundried tomatoes and feta.R153.00
Hawaiian PizzaTomato, mozzarella, bacon and pineapple.R156.00
Grecian PizzaTomato, mozzarella, bacon, feta and avo.R172.00
Mexicana PizzaTomato, mozzarella, bolognese, chili, onion, and peppers.R172.00
Venezian PizzaTomato, mozzarella, bacon, chorizo, feta, and fresh tomato.R180.00
Marakesh PizzaMozzarella, creamy harissa chicken, dill, yogurt, crispy onions, and fresh coriander.R185.00
Iberian PizzaBBQ pulled pork, garlic, onion, corn, peppadews, spring onion and coriander.R192.00

Olive and Oil Le Grande (Polo)

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Mediterranean ChickenChicken breasts filled with cream cheese, sundried tomatoes, spinach, and garlic, grilled and served on seasonal veg, parmesan potatoes, and creamy basil pesto.R216.00
Chicken ThermidorChicken breasts topped with prawns, thermidor sauce, mozzarella and served on creamy mash.R229.00
Balsamic & Thyme Roast ChickenDeboned thighs filled with spinach and feta, roasted until crispy, and served on parmesan smashed potatoes, seasonal veg, and a balsamic and thyme reduction.R229.00

Olive and Oil Le Grande (Pesce/Seafood)

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CalamariGrilled or deep fried served with a choice of side and sauce.R244.00
Kingklip OdysseyGrilled, topped with prawns and a creamy mussel sauce, bubbling mozzarella, served on creamy mash.R268.00
Grilled Prince PrawnsLemon and garlic or peri-peri served with savory rice.R254.00

Olive and Oil Le Grande (Carne)

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Fillet 200gServed with your choice of side.R242.00
Rump 200gServed with your choice of side.R204.00
Smoked Pork Ribs (500g)500g tasty smoked pork ribsR330.00

Olive and Oil Gourmet Grills

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Mushroom & Truffle Fillet (200g)Served on pan potatoes, roast butternut, and baby spinach with a mushroom and truffle sauce.R268.00
Best Of Both (200g)Fillet topped with pan-fried prawns and gamberi sauce.R295.00
Gorgonzola, Bacon & Avo Rump (200g)Aged rump topped with creamy gorgonzola, bacon, and avo.R243.00
Lamb Loin ChopsMustard mash, seasonal veg, port jus.R344.00

Olive and Oil Specialty Dishes

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Prosecco PrawnsServed on butternut purée, parmesan potatoes, lentils, and seasonal veg with red wine juice.R313.00
Seared Ostrich FilletServed on butternut purée, parmesan potatoes, lentils, and seasonal veg with red wine juice.R250.00
Mediterranean Roast PorchettaSlow-cooked pork belly roulade, cauliflower purée, bourbon and apricot glaze, and seasonal veg.R268.00
Asian Style Short RibSlow-cooked and served on creamy parmesan mash with seasonal veg.R282.00

Olive and Oil Kiddies Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Kiddies Mac & CheeseR76.00
Kiddies Chicken Nuggets & ChipsR76.00
Kiddies Margherita PizzaR76.00
Kiddies Chicken BurgerR76.00
Kiddies Bolognaise PenneR76.00

Olive and Oil Desserts

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Gourmet Ice CreamWarm chocolate brownie, white soil, chocolate wafer, and ice creamR59.00
Creme BruleeTasty creme brulee dessertR69.00
Death by ChocolateWarm chocolate brownie, white soil, chocolate wafer and ice creamR69.00
Affogato Cinnamon ChurrosVanilla ice cream, espresso, cinnamon churros, with Bar One dipping sauceR69.00
Kataifi CheesecakeCrispy pastry, walnut, and pistachio honey syrup, and fresh creamR85.00
Cake of the DayAsk your waitron what’s being served todayR59.00
Cheese BoardMouth-watering cheese board dessertR89.00

Olive and Oil Lunch Time Special

Choose one from each section below, depending on your course choice

Two-Course – Includes complimentary drink: R 169.00

Three Courses – Includes complimentary drink: R 189.00

StartersSpicy Squid HeadsServed crispy with lime mayo
Peri-Peri Chicken LiversSautéed and served in our famous peri-peri sauce with a dash of cream and toasted ciabatta.
Soft TacosSmoked beans, Asian slaw, and avo
Med DipsHummus and tzatziki served with warm focaccia
Main CourseCajun Fillet Med Summer BowlPearl couscous, roast veg, chickpeas, cucumber, tomato, yogurt dill dressing, rocket, hummus, and avo
Woodfire HakeLemon & parsley or Cajun style with tartar and seasonal veg
Marakesh PizzaMozzarella, creamy harissa chicken, dill yogurt, crispy onions, and fresh coriander
Pork Belly EspetadaGrilled, served on corn fingers with Asian slaw and chips
Mushroom and Truffle PastaMushrooms, cream, chives, parmesan, truffle oil served with your choice of penne or linguine
Lamb QuesadillasTurkish-style lamb mince, spinach, feta, and fresh tomato served with sour cream
DessertCrème BrûléeCreme brulee dessert
Kahlua AvalanchePancake topped with ice cream, Kahlua, and Bar One sauce.

Olive and Oil Christmas Day Menu

On arrival, chilled Aperitif was served with focaccia and Greek-style loaded hummus.

Per Person (Christmas crackers and hats included): R 895.00

StartersPlattersHot smoked peppered Norwegian salmon fillets, horseradish creme, caviar, prawn cocktail, and avo
Complimentary glass of Pongracz MCC
Wild Mushroom & Truffle Creme FilletGrilled to your liking, served on smashed baby potatoes, roasted butternut, and wilted baby spinach
Gamberi Con Panna PrawnsQueen prawns grilled and stacked on savory rice, topped with our famous chili con panna sauce.
Mediterranean Roast PorcettaSlow-cooked pork belly roulade, cauliflower puree, sticky maple syrup, and almond sauce with seasonal veg
Marinated Rack of LambServed with parmesan mash, mint pea puree, and maple carrots
Kingklip OdysseyGrilled, topped with prawns and a creamy mussel sauce, bubbling mozzarella, served on creamy mash.
DessertsBaked Kataifi CheesecakeServed with fresh cream
PavlovaMeringue filled with fresh cream and topped with fresh fruit.
Crème BrûléeRich custard topped with caramelized sugar
Cheese Board, Mince Pies, Coffee, TeaIncluded

Olive and Oil Umhlanga Menu

The menu is the same as provided above, and the location of this outlet is as follows:

Address: Olive & Oil, Oceans Mall, Lagoon Dr, Umhlanga, Durban, 6940, South Africa

Olive and Oil Westville Menu

The menu is the same as provided above, and the location of this outlet is as follows:

Address: O&O Cafe, 1 Link Rd, Dawncliffe, Westville, 4093, South Africa

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