Pick n Pay Stores Limited operates in the African retail sector through its subsidiaries and associates. Pick n Pay is the quintessential family store focused on the customer. Their offer to customers focuses on groceries, clothing, and general merchandise but also includes additional value-added services to cater to our customers’ expectations and evolving needs.

Since 1967, consumer champion Raymond Ackerman purchased the first few stores, the Ackerman family’s vision has grown and expanded to encompass stores in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Mauritius, Swaziland, and Lesotho. Additionally, Pick n Pay owns a 49% share of a Zimbabwean supermarket business, TM Supermarkets.

Pick N Pay offers a wide range of platters at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy life reasonably. Explore the best platter deals of Pick N Pay, as provided below.

Pick n Pay Platters

ItemPrice (R)
New Era Chicken Breast Fillets – For 2 x 2.7KgR340
PnP Snack Selection Platter Or Party Platter – EachR179.99
Mix PlatterR350
Meat PlattersR400
Pastry PlattersR400
Sandwich PlatterR250
Sweet PlatterR300
PnP Sausage Bite PlatterR570
Deli Platter PnP Cocktail Snack Plat 1EAR570
PnP Entertainment Cocktail Dip PlatterR449.99
PnP Entertainment Cocktail Dip PlatterR500.00
PnP Entertainment Sandwich Platter 1EAR350

Pich n Pay Affordable Platters

PlatterQuantityPrice (R)
Eskort Viennas (Smoked Or Red)2 x 1KgR130
Knorr Stock Pots (All Variants)3 x 4 x 28gR80
Rainbow Simply Chicken Fingers, Chicken Chickees & Nuggets Or Chicken Bites3R140
Fry’s Range (Nuggets, Meatballs, Burgers, Or Schnitzels)2 x 300-380gR100
M Chicken Portions Cook In A Bag (All Variants)2 x 1KgR190
PnP Festive Fruit Platter1R99.99
Villa Alegre 21cm Rectangular Platter1R79.99
Inspired Opal Rectangular Platter 38cm1R89.99
O2 Serve Fruit Clear 40cm Platter1R199.99


  1. Hi, can I please have photos of the platters. Hard to order something if you can’t picture it. 🙂 Especially interested in the following:
    PnP Snack Selection Platter Or Party Platter
    Mix Platter
    Pastry Platters
    Deli Platter PnP Cocktail Snack Plat
    O2 Serve Fruit Clear 40cm Platter
    Thank you

  2. Hi my name is Innocentia I would like to order a platter for 15 people please advise where can I get it from for Saturday morning

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