The Melkbos Kitchen is a fantastic restaurant located on the seashore of Melkbosstrand in South Africa. It’s the ideal location for a long, leisurely lunch or a romantic evening because of the breathtaking sea view.

The menu has a wide selection of delicious foods and a fantastic wine list. Every seafood enthusiast should sample the Melkbos Poke. The ambiance is laid-back and comfortable, and the staff is helpful and kind.

The experience more than makes up for the somewhat expensive costs. The meal is excellent, and the view is breathtaking. The beach is only a short distance from the venue, a house transformed into a restaurant.

Join them for a delectable breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Build-your-own alternatives, toasted breakfast rolls, eggs benedict, and much more are available. Sushi always works well when you are unsure what you’re in the mood for. All of the favorites are with them. Savor it with a bottle of wine and the breathtaking sunset over Melkbos.

Reservations are advised because there is a reserved parking lot across the street, and space is limited. Melkbos Kitchen is ideal for a leisurely meal or romantic evening if you’re seeking a nice place to spend it. Its creative menu, breathtaking views, and welcoming staff make it an unforgettable experience.

Melkbos Kitchen Breakfast Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Eggs CocotteEggs baked on a bed of creamy spinach topped with cheddar (B)R60.00
ShakshukaEggs baked in a herbed tomato sauce (B)
Add Fresh Chillies
Add Crispy Bacon
Add Chorizo Sausage
Toasted Breakfast WrapPoached eggs served on homemade potato rosti with wilted pepper spinach, smoked salmon, and hollandaise sauce.R65.00
Salmon Eggs BenedictPoached eggs served on a toasted English muffin with ham and hollandaise sauce, topped with balsamic roasted baby tomatoes.R65.00
Ham Eggs BenedictApple crumpet stack served with Mascarpone cheese, ginger syrup, and toasted nuts.R65.00
Bacon and Egg ButtieAn old favorite, a warm buttered roll with hot crispy bacon and fried eggR40.00
Toast (White, brown, or rye)Anchovette and fresh tomatoR30.00
Toast (White, brown, or rye)Piled with delicious avocado salsa (**)
(Chopped avo, thin slices of onion, and diced jalapenos with a dash of lemon juice and topped with fresh coriander)
Add Banting/Gluten-free slice for R8.00
Crumpet stacksApple crumpet stack served with Mascarpone cheese, ginger syrup, and toasted nutsR60.00
Crumpet stacksChocolate stack served with fried banana, chocolate sauce, and toasted almondsR60.00
Health NutHomemade muesli with Greek yogurt, honey, fresh fruit, and a selection of seedsR55.00
Filled CroissantAn old favorite, a warm buttered roll with hot crispy bacon and fried EggR60.00
Filled CroissantScrambled Egg and baconR65.00
Wicked oneCroissant French toast topped with bacon, banana, and maple syrupR55.00

Build Your Breakfast

ItemPrice (R)
2 eggs as you like – Scrambled, poached, fried, or omeletR20.00
Two rashers of baconR15.00
Beef sausageR12.00
Pork sausageR12.00
Sautéed baby Balsamic TomatoesR8.00
Sautéed MushroomsR8.00
Avocado **R12.00
Potato rostiR10.00
Baked beansR8.00
Toast (White, brown, or Rye)R6.00
Banting / Gluten-free sliceR8.00

Melkbos Kitchen Deli Boards

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Mediterranean BoardSpanakopita, Dolmades, Chicken Meatballs, Black Olives, Tzatziki, Humus, Marinated Peppers, Warm Pita BreadR95.00
Charcuterie BoardSelection of Spanish Cold Meats, Bread Selection, Olives, Marinated Peppers, Whole Roasted Garlic, Sliced Jalapenos, Humus, Sliced Pickled CucumbersR95.00
Fromage BoardHard Cheddar, Creamy Blue, Bocconcini Balls, Camembert, Chevin, Mixed Nuts, Preserve, Seasonal Fruit, Selection of BreadR110.00
Melkbos Kitchen BoardFavorites from each of the boards above served with a selection of breadR115.00

Melkbos Kitchen Kiddies Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Margarita PizzaR35.00
Chicken Strips & Mayo DipR27.00
Fish Fingers & Oven ChipsR30.00
Spaghetti Hotdog Bites – with Grated CheeseR25.00

Melkbos Kitchen Poke Bowls

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
“Just a Poke.”Salmon cubes marinated in a delicious Asian dressing served with sticky rice, cucumber, and Avocado**R95.00
Salmon cubes marinated in a delicious Asian dressing served with sticky rice, cucumber, and Avocado**“Pickle me, Poke”R95.00
Salmon or Tuna** cubes lightly drizzled with Ponzu Sauce served with Pickled radish, carrots, Sushi rice, cucumber noodles, Chilli Peppers, and Avocado.Banting poke bowl – salmon cubes with cucumber noodles, spring onion, Avocado**, sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds, served with a citrus-infused soy sauce.R90.00

Melkbos Kitchen Deli Sushi

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
No Rice
Hand Roll
(1 Pc)
Salmon, avo**, cucumber topped with spicy mayo and rolled in noriR65.00
(1 Pc)
Nori cone rolled and filled with rice and a filling of your choice:
– Tempura prawn, cucumber, and avo** with sweet chili sauce
– Spicy Salmon, cucumber, and avo** with mayo

(4 Pc)
Sushi rice with the filling of your choice and topped with mayo:
– Salmon & Avo**
– Prawn and Avo**
– Crunchy Veg

(4 Pc)
Sushi rice with a filling of your choice rolled in maki, and sliced:
– Salmon
– Prawn
– Tuna
– Avo**
– Cucumber

Roll (4 Pc)
– Salmon
– Spicy Salmon
– Spicy Tuna
– Crabsticks
– Prawn
– Crunchy Veg
– Veg reload with chimichurri sauce
– Smoked salmon with cream cheese & avo**
– Salmon and Avo roll topped with tempura rock shrimp & spicy mayo
(2 Pc)
– Salmon
– Tuna**
– Prawn
Roses (2 Pc)
(5 Pc)
– Tuna **
– Salmon

Melkbos Kitchen Platters

PlatterDescriptionPrice (R)
MBK Platter (12 Pc)Rainbow Roll topped with sweet chili sauce (4), Spicy Salmon Roll (4) topped with spicy mayo tempura shrimp (4)R120.00
Vegetarian Platter (12 Pc)Cucumber maki (4), Avo maki (4), Veg Reload (4)R90.00
Mixed Platter (32 Pc)Salmon Roses (4), Avo Maki (4), Spicy Tuna Roll (4), Spicy Rainbow roll (4), Salmon Sashimi (4), Cucumber Rolls (4), Crunchy veg Rolls (4), Prawn Nigiri (4)R320.00

Melkbos Kitchen Coffees

ItemPrice (R)
Flat WhiteR22.00
Single EspressoR15.00
Double EspressoR19.00
Café LatteR24.00
Iced Coffee LatteR27.00
Hot ChocolateR27.00
Decadent Hot ChocolateR32.00
MiniChino (Kiddies)R10.00

Melkbos Kitchen Teas

ItemPrice (R)
Green TeaR19.00
English BreakfastR19.00
Chai LatteR27.00
Red CappuccinoR24.00
Red LatteR26.00

Melkbos Kitchen Milkshakes

SizePrice (R)
Standard (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana)R35.00

Melkbos Kitchen Soft Drinks

BeverageSizePrice (R)
Sprite Zero330mlR18.00
Ginger Ale330mlR18.00
Crème Soda330mlR18.00
Fanta Orange330mlR18.00
Dry Lemon200mlR20.00
Grapetiser / AppletiserR22.00
Lipton Iced TeaR25.00

Melkbos Kitchen Aqua V still or sparkling mineral water

WaterSizePrice (R)
Aqua V Still or Sparkling Mineral Water300mlR11.00
Aqua V Still or Sparkling Mineral Water1LR23.00

Melkbos Kitchen Wine Menu

CategoryWine NamePrice (R)
Wine By The GlassGroote Post Old Mans Blend (White)R29.00
Wine By The GlassGroote Post Sauvignon BlancR40.00
Wine By The GlassGroote Post Old Man’s Blend (Red)R33.00
Wine By The GlassRed LorryR18.00
Wine By The GlassYellow LorryR16.00
BubblyGroote Post Brut RoseR185.00
Sauvignon BlancGroote Post Sauvignon BlancR145.00
Sauvignon BlancHermanuspietersfontein, Kat met Houtbeen (wooded)R255.00
Sauvignon BlancOndineR175.00
Sauvignon BlancYellow LorryR73.00
White BlendGroote Post Old Man’s BlendR110.00
White BlendWaverley Hills sauvignon blanc/semillonR135.00
White BlendWaverley Hills Premium VSC (ViognierSemillon
Chenin BlancOndineR175.00
Chenin BlancGroote PostR125.00
ChardonnayCorder FamilyR245.00
Blanc de NoirDeux FrereR145.00
Red BlendGroote Post Old Man’s BlendR125.00
MerlotNala PremiumR195.00
PinotageDoolhof, Dark Lady of the LabyrinthR155.00
Cabernet SauvignonNala PremiumR245.00
BeersCastle LagerR20.00
BeersCastle LiteR22.00
BeersWindhoek LagerR22.00
BeersWindhoek LightR22.00
BeersAmstel LagerR22.00
BeersMillers Genuine DraftR22.00
Craft BeersStranded CoconutR45.00
Craft BeersCape Town BlondeR45.00
Craft BeersScallywag IPAR45.00
CidersHunters DryR25.00
CidersHunters ExtremeR28.00
CidersSavanna DryR28.00
CidersSavanna LightR28.00
SpiritsJohnny Walker BlackR42.00
SpiritsGroote Post Old Man’s Blend (Red)R33.00
SpiritsKWV, 5-year-old BrandyR25.00
SpiritsAbsolut VodkaR33.00
SpiritsStroh RumR45.00

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