Pantellis is a famous Italian Kitchen Restaurant in South Africa. The restaurant offers a variety of menu items, including salads, starters, traditional pizza, adventurous pizza, gourmet pizza, kiddies items, pasta, burgers, ribs, bits, milkshakes, and other beverages.

Start your meals with mouth-watering starters, including garlic & mozzarella focaccia, bacon, feta & garlic focaccia, chicken livers, sesame seed & garlic focaccia, Don Corlioni’s Nachos, and wings.

Traditional pizzas include Margherita Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Benfica Pizza, Mexicana Pizza, Rib Pizza, Quatro Stagione Pizza, Occaputo, Regina Pizza, Siciliano Pizza, and Vegetarian Pizza, ranging in price from R 108,00 to R 165,00.

Kiddies’ menu includes Kid’s pizza, kids’ chicken strips, Kids’ Spaghetti Bolognaise, kid’s mac & cheese, kid’s burger meal, and kid’s ribs, ranging in price from R 78,00 to R 108,00.

At Pantellis, all the menu items are prepared from fresh ingredients. The staff is friendly and well-mannered. The atmosphere is relaxed and cozy. The service is speedy. The taste is unique and matchless. Overall, it is a go-to restaurant in South Africa.


Menu ItemPrice (R)
La Voce SaladR 131,00
Greek SaladR 97,00
Muto BifetoR 143,00
The Mets SaladR 131,00
The MadisonR 131,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Garlic & Mozzarella FoccaciaR 90,00
Bacon, Feta & Garlic FoccaciaR 90,00
Chicken LiversR 89,00
Sesame Seed & Garlic FoccaciaR 57,00
Don Corleoni’S Nacho’SR 97,00
6 WingsR 89,00

Traditional Pizza

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Margarita PizzaR 108,00
Hawaiian PizzaR 137,00
Benfica PizzaR 165,00
Mexicana Pizza (Spicy)R 165,00
Rib PizzaR 148,00
Quatro Stagione PizzaR 165,00
OccaputoR 137,00
Regina PizzaR 139,00
Siciliano PizzaR 165,00
Vegetarian PizzaR 148,00

Adventurous Pizza

Menu ItemPrice (R)
The Yellow Cab PizzaR 181,00
Positano PizzaR 177,00
Time Square PizzaR 181,00
Americano PizzaR 158,00
Gimignano PizzaR 165,00
The Jon Jon PizzaR 158,00
The Vegas PizzaR 153,00
Leoni PizzaR 170,00
Manarola PizzaR 171,00

Gourmet Pizza

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Capeesh PizzaR 193,00
Nadiano Pizza (Spicy)R 177,00
Velletri PizzaR 160,00
Paphos PizzaR 165,00
The Bronx PizzaR 177,00
Don Amici PizzaR 160,00
Toronello Pizza (Spicy)R 170,00
The Big Apple PizzaR 165,00
Scusi PizzaR 193,00
Buon Giorno PizzaR 170,00
Cyprus PizzaR 177,00
Nachos PizzaR 193,00
Ronaldo PizzaR 160,00
Tutto Bene PizzaR 165,00
Figaro PizzaR 170,00
Sweet Chili Chicken PizzaR 158,00
Mafia Hit PizzaR 177,00
Porto Fino PizzaR 158,00

Kiddies Menu

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Kid’s PizzaR 90,00
Kid’s Chicken StripsR 78,00
Kids Spaghetti BolognaiseR 78,00
Kids Mac ‘n CheeseR 78,00
Kid’s Burger MealR 90,00
Kid’s RibsR 108,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken FornoR 154,00
FirenzeR 136,00
BerenaR 158,00
AlfredoR 136,00
BologneseR 136,00
Lasagne La NonnaR 147,00
Jack Daniels PastaR 170,00
ArrabiataR 114,00
Greek AffairR 137,00
42nd StreetR 165,00
Filleto RomagnaR 177,00
Chicken AlfredoR 136,00
CarbonaraR 136,00
The HudsonR 137,00
Broadway HeatR 135,00
Mafioso (Spicy)R 137,00
Le VeziR 147,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Nonna’s Cheesy BurgerR 143,00
New Yorker BurgerR 160,00
Cheese and Bacon BurgerR 154,00
Ye Ol’ Style Regular BurgerR 113,00
Chicken BurgerR 131,00
Vinny’s BurgerR 165,00
Pregos Chicken BurgerR 131,00

Ribs, Wings, and Schnitzels

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken SchnitzelR 165,00
500G RibsR 211,00
1Kg RibsR 376,00
12 WingsR 188,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Time Square ChickenR 170,00
Staten Island ChickenR 170,00
Panteli’S Fit Bit LiteR 131,00
Single Burger BitR 113,00

Cold Beverages

Cold DrinksPrice (R)
ColddrinksR 32,00
Peach Ice TeaR 36,00
Lemon Ice TeaR 36,00
AppletiserR 39,00
Mineral Water StillR 30,00
Mineral Water SparklingR 30,00
GrapetiserR 39,00


MilkshakesPrice (R)
Lime MilkshakeR 51,00
Strawberry MilkshakeR 51,00
Chocolate MilkshakeR 51,00
Bubblegum MilkshakeR 51,00
Vanilla MilkshakeR 51,00
Banana MilkshakeR 51,00
Milo MilkshakeR 51,00

Catering Pasta Trays (6 to 8 people)

Pasta TrayPrice (R)
Chicken Forno TrayR 550,00
Alfredo TrayR 550,00
Chicken Alfredo TrayR 550,00
Greek Affair TrayR 550,00
Bolognese TrayR 550,00

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