Altitude Beach, described as “the ultimate beach escape” in the city, is a restaurant and club located in Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa, and with the global trends moving towards daytime entertainment, development entrepreneur Damian Michael today officially announced his latest venture – activation space & world-class restaurant Altitude Beach.

Surrounded by Johannesburg’s hustle and bustle, the Altitude Beach is set to be Joburg’s hottest premier water-front dining and lifestyle venue this side of the equator—a destination for luxury and exclusivity. Having changed the face of entertainment in Pretoria over the past two years, the Altitude Group has now set its sights on the streets of Egoli.

Best known for combining Rooftop Sunsets with Cold Champagne alongside a culinary section situated on top of Sun International Times Square Casino. Their franchise format will be flipped on its head with the birth of this Joburg masterpiece. Located in the heart of the north, this breathtaking water wonderland will offer the ultimate summer experience with endless opportunities for luxury and indulgence.

At Altitude Beach, the acceptable dining offering features a modern menu to serve over 700 people in a corporate or party environment. This includes a sophisticated, state-of-the-art, stand-alone Sushi / Oyster bar. 

An endless selection of Premium drinks and luxury cocktails will be available from their world-class bartenders and mixologists at the various bars throughout the venue. The ‘Owner’s Pit’ at the venue’s center offers a supreme VIP experience, while several sunbeds will be strategically placed in the various zones throughout the venue.

Altitude Beach Starters

StarterDescriptionPrice (R)
Corona Beer Battered Hake GoujonsCorona Beer Battered Line Fish Goujons served with Dill Aioli, a lemon wedge, chives, Himalayan Rock Salt, and wild peppercorns.R90
Fiery Asian WingsFree Range Chicken Wings are prepared in homemade peri basting and sautéed until golden brown. Pan-fried and sautéed in an orange Ponzu, brushed off with a sticky chili teriyaki glaze. They are garnished with toasted Sesame seeds and Fresh French Chives. 3 Choices Available: Fiery / Peri-Peri / BBQ.R95
Panko Crusted Salt and pepper Patagonian CalamariPatagonian Calamari Tubes Panko crumbed, shallow-fried, or chimichurri grilled and dusted with Himalayan Salt and Black Pepper Corn and served with lemon aioli and a Lemon Wedge.R115
Asian Chili Hoisin RibsFall-off-the-bone Smoked Pork belly Ribs slow-roasted in a light Chili Hoisin Jus. Sticky riblets served as a primary course specialty.R90
Tempura PrawnsDeep sea caught Argentinian Queen Prawns, deshelled, prepared with tempura-styled batter, and deep-fried until golden brown and crispy and served with peanut & plum Teriyaki Sauce as a dip with a lemon wedge.R90
Panko Crumbed Chicken StripsFree Range Chicken breast is sliced into strips, panko crumbed, and Cajun seasoned. They are deep-fried until golden brown, crispy, and garnished with parmesan, sriracha Ayo, and Micro Greens.R70
Altitude Slider Combo2 x Toasted Potato Bun Sesame glazed 1 with a Beef Patty and Emmental Cheese, Baby Butter Lettuce, Triple A-Grade Free Range Beef Patty, Pickled Gherkins, and Umami Ketchup. The other is topped with Korean Fried Chicken Breast and coleslaw.R365
Altitude Starter Platter for 4Choose four of the above starters and build your unique Altitude Starter Platter.R95

Altitude Beach Mains

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Black Truffle FilletTriple-A Grade, grass-fed, free-range 250g Angus Beef Fillet, flame-grilled to your desired temperature, topped with Black Truffle Butter. Served with truffle roasted potatoes, baby staled broccoli, baby carrots, and red wine juice.R185
Sliced T-Bone Chimichurri600g Angus T-Bone, oven-baked and reverse-seared to your desired temperature. Well-seasoned with Rosemary, Thyme, Salt, and black Pepper, sliced and served with Chimichurri sauce, a fresh garden salad, Parmesan Roasted Potatoes, and a lemon wedge.R350
Korean Fried Chicken Burger200g Free Range Chicken Breast coated in a secret tempura recipe, deep-fried until golden brown and crispy. Served on a sesame-glazed potato bun with Iceberg Lettuce, Dijon Coleslaw, and Triple Fried Fries. Accompanied by Umami Ketchup.R135
Prawns a la Cape Town350g Deep Sea Caught Argentinian Tiger Medium Prawns, butterflied and seasoned with Salt, Black Pepper, Cajun, and lemon Juice. Pan-fried in garlic butter and served with a fresh garden salad, triple-fried fries, Lemon Butter, Peri Peri Sauce, and chimichurri sauce.R245
Seafood PaellaSpanish-inspired seafood dish prepared with Spanish Saffron-infused Arborio Rice and White wine. Includes Bacon, Chorizo, Prawns, Mussels, Patagonian Calamari, Kingklip fillet, and a Lemon Wedge on the side.R135
Altitude CheeseburgerPremium 250g Angus Beef Patties flame-grilled and set on a fresh Potato Bun. Based on horseradish and Dijon mustard mayo, Butter lettuce, topped with traditional Emmental Cheese, Pickled Gherkins, and umami Ketchup and served with triple-fried parmesan truffle fries.R285
Prawns & Fish ComboDeep Sea caught Tiger Med Prawns pan-fried Cajun Style, placed on a 150g Corona Beer Battered Hake Fillet, deep-fried until golden brown and crispy and served with a fresh garden salad, triple-fried fries, Lemon Butter, Peri Peri, and a Chimichurri Sauce on the side.R295

Altitude Beach Specialties

DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Peri Peri Mozambiquan Baby Chicken800g Free Range Baby Chicken marinated in a traditional Mozambiquan Peri Peri Portuguese Marinade for 48 Hours. Flame-grilled, brushed off with garlic and Chili basting. Served with triple-fried Parmesan Fries, a fresh garden salad, famous chimichurri sauce, and a lemon wedge on the side.R395
Flat Iron Steak with Mediterranean Prawns and bearnaise310g Triple A-Grade Free Range Angus Beef Sirloin, flame-grilled, seasoned with Himalayan coarse salt and black Peppercorn. Accompanied by six deep-sea caught Argentinian queen prawns prepared in a Cajun lemon butter Thermador sauce. Served with oven-roasted Root Vegetables and Potatoes Rostis.R295
Mediterranean Lamb Loin ChopsFree Range Lamb Loin Chops flame-grilled to your desired temperature, infused with rosemary and fresh garlic, and served with oven-roasted potatoes, roasted root vegetables, and red wine juice. Includes a lemon wedge on the side.R285
Slow Roasted Asian Hoisin RibsA signature dish featuring fall-off-the-bone Pork Belly Ribs slowly braised with Hoisin, Chili, Ginger, and Garlic, dressed in a sticky orange ponzu marinade and served with triple-fried hand-cut fries and Umami Ketchup on the side.R335

Altitude Beach Platters

Platter NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Party for 2 Platter / 700gIncludes Asian Ribs, Umami Wings, Hake Goujons, Salt and pepper Calamari—two Sides of your choice and Two sauces of your choice.R450
Villa Carnivore for 4 Platter / 1,2KgIncludes Asian Ribs, Umami Wings, Sliced Sirloin, Lamb Loin Chops, Chicken Strips, Boerewors, Triple Fried Onion Rings, Beef Sliders, and Korean Fried Chicken Sliders served with hand-cut fries.R685
Altitude Seafood Platter for 4 / 2kgIncludes 12 Tiger Med Prawns, Hake Goujons, Grilled Kingklip, Grilled Calamari Tubes, Fried Calamari Tubes, Mussels Tempura, Teriyaki Prawns, Peri Peri Sauce, Lemon Butter Sauce, Lemon Aioli, Dill Aioli—four Sides Of Your Choice.R1200
VIP Platter for 8 / 6kgIncludes Mediterranean Lamb Loin Chops, Chimichurri T-Bone, Asian Chili Hoisin Ribs, Fiery Asian Wings, Sliced Sirloin, Chicken Strips, 4 Wagyu Beef Sliders, 4 Korean Fried Chicken Sliders, Whole Baby Mozambiquan Peri Peri Chicken, Sliced Black Truffle Fillet, Tempura Prawns, Grilled Tiger Med Prawns, Hake Goujons, Grilled Kingklip, Fried Calamari, Grilled Calamari. Eight sides of your choice: Peri Peri Sauce, Tzatziki, Sriracha Mayo, Lemon Aioli, Lemon Butter, and Umami Ketchup.R2895

Altitude Beach Pizzas

Pizza NameDescriptionPrice (R)
HawaiianAuthentic Napolitana base with Mozzarella, Hickory Ham & PineappleR125
ReginaAuthentic Napolitana base with Mozzarella, Button Mushrooms, and Hickory HamR130
Quatro StagioniAuthentic Napolitana base, Mozzarella Cheese, Jerusalem Artichokes, Black Olives, Button Mushrooms, and PancettaR145
HerbivoreAuthentic Napolitana Base, Mozzarella, Jerusalem Artichokes, Cherry Tomato, Bell Pepper, Red Onion, Olives, Rocket, and Baby SpinachR165
CarnivoreAuthentic Napolitana base, Mozzarella, Hickory Ham, Deboned hoisin Ribs, Tikka Chicken, Peperoni, and BaconR160
ApolloAuthentic Napolitana base, Tikka Chicken, Crumbled Feta, Avocado, Peppadews, Sweet OnionR170
Pablo MexicanaAuthentic Napolitana base, Mozzarella, Rogan Josh ground beef, Red Onions, Green Pepper, and Green ChiliR170
La MedAuthentic Napolitana base, Mozzarella, Chorizo, Bacon, Artichokes, and Roasted PepperR185

Altitude Beach Salads

Salad NameIngredientsPrice (R)
Salmon Niçoise SaladWatercress Lettuce, Baby tomatoes, Boiled egg Halves, Cucumber, Olives, Avocado, Capers, Cubed salmon Fillet, Olive Oil, Salt and black pepperR145
Calamari CaesarButter Lettuce, Croutons, Parmesan Cheese, deep-fried calamari Tubes, Olive Oil, Salt, and black Pepper tossed in Blue Cheese and Anchovy Caesar dressing.R135
Mediterranean Green SaladBaby Spinach, Rocket, Chickpeas, Red Onion, Cucumber, Bell Pepper, Feta Cheese, Salt, Black Pepper, Black Olives, and Olive Oil dressed in a Mediterranean Dressing.R115

Altitude Beach Sides Menu

SidePrice (R)
Sweet Potato FriesR55
Roasted VegetablesR45
Savory RiceR35
Double Fried Truffle FriesR45
Fresh Garden SaladR35
Roasted Parmesan PotatoesR40
Traditional PapR30

Altitude Beach Extras on Pizza’s

ToppingPrice (R)

Altitude Beach Sauces

SaucePrice (R)
Mushroom SauceR35
Pepper SauceR35
Bearnaise SauceR35
Mexican Salsa SauceR35
Emmental Cheese SauceR35
Lemon AioliR35
Dill AioliR25
Lemon ButterR35
Peri PeriR25
Salad DressingR25
Red Wine JusR35

Altitude Beach Desserts

DessertPrice (R)
Chocolate Brownie with Nutmeg Ice Cream & Roasted CashewR95
Caramel Crumpets with Dulce & Pastitsio Ice CreamR95
Mango & Coconut Panna Cotta Pana cottaR95
Lunch Bar Cheesecake with Asian Peanut SauceR85
Altitude SundaeR95

Altitude Beach New Age Sushi Menu

SushiDescriptionPrice (R)
Tuna Crunch California 4pcTempura Tuna, Cream Cheese & Sweet Chilli MayoR130
Prawn Avalanche California 4pcPrawn, Avo & Tempura Prawn With Avalanche SauceR105
Dragon Roll California 4pcSalmon, Avo & Tempura Prawn With Teriyaki Sauce & Japanese MayoR115
Bamboo Roses 3pcSalmon and cucumber Roses With Japanese Mayo and caviarR110
Pink Roses 3pcSalmon Rose Topped With Spicy Prawn, Mayo & CaviarR115
The Yuppie 8pcSmoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Avo CaliforniaR115
Strawberry California 8pcCream Cheese, Strawberry, Pineapple & HoneyR125
Deep Fried California 4pcSweet Chili Japanese Mayo, Cream Cheese, Spring Onion, and Sesame Seeds. With Your Choice Of Tuna, Prawn, Salmon, CrabR85
Rainbow Reloaded 8pcJapanese Mayo, Teriyaki Sauce, 7 Spice, Spring Onion, Tempura Crumbs & Sesame SeedsR115

Altitude Beach Traditional Sushi Menu

CategoryItemPrice (R)
Maki 6pcTunaR99
Handrolls 1pcSalmonR85
California Rolls 8pcTunaR110
Sashimi 3pcSalmonR95
Roses 3pcSalmonR99
Nigiri 2pcSalmonR59
Fashion Sandwich Square 4pcTunaR105

Altitude Beach Sushi Platters

Platter NameDescriptionPrice (R)
One & Only PlatterSalmon Roses 3pc, Rainbow Roll 8pcR215
Duo PlatterSalmon Roses 4pc, Prawn Fashion Sandwich 4pc, Tuna Nigiri 2pc, Crab California 8pc, Avo Maki 4pcR385
New Age PlatterPink Roses 3pc, Deep Fried California Salmon 4pc, Trio New Age Nigiri 2pc, Teardrop Maki 4pcR359
Salmon PlatterSalmon Sashimi 3pc, Salmon Nigiri 4pc, Salmon Roses 3pc, Salmon California 8pc, Salmon Maki 6pc, Salmon Hand Roll 2pcR525
Rainbow PlatterSeared Tuna Medallions 3pc, Rainbow Rolls 8pc, Salmon Sashimi 3pc, Salmon California 8pc, Salmon Roses 3pc, Prawn Maki 6pc, Veg Fashion Sandwich 4pc, Tuna Nigiri 2pcR650

Altitude Beach Soft Drinks

ItemPrice (R)
Red Bull Sugar-FreeR40.00
Coke | Zero 200mlR25.00
Coke | Crème SodaR30.00
– Dry Lemon 200mlR25.00
– Gingerale 200mlR25.00
– Lemonade 200mlR25.00
– Soda 200mlR25.00
Tonic – Indian | Indian Sugar FreeR25.00
Bos Ice Tea Lemon | Peach 330mlR40.00
Halls Tomato Cocktail 200mlR40.00
Play 250mlR50.00
Red Bull 250mlR50.00
Red Bull Sugar FreeR50.00

Altitude Beach Water Menu

WaterPrice (R)
Valpre Still Water 1.5LR65.00
Valpre Still Water 500mlR25.00
Valpre Sparkling Water 1LR50.00
Valpre Sparkling Water 500mlR25.00

Altitude Beach Beers

BeerSizePrice (R)
Black Label340mlR40,00
Castle Lite340mlR40,00
Corona Extra355mlR55,00
Draught – Castle Lite500mlR65,00
Draught – Stella Artois500mlR65,00
Stella Artois330mlR45,00

Altitude Beach Rum & Liqueurs

Rum & LiqueursPrice (R)
Amaretto DisarannoR1,200,00
Amarula CreamR600,00
Bacardi BlancaR750,00
Bacardi NegraR750,00
Captain MorganR750,00
Chambord 500mlR800,00
Martini Dry | BiancoR450,00

Altitude Beach Beer 6-Packs

Beer 6-PackPrice (R)
BKT – Black Label x 6R40,00
BKT – Budweiser x 6R20,00
BKT – Castle Lite x 6R25,00
BKT – Corona x 6R25,00
BKT – Heineken x 6R25,00
BKT – Stella Artois x 6R40,00

Altitude Beach Ciders & Coolers

Cider & CoolerSizePrice (R)
Bernini Blush275mlR45,00
Brutal Fruit Ruby Apple275mlR45,00
Flying Fish Lemon330mlR45,00
Hunters Dry | Gold330mlR50,00
Hunters Extreme275mlR55,00
Ice Tropez 6.5%275mlR180,00
Savanna Dry | Lite330mlR55,00

Altitude Beach Vodka

VodkaPrice (R)
Absolut Extrakt | GrapefruitR900,00
Absolut ElyxR1,500,00
Ciroc Apple | BlueR1,500,00
Ciroc Citrus Summer | WatermelonR1,500,00
Cruz Vintage Black | WatermelonR900,00
Grey GooseR1,700,00
Ketel One*R1,200.00
Skyy Blue | Passion FruitR900,00
Skyy 90*R1,350,00

Altitude Beach Cider & Cooler 6-Packs

Cider & Cooler 6-PackPrice (R)
BKT – Bernini Blush x 6R225,00
BKT – Brutal Fruit Ruby Apple x 6R225,00
BKT – Flying Fish Lemon x 6R225,00
BKT – Hunters Dry | Gold x 6R250,00
BKT – Hunters Extreme x 6R275,00
BKT – Savanna Dry | Lite x 6R275,00

Altitude Beach Gin

GinPrice (R)
Beefeater 24*R1,350,00
Beefeater London DryR900,00
Beefeater PinkR900,00
Bombay SapphireR1,050,00
Hendriks Mid Summer Solstice*R1,650.00
Hendriks Orbium*R1,500,00
Inverroche Amber*R1,350,00
Inverroche Classic*R2,100,00
Inverroche Verdant*R1,800,00
Malfy Arancia*R1,050,00
Malfy Limone*R1,050,00
Malfy Originale*R1,800,00
Malfy Rose*R1,800,00
Monkey 47 750ml*R2,100,00
Star of Bombay*R1,800,00
Tanqueray London DryR1,050,00
Tanqueray SevilleR1,050,00
Tanqueray TEN*R1,800,00
The Botanist*R1,800,00

Altitude Beach Tequila & Shooters

Tequila & ShootersPrice (R)
Avion Reposado*R2,200.00
Clase Azul Reposado*R8,500.00
Don Julio 1942 700ml*R14,000.00
Don Julio ReposadoR2,250.00
Don Julio BlancoR1,600.00
El Jimador ReposadoR1,200.00
Espalon Reposado*R1,600.00
Heradura Anejo*R2,500.00
Jagermeister Manifest 1L*R2,400.00
Jose Cuervo 1800 Blanco | ReposadoR1,650.00
Jose Cuervo SilverR2,450.00
Jose Cuervo Traditional ReposadoR1,650.00
Lovoka CaramelR750.00
Olmeca Altos Blanco | ReposadoR1,050.00
Patron Reposado*R1,950.00
Patron XO CaféR1,200.00
Strawberry LipsR600.00

Altitude Beach Premium Whiskey

Premium WhiskeyPrice (R)
Chivas 12yrR1,350.00
Chivas 18yr*R3,000.00
Glenfiddich 12yrR1,900.00
Glenfiddich 15yrR2,900.00
Glenfiddich 18yr*R5,200.00
Glenlivet 12yrR2,100.00
Glenlivet 15yr*R3,500.00
Glenlivet 18yr*R5,600.00
Glenlivet 21yr*R9,900.00
Glenlivet Founders ReserveR1,500.00
Glenmorangie 10yrR2,100.00
Glenmorangie Lasanta 12yrR2,550.00
Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 14yrR2,850.00
Glenmorangie Nector D’ Or 12yrR3,300.00
Glenmorangie 18yrR1,950.00
Haig ClubR1,050.00
Jack DanielsR1,200.00
Jack Fire I HoneyR2,100.00
Jack Gentleman*R2,400.00
Jack Single Barrel*R2,900.00
Jameson 18yr*R5,500.00
Jameson IrishR2,250.00
Jameson Select ReserveR1,500.00
Johnnie Walker 18yr*R8,500.00
Johnnie Walker Black 12yrR1,800.00
Johnnie Walker Blue*R2,400.00
Johnnie Walker Double BlackR2,900.00
Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve*R5,500.00
Johnnie Walker Green 15yr*R2,250.00
Lagavulin 16yr*R1,500.00
Macallan 12yrR1,200.00
Monkey ShoulderR2,400.00
Wild Turkey*R2,900.00

Altitude Beach Brandy & Cognac

ItemPrice (R)
Bisquit VSR1,700.00
Bisquit VSOP*R2,600.00
D’Usse VSOP*R3,000.00
D’Usse XO*R8,250.00
Hennessy VSR1,800.00
Hennessy VSOPR2,900.00
Hennessy XOR7,900.00
Hennessy Paradis**R45,000.00
Klipdrift PremiumR750.00
Martell VSR1,650.00
Martell VSOP*R1,950.00
Martll XOR9,900.00
Remy VSOP*R3,200.00
Remy 1738*R3,600.00
Remy XO*R9,000.00
Richelieu 10yrR1,050.00

Altitude Beach Tobacco

TobaccoPrice (R)
Montecristo #2R995.00
Montecristo #5R365.00
Cohiba Siglo 2R860.00
Davidoff 2000R820.00
Partagas Serie D #4R630.00
Romeo & Julieta Short ChurchillR760.00
Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure #2R630.00
Nub CameroonR580.00
Hubbly – Assorted FlavoursR600.00
Hubbly Refill – Assorted FlavoursR150.00

Altitude Beach Cocktails

Cocktail NamePrice (R)

Altitude Beach Hot Beverages

BeveragePrice (R)
Caffe LatteR28
Flat WhiteR28
Dbl EspressoR24
Hot ChocolateR28
Lemon WaterR15
Cafe MocaR28
Irish Coffee – JamesonR50
Kahlua CoffeeR45
Amarula CoffeeR40
Amaretto CoffeeR50
Frangelico CoffeeR45
Royal CoffeeR40
Irish MixerR25
Don PedroR55
Kahlua PedroR45
Frangelico PedroR50
Amarula PedroR40
Sambuca PedroR40
Pedro MixerR25

Altitude Beach Packages

Package NamePackage ForPackage DetailsPrice (R)
Sunken Lounge14 people2x GH Mumm Olympe Demi-Sec, 1x Martell VS, Choice of 2 Premium Whiskeys, Choice of 2 Premium Gins, 12x Corona Beers, 24x Mixers, 6x Red Bull, 2x Large Still Waters, 2x Large Sparkling Waters, 2x Villa Carnivore Platters, 1x Beach Combo Platter, 4x PizzasR30,000
Day VillaSix people1x GH Mumm Olympe Demi-Sec, 1x Martell VS, Choice of 1 Premium Whiskey, Choice of 1 Premium Gin, 12x Corona Beers, 24x Mixers, 6x Red Bull, 1x Large Still Water, 1x Large Sparkling Water, 1x Villa Carnivore Platter, 1x Beach Combo Platter, 2x PizzasR20,000
Poolside6 people1x Veuve Brut, 1x Belvedere Vodka or Hendrick’s Gin, 1x Hennessy VS, 12x Corona, 6x Red Bull, 6x Schweppes Mixer, 2x Big Waters, XL Pizza, 4x TapasR10,000

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