Orama is a family business established in 2010. The word Orama means vision or dream in Greek. They believe in quality service and value for money. The reasonable price range makes it an affordable dining spot for families and friends. Orama Roadhouse is primarily a drive-in restaurant where they serve delicious family meals.

You can enjoy your meal in the comfort of your car while watching a movie on their big screen. They also cater to people who want to sit in their diner-style restaurant. The menu offers various dishes: spare rib pizza, bacon and cheese omelet, bacon and cheeseburger, and spicy Mexican footlong.

The milkshakes are a must-try for those with a sweet tooth, especially the salted caramel flavor. The establishment also has a bar of soft drinks, wines, beers, ciders, and spirits. For the ultimate roadhouse experience, visit them, where you always get service with a smile and never leave hungry.

Orama Pizza Menu

Pizza TypeDescriptionSmallMedium 29 CMFamily Size 39 CM
Orama’s SignatureHam, Bacon, Mushroom, Olives & PineappleR53.90R125.00R201.90
Something MeatyBacon, Russian, MinceR53.90R125.00R201.90
Nacho ChickenCheese Sauce, Nachos, Avos, Jalapenos, Chicken, Mince, Green Pepper, Onions & ChilliesR53.90R125.00R201.50
Spare RibSpare Rib, Green Pepper & OnionR53.90R125.00R201.90
Four SeasonsHam, Mushroom, Pepperoni & OnionR50.90R120.00R191.90
El GrecoSalami Garlic, Peppadew & OlivesR50.00R120.00R191.90
Russian RouletteRussians, Chillies & MushroomsR50.90R120.00R191.90
Boerewors BonanzaBoerewors, Green Pepper & PineappleR50.90R120.00R191.90
DomnikiBacon, Avo & FetaR50.90R120.00R191.90
TropicanaBacon, Pineapple & OlivesR50.90R120.00R191.90
Chicken RunChicken, Onion & AvoR50.90R120.00R191.90
Mexican ChickenChicken, Onions, Chillies & PeppadewR50.00R120.00R191.90
Chicken MayonnaiseChicken & MayoR50.90R120.00R191.90
VegetarianTomato Onion, Olives, Mushrooms & Green PepperR50.90R120.00R191.90
Seafood PizzaPizza with seafood flavorR50.00R120.00R191.90
HawaiianHam & PineappleR48.90R116.90R181.90
ReginaHam & MushroomR48.90R116.90R181.90
MargheritaCheese & TomatoR43.90R99.90R170.90
Create Your PizzaWith Any 3 ToppingsR53.90R125.00R201.90
Extra ToppingsExtra CheeseR7.90R11.90R16.90

Orama Breakfast Menu

Breakfast TypeDescriptionPrice (R)
Super RugbyTwo eggs, three slices bacon, fried mushrooms, one piece boerewors, chips or hashbrowns & 1 slice toastR94.90
Classic Breakfast2 Eggs, 3 Slices Bacon, Grilled Tomato, 100 G Fillet Steak, Chips Or Hashbrown & 1 Slice ToastR99.90
Big Boss BreakfastTwo eggs, three slices bacon, grilled tomato, two pork bangers, chips or hashbrowns & 1 slice toastR89.90
Orama BreakfastTwo eggs, three slices bacon, one footlong Vienna, salad, chips or hashbrowns & 1 slice of toastR85.90
Mega BreakfastTwo eggs, three slices bacon, hamburger patty, chips or hashbrown & 1 slice toastR85.90
English BreakfastTwo eggs, two slices of bacon, two pork sausages, baked beans, one slice of toastR79.90
Economy Buster2 Eggs, 2 Slices bacon, Grilled tomato & Slice toastR69.90
Low Carb BreakieOne pork sausage & 2 slices bacon, three slices avo, two eggs, feta cheeseR79.90

Orama Omelettes

OmelettePrice (R)
Ham, Cheese & MushroomR36.00
Bacon, Cheese & MushroomR36.00
Bacon & CheeseR29.90
Ham & CheeseR29.90
Mince & CheeseR36.00
Chicken MayoR29.90

Orama Cold Beverages

BeveragePrice (R)
Valpre Still or SparklingR19.00
Iced Tea, Peach, or LemonR25.00
Iced Tea, Peach or LemonR24.90
Fruit Juice (Orange, Fruit Cocktail, Granadilla or Mango)R29.90
Coca Cola CansR19.90
Buddy Coca ColaR22.00
2 Litre Coca ColaR39.90
1 Litre Coca ColaR26.90
Dragon Energy Drink RedR16.90
7 Star Energy Drink BerryR14.90
Passion fruit and lemonadeR29.00
Lime & LemonadeR29.00
Kola Tonic & LemonadeR29.00

Orama Hot Beverages

BeveragePrice (R)
Hot ChocolateR29.90
White Hot ChocolateR42.90

Orama Ultimate Milkshakes

Bar OneR44.90R62.90
Salted CaramelR44.90R62.90
Peppermint CrispR44.90R62.90
Peanut ButterR44.90R62.90
Aero PeppermintR44.90R62.90
Lunch Bar CrunchieR44.90R62.90
Zoo BiscuitR44.90R62.90
Peanut Butter & BananaR44.90R62.90
Choc/Peanut ButterR44.90R62.90
Ferrero RocherR44.90R62.90
Kit KatR44.90R62.90
Romany CreamsR44.90R62.90
Strawberry WhirlsR44.90R62.90

Orama Classic Milkshakes

Granny SpecialR40.90R54.90
Cream SodaR40.90R54.90
Mixed Berry ShakeR40.90R54.90
Orange SpecialR40.90R54.90
Cocktail SpecialR40.90R54.90
Mango SpecialR40.90R54.90
Guava SpecialR40.90R54.90

Orama Soft Serve

Soft ServeRegularLarge
Soft Serve Ice Cream CupR22.00R39.00
Choc 99R29.90R49.00
Bar One Sauce CupR29.90R49.00
Caramel Dip CupR32.00R49.50
Choc Dip CupR32.00R49.50
Sugar ConeR18.00R24.00

Orama Desserts Menu

DessertPrice (R)
Waffle & SyrupR57.90
Cup O’Nuts CupR28.00
with Ice Cream or CreamR48.00
Mixed Berry CupR29.90
with Ice Cream or CreamR49.00
Waffle & Bar One SauceR65.00
with Ice Cream or CreamR69.00
Astro CupR32.00
with Ice Cream or CreamR49.00
Smartie CupR32.00
with Ice Cream or CreamR49.00
Smartie Cup 99R35.00
Fruit SaladR47.90
with Ice Cream or CreamR65.50
Caramel Dip Smartie Cup 360R65.50
Choc SundaeR47.90
Choc Dip Smartie Cup 360R65.50
Frulata or ParfaitR47.90
Banana SplitR47.90
Malva PuddingR49.90
Sticky Toffee PuddingR49.90

Orama Freezos

Mixed BerryR46.90R67.90
Passion FruitR46.90R67.90
White ChocolateR46.90R67.90

Orama Soft Serve Cones

Soft Serve ConePrice (R)
Soft Serve ConeR18.00
Choc 99 ConeR24.00
Caramel Dip ConeR24.00
Choc Dip ConeR24.00
Sugar ConeR24.00

Orama Footlongs Menu

FootlongPrice (R)
Fillet Steak FootlongR94.90
Bacon & CheeseR84.00
Prego Steak FootlongR94.00
Bacon, Egg & CheeseR94.00
Prego Chicken FootlongR75.00
Cheese & HamR84.00
Boerewors FootlongR69.00
Cheese, Ham & MushroomR94.00
Russian FootlongR59.00
Feta Cheese & SalamiR84.00
Cheese Grillers FootlongR59.50
Feta, Bacon & AvoR94.00
Hot Dog Footlong (Single Vienna)R47.90
Hot Dog Footlong (Double Vienna)R68.00
Chicken MayonnaiseR84.00
Chicken Peri-Peri & CheeseR94.00
Mexican HotDog FootlongR56.90
Chicken Mayo & Bacon & CheeseR102.00
Mexican Boerewors FootlongR69.90

Orama Toasted Sandwiches

Toasted SandwichPrice (R)
Mince & CheeseR94.00
Curry TramezziniR94.00
Chicken Mayo & CheeseR94.00
Lamb CurryR109.00
Club USAR85.00
Beef ShworamaR72.90
Club Bafana BafanaR82.90
Club OramaR82.00
Chicken ShworamaR62.90
Sauce Choices: Tzatziki (Original), Mushroom, Pepper Garlic, Cheese or Chilli.

Orama Kiddies Menu

Kiddies Menu ItemPrice (R)
Kids Hotdog + ChipsR42.00 + R29.90
Kids Chicken Strips + ChipsR42.00 + R29.90
Kids Fish Fingers + ChipsR47.00 + R29.90
Mac & CheeseR49.00
Kid’s MilkshakesR25.00

Orama Pasta & Curries

Pasta & CurrySmallLargeX-Large
Beef Curry & RiceR69.00R92.00R135.00
Chicken OnlyR92.90R156.00R230.00
Beef Curry & SpaghettiR69.00R92.00R135.00
Lamb Curry & RiceR87.00R108.00R157.00
Lamb Curry & SpaghettiR87.00R108.00R157.00
Spaghetti NapolitanaR62.00R89.00R125.00
Macaroni CheeseR49.00R67.00R105.00
Fettucine AlfredoR87.00R125.00R220.00
Spaghetti BolognaiseR89.00R125.00R230.00
Mince & RiceR62.00R89.00R125.00
Mince, Egg, Cheese & TomatoR64.90N/AN/A
Ken + ChipsR64.90 + R29.90N/AN/A

Orama Sunday Lunch

Sunday LunchSmallLargeX-Large
ALL 3 Lamb, Beef & ChickenR125.90N/AN/A
Chicken OnlyR92.90N/AN/A
Beef Curry & SpaghettiR69.00R92.00R135.00
Lamb Curry & RiceR87.00R108.00R157.00
Lamb Curry & SpaghettiR87.00R108.00R157.00
Spaghetti NapolitanaR62.00R89.00R125.00
Macaroni CheeseR49.00R67.00R105.00
Fettucine AlfredoR87.00R125.00N/A
Spaghetti BolognaiseR89.00R125.00N/A
Mince & RiceR62.00R89.00R125.00
Curry Meat OnlyR84.00N/AN/A
Lamb Curry Meat OnlyR97.00R136.00N/A
Lamb OnlyR115.90N/AN/A
Lamb & ChickenR99.90N/AN/A
Beef OnlyR99.90N/AN/A
Beef & ChickenR125.90N/AN/A
Pork Chop & ChickenR99.90N/AN/A
Beef, Chicken & Pork ChopsR125.90N/AN/A
Pork Chops Only (2 Pork Chops)R92.90N/AN/A
Chicken Only (3 Pieces)R92.90N/AN/A

Orama Wednesday Dinner

Wednesday DinnerSmall
Beef & ChickenR99.90
Beef OnlyR99.90
ALL 3 Pork Chop & ChickenR125.90
Beef, Chicken & Pork ChopsR125.90
Pork Chops Only (2 Pork Chops)R92.90
Chicken Only (3 Pieces)R92.90

Orama Beef Burgers

Beef BurgerSingleDouble
Steak BurgerR79.00R126.00
Cadillac BurgerR79.00R126.00
Power Tower BurgerR75.00R120.00
Bacon And Avo BurgerR72.00R118.00
Monkey Or Cheese Sauce BurgerR62.00R94.00
Bacon And Cheese BurgerR69.00R118.00
Bbq BurgerR52.00R83.00
Pine BurgerR62.00R94.00
Cheese BurgerR62.00R94.00
Curry BurgerR109.90N/A
Fish BurgerR69.00R109.00
Pickle BurgerR62.00R94.00
Beef Nacho BurgerR62.00R94.50

Orama Chicken Burgers

Chicken BurgerSingleDouble
Chicken BurgerR52.00R83.00
Chicken Cheese BurgerR62.00R94.00
Chicken Pine BurgerR62.00R94.00
Club Paradise Burger (Chicken, Cheese & Pine)R62.00R94.00
Chicken Schnitzel BurgerR69.00R109.00
Chicken Schnitzel Nacho BurgerR69.00R109.00
Chicken Schnitzel & Cheese BurgerR69.00N/A
Chicken Nacho BurgerR62.00R94.50

Orama Burger Combos

ComboPrice (R)
Combo Deal: Chips & Buddy CokeR42.90
Combo Deal: Chips & Any Classic MilkshakeR45.00
Family Burger Combo (4 Beef Burgers or 4 Chicken Burgers) + 2 Box Chips + 2 Litre CokeR279.90
Family Cheeseburger Combo (4 Cheese Burgers or 4 Chicken Cheese Burgers) + 2 Box Chips + 2 Litre CokeR299.90

Orama Liquors

LiquorsGlass (R)
Dry RedR27.90
Semi-Sweet RedR27.90
Dry WhiteR27.90
Semi-Sweet WhiteR27.90

Orama Beers

BeerPrice (R)
Castle LiteR29.90
Castle LagerR29.50
Black LabelR29.90
Windhoek DraughtR33.90

Orama Spirits Menu

Klipdrift, RichelieuR20.90R39.90
Vodka, RumR20.90R39.90
Klippies & CokeR33.90R54.90
Vodka, Lime & LemonadeR33.90R54.90
Flying FishR32.90R54.90
Rum & CokeR33.90R54.90

Orama Ciders Menu

CiderPrice (R)
Savannah DryR32.90
Hunters GoldR32.90
Hunters DryR32.90
Smirnoff StormR34.90
Smirnoff SpinR34.90

Orama Gin & Tonic

Gin & TonicPrice (R)
Belgravia Gin & Pink TonicR32.90
Belgravia Gin & Dry LemonR32.90

Orama Liqueurs

LiqueurPrice (R)
Don Pedro, Don Kahlua, Irish CoffeeR45.90
Why Not Try One Of Our NEW Drinks?R32.00
Buffelsfontein & KolaR32.00

Orama Family Feast

Family FeastPrice (R)
Regular Box: Coca-Cola, 500g Ribs, 1/2 Chicken, Box Chips, Greek SaladR245.00
OrmaFamily Roadhouse: Coca-Cola, 1kg Ribs, Full Chicken, Large Box Chips, Large Greek SaladR429.00

Orama Grills Menu

Grill ItemsPrice (R)
Mixed GrillR199.90
Fillet Kebab Grill ORAMA SPECIALITYR125.00
Full Rack Ribs (1 Kg)R279.90
Mansize Rump (300 g)R155.00
Half Rack Ribs (500 g)R159.00
Ladies Rump (200 g)R121.90
Rib & Chicken ComboR138.00
T-Bone Grill (350 g)R138.00
Rib & Wings ComboR155.00
Lamb Chop Grill (300 g)R165.00
Quarter Rack Ribs (250 g)R92.90
Pork Chop Grill (300 g)R105.00
Cheddamelt SteakR125.00

Orama Chicken Grills

Chicken GrillPrice (R)
Chicken Schnitzel (2 crumbed chicken fillets) plus two sides and 2 sauces of your choiceR175.00
Half Chicken Grilled (880, lemon & herb or peri-peri) with any 3 SIDESR115.00
Quarter Chicken Grilled (880, lemon & herb or peri-peri) with any 2 SIDESR72.90
Chicken Wings 6 Piece (880, lemon & herb or peri-peri) with any 2 SIDESR94.90
Chicken Wings 6 Piece (880, lemon & herb or peri-peri) meat onlyR62.90
Chicken Wings 12 PieceR105.00
Chicken Wings 12 Piece meat onlyR69.90
Chicken Schnitzel (2 crumbed chicken fillets) plus two sides and two sauces of your choiceR121.90
Chicken Fillet Grill (880, lemon & herb or peri-peri) 2 chicken breasts with any one sideR79.00
Chicken Fillet Grill (880, lemon & herb or peri-peri) 2 chicken breasts with any 1 sideR89.90

Orama Seafood Menu

SeafoodPrice (R)
Fish Lunch (2 pieces of fish, chips & salad)R115.00
2 Pieces Fish & ChipsR107.00
1 Piece Fish & ChipsR72.90

Orama Sauces

SaucePrice (R)
Large Cup SaucerR15.00
Large Cup SauceR26.00

Orama Chips

ChipsPrice (R)
Regular BoxR35.90
Small Cup Saucy ChipsR37.90
Large BoxR52.90
Family BoxR74.90
Fully Loaded Chips: Bacon, Russian, JalapeñoR81.90
Mash & GravyR29.90
Pap & GravyR29.90
Saucy ChipsR37.90

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