Mike’s Kitchen is a famous restaurant chain in South Africa. It has been a popular dining destination since its establishment in 1972. The original interior was designed around a kitchen theme consisting of a distinctive black, white, and red check color scheme.

The Mike’s Kitchen brand is currently owned by the franchise company (Wine Co Pty Ltd). The restaurant is recognized for its commitment to quality food and service. Mike’s Kitchen is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and diverse menu at affordable prices, offering a range of dishes, including steaks, burgers, ribs, and other South African and international cuisine options.

With a rich history and a focus on providing a memorable dining experience, Mike’s Kitchen remains a go-to destination for those seeking a delightful blend of South African and international cuisine. Whether craving classic favorites or exploring new culinary delights, Mike’s Kitchen promises a warm welcome and a satisfying meal for every visitor.

Mike’s Kitchen Breakfast Menu

Menu ItemsPrices (R)

Mike’s Kitchen Starters

StarterDescriptionPrice (R)
Mozzarella Mushrooms StarterBlack mushrooms topped with creamed spinach, bacon, and mozzarella.R109.25
Sizzling Snails Starter6 Snails grilled and served in classic garlic butter. Served with toasted garlic bread.R120.75
Calamari StarterCalamari tubes and heads, grilled, fried, or Mozambican style. Served with rice.R120.75
Chicken Wings StarterGrilled and served with BBQ basting, Ginger soya, or hot and spicy dunking sauce.R94.3
Garlic Roll StarterMike’s original.R31.05
Creamy Peri-Peri Livers StarterPan-grilled in creamy peri-peri sauce. Served with toasted garlic bread.R90.85
African Poppers StarterPeppadew Piquante peppers filled with mozzarella and feta, deep-fried. Served with sweet chili sauce.R103.5
Haloumi Batons StarterDeep-fried and served with sweet chili sauce.R103.5
Coconut Chicken Trinchado StarterChicken strips in a spicy coconut and ginger sauce. Served with toasted garlic bread.R93.15
Crumbed Mushrooms StarterCrumbed and deep-fried. Served with tartar sauce.R90.85

Mike’s Kitchen Light Meals

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Smoked Salmon & Avo SpudBaked potato wedges topped with smoked salmon, Danish feta, capers, avo (seasonal), and lemon dressingR136.85
Chicken & Mushroom SpudBaked potato wedges topped with mushroom sauce and a slice of chicken breastR88.55
Mushroom, Feta & Spinach SpudBaked potato wedges topped with mushroom sauce, feta cheese, and creamed spinachR88.55
Prawn, Avo & Salmon StackSmoked salmon, avo (seasonal), peas, topped with prawns and a zesty lemon dressingR207
Vegetarian Stir FryJulienne veggies, light soy sauce, and cashew nuts. Served with rice.R97.75
Classic Steak RollSirloin, sliced and served on a seeded roll, topped with mustard, mayo, caramelized onions, tomato salsa, and cheddar cheese. Served with chips.R178.25

Mike’s Kitchen Salads

SaladDescriptionPrice (R)
COB SaladA deconstructed salad with grilled chicken, crispy bacon, blue cheese, avo (seasonal), and a boiled egg.R151.8
Halloumi & Chicken SaladDeep-fried Halloumi and sliced chicken fillet, served on mixed lettuce with cherry tomatoes and red onion.R128.8
Greek Salad (v)Mixed lettuce loaded with feta cheese, red onion, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, and olives.R98.9
Smoked Salmon SaladSmoked salmon and avo (seasonal) are served on mixed lettuce. Topped with zesty dressing, capers, and chives.R192.05
Biltong & Avo SaladAvo (seasonal), biltong, garlic croutons, cherry tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, peppers, and cashew nuts on mixed lettuce.R142.6

Mike’s Kitchen Scnitzels Menu

Schnitzel TypeDescriptionPrice (R)
Pizzaiola SchnitzelFried chicken topped with tomato salsa, calamata olives, mushrooms, cheese sauce, and sprinkled with cheddar cheese.R144.9
Beef Pizzaiola SchnitzelFried beef topped with tomato salsa, calamata olives, mushrooms, cheese sauce, and sprinkled with cheddar cheese.R179.4
Camembert & Mushroom SchnitzelFried and topped with camembert black mushroom slices and mushroom sauce.R190.9
Farmhouse SchnitzelFried and smothered with cheese sauce, topped with crispy bacon, mushrooms, and grated cheddar cheese.R181.7
Jalapeno & Cheese SchnitzelFried, topped with jalapenos, cheese sauce, and cheddar cheese.R171.35

Mike’s Kitchen Meat Cuts

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Sirloin 200gHave your steak basted, pepper-crusted, or dry-rubbed. Served with your choice of starch and onion rings.R178.25
Fillet SteakHave your steak basted, pepper-crusted, or dry-rubbed. Served with your choice of starch and onion rings.R238.05
Rump Steak 300gHave your steak basted, pepper-crusted, or dry-rubbed. Served with your choice of starch and onion rings.R225.4
T-Bone SteakHave your steak basted, pepper-crusted, or dry-rubbed. Served with your choice of starch and onion rings.R235.75

Mike’s Kitchen Signature Dishes

DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Blue Cheese & Bacon Fillet200g Fillet topped with cheese sauce, blue cheese, and bacon.R258.75
Perini Fillet200g Fillet topped with creamy chicken livers.R253
Jalapeno & Cheese Fillet200g Fillet with cheese sauce, jalapenos, and grated cheddar cheese.R250.7
Camembert & Mushroom Rump300g Rump, topped with black mushrooms and melted Camembert cheese.R258.75
Farmhouse Rump300g Rump topped with cheese sauce, crispy bacon, mushrooms, and grated cheddar cheese.R249.55

Mike’s Kitchen Legends Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
T-Bone & Wings350g T-Bone steak and saucy chicken wings.R278.3
Lamb Chops3 Lamb chops basted with lemon, garlic, olive oil, and rosemary or Mike’s secret basting.R271.4
Prawn & Chicken CurryA mild chicken, coconut & ginger curry, served in a crispy basket with rice & sambals, topped with prawns.R227.7
Surf & Turf200g Steak with three prawns smothered in Mike’s garlic sauce.R241.5
Prawns6x Prawns, finished with lemon butter or peri-peri sauce, served on a bed of rice.R249.55
Goodwill’s Lamb ShankSlow-roasted with loads of added flavor.R343.85
EisbeinPickled in spices bay leaves, and finished to your taste.R182.85
1/2 Peri-Peri ChickenMarinated in a Portuguese chili sauce and grilled.R138
OxtailHearty oxtail cooked in a red wine sauce.R249.55
Cape Fish & ChipsFillet of hake, grilled or fried in a light batter. Served with tartar sauce.R151.8
Fish & CalamariGrilled or fried fish with tender calamari. Served with tartar sauce.R212.75

Mike’s Kitchen Ribs Menu

RibDescriptionPrice (R)
Johnny B Good RibsHalf rack of pork belly ribs.R233.45
Full Rack Belly Ribs 1KgFull rack of pork belly ribs. The cut that has made us famous.R391
Rib & Wing ComboHalf rack of belly ribs and chicken wings.R287.5
Rib & Calamari ComboHalf rack of belly ribs and calamari.R296.7

Mike’s Kitchen Famous Burgers

Burger TypeDescriptionPrice (R)
Mike Classic BurgerLettuce, tomato, onion, and gherkins. Served with chips & onion rings.R111.55
Cheese BurgerLettuce, tomato, onion, gherkins, cheese sauce, and grated cheddar cheese. Served with chips & onion rings.R124.2
Bacon & Avo BurgerClassic burger topped with bacon and avo. Served with chips & onion rings.R149.5
Bacon & Egg BurgerClassic burger, cheddar cheese, bacon, and a fried egg. Served with chips & onion rings.R149.5
Cheddar & Mushroom BurgerClassic burger, mushroom sauce, and grated cheddar cheese. Served with chips & onion rings.R124.2
Jawbreaker BurgerTwo beef patties stacked with cheddar and mozzarella cheese, onion, tomato, gherkins, lettuce, bacon, and avo (seasonal). Topped with onion rings. Served with chips & onion rings.R201.25
Blue Cheese & Bacon BurgerClassic burger, bacon, and blue cheese. Served with chips & onion rings.R149.5
Camembert Bunless BurgerTwo beef patties served on a grilled mushroom and a bed of rocket. Topped with red onion, Camembert cheese, and bacon. Served with chips & onion rings.R182.85
Veg Burger (v)It’s a classic burger with two veg patties and 1000 island sauce. Served with chips & onion rings.R113.85
Jalapeno & Cheese BurgerClassic burger, cheese sauce, sliced jalapenos, grated cheddar cheese. Served with chips & onion rings.R128.8

Mike’s Kitchen Kids Meals

Kid’s Menu ItemPrice (R)
Kid’s Mikey Beef BurgerR58.65
Kid’s Chicken BurgerR58.65
Kids Cheezy Burger – Battered onion rings or crispy onion shavings.R60.95
Kids Fish FingersR44.85
Kids Chicken StripsR64.4
Kids Rocking RibsR69
Kids Mac & CheeseR55.2
Kids Mince & CheeseR59.8
Kids Toasted CheeseR48.3
Kids Toasted Chicken MayoR57.5
Kids Cheesegriller & ChipsR47.15
Kids SodasR18.4
Fruit JuiceR20.7
Kids ShakesR27.6

Mike’s Kitchen Original Sides & Sauces

Side DishPrice (R)
Side ChipsR31.05
Sweet Potato FriesR31.05
Onion RingsR31.05
Veg Of The DayR42.55
Mash Potato – Ouma’s traditional mash potato served with gravy.R42.55
Mikes Garlic RollR31.05
Side Greek SaladR43.7
Cheese SauceR31.05
Cheese & Jalapeno SauceR31.05
Garlic SauceR31.05
Garlic Butter SauceR31.05
Lemon Butter SauceR31.05
Portuguese SauceR31.05
Mushroom SauceR31.05
Pepper SauceR31.05
Peri-Peri SauceR31.05

Mike’s Kitchen Thirst Quenchers

DrinkSizePrice (R)
Mineral Water500mlR26.5

Mike’s Kitchen Milkshakes

Shake NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Original ShakesA vanilla milkshake crammed full of minty fresh crushed peppermint crisp and caramel sauce.R44.85
Peanut Butter and Marshmallow MilkshakeBlack Cat peanut butter & marshmallow.R65.55
Bar One Chocolate MilkshakeVanilla shake blended with Bar-One sauce.R65.55
Peppermint Crisp Caramel MilkshakeVanilla shake, loaded with crushed peppermint crisp & caramel sauce.R65.55
Oreo & Bar One Treat MilkshakeCrushed Oreos & Bar-One sauce, stirred with ice cream & topped with Oreos.R65.55
Candy Wonderland MilkshakeStrawberry milkshake with vermicelli, smarties, and marshmallows.R65.55

Mike’s Kitchen Desserts Menu

Dessert NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Lindt Bon BonPhyllo-wrapped Lindt chocolates, served with Bar One chocolate sauce and ice cream.R73.6
Mike’s Famous Cheese CakeMike Illion’s original, delectable, hand-crafted fridge tart. The 1972 recipe!R67.85
Malva PuddingFreshly baked and served with custard.R69
Oreo Crunch Chocolate MousseMelted chocolate, gently folded into fresh cream. Layered with crunchy Oreo biscuits.R69
Peppermint Crisp JarDecadent layers of peppermint crisp, caramel cream, and crushed biscuits.R67.85
Creme BruleeThe classic creamy vanilla custard topped with caramelized sugar.R63.25

Mike’s Kitchen Menu Specials

PENSIONERS DISCOUNTReceive a 10% discount on your bill!
Breakfast: Everyday 09h00-12h00
Lunch: Wednesdays & Fridays 12h00 – 16h00
DAYBREAKER BREAKFASTBuy a cappuccino & qualify for a Daybreaker Breakfast for only R29.99.
Includes two eggs, two bacon, chips, toast & tomato.
Sit-down only.
Every day until 11h00.
WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY SPECIALClassic Burger with chips & 300ml Castle Lite Draught for only R99.00.
RICHELIEU BRANDY SPECIALRichelieu 2x Double Brandy with 1x 300ml Coke for R65.00.
All day, every day.
MONDAY & TUESDAY SPECIALQuarter Chicken with chips and a 300ml Coke for only R79.00.

Mike’s Kitchen Menu Parktown

Address: Mikes Heritage House, 15 St Andrews Rd, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193, South Africa

Mike’s Kitchen Menu Klerksdorp

Address: Mike’s Kitchen, 6 Flamwood Walk, Joe Slovo Rd, Klerksdorp, 2571, South Africa

Mike’s Kitchen Milnerton Menu

Address: Mike’s Kitchen, Centre Court, 424 Koeberg Rd, Milnerton, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa

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