Barcelos is a famous flame-grilled chicken restaurant in South Africa and is particularly famous for its unique Peri-Peri sauce, which adds a flavorful and spicy kick to the dishes. Its first store opened in Pretoria in 1993 by Costa Mazzis. Now, it has opened outlets in 16 different countries.

Barcelos has a distinct branding and typically offers a casual dining experience. Barcelos’s Menu includes breakfast items, grills, family meals, salads, chicken, shwarma, burgers, sided items, specials, bowls, local favorites, vegetarian meals, kids meals, combos, platters, extra portions, cold & hot beverages, milkshakes, and pregos at reasonable prices.

Barcelo’s has menu item prices between R1.5 and R649.9. Menu items range from the lowest-priced item Sauce Sachet to the highest-priced item Carnivora Platter. If you’re in the mood for a delicious burger or shawarma, you can’t go wrong with Barcelo’s.

Barcelos National Promotions

ItemPrice (R)
Ayoba Meal PapR45.90
Ayoba Meal RiceR45.90
Thumbs Up Feast Promotion with RiceR194.90
Thumbs Up Feast Promotion with PapR194.90
Value Pack- Full Chicken, 4 Rolls, Large ChipsR199.90
Rolls, Jumbo Chips, 1L CokeR309.90
Drink of ChoiceR89.90

Barcelos Breakfast Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Mini Breakfast1x Egg, chicken strips, fries, tomato & slice of toastR43.90
Drifter Breakfast2x Eggs, chicken livers, fries, onion rings, tomato & slice of toastR77.90
Algarve Breakfast2x Eggs, prego steak, fries, tomato & slice of toastR89.90
Cheesy Egg and Chicken PitaChicken fillet with cheese & egg in pitaR59.90

Barcelos Chicken From Grill Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Quarter Chicken and Regular SideR75.90
Quarter Chicken and Large SideR89.90
Half ChickenR95.90
Whole ChickenR181.90
Quarter ChickenR50.90
Half Chicken and Regular SideR109.90
Half Chicken and Large SideR123.90
Whole Chicken and Large SideR219.90

Barcelos For the Family Menu

MenuPrice (R)
Thumbs Up Meal – Full chicken, garlic loaf, medium coleslaw, and a medium pap or spicy riceR169.90
Super Family Pack – 2x Full chickens, 2x large sides & 6x Portuguese rollsR329.90
Half Pack – 1/2 chicken, 2x regular sides & 2 Portuguese rollsR126.90
Family Pack – Full chicken, 2x medium sides & 4x Portuguese rollsR252.90

Barcelos Burgers, Schwarmas and Prego’s Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Burger and Regular SideR69.90
Chicken Prego Roll SingleR53.90
Shawarma ChickenR63.90
Beef Burger SingleR59.90
Schwarma Beef and Regular SideR86.90
Beef Prego Roll SingleR69.90
Chicken Burger SingleR52.90
Chicken Prego Roll and Regular SideR70.90
Schwarma Chicken and Regular SideR79.90
Beef Burger and Regular SideR74.90
Schwarma Beef SingleR69.90
Beef Prego Roll and Regular SideR83.90

Barcelos Side Items

Potato WedgesR24.90R32.90R38.90
Pap & Tomato RelishR24.90R32.90R38.90
Spicy RiceR24.90R32.90R38.90
3 Bean SaladR24.90R32.90R38.90

Barcelos Classic Salads Menu

SaladPrice (R)
Regular ColeslawR27.90
Large ColeslawR38.90
Jumbo ColeslawR44.90
Regular Garden SaladR27.90
Large Garden SaladR38.90
Jumbo Garden SaladR44.90
Mediterranean Salad(350ml)R39.90
Mediterranean Salad(500ml)R49.90
Regular Chicken SaladR62.90
Large Chicken SaladR76.90
Mediterranean Salad(800ml)R56.90

Barcelos Especially for You Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Livers and Portuguese RollR53.90
Portuguese Gallito RollR55.90
6 Chicken Dippa Wings SingleR63.90
6 Chicken Dippa Wings and Regular SideR79.90
Chicken Livers, Portuguese Roll and Regular SideR69.90
Chicken Trinchardo and Portuguese RollR54.90
Portugues Gallito Roll and Regular SideR70.90

Barcelos Bowls Menu

BowlPrice (R)
Beef, Veg, and RiceR63.90
Beef, Veg and RiceR70.90

Barcelos Local Favorites

ItemPrice (R)
Bafana MealR49.90
Super Bafana MealR79.90
Mega Bafana MealR119.90

Barcelos Wholesome Vegetarian Meals

ItemsPrices (R)
Vegetarian Burger and Regular SideR79.90
Vegetarian Burger SingleR64.90
Vegetarian BowlR64.90
Vegetarian SchwarmaR64.90
Vegetarian Bowl and Regular SideR79.90
Vegetarian Schwarma and Regular SideR79.90

Barcelos Kids Meals

MenuPrice (R)
Kids Burger MealR77.90
Kids Crumbed Strips and ChipsR77.90

Barcelos Combo Meals

CombosDescriptionPrices (R)
Tasty TwinsTwo chicken burgers. All day, every dayR59.90
Chicken Meal + Drink1/4 chicken, regular fries, and a garlic rollR96.90
Double Delicious + Drink2x chicken strip rolls with cheese and regular friesR107.90
Chicken Burger + DrinkRegular friesR85.90
Chicken Schwarma + DrinkChicken shawarma and regular friesR101.90
Kebab Meal + Drink2x chicken kebabs, regular fries, and garden saladR105.90
Super Ayoba Bafana + Drink1/4 chicken, regular pap, tomato relish, and cabbageR84.90
Chicken Cheese Burger + DrinkChicken cheese burger and regular friesR91.90

Barcelos Platters Menu

PlatterPrice (R)
Frango PlatterR579.90
Carnivora PlatterR649.90
Delicia PlatterR467.90
Vegetarian PlatterR389.90
Mini- Carnivora PlatterR375.90
Sanduíche PlatterR259.90

Barcelos 250ml Retail Marinades

ItemPrice (R)
Tangy Lemon MarinadeR42.90
Mild Peri MarinadeR42.90
Veri Peri MarinadeR42.90
Super Peri MarinadeR42.90
Salad DressingR42.90

Barcelos Sachets

SachetPrice (R)
Sauce SachetR1.50

Barcelos Extra Portions Menu

Extra PortionPrice (R)
Beef PattyR31.90
Chicken LiversR38.90
Cheese SliceR9.90
Chicken Breast FilletR26.90
Chicken StripsR30.90
Beef StripsR29.90
Pine RingR9.90
Tomato RelishR10.90
Prego SteakR57.90
Peri MayoR13.90

Barcelos Beverages Menu

BeveragePrice (R)
Fuze Ice Tea (500ml)R24.90
Valpre (500ml)R21.90
Assorted 440ml sugar free Soft DrinkR23.90
Assorted 2 Liter Soft DrinkR38.90
1 Litre Sun tropic Fruit JuiceR34.90
250ml Splash Fruit JuiceR11.90

Barcelos Hot Beverages

ItemPrice (R)
Single EspressoR22.90
Double EspressoR26.90
Latte MacchiatoR31.90
Hot ChocolateR26.90
Tea 5 rosesR23.90

Barcelos Milkshakes Menu

MilkshakePrice (R)

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