Momo Kuro, located in Johannesburg, is an Asian fusion establishment that offers a pleasant atmosphere and stunning city views. The interior design is modern and chic, with a relaxed vibe that adds to the experience. Prices are reasonable, making it an affordable fine dining spot.

The menu offers many dishes, including tapas-style options such as dumplings, bao, and Korean short ribs. Vegetarian options are also available. Some standout dishes include the duck baos, calamari, and Maui Poke bowl. Cocktails are not served, but guests are welcome to bring alcohol with no corkage fee.

Soft drinks and specialty teas are available for those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages. The location of Momo Kuro can be tricky, but security guards are helpful and friendly. The restaurant also has outdoor seating, perfect for enjoying the stunning views during the day or sunset. Momo Kuro is a must-visit eatery for Asian fusion foodies looking for a unique dining experience in Johannesburg.

Momo Kuro Gyoza Pot Stickers

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Peking Steamed PancakePan-fried dumplings, plum sauce, gyoza dipping sauce (2pcs)R72
Yuzu ChickenCrispy chicken nuggets, fragrant orange yuzu sauce, spring onion, cucumber, paper-thin steamed pancake, toasted sesame (2pcs)R65
Korean Fried Chicken WingsCrispy chicken wings, gochujang, spring onion, toasted sesame (6pcs)R65
Peking DuckAmber-roasted duck, hoisin, spring onion, cucumber, paper-thin steamed pancake, toasted sesame (2pcs)R78
Crispy Tofu MomoTofu squares, qp mayo, sriracha, hoisinR58
Twice Cooked Beef RibsChinese barbecue glazed short rib, toasted sesame, spring onionR72
Spring RollsFreshly rolled crispy wrapper, sweet chili dipping sauce (3pcs)R49
Wonton Szechuan PrawnPoached prawn, pickled shiitake, ginger, crushed peanut, chili, tingly Szechuan peppercorn oil (3pcs)R65

Momo Kuro Tapas Menu

TapasDescriptionPrice (R)
Prawn CantónStir-fried greens (v)R59
Canton Prawn WontonStir-fried greens (v)R65
Xinjiang Spicy LambThinly sliced lamb, whole cumin, Szechuan dried chili, onions, coriander, toasted sesameR78
Firecracker PrawnButterflied crispy prawn, puffed vermicelli, sriracha, togarashi spice, wasabi mayo.R82
Prawn How FunSteamed prawn, ginger, garlic, flat glass noodles, light soy sauce dressing (3pcs)R89
Umami EdamameEdamame beans in the shell, sesame oil marinade, toasted sesameR56
Cheung FunEnoki and shiitake mushrooms, Cheung fun, mushroom soy glaze, toasted sesameR72
Fiery Green BeansSmoky worked green beans, ginger, dried chiliR59
Spicy PeanutCrushed peanut, Cheung fun, spring onion, toasted sesame, fried onions, Xinjiang spicy sesame and peanut sauce, toasted sesameR69
BingCrispy spring onion pancake, Szechuan pepper, five-spice, kimchi, spicy sesame and peanut sauceR58
Pulled BrisketSmoky beef brisket, Cheung fun, spring onion, toasted sesame, fried onions, sweet soy, toasted sesameR72
Crystal Jade DumplingsPrawn filling, crystal rice wrapper, coriander, selection of dipping sauces (4pcs)R58
Sue GauSalmon Ceviche TacoR68
Fiery Cracker ChickenCrispy fried chicken, Szechuan chili oil, ginger, garlic, crushed peanut, spring onion.R78
Bochoi Har GauSpinach and prawn filling, crystal rice wrapper, coriander, selection of dipping sauces (4pcs)R68

Momo Kuro Sides Menu

SidePrice (R)
Gyoza Pot StickersR72
Peking Steamed PancakeR65
Yuzu ChickenR68
Kimchi & Tofu (v)R65
Beef & Pickled ShiitakeR72
Crispy Chicken NuggetsR58
Korean Fried Chicken WingsR65
Peking DuckR78
Crispy Tofu (v)R58
Twice Cooked Beef RibsR72
Spring RollsR49
Wonton Szechuan PrawnR65
Canton Prawn WontonR65
Stir-Fried Greens (v)R49
Xinjiang Spicy LambR78
Firecracker PrawnR82
Prawn How FunR89
Umami Edamame (v)R56
Cheung FunR72
Fiery Green Beans (v)R59
Spicy PeanutR69
Crispy CalamariR68
Sue GauR621

Momo Kuro Bao Menu

Bao NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Chairman BaoPulled lamb, hoisin, crushed peanut, QP mayo, spring onion, coriander, fried onionR85
Baklava BaoPan-fried pistachio bao, toasted pistachio crumb, lemon sherbet syrup, Sicilian pistachio gelatoR68
Colonel BaoCrispy fried chicken, hoisin, pickled ginger, QP mayo, sriracha, spring onion, coriander, toasted sesameR85
Kung Pow BaoCrispy Korean beef, kimchi, gochujang, QP mayo, sriracha, spring onion, coriander, toasted sesameR85
Deep Sea BaoTempura prawn, hoisin, pickled ginger, QP mayo, sriracha, spring onion, corianderR89
Greenway Bao (v)Crispy fried tofu, QP mayo, sriracha, hoisin, pickled ginger, spring onion, and coriander.R82
Deep Fried BunSweet milk or salted caramel dipR48
Mighty Duck BaoAmber roasted duck, hoisin, plum sauce, QP mayo, sriracha, spring onion, corianderR89

Momo Kuro Desserts Menu

Dessert NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Lemon Yuzu TartWith homemade strawberry sorbetR65
Dark Chocolate Matcha TartWith Sicilian pistachio gelatoR65
White Chocolate AffogatoMouth-watering dessertR45

Momo Kuro Drinks Menu

Drink NamePrice (R)
Turkish Delight LemonadeR36
Lemongrass Yuzu GingerbeerR36
Iced TeaR32
Coconut MilkR28
Coconut WaterR30
Double EspressoR21
Long Black / AmericanoR19
Flat White / CappuccinoR24
Tea – Oolong: Alishan Black Dragon; Green: Longjing, Jasmine, Spring Green; Herbal: Chrysanthemum, Maui PokéR32

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