Doppio Zero is a famous restaurant chain with branches spread across South Africa. They are known for their delicious food and warm atmosphere. Doppio Zero offers a range of delicious dishes made from fresh ingredients.

It is a go-to destination for food enthusiasts who appreciate high-quality cuisine in a stylish and vibrant setting. The menu is reasonably priced, making it a popular choice for budget-minded diners. In addition to its affordable fare, Doppio Zero also offers a good selection of tapas dishes, making it a great option for small groups looking to share a meal.

From breakfast classics to delectable pizzas, pasta, and main courses, every dish at Doppio Zero reflects the restaurant’s dedication to serving artisanal cuisine made from scratch. Other menu items include salads & bowls, handhelds, kids items, fresh plates, soups, burgers, mains, desserts, cakes, sandwiches, smoothies, juices, beverages, and platters.

Doppio Zero Breakfast Menu

ItemPrice (R)Description
ProntoR59Eggs any style, balsamic grilled red onion & cherry tomatoes, toast & choice of one breakfast extra.
Doppio BreakfastR118Eggs any style, bacon, grilled halloumi, mushrooms, balsamic grilled red onion & cherry tomatoes, choice of spicy lamb sausages OR pork sausage.
Mushroom & Bacon ScrambleR70Sautéed mushrooms drizzled with truffle oil, streaky bacon, scrambled eggs & parmesan on toasted ciabatta.
Eggs & OxtailR85Oxtail & short rib ragù, poached eggs, toasted mosbolletjie & tomato gremolata.
Spicy LiversR72Spicy pan-fried chicken livers in a piquant sauce, fried eggs, grilled cherry tomatoes & toasted ciabatta.
Breakfast StackR80Butternut röstini, fried egg, streaky bacon, rocket, tomato, sautéed red onion, mushroom & crushed avo.
Tortilla BowlR79Crisp tortilla, chilli con carne, fried egg, crème fraîche, guac, salsa, parmesan & coriander.
Vegan OptionR85Crisp tortilla, Beyond™ mince chilli con carne, guacamole, salsa , vegan parmesan & coriander.
Eggs & ToastR40Choice of 2 toppings: bacon, haloumi, mushrooms, spinach, tomato, avocado, feta, or cheese.
OmeletsR52Plain omelet, or add any 2 toppings from the list above.
Creamy Milk & Honey OatsR52Served with fresh berries & granola.
Nut Butter & BananaR52Served with fresh berries & granola.
Vegan ParfaitR58Served with fresh berries & granola.
OmegaR110Smoked salmon, poached egg, avocado, caper pico de gallo, herbed yogurt & ciabatta.
Eggs & GreensR98Eggs any style, spinach, tomato, mushrooms, feta & ciabatta.
Ruby OmeletteR79Served with fresh berries & granola.

Doppio Zero Salads & Bowls Menu

Salads & Bowls Price (R)
Haloumi & Roast Veg SaladR85
Chicken Caesar SaladR89
Doppio SaladR75
Soul BowlR88
Salmon Poke BowlR100

Doppio Zero Handhelds Menu

MenuPrice (R)
Prego PolloR90
Hot Pressed Chicken MayoR86
Nomad WrapR68
Haloumi WrapR88
Chicken WrapR90
Rubbed Rump WrapR108

Doppio Zero Kids Menu

MenuPrice (R)
Cheesy ChipsR30
Mac ‘n CheeseR40
Saucy Meatballs & MashR42
Saucy SpaghettiR44
Chicken StripsR48
Fish & ChipsR48
Margherita PizzaR32
Ham & Pineapple PizzaR38
Chicken & Mushroom PizzaR38

Doppio Zero Fresh Plates Menu

MenuPrice (R)
Chicken BreastR45
BBQ, Lemon & Za’atar Chicken ThighsR48
Chicken Stir FryR78
Rump Stir FryR32
Pealafal FrittersR56
Mediterranean HakeR64
Grain SlawR28
Chunky Avo SaladR40
Bean SaladR38
Warm GreensR30
Roasted Sweet Potato & Walnut SaladR32
Hand-Cut ChipsR25
Parmesan MashR25
Roast VegR35
Doppio Side SaladR30
Garden SaladR25

Doppio Zero Pasta Menu

PastaPrice (R)
Aglio e Olio Alla GrecaR88
Pasta LocoR98
Spaghetti Frutti di MareR135
Calamari & ChorizoR117
Pollo al FornoR110
Cheese TortelliniR117
Short Rib GnocchiR120

Doppio Zero Soups Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Beef GoulashR95
Chicken & VegR75
Roast ButternutR55

Doppio Zero Tapas Menu

TapasPrice (R)
Mozzarella CroquettesR45
Fried HaloumiR48
Wood-fired ToastiesR34
Salmon & Sweet Potato Fish CakesR56
Grilled CalamariR82
Doppio WingsR72
Chicken LiversR52

Doppio Zero Vegan Food Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Above & Beyond BurgerR148
Spaghetti VeganoR86
Vegan Roasted Butternut CurryR80
Vegetarian PizzaR88

Doppio Zero Burgers Menu

BurgerPrice (R)
The OriginalR95
The Doppio BurgerR115
Crispy Chicken BurgerR85
The Naked BohemianR11
The Earth ChildR84

Doppio Zero Mains Menu

MainsPrices (R)
Cider Roasted Pork BellyR154
Pollo InvoltiniR110
Salmon TeriyakiR230
Pesce in TempuraR108
Pollo LimoneR98
Steak, Chips, & Bone MarrowR138
Braised ShortribR188
Lamb Leg SteaksR190
Thai CurryR98

Doppio Zero Dessert Menu

DessertPrice (R)
Nutella CrepeR64
Traditional Malva PuddingR58
Apple CrumbleR58

Doppio Zero Wood-Fried Pizza

ItemPrice (R)
Herb & Olive Oil FocacciaR44
Garlic & Rosemary FocacciaR44
Mozzarella FocacciaR58
Vegi VegiR80
Pizza RomaR80
Ragu MafiosoR76
Pizza SalamiR88
Leo LeoneR89
La MedR89
Tutti Frutti Di MareR168

Doppio Zero Cake Menu

CakePrice (R)SizeDescription
Chocolate Lava CakeR55IndividualA rich, decadent chocolate cake with a molten center.
TiramisuR45IndividualA classic Italian dessert made with coffee-soaked ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, and chocolate.
CheesecakeR50IndividualA creamy, smooth cheesecake with a graham cracker crust.
Carrot CakeR45IndividualA moist, carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting.
Red Velvet CakeR50IndividualA rich, red velvet cake with a cream cheese frosting.
Fruit CakeR45IndividualA traditional fruit cake with a brandy-soaked fruit filling.
Victoria Sponge CakeR40IndividualA light, sponge cake with a strawberry jam filling.
Lemon Meringue PieR55IndividualA tart, lemon pie with a meringue topping.
Chocolate MousseR45IndividualA rich, chocolate mousse served in a glass.

Doppio Zero Toasted Sandwiches Menu

Toasted SandwichPrice (R)
Bacon & Cheese Toasted SandwichR57.5
Bacon & Egg Toasted SandwichR63.25
Bacon Avo & Tomato Toasted SandwichR63.25
Chicken Mayo Toasted SandwichR74.75
Cheese & Tomato Toasted SandwichR51.75
Ham, Cheese & Tomato Toasted SandwichR69
Ham & Cheese Toasted SandwichR51.75
Spinach & Feta Toasted SandwichR57.5
Bacon.Egg & Cheese Toasted SandwichR69

Doppio Zero Caffe Menu

MenuPrice (R)
Cappuccino VeroR32.2
Doppio CappuccinoR41.4
Vietnamese Vanilla LatteR46
Espresso DoppioR28.75
Caffé MochaR42.55
Dirty Chai LatteR43.7
Red CappuccinoR34.5
Matcha LatteR42.55
Single CortadoR29.9
Double CortadoR32.2
Turmeric LatteR39.1
Hot ChocolateR41.4
Caffé LatteR39.1
Spiced ChaiR43.7

Doppio Zero Smoothies Menu

SmoothiePrice (R)
Green Machine SmoothieR63.25
Blueberry Power ProteinR78.2
Peanut Butter BombR87.4
Tropic Thunder SmoothieR63.25
Super BerryR82.8

Doppio Zero Freshly Squeezed Juices

MenuPrice (R)
Freshy Squeezed JuiceR55.2
Detox JuiceR55.2
Ginger Green JuiceR57.5
Immunity JuiceR55.2

Doppio Zero Beverage Iced

ItemPrice (R)
Iced LatteR34.5
Iced-Vietanamese LatteR43.7

Doppio Zero Vitality Healthy Dining Menu

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Salmon Poké Bowl (VIT)R124.2
Kids Menu Saucy Meatballs & Mash (VIT)R54.05
Smashed Avo (VIT)R86.25
Plain Omelette & Tomato Salsa (VIT)R57.5
Halloumi Poached Eggs (VIT)R54.05
Lemon & Za’tar Chicken Thigh Skewers (VIT)R55.2
Stir Fry Chicken (VIT)R55.2
Rump Tagliata (VIT)R96.6
Mediterranean Hake (VIT)R78.2
Thai Chicken Bowl (VIT)R98.9
Nomad Wrap (VIT)R98.9
Roasted Butternut Soup (VIT)R48.3
Hearty Quinoa Bowl (VIT)R112.7
Wholesome Toast (VIT)R73.6
El Paso (VIT)R69
Teriyaki Salmon (VIT)R287.5
Veg Moussaka (VIT)R143.75
Moroccan Chicken Thighs (VIT)R156.4
Roasted Sweet Potato & Feta (VIT)R52.9
Wonder Bowl (VIT)R92
Chunky Avo Salad (VIT)R59.8
Wild Rice Salad (VIT)R44.85
Warm Greens (VIT)R44.85

Doppio Zero Platters Menu

PlatterDescriptionPrice (R)
Eboste Platter Small (18 Pcs)4 prawn California rolls, 6 Avo maki, 4 Salmon nigiri, 4 Signature fashion sandwichesR190
Vegetable Platter (20 Pcs)4 Veg fashion, 4 Veg California, 6 Maki veg, 2 Handroll veg, 4 Uramaki avoR220
Salmon Platter Small (18 Pcs)4 Salmon rose, 4 Salmon sashimi, 4 Salmon California rolls, 6 Salmon MakiR270
Salmon Platter Big (36 Pcs)8 Salmon rose, 8 Salmon sashimi, 8 Salmon California rolls, 12 Salmon MakiR540
Clubhouse Platter (20 Pcs)4 Salmon avo roses, 4 Uramaki salmon, 4 Crab California, 4 Uramaki prawn, 4 Caviar nigiriR330
Eboste Platter Big (36 Pcs)8 prawn California rolls, 12 Avo maki, 8 Salmon nigiri, 8 Signature fashion sandwichesR380
Doppio Sushi Platter (56 Pieces)8 Salmon rose, 8 Salmon sashimi, 8 Salmon California rolls, 6 Salmon maki, 6 Avo maki, 1 Salmon handroll, 1 Prawn handroll, 4 Rainbow rolls, 6 Prawn maki, 8 Rock prawn fashion sandwichesR860

Doppio Zero Rosebank Menu

Address: Doppio Zero Rosebank, and The Firs Shopping Centre, Cnr. Cradock Street, Biermann Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa

Doppio Zero Mall of Africa Menu

Address: Doppio Zero Mall of Africa, 1163 Magwa Cres, Midrand, 1686, South Africa

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