Joop’s Place was established in 1993 by Joop and Wendy Mol; the couple intended to share their passion and knowledge of food with all of Durban. Joop’s Place became a local institution synonymous with the best steaks in town.

Joop’s is not just a lunch or dinner; it is a specialist dining experience designed to cater to people who want to enjoy being part of a family and a great community. Whether you’re stopping in for a light starter or one of their famous pepper steaks, they guarantee only the finest quality meal every time!

Joop’s is unusual for many reasons, but one thing makes Joop’s unique. Oom Joop wanted his customers to witness the skill and drama of delivering those sizzling blue-ribbon steaks onto your plate. That is why this is the only grill restaurant in Durban with a display window to the grill area. 

This allows you to enjoy your drinks as the flames work their magic. Mandla and Jefrey are top-notch chefs trained by Oom Joop in the searing of steaks. Both have a longstanding affiliation with Joop’s Place. Joop’s Butchery is a neighborhood butcher shop in the vibrant city of Durban, offering artisanal meats and meat products that are made in-house.

Joop’s Butchery specializes in sourcing venison, such as kudu, eland, blue wildebeest, impala, springbok, and other exotic cuts, and will keep their clients informed when stock is available.

Joop’s Place Breakfast Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Joop’s Legend BreakfastToast, Chilli Mince, Curried Baked Beans, Back Bacon, 4 Boerie Bites, 1 Cheese Griller, 2 Hot Lamb Sausages, Chips, and 2 EggsR120
The Joop’s HollandaiseCroissant, Bacon, Hollandaise Sauce, and 2 Poached EggsR100
The Old SchoolSteak, Egg & Chips – 200gr Rump or Sirloin, 2 Eggs, and ChipsR100
Joop’s Legend BreakfastBrioche Bun, 250gr Beef Patty, Cheese, Bacon, and 2 EggsR100
The Sausage FestivalToast, 4 Boerie Bites, 1 Cheese Griller, 2 Hot Lamb Sausages, Chips, and 2 EggsR70
The PortugueseToast, Chicken Livers (Hot or Mild), and 2 EggsR70
The DurbaniteToast, Curried Baked Beans, 3 Hot Lamb Sausages, Mexican Mince, Chips, and 2 EggsR70
Joop’s Legend Breakfast4 Egg Omelette with options of any four toppings, served with Chips or SaladR70
The Belgium2 Belgium Waffles, 6 Rashers of Bacon, Syrup, and 1 Scoop of Vanilla Ice CreamR70
The MexicanToast, Mexican Mince, and 2 EggsR70
The Doori BoerieToast, 4 Rashers of Bacon, 4 Boerie Bites, and 2 EggsR70
The Sandesh SpecialToasted Monster Sandwich with Mountain of Bacon, Gouda Cheese, Tomato, and 2 EggsR70

Joop’s Options for Breakfast

Toast OptionsEgg Options
White sliced bread
Brown sliced bread

Joop’s Place The Sweet Things in Life for Breakfast

ItemPrice (R)
Slice of daily fresh baked cakeR50
3 KoeksistersR20
3 Dutch PancakesR20

Joop’s Place Starters

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Crumbed PrawnsFive crumbed prawns served with spicy seafood mayo.R90.00
Hollandse Croquetten – A Dutch SpecialityBeef fillet finely chopped, creamed, rolled, crumbed, and fried to a crisp golden finish.R68.00
Sate – A Dutch version of the Indonesian FavouriteSkewered pork or chicken fillets topped with a spicy peanut butter sauce.R72.00
Prawn CocktailCocktail prawns tossed in a seafood mayonnaise, presented on a bed of iceberg lettuce.R90.00
Chicken Livers Peri-PeriWith tomato and onion sauce-medium hot. Served with sliced bread.R68.00
Garlic SnailsSix plump snails in fresh garlic butter.R70.00
Roquefort SnailsTopped with grilled roquefort cheese.R80.00
Peppered BoereworsS.A.-style sausage pieces fried in peppered butter served with homemade sweet and spicy tomato chutney.R65.00
MusselsGently bubble in a light cream, wine, garlic, onion, and herbs sauce on the half shell.R85.00
CalamariTender Calamari rings in a light batter or grilled in lemon and garlic. (Side order of peri-peri sauce on request.)R80.00
Chicken & Prawn Spring RollsWith a filling of chicken, prawn, and assorted vegetables, they are served with a sweet chili sauce and soy sauce.R68.00
Homemade Soup Of The DayAsk your server for details.R60.00

Joop’s Place Salads

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
French SaladA basic salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, celery, green pepper, and carrot with a light vinaigrette dressing.R70.00
Roquefort SaladGreens, tomato, cucumber, peppers, and onions drenched with creamy Roquefort sauce.R85.00
Greek SaladGreens, etc., with black olives and feta cheese, finished with a spicy Greek dressing.R80.00

Joop’s Place Pan-Fried Steaks

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Pepper SteakPressed in black peppercorns, fried, and simmered in cream and red wine.R225.00
Pepper CheeseStuffed with grated cheddar cheese.R235.00
Hollandse BiefstukPan-fried until crisp on the outside, flambéed with brandy.R220.00
Garlic BiefstukStuffed with freshly crushed garlic.R225.00
Chilli BiefstukStuffed with red and green chilies, jalapeño pepper, and a hint of garlic.R225.00
Joop’s SpecialStuffed with cheddar cheese and chopped pineapple, flambéed and finished with button mushrooms.R240.00

Joop’s Place Meat – Char-Grilled

ItemDescriptionRegular 300g (R)Small 200g (R)
RumpTasty rumpR165.00R130.00
SirloinMouthwatering SirloinR165.00R130.00
EntrecôteSirloin sliced and served with tangy butter.R185.00R145.00
Old Man SteakFillet covered in creamy English mustard sauce.R195.00R165.00
Roquefort SteakFillet covered with creamy Roquefort Sauce.R205.00R170.00
T-Bone SteakMinimum 800gR260.00

Joop’s Place Sauces for your Steaks

SaucePrice (R)
Monkey GlandR30.00
Garlic ButterR30.00

Joop’s Place Chicken

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken SchnitzelTopped with a zesty cheese and mushroom sauce.R120.00
Roslyn’s ChickenGrilled, flattened chicken breast topped with deshelled prawns, creamed spinach, and cheddar melt.R160.00
Peppered Chicken BreastChicken breast stuffed with Roquefort cheese rolled in crushed black pepper, gently fried in butter, simmered in cream and red wine sauce.R140.00

Joop’s Place Lamb

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Braised Lamb ShankPresented with rosemary gravy and mashed potatoes.R225.00
Lamb CutletsSuper loin chops.R195.00

Joop’s Place Other Portions

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Oxtail CasseroleWith butter beans and carrots in a rich gravy.R190.00
Vegetable PastaTagliatelle pasta with onions, spinach, mushrooms, and peppers with a hint of chili and garlic in a cream sauce with a dash of tomato.R90.00

Joop’s Place Fish

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CalamariFried in a light batter or grilled in garlic or peri-peri butter.R160.00
Kingklip FilletGrilledR190.00
Kingklip PopeyeFillet of Kingklip topped with creamed spinach and cheese melt.R205.00

Joop’s Place Side Orders

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Vegetables of the DayVegetables of the day.R35.00
Button MushroomsSautéed in butter.R35.00
Fried OnionsThe old-fashioned way, no flour or batter.R30.00
Garlic Roll with Cheddar MeltGarlic roll with cheddar melt.R35.00

Joop’s Place Something Sweet

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Ice Cream & Bar-One Chocolate SauceIce cream and bar-one chocolate sauce.R55.00
Crème BrûléeEnhanced with Amarula cream.R55.00
CassataLayered ice cream loaf with fruit and nuts, edged with dark chocolate.R60.00
Homemade Cheese CakeChocolate biscuit base touched with orange marmalade.R55.00
Chocolate MousseTopped with whipped cream.R55.00

Joop’s Place To Round Off Your Meal

ItemPrice (R)
Freshly Ground CoffeeR22.00
Pot o’ Tea – Ceylon or Rooibos.R20.00

Joop’s Place Hot Beverages

BeveragePrice (R)
Espresso (Doubles only)R20
Cappuccino (Double Jumbo)R20
Café MochaR20
Joop’s LatteR20
Hot ChocolateR20
Black TeaR20
Rooibos TeaR20

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