Milky Lane is a South African chain founded in 2016 that specializes in ice cream and desserts made with its signature NiceCream. The company has over 50 locations across South Africa and several international franchise locations.

The Milky Lane menu includes waffles, sundaes, milkshakes, caramel crunch, ice cream cakes, ice cream sticks, and ice cream cones in a range of flavors. Milky Lane menu prices for an ice cream cone start at around R12, while more elaborate desserts like waffles with toppings can cost up to R50.

Milkshake prices are around R30, and customers can choose from classic flavors like chocolate and strawberry or try more unique options like bubblegum and Turkish delight.

Milky Lane South Africa’s menu also offers a range of toppings and add-ons to customize your dessert to your liking. Overall, Milky Lane is a great option for you with a sweet tooth looking for a tasty treat at an affordable price.

Picked for You

MenuPrices (R)
4 Pack NiceCream TubzR 125.00
Triple Choc SunnydaeR 80.00
Crunchie SunnydaeR 80.00
Ferrero Rocher Nutella WaffleR 98.00
ROLO® WaffleR 94.00

Milky Lane Easter NiceCream Stix Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Easter NiceCream Stix 4 PACKR 120.00
Easter NiceCream Stix 8 PACKR 220.00
Easter NiceCream Stix 16 PACKR 420.00

Milky Lane Promotion Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Shake, Waffle & SmilesR 105.00
Oh-So-Sweet BreakR 164.00
Sharing OfferR 210.00
Shake BreakR 187.00
Get Shakin’R 226.00
Sweet Treats For The FamR 297.00
Superlicious & ChillR 330.00

Milky Lane NiceCream Tubs Menu

MenuPrices (R)
4 Pack NiceCream TubsR 125.00
8 Pack NiceCream TubsR 225.00
16 Pack NiceCream TubsR 425.00

Milky Lane Favourite Waffles

MenuPrice (R)
Oreo Cookies and CreamR61.00
Bar-One PeanutR66.00
Bar-One BonanzaR71.00
Rolo WaffleR74.00
Death by Chocolate WaffleR78.00
Ferrero Rocher Nutella WaffleR98.00

Milky Lane Decadent Waffles

MenuPrices (R)
ROLO® WaffleR 94.00
Bar-One® and Peppermint AeroR 94.00
Bar-One® PeanutR 77.00
Bar-One® BonanzaR 82.00
Lindt Cookies & Cream WaffleR 98.00
Death By Chocolate WaffleR 94.00
Bar-One® and BananaR 82.00

Milky Lane Warm & Fuzzy Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Bar One Hot ChocolateR 42.00
CappuccinoR 36.00
Hot ChocolateR 40.00
ChocochinoR 44.00
AmericanoR 30.00
Milky Lane CoffeeR 32.00
Cafe LatteR 34.00

Milky Lane Favourite Shakes

ShakesPrices (R)
Strawberry ShakeR45.00
Chocolate ShakeR45.00
Vanilla ShakeR45.00
Bubblegum ShakeR45.00
Banana ShakeR45.00
Peppermint ShakeR45.00
Lime ShakeR45.00

Milky Lane Oh So Special Shakes

MenuPrices (R)
Oreo® ShakeR 63.00
Peppermint Aero® ShakeR 63.00
Bar-One® ShakeR 63.00

Milky Lane Sunnydaes Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Crunchie SunnydaeR 80.00
Triple Choc SunnydaeR 80.00
Oreo SunnydaeR 78.00
Peppermint Aero & Bar-One SunnydaeR 80.00
Custard Surprise SunnydaeR 80.00

Milky Lane Craft Sodas Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Mango Coca-Cola® Craft SodaR 40.00
Raspberry Craft SodaR 40.00
Mango Craft SodaR 40.00
Apple Craft SodaR 40.00

Milky Lane NiceCream Confetti

MenuPrices (R)
4 Pack ConefettiR 125.00
16 Pack ConefettiR 425.00
8 Pack ConefettiR 225.00

Milky Lane NicCream Stix Menu

MenuPrices (R)
4 x Nice Cream StixR 125.00
8 x Nice Cream StixR 225.00
16 x Nice Cream StixR 425.00

Milky Lane Whizzers Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Choca Mocha WhizzerR51.00
Crunchie WhizzerR51.00
Choco Cookie WhizzerR54.00
Bar-One & Hazelnut WhizzerR58.00
Bar-One and Peppermint Aero WhizzerR58.00
Smarties Galaxy WhizzerR58.00
Bar-One & Banana WhizzerR54.00

Milky Lane Toppings

ToppingsPrices (R)
Peppermint AeroR11.90
Jelly TotsR11.90
Jelly BeansR11.90
Chocolate CandyR11.90
Ruby PearlsR11.90

Milky Lane Wonderfilled Cones Menu

ConesPrice (R)
Ripple DipR32.90
Nutty DipR29.90
Nutty Ripple DipR40.90
Twice as Nice – Choc Peppermint, Caramel CRUNCHIE*, White Choc OREO® or Bubblegum Sprinkle.R29.90

Milky Lane Cool & Chillicious Menu

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Soda (No Sugar)Coca-Cola® No Sugar, Sprite® Zero, Fanta Zero, or Stoney No Sugar.R17.90
Soda (Sugar)Coca-Cola®, Sprite®, Fanta, Creme Soda, or Stoney.R18.90
Fruit JuicePlease ask your waiter for available flavors.R19.90
TisersAppletiser® or Grapetiser®R24.90
Soda FloatWith oh-so-yummy NiceCream.R29.90
Craft Soda SpriteFreshly prepared, flavored syrup mixed with soda water, Sprite®, and fresh mint leaves. Choose between raspberry, mango, or apple.R26.90
Craft Soda Coca-ColaFreshly prepared, mango-flavoured syrup mixed with Coca-Cola® and fresh mint leaves.R26.90
Craft Soda FloatFreshly prepared, flavored syrup mixed with Coca-Cola® or Sprite® and fresh mint leaves, topped with our oh-so-yummy NiceCream. Choose between raspberry, apple or mango.R31.90

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