Are you looking for a flavorful burger experience? Jerry’s Burger Bar is the place to go. It’s not just the waves here that will astound you. Prepare to savor succulent, gourmet burgers heaped with delectable, freshly sourced toppings while taking in the expansive view of the sea.

Get rid of the boring patties and experience a taste explosion instead. Jerry’s creates culinary wonders that explode with each taste, going above and beyond the ordinary.

Envision succulent, flame-grilled meat oozing with flavorful sauce sandwiched between soft buns and adorned with a harmonious blend of crunchy vegetables, melted cheese, and upscale garnishes.

The adventure doesn’t stop at the burger, though. Drink a craft beer designed just for daring palates to wash down your masterpiece, or enjoy a cool beverage while watching the sun cast flaming hues over the sky.

So, Jerry’s Burger Bar, regardless of your level of burger expertise or whether you’re a beach bum looking for the ideal pit stop. You’ll go for the fantastic food, stay for the atmosphere, and go with taste buds and memories that will have you itching for your next burger fix.

Jerry’s Starters & Salads

CategoryItemDescriptionPrice (R)
BOMBSChorizoPanko crumbed, chorizo, onion & cheese with a slight bite. Served with chipotle mayoR65
BOMBS(V) CheeseStuffed with 4 cheeses, wrapped in crispy phyllo. Served with mustard mayoR75
BOMBS(V) KimchiGrilled chicken on a bed of crispy fresh spinach, coriander, mushroom, apple, tomato, red onion, and feta with a sesame dressingR60
BOMBSPulled PorkDelicious slow-cooked pulled pork & cheddar cheese, crumbed & fried with a side of chipotle dipping sauceR63
BOMBS(V) PopperCrumbed & fried mixed cheeses, onion & jalapeño. Served with sriracha mayoR60
BOMBSThe Bomb.ComboAny 3 of the above for R165R165
TACOSChicken2 Soft Flour Tacos Served with Fries – Crunchy slaw, avo* & shredded chicken with a peanut satay sauceR140
TACOS(V) Avo & Kimchi2 Soft Flour Tacos Served with Fries – Kimchi, tempura-fried avo* & Asian slaw with gochujang mayoR135
TACOSPulled Pork2 Soft Flour Tacos Served with Fries – Slow-cooked pulled pork, crunchy Asian slaw, apple & chipotle sauceR140
TACOSMexican2 Soft Flour Tacos Served with Fries – Mature rump strips, cheddar, guacamole, jalapeño, lettuce, salsa fresca, lime & corianderR150
TACOS[Vegan] Vegan Taco2 Soft Flour Tacos Served with Fries – Shredded lettuce, “Urban Prime” vegan mince, kimchi, vegan cheese, Asian slaw & smashed avoR160
TACOSTaco Deal!Mexican Taco + 355ml CoronaR170
GREEN BELTChickpea, Avo & FetaA zesty mix of chickpeas, salsa fresca, coriander, avo*, and feta with mixed leaves and a lime drizzleR98
GREEN BELTChicken PopeyeGrilled chicken on a bed of crispy fresh spinach, coriander, mushroom, apple, tomato, red onion, and feta, with a sesame dressingR125
GREEN BELT(V) Plain Popeye No ChickenTasty Veg Plain Popeye No ChickenR100
GREEN BELTChopped UpRocket, lettuce, red onion, carrot, tomato, avo*, feta and boiled eggR120
GREEN BELT(V) GreekChunky cucumber, tomato, kalamata olives, feta & red onionR95
EASY PICKINGSNachosSpicy homemade kimchi with cheddar, mozzarella, and Mexican pickle. Served with gochujang mayoHouse: R130 Vegan: R170 Chicken: R155
EASY PICKINGS(V) Crumbed MushroomsPanko crumbed mushrooms with a blue cheese dipR90
EASY PICKINGSChicken TendersHomemade nachos with cheddar, salsa, jalapeño, guacamole, sour cream & coriander – (V)R95
EASY PICKINGSCorn DogsBaby beef franks fried in corn batter to crispy perfectionR80

Jerry’s Burgers

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CheapskateClassic home-made beef patty basted with BBQ sauce, topped with pickles & mustard mayoR115
Whoop Whoop (V)Classic homemade beef patty basted with BBQ sauce, topped with pickles & mustard mayoR140
Holy (Not) Cow (Vegan)“Urban Prime” patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle, with vegan mustard mayoR165
Sweet Baby CheesesTopped with slices of cheddar, Swiss cheese & spicy cheese sauceR165
After BurnerBased in chipotle BBQ, topped with jalapeño & avo*R150
Frenchy100% Vegetarian homemade chickpea patty with cheddar cheese, topped with mushroom or pepper sauce.R165
Double Cheese SmashTwo 80g patties sandwiched with double cheddar cheeseR140
JerryBBQ basted & topped with Swiss cheese, fresh rocket & red onion relishR150
Jack D.Delicious sticky Jack Daniels basting with caramelized onions & baconR152
FabClassic burger with feta, avo & baconR165
Heart AttackClassic burger with crispy crushed cheese bombs and chipotle mayoR155
Truffle MushroomClassic burger with white truffle-infused mushroom sauceR155
“Urban Prime” patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle, with vegan mustard mayoClassic burger topped with crispy bacon & blue cheese sauceR160
Pulled PorkSmothered with blue cheese sauce, cracked pepper, grilled mushrooms & homemade red wine onion relishR140
Philly SteakTender strips of grilled & marinated rump with cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, and mushroomR158
Stuffed Beef Burger: SlothInside: Cheddar cheese & jalapeño Topped with: Avo* & baconR165
Colonel Bernie (Chicken)Cornflake crumbed chicken breast with Mexican pickles & gochujang mayoR148
Drunken Chicken (Chicken)Jalapeños & avo* top a chicken breast basted in our special tequila marinadeR140
The KoreanHot & Saucy: Served with melted jack cheese, bacon & kimchiR160
The Full Monty (Chicken)Bunless burger – 2 grilled chicken patties with our tequila marinade, avo* & jalapeñosR149

Jerry’s Grills

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Rump Steak350g Matured prime rump served with fries or side saladR250
Add SaucePepper, Cheese, MushroomR45
WingsHalf: Grilled chicken wings with fries. Full: Grilled chicken wings
with fries. Choose From: Hot & Spicy / Smoky BBQ / Jack D / Sriracha Lime
Half: R110
Full: R180
Rib RackHalf: 3-hour oven-roasted, dry-rubbed & basted in-house BBQ sauce served with fries.Half: SQ / Full: SQ
Rib & Wing ComboHalf Ribs + Half Wings + FriesSQ

Jerry’s Sweets & Treats

CategoryItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CANDY CORNERBrownie Ala ModeDecadent pecan & chocolate fridge brownie & vanilla ice-creamR75
CANDY CORNERPecan Brownie[Gluten-free & Vegan]R80
CANDY CORNERMa Se MalvaLekker traditional South African malva pudding with ice-creamR80
CANDY CORNERLemon MeringueSweet Lemon meringueR70
CANDY CORNERSalted Caramel Pecan TartTasty salted caramel pecan tart dishR75
WAFFLESMapleFreshly Made Fluffy Waffles Served With Cream Or Ice-creamR75
WAFFLESChocolateFreshly Made Fluffy Waffles Served With Cream Or Ice-creamR85
WAFFLESPeanut Butter FudgeFreshly Made Fluffy Waffles Served With Cream Or Ice-creamR85
WAFFLESWild Berry SauceFreshly Made Fluffy Waffles Served With Cream Or Ice-creamR85
‘SHAKES & FLOATSYou Little BiscuitIntense Salted Caramel Biscuit Vanilla ShakeR50
‘SHAKES & FLOATSTop DeckChocolate Shake Layered With Vanilla Ice Cream White Chocolate SauceR50
‘SHAKES & FLOATSDirty Little SecretChai Spice And Espresso Coffee Vanilla ShakeR50
‘SHAKES & FLOATSClassic ShakesVanilla, Banana, Strawberry, Bubblegum, Chocolate, Gingerbread, Peanut Butter & BananaR45
‘SHAKES & FLOATSSoda FloatsCoke/ Fanta / Cream Soda Sparberry / GingerbeerR35

Jerry’s Kids Menu

All are served with fries.

ItemPrice (R)
Beef / ChickenR80
BBQ WingsR90
Sticky RibletsR85
Panko Crumbed Chicken StripsR70
Corn DogsR65
Kids Ice-cream, Choc Sauce & SprinklesR40
Half Brownie with ice-creamR40
Half Maple Waffle with ice-creamR40
Kiddies COMBOR130

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