Hello Food Enthusiasts! If you are searching for the current Java Bistro’s menu, then you are at the right place. We have compiled the current Java Bistro’s menu with updated prices, sourced directly from the restaurant’s official website.

Java Bistro is a famous establishment in South Africa. It offers a wide range of menus, including Breakfast, Gourmet Burgers, Gourmet Toasted Sandwiches, Main Meals, Pasta, Pizza, Salads, Smoothies, Soul Bowls, Tortilla Wraps, Vegan & Vegetarian Meals, Vegan Smoothies, Coffees, Desserts, Hot Drinks, and Ice Cool Drinks.

We have added the contact number of the restaurant, so that contact them for food delivery, as well as for reservations. The restaurant offers food delivery through Uber Eats and Mr. D Delivery. You can enjoy tasty foods at home, or the office, or visit their outlet to dine in there.

At Java Bistro, all the menu items are prepared from fresh ingredients. The staff is well-mannered and friendly. The service is quick. The prices are pocket-friendly. The taste is great. The main meals include a Charcuterie Platter for 2, Honey Coated Chicken Strips, Hook & Coop Basket, and others.


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Plain 3 Egg OmeletR42.00
The Sunrise BreakfastR39.00
Poached Eggs & AvoR49.00
French ToastR59.00
English BreakfastR57.00
Java BenedictR89.00
Health BreakfastR69.00
On the Fly CroissantR69.00
Java Traditional BreakfastR79.00
Deconstructed BreakfastR79.00

Gourmet Burgers

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Lonesome CowgirlR59.00
Lonesome CowboyR69.00
Chicken Run BurgerR79.00
Simply Classic BurgerR84.00
Classic Cheese BurgerR89.00
Vegetarian BurgerR95.00
Insanely Good BurgerR98.00
The Western BurgerR98.00
Banting BurgerR99.00
The Java BurgerR119.00
The Beyond BurgerR129.00

Gourmet Toasted Sandwiches

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Ham & CheeseR55.00
Scrambled Eggs & AvoR69.00
Vegan Hummus & ArtichokeR69.00
Vegan Pesto & MushroomR69.00
Chicken and MayonnaiseR75.00
Java DeluxeR89.00

Main Meals

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Charcuterie Platter for 2 (A variety of cheeses, charcuterie meats, seasonal fruits, spreads, and freshly baked artisan bread)R189.00
Mini Charcuterie Platter (A variety of cheeses, charcuterie meats, seasonal fruits, spreads, and freshly baked artisan bread)R98.00
Hook & Coop BasketR69.00
Grilled HaloumiR46.00
Honey Coated Chicken StripsR39.00
Battered Hake StripsR45.00
Garlic & Herb FlatbreadR39.00
Cheesy FriesR47.00
Soup of the DayR48.00
Homemade Chicken PieR69.00
Chicken Stir FryR79.00
Moroccan Chicken SkewersR79.00
Vegetarian CurryR85.00
Butter ChickenR89.00
Schnitzel QuesadillaR98.00
Thai Green Chicken CurryR99.00
Chicken StackR99.00
Traditional Lamb CurryR145.00
Oxtail and Mutton PanR129.00
Ribs & ChipsR178.00
Sirloin Steak PanR139.00
Braised Deboned Beef Short RibR139.00
Grilled HakeR129.00
Lamb ShankR179.00
Prawn PanR235.00
Prime Cuts – Sirloin Steak 200gR105.00
Prime Cuts – Sirloin Steak 300gR139.00
Prime Cuts – Fillet 200gR189.00
Prime Cuts – Fillet 300gR235.00
Hake & ChipsR79.00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Vegan Curry PastaR69.00
Vegan Mushroom & ThymeR69.00
Roma PastaR78.00
Spaghetti BologneseR89.00
Cajun Chicken PastaR89.00
Roasted Chicken PastaR98.00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Papa Garlic PizzaR48.00
Margarita PizzaR59.00
Vegan PizzaR89.00
Hawaiian PizzaR84.00
Cajun Chicken PizzaR89.00
Bacon & Pineapple PizzaR89.00
Smokey Jo PizzaR98.00
Mexican PizzaR98.00
Chicken Mayonnaise PizzaR98.00
Milano PizzaR99.00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Rustic Garden SaladR59.00
Butternut & Beetroot SaladR79.00
Thai Chicken SaladR89.00
Smoked Chicken and Avocado SaladR99.00
House Speciality SaladR98.00
Roast Chicken SaladR119.00
Salmon & Avocado SaladR139.00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chunky NuttyR48.00
Blueberry BlissR46.00
Strawberry MixR46.00
Wake Up CallR59.00
Chocolate BananaR49.00

Soul Bowls

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Poke BowlR109.00
Vegan BowlR69.00
Thai Chicken BowlR84.00

Tortilla Wraps

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap (Single)R49.00
The Original Chicken Wrap (Single)R69.00
Honey Coated Sesame Seed Chicken Wrap (Single)R79.00
Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap (Double)R85.00
The Original Chicken Wrap (Double)R98.00
Honey Coated Sesame Seed Chicken Wrap (Double)R99.00

Vegan & Vegetarian Meals

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Margarita PizzaR59.00
Vegan PizzaR89.00
Vegan BowlR69.00
Vegetarian BurgerR95.00
The Beyond BurgerR129.00
Vegetarian CurryR85.00
Vegan Curry PastaR69.00
Vegan Mushroom & ThymeR69.00
Roma PastaR78.00
Health BreakfastR69.00
Wake Up CallR59.00
Chocolate BananaR49.00
Rustic Garden SaladR59.00
Butternut & Beetroot SaladR79.00
Vegan Hummus & ArtichokeR69.00
Vegan Pesto & MushroomR69.00

Vegan Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Wake Up CallR59.00
Chocolate BananaR49.00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Filter CoffeeR23.00
Mug CoffeeR26.00
Cappuccino with FrothR29.00
Cappuccino with CreamR34.00
Red CappuccinoR34.00
Mug CappuccinoR35.00
Decaf AmericanoR30.00
Cafe au ‘ LaitR29.00
Espresso SingleR18.00
Espresso DoubleR23.00
Speciality Coffee (Irish, Jamaican, French)R39.00
Thai CoffeeR34.00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Malva PuddingR39.00
Basque Baked Cheese CakeR49.00
Chocolate BrownieR45.00
Chocolate Cheese CakeR49.00
Lemon MeringueR49.00
Carrot CakeR59.00
Chocolate CakeR58.00

Hot Drinks

Menu ItemPrice (R)
White Hot ChocolateR38.00
Hot ChocolateR35.00
Herbal TeasR24.00
Chai LatteR35.00
Brazilian Hazelnut LatteR35.00

Ice Cool

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Soft DrinksR24.00
Appletiser or GrapetiserR36.00
Red BullR39.00
Mineral Water (Sparkling or still)R34.00
Tomato CocktailR34.00
Ice Tea’s (Peach, Lemon, or Berry)R28.00
Fruit Juices (Apple, Orange, etc.)R26.00
Iced CoffeeR30.00
Frulata (Made with fresh fruit juice)R32.00
Frappes (98% fat free)R37.00
Double Thick MilkshakesR39.00
Gourmet Double Thick MilkshakesR49.00

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