Jakes, located in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, are upscale, social, and dynamic establishments that have been around for decades. They provide international food, premium wines, unique drinks, artisan beers, and stylish service!

David Ellis and Liz Payne, mother, and son, own and run the restaurant, which employs a strong team of managers, chefs, and a long-standing crew of kitchen and front-of-house employees.

Come in and escape the chaos – outside meals, chatty dinners, post-work cocktails, and late drinks. Select between Jakes in the Village (Tokai) and Jakes in the Common (Noordhoek).

The Jakes offers a wide range of menu items including starters, salads, Moroccan flatbreads, thrive, small plates, sides, sauces, mains, desserts, gourmet burgers, and beverages.

The mains include crispy hake & chips, old boy’s livers & onions, stylin’ schnitzel, pork belly, cafe de Paris fillet, pork loin ribs, lamb shank, makhani chicken curry, and others ranging in price from R 135.00 to R 255.00.


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chili Poppers (V)R 69.00
Three Cheese Balls (V)R 72.00
Salted Caramel & Bourbon WingsR 76.00
Wild Mushroom Ravioli (V)R 76.00
Dim SumR 84.00
Panko PrawnsR 110.00
Prawn, Squid & AvoR 125.00
Tasting Platter – For TwoR 155.00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chunky Greek (V)R 88.00
CaesarR 98.00
Caesar with ChickenR 138.00
QuinoaR 110.00
Quinoa with ChickenR 150.00
Chicken TikkaR 145.00

Moroccan Flatbreads

Menu ItemPrice (R)
The Original Flatbread (V)R 135.00
Blue Cheese & Roasted ButternutR 145.00
Cajun ChickenR 155.00
Moroccan LambR 175.00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Mexican Bean Soup (V) (GF) (VE)R 130.00
Bahn Mi Noodle Bowl (V) (GF) (VE)R 145.00
Bahn Mi Noodle Bowl with SalmonR 205.00
Naked Plant-Based Beyond Burger (V) (VE)R 165.00
Poached Norwegian Salmon (GF)R 245.00

Small Plates

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Pork Bao BunR 75.00
Crusted Calamari StripsR 80.00
Ribs & WingsR 115.00
Makhani Chicken CurryR 95.00
Deconstructed Sushi BowlR 105.00
Beef SliderR 85.00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Crispy Hake & ChipsR 135.00
Old Boy’s Liver & OnionsR 135.00
Stylin’ SchnitzelR 145.00
Creamed Chicken, Bacon & Basil PastaR 145.00
Makhani Chicken CurryR 165.00
Chicken & Prosciutto PanR 175.00
Pork BellyR 175.00
Rockpool Prawn PastaR 185.00
Cafe De Paris FilletR 195.00
Port & Blue Cheese Sirloin (250g)R 185.00
Port & Blue Cheese Sirloin (400g)R 245.00
Lamb CurryR 245.00
Teriyaki Norwegian SalmonR 245.00
Pork Loin Ribs (300g)R 145.00
Pork Loin Ribs (600g)R 245.00
Lamb ShankR 255.00

Sides & Sauces

ItemPrice (R)
Jake’s SaladR 35.00
Basmati RiceR 35.00
Skinny FriesR 35.00
Potato WedgesR 35.00
VegetablesR 35.00
MashR 35.00
Naked SaladR 45.00
SaucesR 30.00
Mushroom SauceR 30.00
Green Peppercorn SauceR 30.00
Cheese SauceR 30.00
Mushroom, Port & Blue Cheese SauceR 30.00

Gourmet Burgers

Menu ItemPrice (R)
The MoroccanR 140.00
Betty’s BurgerR 140.00
Bacon, Peppadew and HalloumiR 145.00
Veggie Burger (V)R 145.00
WHATTA BurgerR 145.00
The Chook Next DoorR 145.00
Three SlidersR 145.00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Deep Fried Ice CreamR 52.00
Cinnamon Doughnut HolesR 62.00
Bar-One Spring RollsR 68.00
Upside Down “Potted” CheesecakeR 69.00
Triple ShotsR 75.00
Choc Fudge BrownieR 75.00
Vegan CheesecakeR 75.00
Dessert PlatterR 152.00

Double Thick Shakes

FlavorSizePrice (R)
Bar-OneRegularR 45.00
Bar-OneLargeR 60.00
CaramelRegularR 45.00
CaramelLargeR 60.00
StrawberryRegularR 45.00
StrawberryLargeR 60.00
VanillaRegularR 45.00
VanillaLargeR 60.00

Espressos, Coffees, Chocs & Chais

ItemPrice (R)
CappuccinoR 28.00
AmericanoR 28.00
Flat WhiteR 28.00
Cafe LatteR 30.00
Red CappuccinoR 30.00
CortadoR 26.00
Red EspressoR 26.00
EspressoR 22.00
MacchiatoR 24.00
Spiced ChaiR 36.00
Choc ChaiR 36.00
Almond / Oat Milk – AddR 15.00
Red LatteR 32.00
Bar-One Hot ChocolateR 38.00
Kahlua CoffeeR 45.00
Bells Whiskey CoffeeR 45.00
Special Boozy Coffee – then add a spirit of your choiceR 25.00
TeasR 20.00

Kids Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Cheese Burger with FriesR 52.00
Macaroni CheeseR 48.00
Toasted CheeseR 45.00
Toasted Chicken & MayoR 52.00
Chicken Strips and FriesR 52.00
Margarita FlatbreadR 52.00
Porkies and MashR 54.00
Chicken Schnitzel and MashR 52.00
Fruit Sticks of Banana, Pineapple & StrawberryR 35.00
Ice Cream and The Best Bar-One Chocolate SauceR 35.00
Mini Chocolate Brownie & Ice CreamR 35.00
Caramel, Banana and Biscuit SwirlR 35.00
ShakesR 24.00
CooliesR 24.00

Function Set Menu 1

2 Course – Per Person: R 135.00

3 Course – Per Person: R 165.00

CategoryMenu Item
StartersPanko Crumbed Calamari
No “Greens” Greek
MainsCreamy Chicken, Basil and Bacon Pasta
Classic American Burger
The Original Flatbread
DessertsDom Pedro
Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream and Bar One Chocolate Sauce

Function Set Menu 2

2 Course – Per Person: R 165.00

3 Course – Per Person: R 205.00

CategoryMenu Item
StartersOriental Duck Spring Roll
Panko Crumbed Calamari
MainsStylin Chicken Schnitzel
Rockpool Prawn Pasta
Marsala Sirloin
DessertsDeep-Fried Ice Cream
Triple Choc Fudge Brownie

Function Set Menu 3

2 Course – Per Person: R 185.00

3 Course – Per Person: R 225.00

CategoryMenu Item
StartersOriental Duck Spring Roll
Tempura Prawns
MainsGrilled Rump with Creamed Horseradish
Chimichurri Linefish
Thai Chicken Curry
DessertsWarmed Toffee Apple Puds
Bar-One Spring Rolls

Function Set Menu 4

2 Course – Per Person: R 225.00

3 Course – Per Person: R 275.00

CategoryMenu Item
StartersYunan Pork Ribs
Smoked Trout & Avo Donburi
MainsFillet with a Herb & Nut Butter
Seared Norwegian Salmon
Crispy Roast Duck
DessertsDeep-Fried Ice Cream
Upside Down ‘Potted’ Cheese Cake

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