Fresh Stop Crispy Chicken is a famous South African on-the-go tasty destination. Fresh Stop offers convenience, groceries, chocolate, plant-based, pies, breakfast, fast food, snacks, chips, healthy food, fruit, and pasta. Every item is prepared from fresh ingredients. The cool, cozy, and ambient atmosphere has made this restaurant famous. The staff is friendly, well-mannered, and always ready to serve you.

Fresh Stop Crispy Chicken offers exciting takeaway options, including Crispy Chicken, Hooked on Fish & Chips, Grill to Go, Hotdog Bar, Biltong Bar, and Doughnut Delight. FreshStop has partnered with internationally renowned coffee brands, Seattle Coffee Company and House of Coffees, so you can enjoy gourmet coffee on the go. They give you cashback with FreshStop Rewards App (and you can earn UCount Rewards). Overall, Fresh Stop Crispy Chicken is a go-to food stop while you are in South Africa.

Caltex Fresh Stop Menu

The Caltex Fresh Stop menu includes the following:

Fresh Stop ‘Breakfast on the Go’ Menu

ItemIngredientsPrice (R)
Morning RiserCheese, Egg, Snack Patty 100g & Hash BrownR37
Toasted SandwichChicken Snack Patty 100g or Beef Patty 100g, Cheese & EggR32.99
Breakfast WrapChicken Fillet 80g, Lettuce & TomatoR45
Fully Loaded SandwichLettuce, Bacon, Hash Brown, Egg & Beef Patty 100gR44.99

Fresh Stop Crispy Chicken Menu

ItemPrice (R)
C21 Drumstick 1pcR24.99
C22 Thigh 1pcR28.99
C3 Crispy Chicken 2pcR51.58
C2 Chips & Chicken 2pcR70.93
C23 Chips & Strips 3pcR47.99
CC 5 Nuggets & ChipsR34.99
CC 5 Piece ChickenR128.99
CC 5 Piece Chicken & ChipsR167.99
CC 9 Piece ChickenR257.99
CC Bucket For OneR58.99
CC C13 5 WingsR77.99
C14 Chips & Strips 5pcR72.99
C15 Strips 5pcR58.99
CC C25 3 Drums & ChipsR90.99
CC C26 Triple Thigh MealR96.99
C11 Chicken WrapR47.99
CC Double Chicken BurgerR90
C16 Double Snack Burger & Chips – Beef Burger 100g, Tomato, Lettuce & Onion With ChipsR64.99
C35 Family Feast – 4 chicken strips, two fillet burgers, two snack burgers, 300g of large chips, and lettuce.R193.99
CC Fillet BurgerR45.99
CC Fillet Burger & Chips – Beef Burger 100g, Tomato, Lettuce & OnionR64.99
CC Hash BrownR10
CC Kiddies Meal Opt 1 DrumstickR64.99
CC Kiddies Meal Opt 2 NuggetsR51.99
CC Mix It MealR70.99
CC Large ChipsR37
C27 Monster Meal – 3 chicken strip, 1 thigh, 1 snack burger patty 100g and regular chips 100g.R96.99
CC Part MixR245
CC Share MealR128
CC Snack BurgerR25
CC Snack Burger & ChipsR45
CC Up Size MealR114.99
CC Wrap & ChipsR64.99
CC Wrap MealR83

Fresh Stop Flame Grilled Chicken & Burgers Menu

ItemPrice (R)
GG Beef BurgerR51.99
GG Beef Burger & ChipsR64.99
GG Beef Snack BurgerR37
GG Beef Snack Burger & ChipsR51.99
GG Boerewors Roll & ChipsR58.99
GG Chicken BurgerR45
GG Chicken Burger & ChipsR58.99
GG Chicken Strips & ChipsR51.99
GG Early BirdR51.99
GG Full ChickenR167.99
GG Full Chicken & ChipsR193
GG Fully Loaded Breakfast BurgerR64.99
GG G30 Boerewors RollR45
GG Grilled Chicken WrapR45
GG Grilled Chicken Wrap & ChipsR64.99
GG Half ChickenR93.99
GG Half Chicken & ChipsR96.99
GG Large ChipsR29.65
GG Mega MealR103.99
GG Party For TwoR193.99
GG Quarter ChickenR51.99
GG Quarter Chicken & ChipsR64.99
GG Quarter Chicken & RollR51.99
GG Quarter Chicken MealR103.99
GG Regular ChipsR32.99
GG Signature CheeseburgerR25.99
GG Steak BurgerR64.99
GG Steak Burger & ChipsR77.99
GG Tall Boy BurgerR51.99
GG Toasted Breakfast SandwichR37
GG Wors BreakfastR54.99

Fresh Stop Piemans Pies Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Pepper Steak PieR36
Steak & Kidney PieR36
Chicken & Mushroom PieR36
Prime Steak PieR36
Sausage RollR36
Cornish PieR36
Cheese Griller PieR36

Fresh Stop Biscuits Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Giant Choc Choc Chip BiscuitsR33
Giant Muesli BiscuitsR33
Giant Crunchie BiscuitsR33
Giant Choc Heart BiscuitsR33
Bakers Sweet Eet Sum Mor Original BiscuitsR49
Bakers Sweet Marie BiscuitsR33
Bakers Sweet Tennis BiscuitsR44
Bakers Sweet Lemon CreamR39
Bakers Sweet Romany CreamsR54
Bakers Sweet Choice Assorted 200gR54

Fresh Stop Bread & Dairy Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Albany 700g White SlicedR27
Albany 700g Brown SlicedR33
Plain Hamburger Rolls 6sR30
Hotdog Rolls 6sR30
Full Cream Milk 2LtR50

Fresh Stop Chips & Snacks Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Simba 120gR34
Nik Naks Cheese 135gR28
Lays 125gR35
Doritos 145gR36

Fresh Stop Chocolates & Sweets Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Cadbury 80g SlabsR34
Mansize BarsStarting from R25
Chocolate BarsR25
Halls 10sR22
Maynards 75gR25
Beacon 75gStarting from R25
Mr Sweets Speckled Eggs 50gR47

Fresh Stop Drinks Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Ice 3kgR47
Soft DrinksStarting from R38
Sodas 1LtR31
Sodas 440ml BuddiesR25
Liqui Fruit Juice 1LtR49
Energy DrinksStarting from R32
Energade 500mlR26
WaterStarting from R24

Fresh Stop Hot Drinks Groceries

ItemPrice (R)
Ricoffy 100gR39
Five Roses 26sR36
Sugar White 1kgR43
Sugar Brown 500gR27

Fresh Stop Oils & Spices Groceries

ItemPrice (R)
Cooking Oil 750mlR55
Cerebos Salt 125g FlaskR35

Fresh Stop Condiments & Sauces Groceries

ItemPrice (R)
Tomato Sauce All Gold 350mlR46
Mayonnaise Crosse & Blackwell 250gR45

Fresh Stop Carbohydrates & Flour Groceries

ItemPrice (R)
Rice Tastic 1kgR35
Macaroni F&M 500gR33
Spaghetti F&M 500gR33
Maggi 2 Min NoodlesR19

Fresh Stop Cans Groceries

ItemPrice (R)
Rhodes Baked Beans 410gR28
Rhodes Sweetcorn 410gR34
Rhodes Curry Mixed Veg 410gR34
Rhodes Mild Chakalaka 410gR34
Lucky Star FishR43
Bull Brand Corned Beef 300gR46
White Vinegar 500mlR20

Fresh Stop Cleaning/Household

ItemPrice (R)
f/l overs tissue 4sR57
Handy Andy 500mlR46
Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid 400mlR45
Doom 180mlR43
Refuge BagsR55
Surf 300gR25

Fresh Stop Medicinal Items

ItemPrice (R)
Vicks Vaporub 12gR23
Savlon 75mlR25
Acta plus 50mlR62
Calpol 50mlR69
Panado Syrup 50mlR55
Med Lemon 6.1gR10
Eno 1sR7
Bio plus Sachet10 mlR16
Panado 2sR6
Compra 2sR6
Disprin 2sR6
Gaviscon 10mlR21
Grandpa 12sR45
Grandpa 1sR6

Fresh Stop Toiletries Items

ItemPrice (R)
Durex Featherlite Condoms 3sR89
Durex Extra Safe Condoms 3sR89
Lux Soap 175gR26
Protex Soap 100gR23
Aquafresh ToothbrushR29
Aquafresh 100mlR35
Always Maxi Plus Pads 8sR40
Always Maxi Plus Pads 9sR40
Lilets regular 10sR40

Fresh Stop Vegetables Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Carrots 1kgR17
English CucumberR19
Onion 1kgR21
Potatoes 1kgR23
Tomato 1kg Thrift PackR29

Fresh Stop Fruit Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Banana 800g Pre PackR23
Grapes 500gR30

Caltex Fresh Stop Menu

Address: FreshStop Chrisville, Cnr Vivienne Street &, Side Rd, Chrisville, Johannesburg South, 2091, South Africa

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