California Dreaming is a fine dining restaurant that serves a variety of cuisines to its patrons. It is situated in Durban. The restaurant is ideal for a romantic supper or a night out with friends because of its gorgeous seaside view and laid-back atmosphere.

There is lots of natural light, cozy furnishings, and a sleek, contemporary interior design. The cuisine and service are of a good caliber, thus the pricing range is on the upper end.

California Dreaming’s outdoor seating area with an unhindered view of the ocean is one of its unique characteristics. In addition, the restaurant features a bar with a selection of wines, soft drinks, and cocktails.

The hake thermidor, seafood platter, chicken shawarma, and meat platter for two are a few of the menu’s well-liked items. An assortment of appetizers that can be converted into main courses is provided by the restaurant for individuals who would rather eat vegetarian food.

The staff of California Dreaming is friendly and well-mannered, offering top-notch customer service. There is plenty of space for parking, and customers can park for free. All things considered, California Dreaming is a fantastic spot to savor delicious meals, refreshing beverages, and stunning coastal views.


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Good to GoR 145
California SunriseR 145
Classic OmeletteR 98
Bacon & Banana French ToastR 88
Fresh StartR 85
Eggs RoyaleR 145


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Grilled BaconR 26
Sautéed MushroomsR 28
Boiled BeansR 21
Peri Peri Chicken LiversR 26
Deep Fried HalloumiR 46
Scrambled EggsR 20
Grilled Lamb SausageR 36
AvocadoR 39


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Panko Chicken WingsR 90
Tempura PrawnsR 136
Three Sauce CalamariR 126
Peri-Peri Chicken LiversR 72
Deep Fried Halloumi StripsR 112
Cheesy NachosR 148
Crumbed MushroomsR 98


Menu ItemPrice (R)
California BeachR 148
Cajun Chicken & AvocadoR 162
Roasted Pumpkin & Feta CouscousR 104
Salad Bowl for 2R 98

Gourmet Burgers

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Crumbed ChickenR 145
Grilled LambR 136
BeefR 132
Moroccan FalafelR 96


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Lamb CurryR 192
Crumbed ChickenR 145
Grilled Chicken StripsR 135
Steak, Onion & ChiliR 185
Grilled Balsamic VeggiesR 100

The Noodle Wok

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken & Prawn Chow MeinR 210
Beef Chow MeinR 166


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Creamy Portuguese Chicken PenneR 118
Roasted Butternut, Spinach & Mushroom PenneR 138
Seafood PenneR 175

Traditional Dishes

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Lamb CurryR 159
Chicken CurryR 110
Chicken BunnyR 95
Chicken & Prawn CurryR 196
Sugar Beans BunnyR 78
Trotters & BeansR 149

Flame Grilled

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Rump 300gR 195
Sirloin 300gR 180
T-Bone 500gR 236
Add SauceR 36
Lamb Chops 400gR 285
Pork Ribs 400gR 245
Chicken Wings 800gR 190

The Dock Side

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Hake FilletR 148
Grilled Line FishR 210
Grilled Prawns 400gR 325
Hake ThermidorR 259
Grilled Lime & Chili CalamariR 225


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Hake & CalamariR 230
Hake & PrawnR 269
Sweet BBQ Ribs & ChickenR 285
Rib & WingR 318
Surf & TurfR 279

Platter for 2

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
California PlatterGrilled prawns, mussels, lamb chops, chicken wings, and lamb ribs served with savory rice & fries.R 551
Meaty PlatterLamb ribs, chicken wings, steak medallions, and Boerewors served with fries, traditional pap & chakalaka.R 435
Promenade PlatterGrilled prawns, mussels, lamb chops, chicken wings, and lamb ribs served with savoury rice & fries.R 649

Your Favorites

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Seafood Snack BasketDeep-fried squid tentacles, calamari, and hake goujons served with a tangy slaw & sweet chili mayo.R 168
Meaty Snack BasketCrumbed chicken strips, lamb kebabs & lamb riblets served with a mix of sauces.R 175
Vegetarian Snack BasketTender chicken breast topped with Napolitano sauce & mozzarella served on a bed of creamy potato mash.R 112
Steak, Egg & ChipsAged grilled 300g beef rump served with 2 fried eggs & chips.R 189
Lamb ShankOven-braised lamb shank served with creamy spinach, roasted butternut & topped with red wine juice.R 269
Toasted Steak & Onion SandwichToasted steak & onion sandwich served with fries.R 149
Toasted Lamb Curry SandwichToasted lamb curry sandwich served with fries.R 122
Toasted Chicken Mayo SandwichToasted chicken mayo sandwich served with fries.R 92
OxtailTraditional slow-cooked oxtail casserole served with a selection of seasonal vegetables & potato mash.R 218
Chicken DelightTender chicken breast topped with Napolitano sauce & mozzarella, served on a bed of creamy potato mash.R 125
Chicken DeluxePerfectly grilled whole chicken marinated with garlic, lemon & a medley of herbs, served with fries & seasonal vegetables.R 270


Side DishPrice (R)
Salad Bowl for 2R 98
FriesR 32
Cheesy Garlic RollR 48
Savoury RiceR 32

Kids Menu

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Little Menu for 1R 18
Chicken StripsR 75
Mac ‘n’ CheeseR 75

Something Sweet

Dessert ItemPrice (R)
Vanilla Ice-CreamR 57
Chocolate FondantR 95
Strawberry CheesecakeR 95
Dessert TrioR 95
Chocolate-Nut BrownieR 95
Malva Pudding & CustardR 95


Drink ItemPrice (R)
Sex on the BeachR 69
CosmopolitanR 62
Island BreezeR 62
Tequila SunriseR 60
Contorno SkyyR 61
Frozen Peach MargaritaR 90
MojitoR 78
Long Island Iced TeaR 135
Frozen Strawberry DaiquiriR 97
California IceR 110
Electric Lemon Fish BowlR 112
Bernini BongR 199
Bernini Classic BongR 110
Breezer BongR 120
Black Berry SangriaR 120
Dark and Stormy PunchR 119
Savanna BongR 82
Hunters Red BongR 75
California CocaineR 120
Martini Rosso & TonicR 82

White Wine

WineGlass Price (R)Bottle Price (R)
Sauvignon Blanc – Durbanville HillsR87R160
Sauvignon Blanc – LaborieR81R115
Chenin Blanc – Nederburg 56 HundredR72R125
Chardonnay – LaborieR85R215

Red Wine

WineGlass Price (R)750ml Bottle Price (R)1.5L Bottle Price (R)
Cabernet Sauvignon – Durbanville HillsR97R29R280
Cabernet Sauvignon – LaborieR72R215R280
Merlot – Laborie Durbanville HillsR93R250R280

Gin Cocktails

CocktailPrice (R)
Strawberry & MintR 125
Pineapple & BasilR 92
Purple & BlueR 125
Kiwi & TanqR 103


ItemPrice (R)
Sun-kissed RoséR65
Sun-kissed RedR63
De Léons MoscatoR195
De Léons Moscato (Bottle)R190
De Léons Moscato (6-Pack)R740


ItemPrice (R)
Fitch & Leedes LemonadeR31
Fitch & Leedes Ginger AleR31
Fitch & Leedes Bitter LemonR31
Fitch & Leedes Club SodaR31
Fitch & Leedes Blue TonicR31
Fitch & Leedes Cheeky Cranberry GrapefruitR31
Fitch & Leedes Spicy Ginger BeerR31

Soft Drinks

ItemPrice (R)
Coke LightR35
Coke ZeroR35
Sprite ZeroR35
Fanta OrangeR35
Crème SodaR35
Stoney ZeroR35


FlavorPrice (R)


ItemPrice (R)
Red CappuccinoR28
Red LatteR28
Café LatteR28
Chai LatteR28
Caffè MochaR37
Jacobs MonringR28
Decaf CoffeeR28


ItemPrice (R)
Five Roses Freshpak RooibosR56
Divinity Spread ChaiR28
Hot ChocolateR28
Classic RooibosR28
Rooibos ChaiR28
Green TeaR30

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