TSD Ultra LOUNGE, located in Durban North, serves authentic Indian cuisine that is sure to please. The venue has a fun and inviting atmosphere ideal for spending the evening with loved ones. The inside decor is stylish and modern, and there are many seating alternatives for guests.

The restaurant is an inexpensive fine dining destination because of its fair prices and large serving sizes. One of the menu’s highlight dishes is the prawn bunny chow, a must-order for seafood lovers. An additional well-liked meal is the flavorful and perfectly cooked mutton rabbit chow.

The rabbit chow made with butter beans is a fantastic option for anyone vegetarian. To go with your meal, TSD Ultra LOUNGE also serves a variety of wines, soft drinks, and cocktails. The TSD special, the signature drink, is a fabulous concoction of lime, cranberry juice, and vodka.

The restaurant also features a fully supplied bar for those who want a drink with their meal. The restaurant is well-liked by locals and visitors due to its handy location and accessibility. TSD Ultra LOUNGE has outdoor and inside seating options for those who would rather eat outside.

Live music is also available at the institution on select nights, enhancing the lively ambiance. TSD Ultra LOUNGE is a terrific spot to savor mouthwatering Indian food in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. It’s understandable why this restaurant is so well-liked by both locals and tourists due to its reasonable costs, excellent location, and unique features.

TSD Breakfast Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Pocket Power BreakfastBacon, 2 Eggs, Toast, Tomato, and a SausageR35
Punters Diner BreakfastBacon, 2 Eggs, Toast, Tomato, Sausage, and a Burger PattyR50
Handicap BreakfastBacon, 2 Eggs, Toast, Tomato, and a RussianR50

TSD Friday Specials

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Mutton BiryaniFragrant mutton biryani with spices and riceR70
Chicken BiryaniFlavorful chicken biryani with aromatic spices and riceR60
Mutton & SampMutton served with sampR70
Trotters & BeansTrotters cooked with beans in a hearty dishR75
Tripe & BeansTripe combined with beans in a savory preparationR90

TSD Sides Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Hot Chips (Medium)Medium-sized portion of hot and crispy chipsR30
Hot Chips (Large)Large-sized portions of hot and crispy chipsR40
SamoosasSavory pastries are available in Mince, Chicken, or Potato. Minimum order of 4R20
RollsIndividual rollsR6
Tea / CoffeeHot beverage optionsR10

TSD Sumptuous Meals

ItemPrice (R)
Crumbed MushroomsR30
Buffalo Wings – Nice & TangyR35
Fish Cakes & ChipsR30
Greek SaladR35
Chicken SaladR40
Russian & ChipsR45
Chicken Livers – House Favourite – A Must TryR40
Docs Creation – Russian topped with bacon & cheeseR45
Hake, Chips & SaladR45
Escort Pork Sausages – Served with Onions and chiliR50
Junior T Bone Steak – Served with Egg and ChipsR75
Chops Chutney – The Hotter, The BetterR85
Texan Steak – Grilled with Onion and chiliR75
Mixed Grill – 2 Lamb Chops, 2 Mutton Sausages, 1 Chicken Tikka with a Salad & RollR90

TSD Sandwiches

SandwichPrice (R)
Mixed Veg / BeansR25
Cheese & TomatoR20
Chicken & MayoR25
Bacon & EggR25
Mutton, Chicken / BeefR35
Special VegR30
Trifecta Club SandwichR30
Special SteakR40

TSD Curries

CurryPrice (R)
Sugar BeansR35
Broad BeansR40
Beans Curry with Cheese & RotiR35
Chicken CurryR65
Chicken Curry in RotiR60
Mutton Curry in RotiR65
Mutton CurryR80
Chops ChutneyR90

TSD Burgers

BurgerPrice (R)
Veg BurgerR30
Regular BurgerR30
Cheese BurgerR35
Egg BurgerR35
Chicken Fillet BurgerR40
Dagwood BurgerR45
Punters BurgerR50

TSD Bunnies Menu

BunnySizePrice (R)
Sugar Beans1/4 portionR30
Sugar Beans1/2 portionR60
Sugar Beans with Mutton Gravy1/4 portionR30
Sugar Beans with Mutton Gravy1/2 portionR60
Broad Beans1/4 portionR35
Broad Beans1/2 portionR70
Chips Chow (Curry Gravy)1/4 portionR35
Chips Chow (Curry Gravy)1/2 portionR70
Chicken1/4 portionR60
Chicken1/2 portionR120
Kebab1/4 portionR60
Kebab1/2 portionR120
Mutton1/4 portionR70
Mutton1/2 portionR140

TSD Snack Basket

Snack BasketDescriptionPrice (R)
Vegetarian BasketSoya Sausages, Soya Strips with Onion & Chilli, Crumbed Mushrooms, Potato Samoosas & ChipsR60
Chicken Mania BasketChicken Nuggets, Strips, Chicken Samoosas & ChipsR85
Pork Wonder BasketRussian, Escourt Sausages, Samoosas & ChipsR85
Lamb BasketLamb Sausages, Lamb Kebabs, Riblets, Samoosas & ChipsR85

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