The Raj is a famous Indian Restaurant in South Africa, offering the traditional North Indian Cuisine since 1995. At The Raj, the meal is undoubtedly the most authentic that can be obtained, and the service is consistently friendly and professional.

Although The Raj specializes in North Indian cuisine, their chefs are all recruited from different parts of India, and they frequently infuse their unique flair into the meals they produce.

They only serve the best foods on their restaurants and express stores menus so everyone can enjoy them. You can be assured of receiving the quality you anticipate from this esteemed restaurant because all their spices and basmati rice are exclusively imported from India.

The Raj has improved the appearance and atmosphere of every restaurant over the last few months, providing patrons at each location with a distinctive dining experience.

The menu at The Raj includes Bunny Chows, Starters, Lamb Mains (Off the Bone), Chicken Mains, Seafood Mains, Veg Mains, Biryani, Bread, Side Orders, Family Meals, and Beverages. The prices are affordable and the taste is great.

Featured Items

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Butter ChickenR 187.8
SamoosaR 60.8
Tadka Dahl Vegetarian CurriesR 167.6
Lamb Biryani off The BoneR 218.8
Chicken BiryaniR 188.8
Bombay Aloo Vegetarian CurriesR 167.6
Mixed Vegetable CurryR 187.6

Bunny Chow

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Beans Bunny ChowR 98.8
Chicken Bunny ChowR 138.8
Lamb Bunny Chow (On The Bone)R 148.8
Lamb Bunny Chow (Off The Bone)R 178.8


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Samoosa (4 Pcs) – StarterR 60.8
Lamb Samoosa (4 Pcs) – StarterR 60.8
Cheese Samoosa (4 Pcs) – StarterR 60.8
Potato & Pea Samoosa (4 Pcs) – StarterR 60.8
Onion Pakora – StarterR 60.8
Tandoori Lamb Sheek Kebab – StarterR 95.8
Malai Chicken Tikka – StarterR 95.8

Lamb Main (Off the Main)

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Lamb Rogan Josh (Off The Bone)R 227.6
Lamb Vindaloo (Off The Bone)R 227.6
Lamb Korma (Off The Bone)R 227.6
Lamb Bhoona Ghost (Off The Bone)R 227.6
Lamb Madras Ghost (Off The Bone)R 227.6

Chicken Mains

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken MadrasR 187.6
Chicken KormaR 187.6
Chicken VindalooR 187.6
Chicken Tikka MasalaR 187.6
Butter ChickenR 187.6
Tandoori ChickenR 217.6

Seafood Mains

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Prawn MalaiR 247.6
Prawn MadrasR 247.6
Chef’s Special – Seafood MainR 227.6
Fish MalabarR 217.6

Veg Mains

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Tadka DalR 167.6
Dal MakhniR 167.6
Paneer Tikka MasalaR 187.6
Paneer MakhniR 187.6
Vegetable MakhniR 187.6
Bombay AlooR 167.6
Aloo MutterR 167.6


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Lamb BiryaniR 218.8
Chicken BiryaniR 188.8
Veg BiryaniR 178.8


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Plain NaanR 28.8
Butter NaanR 38.8
Garlic NaanR 38.8
Tandoori RotiR 32.8
Romali RotiR 38.8
Basmati RiceR 32.8
Peas PilauR 42.8
Jeera PilauR 38.8

Side Orders

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Sambals SaladR 42.8
Mint & Cucumber RaitaR 42.8

Family Meals

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Family MealsR 338.8
Lamb Family MealsR 448.8
Chicken / Lamb Family MealsR 448.8
Vegetarian Family MealsR 338.8


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Soft Drinksfrom R21.8
Waterfrom R18.8
Ice TeaR25.8
Red BullR39.8

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